15 Photos Of Female Swimmers Revealing More Than They Wanted To

Let's all just admit to ourselves right now why you clicked on this article. Because we're all red-blooded animals who occasionally want to see some skin. Because the wetter the better, or maybe some of these shots are just too funny to pass up. In any event, who doesn't love a good attire mishap?

Obviously, they're not supposed to happen, which makes these some of the best ones - for the most part they happen in the heat of competition which makes these all the more fun to leer at, the athlete in question either has to cover up in the middle of their stroke, or just keep going to achieve a victory they worked their whole lives for. While it can be terribly embarrassing, it must be wondered what these people were expecting when they put on spandex suits and jumped in a pool. After all, pools are pretty much made to let people show off a little skin while getting some exercise.

These competitors are all extremely talented, but they are not immune to suffering some embarrassing accidents. Be it in the olympics or during practice or even outside the pool altogether, we've grabbed the best of the best.

Here are 15 Photos Of Female swimmers Revealing More Than They Wanted To exposed for all of The Sportster to see.

15 Flavia Zoccari

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When perusing all kinds of articles about swimmers for this piece, one swimmer and her malfunction constantly appeared on just about every single one of them. Flavia Zoccari, an Italian swimmer who had the unfortunate honor of busting her tail for years to compete in the Mediterranean Games back in 2009, and had her suit rip at the tail, disqualifying her from the competition.

She was going to compete using a full-body swimsuit, the Jaked J01, which many detractors claimed gave swimmers an unfair advantage. Obviously, the suit was either poorly made or just a little too snug on then 22-year-old Zoccari. As a matter of fact, the suit was banned by the International Swimming Federation before being reinstated after protests from Zoccari’s own team! It's certainly not the most tantalizing malfunction on this list and watching a young girl cry is just terrible.

14 Bia And Branca Feres

Everyone looking at these pics right, check your pulse and the laws of the land. There’s no way that its legal to have a Brazilian bombshell beauty and then a carbon copy of her. If you don't already know about Bia and Branca, the white-hot Feres twins, then you gave some other sites to peruse after finishing this article. They shouldn't be real, but they are - minus the boob jobs they both got several years ago temporarily derailing their swimming career.

Not only are the Brazilian twins fricking gorgeous, they're both synchronized swimmers, and of course have tried to parlay being hot twins into modeling and acting careers. After getting breast enhancement surgery, their synchronized swimming careers were derailed for a few years before they returned to represent their home and host country in the Rio games.

13 Stephanie Rice

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The Australian-born swimmer is now retired, but she left an enduring legacy for swimmers all over. Two bronze medals at the 2007 World Championships, and three gold medals at Beijing in 2008, all at 17 years old. What were YOU doing at 17? Probably not winning gold medals, and certainly not looking as amazing as she “Ricey” does.

Sadly, looking as fine as she does and posting about it got her in a little trouble back in 2012 when she posted a picture of herself, wearing the skimpiest of bottoms. It caused an uproar in the swimming world as many suggested that she should be dropped from the team, all of this from just posting the same kind of picture any other young millennial would post. Since then, Rice has dedicated herself to teach kids about living healthy.

12 Christina Tsoukala

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If you’ve ever watched girl contact sports like Lacrosse and Water Polo, you might think they’re fringe sports and they very well might be. But tell that to the girls competing in them. They’re vicious and fiercely competitive in the games. In Water Polo, there’s a ton of grabbing, pulling, and sometimes even biting and kicking underwater. When you’re trying to get the ball, you’re liable to do anything.

But this pic takes a bit of the cake here. Greece’s Christina Tsoukala had a moment, when this candid shot was caught. Thanks to the internet, Christina Tsoukala is as famous as Janet Jackson for the same reason. Sadly, for Tsoukala, Justin Timberlake wasn’t there to cover her up.

11 Tania Cagnotto

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God bless divers. They can perform acrobatic flips and dives that would make a circus performer gush. They're fit AF and most are beautiful too, or at least have a beautifully sculpted physique made for putting all kinds of torque into their spins once they leap off the board. They also have to leave the pool, which could lead to all sorts of fun, like this entry.

Tania Cagnotto is Italy’s first ever World Champion diver. She essentially medaled in every competition she ever partook in until her retirement in May 2017. Thankfully, we have this parting shot to remember Tania by. Much like George Costanza, once exclaimed “I was in the pool,” while trying to defend his shrinkage; Tania had come out of the warm pool into cold air and we have Mother Nature and a photographer to thank for this image of Ms. Tania.

10 Jenifer Benitez

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For many athletes on this list, getting to the top of the mountain in your chosen sport is filled with a lifetime of dedication. Jenifer Benitez was just 19 years old and literally on top of the water sports world, as a diver. This generally means that all eyes are on you especially when its Olympic time.

At the 2012 London games, Benitez came to show the world what she was made of in the Three Meters Springboard competition. Unfortunately, she didn’t show much on the board and had a disastrous dive. While the Spanish beauty might have been flummoxed by her scores, she would be far more flummoxed when the cameras caught her… um… fixing herself and her swimsuit. It’s clearly what every young female athlete wants - to not only be judged on her malfunction on the diving board, but then on her attire malfunction moments later.

9 Laura Lopez

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Another entry, another water polo player. Girls in skintight swimsuits grabbing at each other sounds like a bad 80s movie (or a good one), unless the ladies are playing Water Polo. Obviously, the game accounts for mishaps like this one.

After all, even mere mortals like us have to adjust when we’re just swimming in the pool, or who hasn’t had a cannonball/wardrobe malfunction? Toss in ladies pawing at one another while trying to score points and you wind up with all kinds of possibilities in the pool. One would assume that television directors and producers in the trucks are taught to deviate from showing shots like this one. Perhaps they are, but when the games are live; even on a tape delay its hard to stop the forward momentum of Lopez’s (or any other athlete’s) trunks.

8 Rebecca Adlington


Before Mansfield, England’s Rebecca Adlington won not one, but two gold medals in the 2008 Beijing Olympic games. She won in convincing fashion, breaking a 19-year record held by U.S. swimmer, Janet Evans in the 800-metre. Adlington would collect more hardware when she took bronze four years later in the London games.

While she competed, her suit stayed in place and even here in this pic, her dress stays on. But take a look at her hands and where straying to. She was working as a contributor for BBC sports and it appeared that there was some thigh flirtation going on with her co-worker. One would assume she didn’t want viewers to see the under-the-table action, but thanks to some good camerawork, the co-worker might have some explaining to do when he got home.

7 Tilly Gray

via instagram.com

There is a picture when you search for swimmer pics of British bombshell, Tilly Gray wearing a suit that is oh-so-tight, with the Union Jack and the Speedo logo covering just the right spaces, much to the chagrin of males everywhere. Watching Gray work is a treat if you’re a fan of swimming. Her dive into the pool is exceptional to watch for all kinds of reasons (both professional and pleasant).

Before you all pick your tongues up off the floor, remember there are far more pics to find on the internet, and we here at TheSportster have a treat for you. Even though Ms. Gray is in a serious relationship, that doesn’t stop her from dolling herself up for all the world to see. But she also knows how to relax as evidenced by this shot of the swimmer just relaxing in a hammock.

6 Zsuzsanna Jakabos

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While she clearly doesn't mind showing off a lot of skin from time to time in modeling shots, this suggestive shot was snapped at just right time, like when a photographer happens to snap a shot of a Great White snatching a dolphin out of the sky - you would never expect such a candid shot, but it happened.

Strictly speaking from a sports perspective, Zusanna’s curves are anything but assets in the pool, they’re not exactly aerodynamic. However, she has been proving this theory wrong and has showcased her skills in the past four Olympic games, since she was just a tender 15 years old. If you want to see more (and then much more) of the raven-haired swimmer, she’s set to go into her fifth Olympics in Tokyo 2020. For her fans, Jackabos is doing just fine, Olympic gold or not.

5 Stephanie Gilmore

via dailymail.co.uk

Aussie beauty, Stephanie Gilmore has been surfing since she was ten years old. Similar to Hawaiians, growing up on either coast of Oz lends itself to getting the opportunity to get into the ocean a lot more than your average kid. By 2007, at 17-years-old, Gilmore had achieved the recognition of being a World Champion, a distinction she garnered for four straight years.

In case you were wondering, being a champion surfer can earn you a slew of money, Gilmore has had at least three years earning six figures. While the surfer has done several fashion shoots over the years, this one is her most popular, for obvious reasons. While shooting for the Australian Vogue, the champ had a slight malfunction, which begs the question – when your top is about to come off and a wave is coming to grab, do you grab yourself or the wave.

4 Rebecca Soni

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Not all pics on this list or on the internet for that matter are swimsuit malfunctions. But this one belongs here nonetheless. Rebecca Soni, a swimmer for the U.S. Olympic Team who has three gold medals here and four gold in the World Championships, among several other medals. She is one of the best swimmers you’ll hear about. The New Jersey native was named Swimming World’s World Swimmer of the Year in 2010 and 2011.

With an athlete as good as Soni, sometimes people like to start enhancement rumors and what not. But it appears from this video that Soni is only getting enhancement from whatever the heck she’s eating. Clearly, it’s the extra methane propulsion that is assisting her as she continues her swimming dominance.

3 Kaitlin Sandeno

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California native Kaitlin Sandeno is the kind of sun-kissed stunner that Katy Perry sings about. Sun kissed skin, and a swimmer like her, she’s certainly wet and wild. At Sydney in 2000, she took home bronze and just four years later Sandeno really left a mark taking home silver, bronze, and gold. That might not sound like a lot, but in terms of racing times, that could be a lifetime.

Thanks to new technology in swimwear the first pic here is a suit so gosh-darn tight that Sandeno must have been poured into it. As for the second pic, no matter how warm the California sun is, jumping out of the water to catch some sun always leaves the ladies easy victims of what men might call shrinkage. But for women, certain body parts become slightly more visible.

2 Laure Manaudou

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The age-old stereotype that French are far less restrictive than other countries is on full display here with the Villeurbanne, French native, Laure Manaudou. Before retiring, Laure racked up countless awards and took home gold, silver, and bronze in Athens in the 2004 games, one of only two Frenchwomen to win three medals in one Olympiad.

Even though she's now retired, she's still a model and seldom has any issues showing off how phenomenal looking she is. She clearly didn't mind showing off by the pool either. She's wearing a very, very…very revealing bathing suit. One that an 80’s-era Brit Bombshell Samantha Fox might have worn on her album covers. Malfunction at the junction or not, Laure didn't care. Search for pictures of her online and you'll see this kind of slip-up several different times with the same outfit!

1 Inge De Bruijn

via speakerscorner.com

For anyone who has ever swam Butterfly, you know it's the hardest stroke to maintain a quick and steady pace with. You need rock hard abs to assist you since the movement is basically crunches. At 27-years-old, Dutch native, Inge De Brujin showed how those rock-hard abs help with your Butterfly stroke when she not only took home gold in the 2000 Sydney Olympics in several events.

17 years later, at 43 and De Brujin still has a tight rock hard body and she showed all of it off on the Dutch reality TV show, Adam Seeks Eve. The series features a man and woman meeting on a tropical island with no clothes. After spending a night together, a third person arrives and eventually two of them walk off together. De Brujin appeared on the series last season, showing off that even at 43, she’s still woman enough if not more for any man.

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