15 Photos Of Laci Somers That Would Drive Tiger Woods Crazy

Tiger Woods is one of the greatest golfers of all time, and he's had an unparalleled career in the sport. Following his first major win in '97 at the extremely young age of 21 years old, Woods had been a force to be reckoned within the golf world, and he's racked up a lot of fame and a big stack of money as you'd probably expect. With how big of a star Tiger Woods was (and still is to some extent), he's had the opportunity to smooch around with countless beautiful women - though his reputation has suffered immensely with his flashy lifestyle (definitely not the squeaky clean guy he likes to portray himself as to fans and the media).

Throughout Tiger's career, he's made connections with tons of gorgeous women (at the expense of his marriage), and though this specific blonde bombshell hasn't been confirmed, Laci Kay Somers' name has been linked to Tiger Woods considering rumours last year suggested Laci had been partying with Woods on the night he had been arrested for a DUI. However, Laci has denied these allegations and mentioned that she had never even met Woods before - sounds a little suspicious and fishy doesn't it? Regardless, whether it's true or not, Tiger Woods definitely has a thing for blondes, and Laci Somers is by far one of the most stunning bombshell's in the modelling world today - her 9.2 million Instagram followers confirms it. Let's look at 15 photos of Laci Somers that would drive the great (and controversial) Tiger Woods crazy!

15 All Black Everything

All black everything 🖤

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Here we have the very first photograph of the gorgeous Laci Somers that's sure to drive Tiger Woods crazy - a stunning picture that showcases Summer rocking an all-black (and revealing) outfit. Laci's features were on full display in the photo, and I'm sure this is one of the main reasons as to why the pic garnered over 270k IG likes.

Somers has a fantastic physique, and she's truly the type of woman Tiger Woods has a soft spot for - an attractive woman with blonde hair. Although it can almost be guaranteed that Somers' beauty has been enhanced with cosmetic surgery, they definitely add to her overall appeal. If the rumours weren't true and Laci Somers has never even met Woods, I'm sure 'meeting' Laci is on Tiger's bucket list of things to do now.

14 Laci At The Dentist

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If there's one thing for certain when it comes to Laci Somers, it's the fact that her physical features are the focal point Laci stresses to showcase in all of her pictures (I wonder why?) Regardless, Laci was looking gorgeous as usual in the picture above highlighting Somers in a bright white chair rocking some leather high heel boots, some yoga pants and a revealing grey tank top with an alluring facial expression to boot.

Show this picture to the woman-crazed Tiger Woods and I'm sure you'll get a drooling response. Laci's stunning looks have made her an Internet sensation, and she's even been featured in high-profile magazines such as Glam Rock. To top it off, Laci Somers has also been featured as an MMA model for the promotion Strikeforce.

13 White Tank Top

See Mom I wear clothes 😜🔱 - SNAPCHAT:LaciKaySomersXo

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With the above Instagram post garnering over 100k likes, it's clear that her fanbase enjoys Laci Somers rocking short shorts. While the caption for the IG photo reads 'See Mom I wear clothes', she certainly wasn't wearing all too much, and that's something sure to drive Tiger Woods crazy. Though Laci's main focus is modelling at this point, she's known to sing and act as well - perhaps a 'jack of all trades' in the entertainment industry?

Laci revealed that she was bullied when she was growing up, and though that must've been a very painful experience (I think we can all relate to some extent), Laci Somers can now have the last laugh as she's one of the top Instagram models in the word today with sponsors flying her way every week to promote their brands with big paycheques.

12 Laci Posing For Her Sponsors

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As I had mentioned previously, with how gorgeous and stunning Laci Somers is (and because of her ridiculously large social media following), Somers has sponsors flying left and right to get her attention for promotion on Instagram. Above is a radiant photograph that highlights Laci posing with a sponsored product all while rocking a revealing grey dress that accentuated her incredible physique.

With the reach Laci has on IG, there's no doubt that her sponsored products would garner some noticeable traction, and this is sure to put a handsome stack of cash in Somers pockets, what a dream job right? Laci Somers has the job every woman dreams about - modelling for millions of fans all while earning a handsome salary.

11 Gorgeous Camo Dress

Saturday! 😘 👻LaciKaySomers

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Now who doesn't love a gorgeous blonde bombshell dressed in camo? The picture above showcases Laci Somers rocking a revealing camo dress which highlights not only her beautiful features, but also her attractive sun-tanned legs. Laci must really love the pink lace-up heels in this photo as she's worn them in other photoshoots as well - who could possibly blame her, as they're stunning and very modern looking.

Laci's certainly got it 'going on', as she truly possesses the body of every mans dream, including the superstar golfer Tiger Woods. Although Woods has had relationships with countless attractive women over the past decade, if the Laci Kay Somers rumours prove to be true, without question Laci ranks in among the most attractive of those women for sure.

10 Laci's Eye-Popping Red Dress

My vision has always been bigger than the bigger picture. ❤️ @ItsLaciKaySomers

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As the caption for this Instagram photo states, Laci Somers' vision has always been bigger than the bigger picture, but if there's one thing for sure, it's the fact that Laci's prominent features may very well be bigger than any 'bigger picture'. There's no denying Somers knew exactly what she was doing in this selfie, as Laci's features were accentuated with her vibrant red choice of outfit.

Although bigger doesn't always mean better, in the looks based modelling industry, it definitely does and Laci has some of most notable features in the business. This stunning picture may have just been a 'selfie', but this speaks volumes in regards to just how gorgeous Laci truly is, as she'll look great whether the photo's professionally taken with perfect lighting or whether it's a mediocre car selfie during a cloudy day with terrible lighting.

9 Showing Off Her Fitness

Not only does Laci Somers have one of the best bodies in the modelling business, but she's also in fantastic shape as seen in the photograph above. Many attractive women who are considered to be more full-figured don't tend to have a six pack, but Laci definitely does which only adds to her charm and overall attractiveness.

Somers was wearing some washed out shorts, a gorgeous blue top and some lace-up thigh high heel boots, and yes, she was looking beautiful as usual. Tiger Woods may not be the purest soul in the world, but you got to give the man credit as he's undoubtedly got great taste in women - however, he should remain loyal to whichever attractive partner he chooses to be with.

8 Laci Rocking An All-Black Outfit And LV Bag

Lacy must love all-black outfits, and with how stunning they look on her, she certainly couldn't be blamed for feeling that way. This is yet another photo of Laci Somers that's sure to drive Tiger Woods crazy, and her Louis Vuitton bag was a nice touch to complete the image of a gorgeous 'power woman'. Definitely the kind of woman you'd expect to be hanging onto Woods' arm.

Although many people may be quick to jump on the notion that Laci's all looks and no brains (dumb blonde stereotype), judging by some of her IG picture captions including the one above, she certainly has brains too. In the caption for this specific photo, Laci stressed that it's important to always take the high road, to stay true to yourself, your values and beliefs, and to always remain humble. With how superficial the modelling industry is, it's refreshing to see someone who can see the bigger picture.

7 Stopping To Smell The Flowers

Aside from modelling on Instagram for an audience of over 9 million people, Laci Somers is also an active YouTuber with over 250k subscribers. Laci's definitely got her hands full with plenty of business ventures, so she's certainly not the type of person to just be sitting around and relaxing all day despite the above IG post giving off that impression.

Somers' outfit was on point in this picture, and she garnered a heck of a lot of likes for the post considering she was just starting to gain traction on the Instagram platform towards the end of 2016. Tiger Woods has the infamous reputation of loving blonde bombshells, and though Woods' current brunette girlfriend Erica Herman is attractive in her own right, these alluring photos of Laci Somers are sure to drive Tiger wild.

6 Classic Look

With how stunning Laci Somers is, it must be easy for her to love herself and her gorgeous body. Laci was rocking her infamous washed out shorts, some stylish white heels and a light pink top that definitely showcased her features. Can you imagine if a model like Somers worked for a wrestling promotion such as WWE? Somers would undoubtedly bring a new level of attractiveness to the wrestling biz that hasn't been seen since the Trish Stratus, Torrie Wilson and Stacy Keibler days.

Laci definitely has the right physique for professional wrestling, but with her modelling work being steady, I doubt she'd ever put herself in harms way. In this particular IG caption, Laci Somers was stressing that it's crucially important to love yourself and to have self confidence, and with how confident Laci is, she's got that one checked off for sure!

5 Laci Is A Golden State Warriors Fan

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There's nothing that will make a basketball fan (specifically a Golden State Warrior's fan) more attracted to the beautiful Laci Somers that this picture of Somers rocking nothing more than a GSW's shirt and some black panty's. Laci's obviously a fan of this star studded team's roster with popular names such as Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson being the most widely recognized.

Although we can all appreciate an attractive blonde bombshell for simply being attractive, I think it's safe to assume that we all find a woman with a bit of substance to her even more attractive than just looking pretty (in this case being a sports fan). Perhaps that's the reason Tiger Woods was attracted to Laci in the first place (then again, it was probably more so her looks than anything).

4 Comfortable Sofa Pose

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When Tiger Woods' current girlfriend Erica Herman's out of the house, I'm certain he'd love nothing more than to come to his sofa and find the stunning Laci Somers posing skimpily like this - a dream for Woods perhaps. Plastic surgery/augmentation or not, Laci has one of the most attractive builds in the entertainment industry today. And if you don't believe me, just ask her 9.2 million diehard IG fans.

I'm sure many of Laci's fans would love Laci to perform in 'the other industry', however, I doubt that dream of some will ever come to pass considering she's been insanely successful up to this point without going full 'au naturel'. For those of you unaware, Laci's only 26 years old and she was born in the United States.

3 Laci Being Her Stunning Self

Just be yourself 👑 👻LaciKaySomers

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Laci's caption for this photo was 'just be yourself', and for Somers, being herself is posing for the millions of Instagram fans in skimpy alluring outfits. Once again, this photograph showcases Laci Somers' attractive features and her gorgeous sun-kissed legs. Whether or not Tiger Woods was able to score this blonde bombshell, whoever is able to pull off this looker in the future is one lucky guy, that's for sure.

Laci's stated in the past that she's not into fancy steak dinners, and if you take her to Yogurtland and have a stash of hot Cheetos, she'd be all yours - does that mean we all have a chance then? Over the next couple years, I'm sure Laci Somers' social media presence will continue to grow to even greater heights, and she'll unquestionably eventually hit that 20 million follower mark.

2 Party Time

Come on Barbie let's go party💚 🎉 @imlacikaysomers

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Now this particular Instagram post is a little bit ironic, because the rumors last year suggested that Laci Somers had been partying with the controversial Tiger Woods, and as the caption for this photo states 'let's go party'. However, we'll give Laci the benefit of the doubt, and considering she's denied those allegations, we'll just assume she's going to party with one of her besties in this alluring picture.

That said, had Laci been rocking an outfit like this with Tiger Woods, it goes without saying that Woods' heart would've been taken (at least temporarily that is). Aside from modelling, Laci Somers has a love and strong passion for singing, and she's currently in the process of attempting to get a singing career off the ground.

1 Time To Drive Tiger Woods Crazy

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Although Laci Somers attractiveness is enough to seduce a guy like Tiger Woods, the aspect about Laci that sets her apart from any of Woods' other crushes is Somers love for the sport of golf - Tiger's forte. As we all know, sharing a passion is an easy 'match maker' for couples, and I wouldn't be surprised at all if the two actually got involved with each other in the future.

However until proven otherwise, we can only classify Laci Somers as being one of Tiger Wood's many crushes. Though Tiger Woods has had a checkered past to say the least, it looks as if he's trying to get his act together, and he's back playing golf again following his back surgery which is a good sign. As for Laci Somers, she continues to gain steam on Instagram with her alluring photoshoots.

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