UFC: 15 Photos Of Arianny Celeste That Really Knock Us Out

The art of looking good is a delicate balance of natural beauty, effortless grace, and a commitment to physical fitness. Modelling and brand building could very well be considered as challenging a career path as that of a professional athlete. You have to stick to a limited diet that might not always include the most exciting meals to eat. One has to prescribe to a consistent work out routine that might not always be the most alluring to start everyday. You have to be ready to be the centre of attention every time you step out your front door.

Millions of people desire to be recognized on the street as much for their looks as they do for perhaps living at the highest level of any chosen sport. Just as unlikely as it is to become one of the most well know pros in the NHL, NFL, NBA, or MLB, it is as unlikely that you will become a household name to rise from the crowds of beautiful women who want to be the next fitness superstar, WAG, or ring girl.

Lucky for us we don’t have to go through the process of becoming one of the best to sit back and enjoy one of the best and all the hard work she has done to rise to the top. UFC ring girl Arianny Celeste started from the bottom now she’s here.

15 Mind In The Gutter

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Arianny would eventually translate her success as a ring girl into a fantastic modelling career. Is there any question why? She definitely fits the bill. Celeste has graced the pages of some of the worlds leading beauty standard magazines, posing for Maxim, FHM, and Sports Illustrated. We can only guess that her fans were nothing other than thrilled every time Arianny announced a new spread and rushed out to snap up copies of any and all magazines that her perfect body was exposed in. We admit that we may have ripped out a few pages of a few magazines, and may or may not have had them tapped up on our wall as younger men. Thank you Arianny for serving up so much tasty modelling for us to enjoy over the years.

14 Fitness Enthusiast

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Arianny was born in Las Vegas, Nevada under the name Penelope Lopez Marquez on November 12, 1985. At a young age she was given the nickname ‘Arianny’ and it looks like it stuck. she is of Filipino and Mexican descent… apparently a combination that turns out absolute beauties. Arianny had a happy, normal childhood growing up in Nevada that involved the usual activities of any kid growing up in the Nevada desert. Little did Penelope know that someday she would rise to fame and prominence due to her incredible looks and become a household name while being seen on TV worldwide for years to come. Penelope Lopez Marquez would eventually make a big name change and grow up to be Arianny Celeste, absolute super babe.

13 Eyes Up Here

Arianny deserves every dollar that she earns, and that might sometimes get her in a title bit of hot water. The Ultimate Fighting Championship is notorious for being tight pursed with most of it’s fighters, especially when they’s starting off. During the formation of the women’s division we can imagine that the wallet was pretty tough to crack open as the promotion tested a new market. Superstar Ronda Rousey famously said that “either the ring card girls are paid too much, or the fighters aren’t paid enough.” Arianny bit back calling Ronda a “big bully” and defending her profession explaining that it is harder than it seems. It is reported that UFC ring girls make $18,000 a year, which we think is pretty fair pay.

12 Fully Covered (Sort Of)

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Arainny Celeste may look like an angel but that doesn’t mean she’s always been heavenly. Sometimes being in the public eye means that everyone hears about your personal business and missteps. Back in 2012 she was arrested in her native Las Vegas with her boyfriend from the time, Praveen Chandra. The beauty was charged with domestic violence after Chandra accused her of kicking him in the nose (ouch!). Maybe Arianny had been working too many fights and picked up too many tricks of the trade. Celeste also clammed that Chandra had choked her repeatedly that night after both were arrested at the Wynn Las Vegas hotel. We’re sorry to hear that you had to go through this rough patch Arianny but we’re still in your corner.

11 Beauty By The Sea

Lil miss ray of 🤬 sunshine. 🙃

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The camera absolutely loves Arianny, so it’s know wonder that she has translated some of the skill into some acting gigs to compliment her careers as a ring girl, model, and host. She has 13 credited television appearances, many of which pivoted off of her UFC career and involved MMA, but not all. She also appeared as a judge on TV for the 2011 Hooters International Swimsuit Pageant as well as a special guest on some more comedic programs such as Tosh.0 and The Burn with Jeff Ross. Arianny also appeared uncredited in the Kevin James film Here Comes the Boom and will be appearing in a film called Brass Knuckles which is currently in pre-production. We’re hoping to see more of her on the big and little screens.

10 Little Black Dress

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Arianny is a very accomplished professional with a wide range of skills and talents that have helped her out in her stints as a ring girl, a model, a host, and an actress. Arianny’s talents and skills have not gone unnoticed and she has the awards and accolades to prove it. At the first World MMA Awards in 2008 she was voted the first Ring Girl of the Year, a trend that would continue throughout her career winning again in 2009, 2010, and 2011. She lost the title in 2012 to Britney Palmer and again in 2013 before regaining her title 2014 making Arianny Celeste a 5 time champion. We’re happy for her and have been secretly creating more awards to nominate her for and rig the ballot for her to win because she deserves it.

9 Red Carpet

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Arianny is now a household name and, more notably, a household face. When you reach her level everyone wants to be around you and all of a sudden you’re on every bodies list. Arianny is used to being the centre of attention but now she is also getting invites to an event every weekend, and not just in the MMA world. It is expected that she will attend most UFC events as she is part of the brand and success of the promotion over the formation of the marketing juggernaut. She has a very demanding schedule now stomping red carpets and looking as stunning in a floor length dress as she does in her ring girl attire. Arianny, if you ever need a date for a gala or anything, please give us a call and we’ll dust off our suit.

8 Classic Look

One of the most flattering offers in the modelling world comes from the venerable gentleman’s magazines. Once a model or celebrity gets the nod from Hugh’s staple it is a pretty good bet that they have permeated the national attention long enough to garner a spread. She has been in many publications, and her modelling career is in full swing. Many of her Instagram may have never even sen her in the UFC. Instead they may have seen her in any number of other places. Arianny we just wanted to thank you for joining the ranks of the incredible ladies who’s names have been burned into our minds accompanied by a few select photos form a little ole’ magazine.

7 Bali Bombshell

She went to Palo Verde High School where we’re sure she broke a lot of hearts and got a lot of attention from the boys in her grade. After High School Penelope decided that university was the way to go and landed at the University Las Vegas Nevada (UNLV) where she majored in fitness management and nutrition. What an appropriate field of study as Arianny would apply it perfectly to her situation. Using her knowledge of fitness she sculpted her incredible body and tossing the nutrition portion of her schooling on top of that there’s no way that she wouldn’t have a banging body. Arianny we applause your commitment to education and are really happy that you applied your degree so well to your own assets.

6 Paparazzi

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Arianny Celeste is an incredibly attractive lady, and sometimes that level of beauty is associated with vanity and self-absorption, but not in her case. Arianny is a very charitable person and does everything she can for many causes she believe in. In 2013, along with many female fighters, Arianny auctioned off her sports bra to raise money for breast cancer awareness. In 2009 she also agreed to go to the prom with a fan who asked her (provided he also found a date for Arianny’s friend). Celeste was unable to attend due to a scheduling conflict. Instead her and her date organized another dance that double as a successful fundraiser for the 2010 Haiti earthquake. What a big heart to go along with some other big assets that we enjoy.

5 Jumpsuit

Arianny Celeste is an absolute babe who has stolen the hearts of mixed martial arts fans the world over. The native of Las Vegas, Nevada currently resides in Los Angeles, California which is appropriate because L.A. is known to be the home of some of the most beautiful women in the world and we definitely rank Arianny up there with the top lookers on the planet, maybe the galaxy. She stands 5ft 5in tall and has one of the best bodies we’ve ever seen. We’d just like to say that she has brightened up our days and nights, and if your reading this Arianny, just give us a call, we’d like to take you out for dinner and thank you in person. (Hey, it could work!)

4 Best Ring Girl In UFC

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Arianny Celeste is probably most well know as a ring girl for the UFC, the largest mixed martial arts promotion on the planet. She started strutting around the ring with a round card held high above her amazing body in 2006 and all of a sudden, a decade ago, the gentlemen watching the new fad of MMA realized that they weren’t quite sure that they wanted to round breaks to end and get back to the fights. Arianny had captured the national spotlight in 15 seconds or less in-between two sweaty guys pounding on each other. Many non-fight fans found themselves tuning in just because their buddy had told them about this great looking ring girl they’d seen on pay-per-view the month before.

3 Representing The Brand

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Arianny's entertainment skill set doesn’t just stop at ring girl and modelling, she is also and accomplished host. in 2010 the UFC launched a web-only show that involved popular ringside announcer Joe Rogan interviewing many UFC fighters while Arianny took on the role of host of the show titled UFC Ultimate Insider. Outside of the mixed martial arts world, Celeste was to sign on to host the TV series Overhaulin’, a show where the show ‘steals’ an old car and gives it a makeover all while the owner is scared their vehicle might be gone forever. It must have been a breath of fresh air for the owner of the car when they saw their brand new ride, but more exciting than that must have been seeing Arianny in person.

2 Hitting The Gym

Arianny has had a longevity in her career as she leapt onto the world stage as a ring girl in 2006 and we’re still infatuated with her 12 years later here in 2018. The 32-year-old we’re sure will be around for many more years to come as she focuses on staying healthy and beautiful. Health and fitness have always been on the front of her mind and she is always expanding her fitness regime and loves to cook healthy. She spreads the love by sharing her techniques through her blog and gets so much love out of being a part of other fitness goals as well. We know we’ll be reading anything she has to write and trying out a few tips and techniques if it helps us age as gracefully as her.

1 Sun And Surf

Arianny, what more can we say? We’re absolutely in love, and have been for years. Your journey from ring girl, to model, to host, to actress, to fitness guru has inspired us to try to be a little healthier ourselves, and look a little better everyday. We’re happy that you gave us the opportunity to plaster our walls with your magazine shoots as young men and helped us learn what true beauty was and still is. It’s been a long road from Penelope Lopez Marquez to Arianny Celeste but you can rest easy knowing that your name and your charitable big heart puts a smile on everyones face who has had the pleasure of coming across you over the last decade. All the best Ms. Celeste.

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