5 Photos Of Eugenie Bouchard, Maria Sharapova & Caroline Wozniacki

Professional tennis is a sport that is full of beautiful women. The Women’s Tennis Association features many tall, athletic women who could easily be mistaken for models. In fact, several players have also worked as models. There are three ladies in particular, who have not only modeled, but are also widely regarded as the most breathtaking females in the sports today; Maria Sharapova, Caroline Wozniacki, and Eugenie “Genie” Bouchard.

At 6-foot-2, Nyagan, Russia’s Maria Sharapova is one of the tallest female tennis players on the WTA tour. Besides being one of the most decorated stars in the sport, she is also an accomplished model who has been the face of fashion houses like Cole Haan. The 30-year-old has long been considered one of the hottest women in tennis.

Caroline Wozniacki is currently the number 2 ranked player in the world (as of this writing). The 5-foot-10 Danish starlet was posed for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue several times and was recently featured in ESPN The Body Issue. The 27-year-old beauty has more than her fair share of admirers.

Eugenie “Genie” Bouchard was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The 5-foot-10, 23-year-old may not be as accomplished as Sharapova or Wozniacki on the court, but the Sports Illustrated swimsuit model and social media sensation is every bit as beautiful.

A feature with photos of any one of these women would be a real treat, but in this instance, we are giving our readers all three in one article!


15 Sharapova: Stretching

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When you are a 6-foot-2 blonde with movie star good looks it’s (apparently) hard to find a private place to do a little stretching. The Grand Slam champ shows off her signature long legs (or at least one of them) in her yoga pants and black top. Her attire could most definitely be described as figure flattering in this candid shot. Saying that Maria Sharapova looks great in this image, certainly wouldn’t be stretching the truth.

Fun Fact: 2004 is considered Maria Sharapova’s breakout year and the season that made her a star. It was during this period that she won both Wimbledon, the Tour Finals and also cracked the top ten in the singles ranking for the very first time. The media frenzy that ensued after her Wimbledon victory came to be known as “Maria Mania.”

14 Wozniacki: Yoga Pants

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Caroline Wozniacki’s lower half looks shredded in her black, form-fitting yoga pants. The blonde tennis sensation always seems to be smiling, even when she isn’t posing for a picture. Yoga pants have become a popular choice for women everywhere these days, and star athletes are certainly no exception. While there may be a lot of women wearing them, few look as good as Caroline Wozniacki while doing so.

Fun Fact: Wozniacki appeared in her first Grand Slam final back in 2009 at the US Open. She defeated Melanie Oudin of the United States and Belgium’s Yanina Wickmayer, before losing in the final round to another Belgium player, Kim Clijsters. Wozniacki would return the US Open finals again in 2014, this time finishing 2nd after to losing to her friend, Serena Williams.

13 Bouchard: Smiling

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Genie Bouchard decided to deviate from the standard all-black yoga pants we often see. The Candian born tennis star is sporting some multicolored bottoms in this image which serves to highlight her lower half. The 5-foot-10 contender shows that she knows how to look, not only amazing, but also very stylish both on and off the court. Athlesuire wear is a style that definitely works for the trendy 23-year-old, as we can see here.

Fun Fact: Bouchard participated in the 2016 NBA All-Star Weekend Celebrity Game in which Team Canada took on Team USA. While she did wind up starting the game, her final stat line was less than impressive. The blonde tennis standout failed to score any point and recorded only 1 rebound, meaning we probably won’t be seeing her in the WNBA anytime soon.

12 Sharapova: Swimsuit Modeling

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The tall, blonde tennis star reminds fans why many believe she is the most beautiful athlete in the world, with this impressive bikini pic. After seeing this image, it’s easy to understand why she was asked to pose for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Sharapova shows she can rock a bikini with the best of them in this outstanding photograph.

Fun Fact: Maria Sharapova is the only Russian player to have achieved a career Grand Slam as a singles competitor. A career Grand Slam is when a player wins all four of the major Grand Slam tournaments. For those unfamiliar, the top tournaments are Wimbledon, the US Open, the French Open, and the Australian Open. In fact, she has even won the French Open twice, in both 2012 and 2014.

11 Wozniacki: A Leg Up

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This photo is from one of Caroline Wozniacki’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit shoots. The Danish tennis star has posed for the publication 3 years in a row, from 2015-2017. After seeing images like this one, it’s easy to see why they keep inviting her back. The top-ranked tennis standout looks as amazing as the clear ocean water behind her, in this fun shot. When it comes to modeling swimsuits, Wozniacki is a league of her own.

Fun Fact: Wozniacki represented Denmark in the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. She ended up being placed in the Section 2 bracket during the event, which also happened include the eventual gold medal winner, Serena Williams. Wozniacki won her first three matches, before being eliminated by Williams, falling just short of the quarterfinals.

10 Bouchard: Swimsuit Shot

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Bouchard, like her article mates Sharapova and Wozniacki, has posed for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. However, the Canadian also likes to post plenty of swimsuit pics that aren’t from modeling shoots, on social media. In this image, we see the 5-foot-10 Montreal native hanging out by the pool in her fashionable one-piece bathing suit. The 23-year-old likely turned some heads at the pool that day with her remarkable choice of attire.

Fun Fact: Genie Bouchard represented Canada at the 2016 Summer Olympic Games held in Rio de Janeiro. While she was able to defeat American Sloane Stephens in round one, she would end up being eliminated in the second round by German star Angelique Kerber. Puerto Rico’s Monica Puig ended up winning the gold medal that year.

9 Sharapova: Fur Coat

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While wearing a heavy, fur coat with a short skirt is a bit of an odd wardrobe choice, Sharapova still manages to make it work. The outfit helps to showcase the 6-foot-2 Grand Slam champ’s long legs. Sharapova has the height, natural beauty, and an undeniable ability to make magic in front of the camera that even a top runway model would envy. It seems possible (after seeing pics like this) that Sharapova may have been able to make as much money modeling as she has in tennis.

Fun Fact: Maria Sharapova has been romantically linked to some high profile celebrities over the years. Her list of ex-boyfriends includes Adam Levine who is best known for being the lead singer of the rock band, Maroon 5. The two dated briefly back in 2005.

8 Wozniacki: White Dress

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Who knew a tennis outfit could look this good? While Wozniacki’s uniform may not be able to meet WTA requirements, it will definitely capture her fans attention. The blonde Olympian proves she is almost as good at modeling as she is tennis in this amazing shot. Wozniacki has been a part of many great photographs over the years. That being said, this one, in particular, is easily among her best.

Fun Fact: Despite having been ranked number 1 in the world on multiple occasions, Caroline Wozniacki has yet to win a Grand Slam tournament. She has come close at the US Open, where she has lost in the final round twice in 2009 and 2014. Wozniacki also came close in 2011, when she made it as far as the semifinal round at the Australian Open.

7 Bouchard: Short Skirt

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In this photo, we see the gorgeous tennis star posing on the red carpet while attending the WTA’s 40 Love celebration. The event was held in order celebrate the Women’s Tennis Associations (WTA) 40 year anniversary. Genie Bouchard stole the show with her dapper blue skirt and stylish handbag. Bouchard certainly looked like a VIP at this high profile event.

Fun Fact: 2014 has been far and away Genie Bouchard’s best season as a pro thus far. She achieved her highest ranking as a singles player, number 5 in the world, that year. 2014 also saw her reach the final round at Wimbledon as well as the semifinal rounds at both the French Open and Australian Open. She has not advanced beyond round 4 at a Grand Slam tournament since.

6 Sharapova: Beach Day

Sharapova takes part in another outstanding image, perched atop an “old school convertible Porsche.” This black and white photo shows the tall, slender tennis pro enjoying, what looks to be, a beautiful day at the beach. The 30-year-old shows fans that she is easily among the most photogenic athletes in the world with this popular Instagram post. Folks who aren’t following the Russian beauty on social media will likely be doing so after getting a glimpse of this pic.

Fun Fact: In 2012, Maria Sharapova began dating another well-known tennis star, Grigor Dimitrov. The two dated for around three years before eventually calling it quits in July of 2015. Interestingly enough, Dimitrov has also been romantically linked to Sharapova’s rival, the legendary Serena Williams.

5 Wozniacki: Taste Of Tennis

This photo shows Caroline Wozniacki posing in on the red carpet in a lovely dress at the Taste of Tennis event held in New York. The blonde tennis sensation received 26,900 likes on Instagram for this particular post. The Danish queen of the court shines in an outfit that was just the right combination of both class and sex appeal. After seeing this shot, it’s fair to say that those who aren’t following Wozniacki on social media are truly missing out.

Fun Fact: Last Valentine’s Day (2017), Caroline Wozniacki announced that she is dating recently retired basketball star, David Lee. She followed this up with another big announcement last November when she let the world know that the two had officially become engaged to be wed.

4 Bouchard: Peace

Afternoons off 💦

A post shared by Genie Bouchard (@geniebouchard) on

In this photo, we see Bouchard flashing a peace sign while wearing a somewhat revealing one-piece bathing suit. The well over 138,000 likes the photo received on Instagram suggests that Bouchard knows how to get her followers attention. The selfie, which was taken in Perth, Western Australia, gives us a glimpse into how the popular tennis star spends her “Afternoons off.” This photo might reasonably lead one to believe that those who aren’t following Genie Bouchard on social media, probably should be.

Fun Fact: Eugenie Bouchard is one of three siblings, one of which is her fraternal twin sister, Beatrice. Genie is actually the younger of the Bouchard twins, having been born approximately 6 minutes after Beatrice. The twins are named after Prince Andrew’s (of England) daughters.

3 Sharapova: She's Got Legs

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While there probably isn’t an official record, one has to assume that 6-foot-2 Maria Sharapova has to have the longest legs of any woman in sports (or at the very least be in the top 10). Whatever the case may be, the Russian superstar delivers another amazing photo as she leans against the net in her white skirt and red top. It seems as though producing bad pictures is an act that Maria Sharapova is simply incapable of.

Fun Fact: Maria Sharapova was at the center of controversy in 2016, following a failed drug test at the Australian Open. She tested positive for a drug called meldonium. The drug had only recently been banned as of January 1, 2016, and there is some to debate among scientists as to its performance-enhancing capabilities. The failed test resulted in a 15-month suspension.

2 Wozniacki: Punching

via vogue.com

Caroline Wozniacki must have been hitting the gym pretty hard prior to this photo shoot, as the Odense native looks ripped in this particular photo. She appears to be punching the ball being held in front of her with quite a bit of force in an outfit that can only be described as unique. This is a rare photo, where the 5-foot-10 superstar looks both beautiful and borderline intimidating. It is, without question, one of her more memorable photos.

Fun Fact: Prior to her engagement to David Lee, Wozniacki was previously engaged to another pro athlete, Irish golfer Rory Mcllroy. The media even gave them the somewhat nauseating celebrity couple nickname, Wozzilroy. While the two were engaged, they never wed. Mcllroy decided to call off the engagement, and they split up shortly after.

1 Bouchard: Baywatch

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In this photo, we see Genie Bouchard and a friend posing in their Baywatch-themed swimsuits. The Canadian tennis star looks as good as Pam Anderson in her prime in the iconic attire. There is certainly no shortage of men out there who would love have Genie Bouchard save them from drowning. If they ever decided to another Baywatch reboot (or perhaps a Canadian version) the producers should definitely give this blonde bombshell a call.

Fun Fact: Bouchard made headlines back in February of 2017, when she lost a bet regarding the outcome of the Super Bowl with one of her Twitter followers, a man named John Goehrke. Bouchard honored her bet and went with the lucky fan to a basketball game in Madison Square Garden; she even covered his expenses.

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