15 Photos Of Kaley Cuoco That Ryan Sweeting Would Appreciate

She’s tall, she’s blonde, she’s quirky and she’s absolutely beautiful. Actress Kaley Cuoco is best known for her role as Penny in The Big Bang Theory. She’s a wonderful actress, but sometimes Cuoco’s personal relations end up on the front pages, instead of her professional achievements. One of those whirlwind relationships began in 2013.

When Cuoco met former professional tennis player Ryan Sweeting, it was what some could call love at first sight. When Sweeting played tennis, he was a force to be awaken. He once ranked number 64 in the world, but meeting Cuoco was something Sweeting probably wasn’t prepared for. He was instantly smitten with Cuoco and proposed to her just three months after they began dating. Again, just three months later, Cuoco and Sweeting said their vows on December 31, 2013 with a fire-and-ice-themed wedding. They were the absolute most adorable couple and appeared to really love each other. But as with most relationships, they are full of ups and downs and twists and turns.

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Toward the end of their marriage, the couple still made public appearances, but weren’t anywhere near the enamored duo that they were in the beginning. In September 2015, Cuoco filed for divorce. The reason for the divorce is up for discussion, but Cuoco has stated Sweeting’s addiction to painkillers lead to her decision. Certainly, Sweeting was left devastated and heartbroken. Looking at Cuoco, who could blame him? Check out these 15 photos of Kaley Cuoco that would without a doubt drive Ryan Sweeting crazy.

15 A Diamond In The Rough

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Cuoco’s messy hair falling over her bare shoulders is what really makes this photo hot. Her face holds a sort of sadness that almost hurts to see. At the same time, though, she looks mad and ready to seek revenge. With just one look, Cuoco manages to capture nearly every powerful emotion.

She's described her relationship with Sweeting as one full of surprises. She certainly didn't think she'd have to deal with an addict when she met him. After the divorce, rumours began spreading saying the reason for the divorce had to do with her current fiancé, Karl Cook and the time she met him. These are more than likely just rumours, though, because Cuoco has been more than open with what happened to her marriage with the former tennis player.

14 Pure Elegance

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In what is probably a professional advertisement shoot, Cuoco shows her elegant side by looking classy and luxurious. Before Cuoco met Sweeting, she had a two-year-long quiet relationship with her co-star Johnny Galecki. They never went out in public though. Sweeting was completely different than Galecki in that sense. The couple were a paparazzi’s dream come true. They shared moments of intimacy with the cameras and were always ready to pose. Cuoco is now engaged to the professional Equestrian hottie, Karl Cook. They share public moments, too. Seeing Cuoco with any other man, be it an advertisement or a real relationship, doesn’t sound fun for someone once married to her.

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13 Lady In Red

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If this picture doesn’t make Sweeting miss Cuoco, I don’t know what will. Her opened up red dress reveals her perfectly tan skin just enough to leave you wanting more. Even though Sweeting sparked the volcano that ruined his marriage with Cuoco, he proceeded to make it worse. Their divorce could be described using one word – bad.

Before marrying Sweeting, Cuoco had a prenup made with Sweeting to protect her massive fortune. However, when the divorce reached the courts, Sweeting made a swing for some money. He sought out spousal support, which is something the woman of the relationship typically does. He didn’t get everything he wanted, but Sweeting did receive $165,000 and Cuoco was forced to pay his legal bills.

12 Can’t Keep Me Down

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There’s that heart stopping smile again. When Kaley Cuoco smiles, everyone smiles. Sweeting had the pleasure of seeing Cuoco exactly this way, but let his own struggles take her smile and ultimately push her away. After the divorce, Cuoco was very open in speaking about what happened and why things had to end. Sweeting, on the other hand, remained mostly silent.

In an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Cuoco described her last year with Sweeting as bizarre. She refused to let it define her though. After a small period of mourning, Cuoco picked herself right up and moved forward with her life. Sweeting’s journey is a little less clear; it’s not certain what he’s been up to. If you do a quick internet search on him, everything is basically about Cuoco so that’s got to say something about his future.

11 Blue Lagoon

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Kaley Cuoco is a girl that shows little girls it’s okay not to be a girly girl all the time. In this blue tank top and jeans, she’s casual and comfortable. She’s showing skin but really, it’s not too much skin. Cuoco has grown into a tasteful and classy woman who any girl can look up to.

So she’s not Selena Gomez or Angelina Jolie, but she’s her own type of beauty. She’s the classic pretty girl next door everyone loves. When Sweeting and Cuoco were engaged, they became everyone’s favourite couple. They appeared in several talk show interviews, including The Ellen Show. Ellen DeGeneres even put on a mock wedding for the couple before the real date. Their real wedding was even more beautiful and unconventional then the talk show wedding. Cuoco wore a pink gown rather than white and their theme was unique, too.

10 You Are The Weakest Link

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I wouldn’t want to mess with a girl who looks like this. She means business and she’s not taking any nonsense from anyone. The thing that makes the image, though, is her facial expression and her posture. It’s as if she can read your mind and knows you’re up to no good.

After Sweeting’s back surgery, things slowly started to tumble down hill for their relationship. He misused his prescribed pain medicine to a point of addiction. He drank too much and became someone no one wanted to be around. Perhaps, this all sprouted off his forced retirement. Whatever the reason, he created a crashing and unhealthy cycle in his life that eventually took everything good away from him.

9 Strike A Pose

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It’s no secret Kaley Cuoco is very beautiful, but she’s not just a pretty face. Cuoco has a warm heart and an endearing sense of humour. Every great thing about her is present in this shoot of silly poses. Without even trying, she’s capturing hearts all over the world. Cuoco was absolutely in love with Ryan Sweeting when they first got married. However, his personal battles became too much. He turned their dream come true in to an absolute nightmare for Cuoco.

According to reports, Sweeting would constantly promise to seek help for his addiction to painkillers, but then he’d go out and get wasted. In 2014, one year after they started dating, Sweeting underwent back surgery and started using painkillers to manage the pain. His using quickly became uncontrollable when paired with his excessive drinking.

8 Look What You Made Me Do

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Her piercing green eyes are dig into the souls of anyone who dare mess with her. At least that’s the message Cuoco is sending out with this jaw-dropping photo. Her mesmerizing stare and bare shoulders leave plenty to the imagination for fans. I can only imagine what an image like this would do to Sweeting.

Cuoco has admitted many a time that she falls in love too hard. She goes deep and the person she loves becomes her everything. When Sweeting’s downfall started to bring her down, too, she was really left with no choice but to leave the tennis player. However, Cuoco refuses to call it a mistake. “It’s just what happened in my life,” she said in an interview with People.

7 Work Out

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Kaley Cuoco’s ear-to-ear grin is contagious. Looking at this image, you can just feel her joy and hear her laughter. Who knows what’s going on here, but really, who cares when she looks like that. During the toughest moments of Cuoco and Ryan Sweeting’s relationship, Cuoco stood by him, loving him. Sweeting just couldn’t make the commitment to get sober for her. Sweeting has himself a notorious reputation of heavily drinking, and even received a DUI charge seven years before meeting Cuoco.

Working on their relationship didn’t seem to be in the cards for Sweeting, no matter how hard Cuoco wanted it to last. She may not be ashamed of what happened with Sweeting, but Cuoco has confessed it definitely changed the way she views marriage.

6 Peek A Boo

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Fitness is something Kaley Cuoco has passionately advocated. Cuoco credits her strong and muscular physique all to yoga. She’s described her body as a “yoga body” and has admitted to being obsessed with yoga. The work was well worth the reward. Her perfect abs are clearly visible in this picture.

Yoga became an escape for Cuoco. Her time in the yoga studio is where she was able to find joy again after her nasty divorce with Ryan Sweeting. Yoga is something Cuoco recommends for everyone. Maybe if Sweeting took up yoga while married to Cuoco he wouldn’t have been so consumed by his addiction. When Cuoco and Sweeting first met, he was still very active professionally playing tennis. He retired in 2015, right at the end of his marriage with Cuoco.

5 Get It Girl

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Kaley Cuoco is fun. She is not afraid to put herself out there, even if it’s in the most embarrassing way. Cuoco held nothing back during her appearance on Spike’s Lip Sync Battle. She really go into her performances and had the whole crowd cheering her on. Even though she’s showing her fit belly, it’s her pure enjoyment that makes this picture beautiful.

A relationship with Cuoco seems like it would really be a blast. After Sweeting lost Cuoco, she felt her life was flipped upside down. However, her now-fiancé, Karl Cook entered into her life less than a year after she filed for divorce from Sweeting. Cuoco describes her life with Cook as the best thing that could have happened to her. He makes her the happiest she’s ever been. That’s got to sting Sweeting!

4 Say Goodbye

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After Kaley Cuoco and Ryan Sweeting tied the knot, they got matching tattoos of their wedding date. Cuoco’s was plastered on her upper back and Sweeting’s was displayed on his wrist. After the pair’s divorce, Cuoco had some major ink regret. She came out exclaiming on Instagram, “Note to self – do not mark your body with any future wedding dates.”

Cuoco resolved her tattoo issue with a beautiful coverup. Although the moth-like creation seems like it might hold some sort of deep meaning, Cuoco admitted that it means nothing more than that it covered up the last one. The original tattoo held a deep meaning for both Cuoco and Sweeting. Seeing her get rid of their special moment would most likely drive Sweeting mad.

3 Keep It Professional

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Kaley Cuoco’s look in this shot is a lot of guy’s number one fantasies. She’s wearing what could be construed as a naughty school girl outfit. Only better, it’s falling off her body right before your eyes. As part of her role in The Big Bang Theory, Cuoco interacts with several brilliant nerds. At first she’s portrayed as the dumb blonde girl, but as the show progressed she became one of the group.

When Cuoco and Sweeting began dating, everyone had high hopes for their relationship. They were both attractive and sociable. They loved going out and celebrating their love. If that’s how they were in public, one can only imagine what they were like behind closed doors. Too bad for Sweeting, all he has left is his imagination.

2 Who Let The Dogs Out

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Kaley Cuoco is just as passionate about animals as she is with the person she’s in love with, if not more. She is an active animal rights activist and dog rescuer. This picture is evidence that she truly loves her pups. They are her whole life. When talking about dogs, the love in her voice is inspiring. When speaking on the matter, she expressed how badly she wants to be the voice for abused and hurt animals.

Cuoco’s happiness in this photo is everything. Sweeting once experienced her goofy laugh and that contagious grin. He knows firsthand how wonderful Cuoco’s love is and how captivating her friendship can be. Cuoco really puts her all into things that mean the most to her.

1 Future Mrs. Cook

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Though Kaley Cuoco doesn’t look her best in these images, it’s the meaning behind them that will drive Ryan Sweeting crazy. This is the moment Karl Cook proposed to Cuoco and she said yes. Cuoco began dating Cook shortly after filing for divorce from Sweeting. However, this was no rebound relationship. Cuoco describes her time with Cook as the happiest moments of her life.

Cook shared these images as an announcement of their engagement. Like Sweeting, Cook is a professional athlete of sorts. He is an established equestrian and a really good one at that. Cook is also the son of a multibillionaire. Together, Cuoco and Cook share a love of animals and are both very artistic. If that doesn’t make you think she’s found her soul mate with Cook, take this into consideration. Cuoco is Italian for Cook. Sorry Sweeting, she’s gone for good. At least you have these pictures to look at.

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