15 Photos Of Demi Lovato That Would Have Her Ex Crawling Back

There are many different reasons as to why you should admire Demi Lovato. When it comes to physical beauty, there aren't many celebrities who know how to turn heads quite like Lovato. This has lead to numerous ad campaigns and countless photos that have been taken by paparazzi members or uploaded to her incredibly active social media accounts. She has won over legions of fans with her talent and beauty, along with attracting some high-profile male suitors.

But Lovato's beauty goes a lot deeper than just her skin. Lovato has inspired millions of people to accept their body for what it is and to make sure that they are making the proper changes in a healthy way. And while Lovato may receive some haters on occasion, her attitudes towards bullying should also be commended. She really is an incredible human being, and everyone should aspire to be like her.

In Lovato's personal life, you can imagine she may have to knock boys away with both hands. As a strong and influential woman with beauty to match, she must have her pick at any man she wants. But she'd need to put on some boxing gloves if her ex-boyfriend, and professional MMA fighter, Guilherme Vasconcelos, came calling again! Though after looking at these unbelievable photos and facts about the life of Demi Lovato, nobody would blame him if he did come crawling back.


15 Enjoying Her Spa Day

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Demi Lovato has the type of bank account that allows her to relax in the pool whenever she chooses. After all, it probably helps that you can literally just make sure that your homes have an indoor pool built right in.

And while Lovato may absolutely enjoy splashing it up in the water, something tells us her fans are perhaps even bigger fans of getting to check her out poolside. Her former boyfriend and MMA fighter may have always appeared like he was in impeccable shape, but if he and Lovato had ever stepped out onto the beach together it was still probably going to be Lovato that turned heads. Which also means she may not have to struggle very hard to find company at the beach!

14 Showing Off Some Serious Selfie Skills

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Demi Lovato has many skills that she possesses that help make her one of the most desirable celebrities in Hollywood. This is something that will become abundantly clear throughout this list. But when it comes to explaining why she has such a strong following on Instagram and other forms of social media, you may have to look at her strong selfie skills that help seal the deal! Although there is no telling how many failed selfies she took before she got the winning snap!

It's just unfortunate for Vasconcelos because while the above selfie doesn't leave much to the imagination, it wouldn't be outrageous to assume that Vasconcelos perhaps got even more of an insight at how Lovato was looking when they were still getting together on a regular basis.


13 Embracing Her Bad Girl Look

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Demi Lovato has been able to pull off various different styles over her time in the spotlight. But if you have a particular love for seeing a woman embrace her tough girl side, then you may have come across your favourite photo on our whole list. Considering Lovato is also biting her lip in the photo, it definitely looks like she may act a lot less tough if the right man came through the door. The photo shoot was taken for Glamour magazine and was released in their October 2016 issue.

While Lovato looks gorgeous when she is in charge of taking the photo or caught by the paparazzi, this planned photo shoot also helps make it abundantly clear why she is considered such a stunner.

12 She Opened For Mayweather-McGregor

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Demi Lovato's career as a musician has allowed her to explore several different opportunities that most people could only dream of. And while she loves taking the stage in front of thousands of people who have shown up specifically to see her in concert, she doesn't mind being the opening act when the situation calls for it.

This was the case when she was called upon to sing the national anthem towards the highly anticipated boxing match between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor. The fight didn't disappoint, and neither did Lovato's rendition of the anthem. Neither did her outfit for that matter! While it has recently been announced that a sequel for Mayweather/McGregor will not be in the works, let's hope other sporting ventures are circling Lovato as a prime name to try and sing future anthems for.


11 Body Positive

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Demi Lovato's career as a celebrity has also come with a long battle against her inner-demons and being able to learn to love her body. Thankfully, Lovato as of late remains one of the biggest body-positive celebrities in Hollywood and is often posting inspirational messages helping motivate people to love themselves and their body.

One of the biggest ways she pushes this message is through her partnership with the athletics company, Fabletics. "We all have different body types, different shapes, and sizes, and it's important not to exclude anybody," said Lovato when talking about the goal for the company. While she is confident women of all sizes will love it, there is no guarantee that you're going to be able to look as amazing as Lovato does when she steps into the workout gear though!

10 Music Is In Her Veins

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There are many different things that Demi Lovato can consider herself to be passionate about. But when she was once asked to talk about how she feels about her musical contributions to the world, Lovato stated

"Music is what I love to do; it's in my veins." Which also means that even if you dislike her music, she probably is just going to shake it off and keep on rocking out on the stage. Maybe she'll take a page from Taylor Swift's book and start writing about people who try and take her down. While we don't know if Lovato wrote any songs about her former flame, we can imagine that if she did, that those songs may be a little less fun for her to belt out at concerts and extra not-fun for the former lover to listen to.


9 She Stays In Touch With Her Emotions

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You can imagine that prior to Lovato and Vasconcelos' relationship coming to an end, that they had many long talks about their feelings and overall emotional state. Or at least if Vasconcelos was unwilling to do that, you can take faith in the fact that Lovato would have seemed to be open about her feelings.

When talking about why she struggled with her own happiness level in her life, Lovato admitted "I never embraced my emotions and I was trying to stay in control." While it can be tempting to always try and stay calm and collected, it also significantly limits the amount of joy that you can attain from life. We hope that she has been able to embrace and learn from all the emotions, positive or negative, that come from being single.

8 She Loves Travelling For Work

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One of the trickiest parts of being a celebrity is being able to manage a healthy relationship, even if you can afford some pretty unbelievable dates or gifts. Dating and finding time for one another becomes even harder if you're a musician and you're constantly finding yourself traveling to another city to put on another show. And while Lovato has admitted in the past that she absolutely loves the traveling aspect of her job and that she doesn't think it will ever get old, that may not have been the same feelings expressed by Vasconcelos.

Especially if she goes away for weeks at a time and the most affection you can get is receiving photos of her wearing the unbelievable (and let's be honest, often fairly revealing) outfits that she'll be performing in.


7 She Knows She Comes With Baggage

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When you finish reading this list you may be amazed how anyone could willingly walk away from a relationship with the tremendous Demi Lovato. But when talking about what it would be like to date her, Lovato admitted that it's a huge responsibility to agree to take her home "Because I come with a little bit of baggage, you know?".

Demi should definitely gain some points for having the self-awareness to know that there would be some knocks to dating her. Such as, you know, knowing that every move of your relationship is probably going to be talked about and photographed by members of the paparazzi which could get seriously annoying after a while. That being said, it's probably not enough to deter most men from trying to take her out.

6 She Survived A Serious Ordeal

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Demi Lovato prides herself on her positive body image and making sure she is eating properly. But there was a time in her life when that was definitely far from a priority. While in her late-teens, Lovato was suffering from depression, an eating disorder and was trying to escape from her problems by heavily using drugs.

Lovato's ability to bounce back from her demons is something that should be commended on. Knowing the importance of making sure you are surrounding yourself with positive influences and people, Lovato has admitted to spending several years living in a sober-living facility. This has understandably been monumental in helping her clean her life up. We're sure she'll be able to turn these experiences into future songs that will make her grateful for the ups and downs of her life.


5 Looking Amazing In Gym Clothes

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There were probably many different things that Guilherme Vasconcelos did when they were trying to enjoy each other's company. But given Lovato's love for the gym and Vasconcelos' need to constantly be working out in order to sustain his career as an MMA fighter, you can imagine that going to the gym was one activity that helped make them bond as a couple.

After all, there's nothing like those endorphins to give you that extra push to get ready for a nice date night out! But sadly for Vasconcelos, that may make working out - and especially seeing Lovato in workout gear - all the more difficult for him to bear. Especially because despite not having Vasconcelos as a gym buddy that Lovato is still perhaps in the best shape of her career.

4 She Appeared On The X Factor And The Voice Germany

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There is no question that when it comes to talented musicians in society, that Demi Lovato has to be considered one of the very best. Lovato has used not only her physical music to help inspire others but has also used her knowledge of the industry to guide up and coming singers. This includes appearing on the reality show The X Factor in 2012 and working as a judge, as well as appearing as an advisor for The Voice of Germany in 2017. While the chance of someone she ends up working with having a career as large as Lovato is slim to none, nobody would blame Lovato for trying to inspire that next generation of singers. If the American version of The Voice is smart, they'll be trying to contact Demi's agent.


3 She Also Dated Fes From That '70s Show

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This list is going to make Guilherme Vasconcelos well aware of what he let walk out the door when he and Demi's relationship came to an abrupt end this past May. But Vasconcelos isn't the only famed male in society who has managed to engage in some cardio with Lovato behind closed doors.

Demi was also in a short-term relationship with Joe Jonas back in 2010. That's nothing in comparison to her 6+ year relationship with That '70s Show star Wilmer Valderrama. This means Vasconcelos and Lovato probably never watched that show together to bond. Let's just hope that Valderrama never busted out the Fes voice in bed or he may have found himself that it was a quick way to leave Lovato turned off and himself on the couch for the night.

2 She Is Returning For Another Camp Rock Film

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One of Demi Lovato's first big breaks came when she landed the starring role in the Disney film, Camp Rock back in 2008. A movie that also allowed her to form a strong relationship with other Disney superstars, such as Joe Jonas.

She went on to reprise her role by appearing in the sequel, Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam. But that subtitle was clearly just a suggestion because it was reported that a 3rd film will be coming out in 2019. Like the first two, it appears that this movie will not be receiving a theatrical release. While that decision probably makes the budget a lot more manageable to pull off, perhaps the studio may change their mind if Lovato's stock continues to soar over the next year!


1 She Makes A Huge Difference In The World 

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Demi Lovato may leave Guilherme Vasconcelos missing her amazing good looks, but that's far from the most impressive accomplishment in Lovato's career. If you had to ask her what mattered the most to her, it may be the various ways she has worked to make the world a better place. This includes being influential in helping raise awareness in the LGBTQ community.

In particular, Lovato worked tirelessly to help raise support for marriage equality in America. As well as promoting a healthy body image and an anti-bullying rhetoric, it's incredibly evident that Vasconcelos should have been inspired by Lovato on a regular basis. One thing is for sure, whoever manages to land Lovato's affection next is sure to be able to consider themselves a lucky individual. And if they don't realize how lucky they are, they may find themselves crawling back for her affections!


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