15 Photos Of Kim Kardashian That Will Make Kris Humphries Happy They Split

Kim Kardashian has made a lot of questionable decisions in her life. But the most questionable of all may have been when she elected to tie the knot with NBA player Kris Humphries in 2011. The relationship was under a year old by the time they were walking down the aisle and only 72 days later, the two were filing for divorce. Maybe he was taking relationship advice from Ross Gellar from the hit show Friends? Many rumours have circulated about the legitimacy of the relationship, but it looks like Humphries genuinely believed it could work out.

But even though Kim Kardashian's net worth and public profile have only skyrocketed since the divorce, that doesn't mean Kris Humphries doesn't have plenty of reasons to sit back and think about all the problems he's dodged from removing himself from her life. After all, being an NBA player is hard enough without having a media frenzy to deal with every time your wife leaves the house. In fact, Kris Humphries may have been pretty mad about the whole relationship debacle in the moment, but he has since become a household name and learned a valuable lesson.

Whether it's the various controversies that Kim has involved herself in, her questionable parenting skills or proving that she doesn't know her limit at the club; there are many moments that Kim should be embarrassed about that you are going to love seeing.

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15 Getting A Flour Shower

via kaigai-drama-board.com

Kim Kardashian was probably having herself a great day back in 2012 when she was attending an event to help promote her newest perfume, True Reflection. Things took a turn for the worse however when an unidentified woman attacked Kim. She threw a white powder - later discovered to be flour - all over her outfit. It was reported that the woman was representing an animal rights support group that had felt scorned by Kim's business practices.

While we're sure she could have, Kim elected not to press charges. A kind gesture perhaps, or maybe she just didn't want to raise further awareness to the other side of the story. Either way, nobody would blame Kris if he saw this photo of his then recent-ex wife and laughed.

14 Her Look Inspired By Mrs Doubtfire

via people.com

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries' may have gotten married, but that was as serious as their relationship got as they never started a family together. And considering they were married for under 90 days, you can imagine that not adding another person to the mix was a decision that they were both pretty happy about.

But Kim Kardashian is very much a mother now, and as a result, the world was given the chance to see how she would style herself when pregnant. While she had some winning outfits, her biggest fashion gaff ever may have been when she attended the Met Ball in 2013. While she was hoping people would think she looked good, many were left comparing her to Robin Williams' character from Mrs. Doubtfire.

13 North West Takes a Tumble

via wp.com

If you've been (or are) a parent to a young child, then you know it's not a question of when but a question of how many times is your little one going to take a tumble. But if you're Kim Kardashian, you need to hope that her children's battle against gravity comes when there aren't cameras around. Which means it really can't happen anywhere in public. Talk about pressure!

It was in April 2016 when North West face-planted to the ground while trying to walk alongside Mom. The fact that the paparazzi caught Kim looking seemingly unaware didn't help quell the backlash she received online for not being a more attentive mother. Let's just hope that Kim noticed what had happened and gave North a big hug after the incident!

12 Her Bo Derek Braids

via newslocker.com

In 1979, the movie 10 was released starring Bo Derek. The movie had several captivating moments but the most memorable may have been the hairstyle worn by Derek. It's clear that Kim Kardashian was a huge fan of the movie, or at least, the style.

She recreated it earlier this year and told her social media following that she had her "Bo Derek" braids. But her decision to give credit to Derek, and not to call them cornrows or credit the culture of origin was something that caused some serious backlash online including many fans accusing her of discrimination. Regardless of what side of the coin you fall with for this particular issue, we're sure you can agree that Kris is glad he doesn't have to be part of it.

11 The 2017 Colour Controversy

via teenvogue.com

When Kim Kardashian released the photo on the right in 2017, she was just hoping to try and raise some awareness for her upcoming season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Instead, as you can perhaps understand with the comparison photo, she faced extreme amounts of hatred from the online community who accused her of trying to  appropriate culture. That is definitely not an area that you even kind of want to dabble in.

Kim defended herself from the allegations saying she would never mean to offend anyone and that in reality, "I was super tanned, the lighting was really moody so I get why people might say that." Perhaps it'll serve as a reminder for her to think twice before signing off on promotional material.

10 Suffering From An Attire Mishap

via people.com

Kim Kardashian does not seem to shy away from showing off her body. She does it on a regular basis on her various social media platforms. She's done it for magazines. She's even shown the world what her cardio sessions look like for a more private camera. But just because Kim has willingly shown you everything doesn't mean she is planning to do that every time she leaves the house.

Which means she may have wanted to elect in some extra support for this particular day as tabloids quickly realized it wouldn't take long before she would be suffering from an attire mishap. At least she has the income necessary to throw away any outfits that have let her down in the past when it comes to keeping herself contained!

9 The Tabloid Magazines About Their Marriage

via thetruegossip.com

If Kris Humphries ever wants to take a trip back to this period of his life, all he needs to do is try and track down the tabloid magazines that had seemed to have an absolute field day with their relationship from the very beginning.

Nobody can say they didn't warn him, as Kim Kardashian already sold magazine covers on her own. But add in the fact that they got divorced so quickly and you have a situation where tabloid journalists sold speculation as fact. Something tells us that a professional NBA player and Kim freaking Kardashian weren't motivated by money for their marriage, but that still wouldn't stop reporters. Kris appears to be single now, and we wouldn't be surprised if he's looking forward to his next relationship not developing in the newspapers.

8 Her Failed Attempt To Be a Musician

via therichest.com

Everyone has moments in life where they tried something that they thought would be successful, only to have those attempts fall flat. And while Kim Kardashian has succeeded in many different industries, including ones she may have thought she would fail in, one area that she absolutely faltered in was in the world of professional music.

One of her only attempts into this industry was with the song, "Jam (Turn It Up)" in 2011. Kim also filmed a music video for the song but that definitely didn't help save the song. When talking about her decision, at least Kim seemed to have some awareness of how bad it was "Like, what gave me the right to think I could be a singer? Like, I don’t have a good voice".

7 Showing Just How Petty She Is With Her Perfume "Gift"

via dailymail.co.uk

Kim Kardashian has many ventures that help make her as successful as she is. This includes her recent perfume line, Kimoji. But that success has clearly come with a serious chip on her shoulder. Kim took to Instagram earlier this year to show a list of celebrities she'd be sending a bottle of her perfume. That blue list of 12 names was quickly deciphered by the online community as people Kim has had grudges with; such as Taylor Swift, Blac Chyna, and Wendy Williams.

The whole gesture definitely did not come off as trying to mend old bridges, but as a catty immature move that would be done by a highschooler. Kris must be ecstatic he doesn't need to keep track of Kim's petty drama.

6 The Tabloid Stories About Her Pregnancy Style

via thedailybeast.com

When Kylie Jenner realized she was pregnant, she made an important decision to not let the public know until after the birth of her child. And while that was helped by the fact that she has a swarm of helpers, you can imagine the decision was also influenced by how Kim Kardashian's pregnancies were handled by the American media. Because while we're sure this cover was exaggerated, being a pregnant celebrity in America is no easy feat.

Humphries was able to avoid plenty of long nights with an emotional Kim whose fashion choices definitely didn't get less criticized just because she was pregnant. The above magazine cover with the subtitle "Why Kanye won't let her wear maternity clothes" also serves as a reminder to Kris as to what he got away from.

5 Throwing Back Some Cotton Candy

via nydailynews.com

When you're as famous as Kim Kardashian, you're never going to get a break from being under the watch of someone's camera. Which means that if she is going to sit back and enjoy some food, she needs to be prepared for the fact that there is probably going to be photographic evidence of that decision.

Which may make it all the bold of her to attempt to throw back some cotton candy. But perhaps she started loving the snack after she attended basketball games to support Kris. While that doesn't mean the attention still wouldn't be on Kim, at least if the paparazzi got too close she'd be able to push them back with the spikes on her jacket! Let's just hope the cotton candy was worth the embarrassing photo.

4 Caught On The Town With Kris

via celebuzz.com

Kris Humphries seems to be much more comfortable enjoying life in the shadows than under the bright spotlight that occupies the life of Kim Kardashian. We're sure when he looks back at some of the paparazzi photos that were taken of the two of them, he shudders to remember the time when he could barely leave the house comfortably. Especially because if he decided to ever get mad at the photographers that all it would do would create an even bigger news story.

You can imagine having to juggle such a busy personal life was a serious distraction from his aspirations to continue excelling in the NBA. Kris may also look back and feel like he really should have picked a taller woman, as his 6'9 frame made Kim's 5'3 body disappear!

3 Not Knowing Her Limit With Paris

via vh1.com

Kim Kardashian would not be the only celebrity in the world who has some awful photos of her online when she is clearly under the influence. But the addition of Paris Hilton to this particular night out may make this photo all the more embarrassing. C'mon Kim, knowing that you are going to party with Paris is a pretty solid sign that things may get a little while which means the camera definitely shouldn't have been coming out.

The photo does appear to be taken prior to Kris and Kim's decision to get together, which means perhaps he saw this photo and still decided she was worth pursuing. It was perhaps just a reminder to watch her when she goes drinking! But we're sure if Kim (and Paris for that matter) had it their way, this photo would never have seen the light of day.

2 Fan Caught Getting Too Close

via therichest.com/fensifuwu.com

One of the most rewarding parts of being a celebrity may occur when you get to meet a fan whose life you know you made a positive difference in. But one of the more terrifying elements of being famous is also knowing those fans can also take their obsessions to some uncomfortable heights.

Kim Kardashian knows that all too well when you consider it was her perhaps the over-publicized image that led to her being robbed. Kim has also had to deal with fans getting far too close to her. This includes "celebrity prankster" (if that counts as a job), Vitalli Sediuk who attempted to give a kiss to Kim Kardashian down low. Thankfully for Kim, her security was there to restrain Sediuk but you can imagine this was still an awkward and embarrassing moment for her.

1 Going Overboard At The Club

via abouttube.com

There is an entry on this list where Kim Kardashian shows just how hard she can party it up alongside Paris Hilton. But judging from the above photo, even if Hilton doesn't appear to be present for the night out, it's not going to stop Kim from having herself a good time.

Though with the combination of that outfit and the size of that bottle she's chugging, it seems like a night that is destined for at least one wardrobe malfunction! Normal people may struggle to even afford a shot of grey goose vodka at the bar, but something tells us Kim either had no problem forking over the cash or was handed the bottle as a tip for coming out. Fun night? Perhaps. Embarrassing photo? Absolutely. As well as perhaps a reminder to Kris about some of the potential hangovers he had to help Kim with.

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