15 Photos Of The Most Famous Sideline Reporter, Erin Andrews

There are very few sports reporters, much less sideline reporters, who have gained the fame and publicity that Erin Andrews has. This might be because of her 8 year stint with the World Wide Leader in Sports, it could be due to her work on Good Morning America, or maybe it is even because of the insight and knowledge she has dropped over on Fox during her two separate periods of work with Fox Sports.

But - let's not kid ourselves. It's because Erin Andrews is lava-level hot, and men who don't even follow sports have found themselves glued to the television during Super Bowls, Dancing With the Stars and even (yes, even this) Cleveland Browns games to catch glimpses of the grey-eyed goddess. When you look through all of the ways she has used her fame (raising almost 3 million dollars for Feeding America for one) it's even easier to become more enamored with the blonde bombshell.

In 2009 Andrews' fame hit a fever pitch, when Michael David Barrett fell down the creeper tree (hitting not only every branch, but every leaf, twig and berry) and landed in front of her Marriott hotel room, filming her through the peephole. This video went Chernobyl-level viral and the countdown to Barrett's days as a free man began. To make sure he was full on Marky Mark in Fear, he so happened to have another video that authorities found (that never hit the internet) on his laptop of her in a different city!

Here, you won't find videos, just 15 shots proving she is the most attractive woman to ever grace a sporting event sideline.

15 The Girl Next Door


One of Andrews' most captivating qualities is being able to pull off the "OMG my friend's mom looked just like her when I was growing up!" schtick.  Did your friend's mom look this good?  Sure, if you grew up in San Fransisco and your BFF was Nicky Katsopolis. In reality however, your tastes hadn't fully developed to normalcy (don't forget, you used to love Taco Bell pre-intoxication), but it is the thought that counts! This photo absolutely shows off that quality in her (and our dream scenarios), and why you would have never missed a meatloaf night.

14 Dancing With Stars In Our Eyes

via Cleveland.com

In case you just don't care about happiness, Erin Andrews finished 3rd on Dancing With The Stars in 2010. Sure she hosted for a while, but there was no better time in the show's history than watching her show us all how well she could move. Pictured here you could see perfectly not only that she knew how to arch her back and contour body, but she had the personality and facial expressions to really sell it. As she samba'd her way to the semi-finals one couldn't help but hope but dream of living out Save the Last Dance with her as his co-star.

It isn't challenging at all to seek out videos on Youtube of her dance numbers from the show. If you have never taken the time to do just that- you are only causing your own life to lack in some way. If you need to go do that now, don't worry, I will wait for you.

13 Jaw Hits Desk

via Pinterest.com

Go ahead and pick your jaw back up and stop pinching yourself, this really is a sports reporter. Notice how she has a sucker in one hand and glasses in the other- like she just came from the pediatricians office after taking advantage of him and he forgot to ask for his glasses back? Mix that with the long athletic tube socks and top however, and she might have just come from getting a physical. If the latter is the case, with abs like that the doctor may have just handed over his glasses and told her "you obviously know more about this than I do."

I also can't help but wonder two things. 1) Who the heck makes athletic socks that long?Her legs are longer than War and Peace (in a good way) and 2) Where can I order every single possible color combination of this outfit for my wife?

12 Whose Work Photo Looks This Good?

via connect.ufalumni.ufl.edu

In case you figured it out from my title, this at one point was the photo she boasted on her about-me for her job with Fox Sports. The black dress that reveals just a slight amount of upstairs goodies gives us all that "please be my evil boss" dream. Can't you picture it now, that bright smile standing in-between you and constant berating over your lackluster performance (part of it because you can't stop looking at this photo in the lobby)? When she gets mad enough at you, her hands go to her hips and show off her physique. She is saying terrible things about you, but you can't stop wanting to be in trouble?  Is there a case of RBF here? I sense it. You do, too.

11 She's Got Legs

via pinterest.com

We haven't even mentioned one time in this entire article one of Erin's greatest assets, and that are the two, toned, tasty, terrific, talented and tantalizing legs that place the perfectly styled blonde flowing locks five feet and ten inches from the ground she floats over. This outfit does more than show them off though, and that is help play out every mans fantasy of seeing their dream woman in skin tight clothing showing them off. Couple that with heels high enough that they were made to walk the streets in - EGAD MAN.

One last completely sensual note from this pose, is how her hair is off of her shoulders. My best friend's older brother told me in 8th grade that "You can tell what a girl looks like when she's getting freaky if her hair is off her shoulders." The Force was strong in that one.

10 Duck Face Isn't Always Lame

via Complex.com

When wikipedia addresses the term "duck face" as 'self-deprecating' you can get a pretty good picture of just how panned this pose is in society. Yet Erin manages to pull it off like she seems to do most everything - beautifully.  I have always been a sucker for black sports bras under a sports top, which she has here.  This to me not only says 'in shape' but also "I have to do something to keep these girls in check".

The shoe not being in focus is apropos as well, as honestly who is paying attention to anything else in this photo? (Speaking of the shoe, what does it take to be gazed upon like that abortion of a running shoe by her?) This photo also really shows off just how immaculate her complexion is from up close.  Forget what I said about the shoe, I'll take 3 pairs.

9 Waiting For Me?

via fanatik.com

Is it so wrong to answer the question "Where do you see yourself in ten years?" with the answer "Coming home to this"? I can't imagine too many better scenarios.  The flat screen on the wall, hard wood floors, the totally-affordable love seat.  That all seems completely attainable.  Add in the dime in the middle of it all?  I ask again, "Coming home to this" ?

I keep coming back to the fact she is 5'-10" and always in the spikiest of heels.  I imagine that height combined with her heat and style might be quite intimidating. An outfit like this in the middle of the living room however would definitely take away the edge like four fingers of bourbon on a cold night.  Her hands are clasped so delicately, almost awaiting instruction showing how she might really be flirty, sweet, and welcoming.

8 O.M.Grey

via pinterest.com

Erins famous grey eyes are accentuated perfectly in this slinky red carpet gown. Her makeup and flair here scream "GLAM" more than eloquent or classy, which is something that isn't often found from many of her photos. Her dark eye makeup definitely serves its purpose in drawing a person in like a lighthouse on a foggy night. The bright pop of the "Straight Outta Claire's" pink lipstick is perfectly applied. Its appeal lies in the day dream of collar stains you would want to shout about, not Shout out.

One thing that I have yet to even mention is her hair, which once again is flawless.  One has to assume that extensions are a major player in the over all bounce. I have no problem with extensions however; be it contract, cords or hair.  She can have all 3, hell I will FIGHT for the first one for her.

7 In The Trenches With The Guys

via massappeal.com

Erin spends an obscene amount of time around locker rooms and football players, so one can only imagine what her taste is really like.  Pictured here however, we can at least tease our minds into believe she likes to be as dirty as we dream she does.  Erin is surrounded by men drenched in filth and every last one of them is still all smiles!  This no doubt proves that she has bewitching powers that far exceed that of the regular woman (which she makes 99% of the female population appear to be) and maybe even that of Hermione Granger.

If you even do more than casually glance at this photo you'll notice these men are caked in dried mud.  Do you have any idea how uncomfortable dried, caked mud is?  It's like sitting in the backseat of a 60's Beatle.

6 Pink Dreaming

via thefrisky.com

Erin is a staple at the CMA's, and the award show is almost watchable because of this fact alone. I can't imagine ever tuning in to a program littered with the likes of Jason Aldean and Garth Brooks corpse, that is unless Erin Andrews was wearing this exact outfit. Yes, this one right here. This strapless, sparkly, pink sunburst only makes it halfway down her thighs, which is probably the best news I've heard since the impending return of the McRib this past November. Her strappy heels also help put her legs in their eternal-flex state to make them even more appetizing!

5 Come To My Window

via health.com

I'm not sure if she is looking out a window or looking in, but whatever the case may be I choose to be on the other side of it.  That definitely looks like a bathing suit top, and her skin looks wet (well, it appears to glisten at least).  This to me means it's much more likely she just had a tough day at the pool and in desperate need of shelter than she just took a shower in her bathing suit and is checking to see if I am still outside.

Maybe that's her game though however.  I am not sure what the God-awful Basic Instinct sequel plot was (even though I have seen it twice) but if you told me it was the latter of the two options I listed, I would believe you.

4 White Room, Black Couch

via whosthebomb.com

Tying in with her fascination with country music, I could totally picture in-her-prime Faith Hill putting an album cover out like this.  I love the black and white, the sneaky cleavage, the flowing hair- but still have never come to terms why photo shoots like this even exist.  Where is she supposed to be anyway? Who keeps a black couch in a white room with nothing else? Does everyone but me do this?  Is this why I could never sell my condo?  Was I staging it incorrectly?

Wait, is it because I didn't have a white room with Erin Andrews on a black couch? I am pretty sure you could stick that in a shanty on a border town and I would sign a 200 year lease.

3 CMT Awards

via insideweddings.com

Once again we find our favorite lady on the red carpet of a country music award show.  Having hosted the show with not only Erin Snow but JJ Watt as well, she is no stranger to any facet of this part of the music industry. Whether she is in front of a microphone, rubbing elbows backstage with Tim McGraw, or sizzling down the red carpet- as sure as the sun rises we know we can find Ms. Andrews at these galas.

With her wardrobe choice in this photo, we can finally see what a prom dress is supposed to look like. The glitz, the sparkle, the curve hugging- sure, it's not meant to make your high school date look this good. Yet, it does for once and all put an end to the myth that "sparkle" can only be used in conjunction with spirit fingers.

2 Obvious Interview Pic Is Obvious

via newinki.com

This picture shows off the classic beauty that is the one and only, Eric Andrews.  Her all-American smile, eternally fabulous hair (Jennifer Aniston's hairs wet dream) and graceful presence is introducing itself like always, though it is unnecessary.  Andrews has the ability to seamlessly jaunt through batteries of questions.  Each answer she gives usually finds the listener hanging on her next words with a greater clutch.

This likely has a lot to do with just how many interviews she has given herself.  From dealing with a fired-up Richard Sherman, to the ever cool Tom Brady, the sideline reporter has built a career and a name for content as well as cute.

1 Back Where We Began

via pinterest.com

Of every photo found on the internet of Erin Andrews, this is by far and away my favorite.  The light breeze tossing her hair across the right side of her face is enough to tease even the least ticklish burly fellow. Her left shoulder slightly hiding her chin also brings an added element of seduction to this bikini-clad pose.

All in all, I believe that one would be sorely mistaken to build a Mount Rushmore of hotness in the sporting world without Erin Andrews' bust hitting the granite first. From the sidelines, to red carpets, to hotels and back again; Erin Andrews remains the hottest of them all.

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