16 Photos Of Olivia Culpo That Would Drive Danny Amendola Crazy

Tom Brady is always going to be considered the king of New England. While his team mate Danny Amendola may never get to the status of Terrific Tom, that doesn't mean he hasn't forged his own legacy in the city. Which may have made him even more appealing to the die-hard Patriots fan Olivia Culpo, who came into his life back in 2016. Culpo definitely had her own impressive resume to help catch his attention, including the renowned title of Miss Universe. Some guys just seem to have it all!

Culpo's career has recently soared to new heights yet again when she was announced as one of the main faces behind Sports Illustrated's illustrious swimsuit issue. And while Danny's (and Culpo's fans for that matter) know what she looks like on the beach, that only served to make people more excited to hear her name attached to the issue. With her incredible looks gracing the magazine, it only makes sense that we take a trip down memory lane and find some photos of Culpo that first drew Danny Amendola to her.

The Patriots past season may not have ended the way they wanted (thats usually how they make other teams feel!), but Culpo surely had plenty of ways to help cheer Amendola up and get him excited for a few months away from the field. These are 15 Photos Of Olivia Culpo That Would Drive Danny Amendola Crazy!


16 Accomplishing Her Dream

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One of the peaks of Olivia Culpo's career came when she was named the winner of the Miss Universe contest in 2012. Which you can imagine made for a great first date conversation opener. But that's not the only time she's had experiences that she would describe as having her dreams coming true.

The most recent example of that experience came when Culpo was named as one of the women who would be appearing in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition this year. The magazine has a long history of bringing together some of the most talented models in the entire world and it's wonderful to see Culpo realizing how amazing the opportunity is. And judging from how great Culpo looks in a swimsuit, casting her was a great call!

15 Danny Loves Making Her Breakfast

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There is another entry on our list where Olivia Culpo brags about her ability to cook some amazing football themed foods. Which even if Amendola may not be able to indulge in, probably makes Culpo a hit at many parties. And while Culpo knows how to cook, when discussing one of the main appeals of dating Amendola with The Post, Culpo revealed that it's actually Danny that knows how to run the proper routes in the kitchen. “I love breakfast. He’ll make anything I want. I love it when he makes me omelets," said Culpo. Making Culpo an amazing breakfast, perhaps even while she's still in bed, is definitely one way to make sure she starts the day off with a smile and feeling loved.


14 How They Met

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Olivia Culpo and Danny Amendola would both say that meeting each other was one of, if not, the best thing that has ever happened to them. Which may make it all the more amazing that their meeting was something that happened completely by accident. When discussing their initial connection, Amendola stated “I met her on the corner of Hollywood and Vine, just walking down the street, and we bumped into one another. It’s crazy.” Talk about literally living out the definition of being at the right place, at the right time. A situation that is made all the crazier when you consider how busy their schedules are. Plus, if he's ever looking for a place to propose, that location will probably be pretty high on the list

13 She Loves Meditation

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Both Danny Amendola and Olivia Culpo have extremely lucrative, but definitely undeniably stressful jobs. In fact, even ignoring her own career, Culpo has admitted that several wives of Patriots players have earned the scorn of "passionate" fans. Which means that both Amendola and Culpo need to make sure they have various different things they can do to help them unwind.

When talking about some of her passions to Boston.com, Culpo revealed that she makes sure she takes some time out of every day to do some guided and freestyle meditation sessions. While we don't know if Amendola ever joins her for the sessions, his calm demeanor under extreme pressure definitely indicates that he knows how to check in with himself when it matters the most.


12 She Doesn't "Compete" With Gisele

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You would probably have to be living under a rock to not be aware of the fact that Danny Amendola is not the only person on the Patriots who are engaging in some bedroom cardio with a model. And as gorgeous and accomplished as Culpo is, she doesn't hold a candle to the career that has been put forth by Tom Brady's wife, Gisele Bundchen.

But when talking about their relationship to E! News, Amendola stated “It’s never been about a competition or anything. I’m lucky to have her." That's definitely the right answer to have or he may have found himself on the sidelines alone. Culpo can also be spotted alongside Gronkowski's lady, and fellow model Camille Kostek.

11 Her Biggest Celebrity Crush Is Ryan Gosling

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We are sure that if you sat Olivia Culpo down right now and asked her to list off some of her celebrity crushes, she would probably stammer awkwardly and try and change the question. Because just because Friends decided you should be allowed to have a list of 5 people you're allowed to sleep with and have it be okay, doesn't mean that's something that should actually be done in principle.

But in an interview taken in 2012 (which yes, was far before Danny came calling), Culpo revealed that her biggest celebrity crush was on Ryan Gosling. Let's hope Amendola is secure enough in himself that he won't mind taking her to some of his upcoming premieres. Especially because we're sure he could land some red carpet tickets!


10 She Grew Up a Patriots Fan

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There are many women who enter the status of "WAGs" without ever truly caring about the professional sport that their partner does. But that definitely isn't the case for Culpo who is a professed football fan. Taking it one step further, Culpo and her family are even Patriot fans. When talking about the role of the Patriots in her family to Boston.com, Culpo mentioned how their family would always make time for the games growing up and she'd always try and attend games when she could.

She probably could have never imagined getting to see the games with as good a seats as Amendola could provide though! Let's just hope Danny never has to face the wrath of some of her disappointed in-laws if he ever leaves the Pats.

9 The Love Train Doesn't Stop Before Big Games

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When you take a look at Olivia Culpo wearing outfits like the one we have featured for you above, you can perhaps understand that her and Danny Amendola must spend some time getting to know each other behind closed doors.

But one "rule" that some athletes swear by is that prior to a big game, that they should make sure they don't get tire themselves out before they hit the field. But when asked if Danny engages in such a practice, Culpo laughed and staunchly stated her support in making sure the intimacy keeps going. Even with the Super Bowl on the line! Which also means that they probably also spend plenty of time in the offseason making sure that connection is going strong for the regular season.


8 She Loves Cooking "Football" Food

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There are many qualities that a woman can possess that can help make you fall deeper in love with her. For many men, the way to their heart may very well be through their stomach.

And when you consider the role that nutrition plays in keeping Amendola (and Culpo for that matter) in the shape they need to be, knowing your way around the kitchen may be a huge plus to making sure their careers are as lucrative as they can be. If the above photo is any indication, it definitely looks like Culpo is comfortable in the kitchen. She captioned the photo with a shoutout for her own Super Bowl themed recipes and while the big game may be over, that doesn't make the food look any less amazing!

7 Minutes Before One Of Her Most Nervous Moments

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One of the standard aspects of becoming a professional model is being able to participate in various runway shows. And while Derek Zoolander made it look like it was just another walk in the park, the reality is far more nerve-wracking. Granted that may have also been because that was a movie!

In a past interview with The Post, Cuplo revealed that one of the most nerve-wracking moments of her entire life was walking her first ever show; which she did for the brand Zadig and Voltaire. An experience that we're sure many models would also rank as one of the scariest. While she said she was nervous, this photo which was only taken moments before she went on, definitely showed the confident woman that shined on the runway.


6 Showing Her Love For Danny

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When looking at who sells the most jerseys for the Patriots, Danny Amendola probably isn't the top name. But just because there are sure to be more Tom Brady jerseys at the stadium than Danny Amendola jerseys, there is no question as to what jersey Culpo was going to be seen wearing! Culpo has often been seen on the sidelines giving Amendola the support he needs to try and bring home the W.

And while we're sure Amendola was disappointed he as unable to win the super bowl this year, at least he knows his partner will be there to support him during some of his worst days. Let's hope he gives the same support to her when she comes into hurdles in her career.

5 Exercising In The Sun

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If you're going to be spending time working out, you may as well try and do it under the sun and take in some Vitamin D at the same time. As was the case for Olivia Culpo who shared this tremendous photo of her working out back in early December. While that's a time of the year while some people may be packing on some winter pounds, that's clearly not the case for Culpo who is making sure her beach body is ready for the summer.

We suppose the fact that she is one of the most in-demand models in the world is reason enough to make sure she stays in great shape. Amendola also surely has plenty of amazing tips for how to keep her body looking its best.


4 Smiling In Front Of Delicious Food

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There are many different steps that are required if you are committed to getting your body into the shape that you desire. While it's super important to make sure you are exercising regularly, that really is only half the battle. Many people with experience in the world of nutrition and fitness will tell you that it doesn't matter how much you work out, if you are not eating properly you are not going to see the results that you are hoping for.

Judging from the above photo with several amazing (and healthy) looking foods in front of her, that definitely appears to be a principle that Culpo seems to standby. If Amendola didn't already love spending time with Culpo, just imagine getting to devour all that food?!

3 Showing Off By The Sea

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There are many perks that come with getting to live the life of Olivia Culpo. Such as the fact that views like the one she is experiencing in the above photo. When uploading the photo to her Instagram account, Culpo captioned the photo "My home for the next few days!!!".

While Danny could surely afford to fly Culpo around the world, this particular trip was sponsored by the clothing company Revolve. When you consider how amazing Culpo looks in any clothes, hiring her to help model their own fashion items definitely seems like a smart move. If Culpo ends up getting to take more of these trips during Amendola's off-season we're sure he's going to definitely be hoping he gets to tag along for the ride.


2 Looking Amazing All Done Up

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Does Olivia Culpo look amazing when she wakes up first thing in the morning? That's a question that only Danny Amendola is going to be able to truly answer. Something tells us the answer, at least the answer he'd give, is a resounding yes.

But when Culpo is up and moving throughout the world, it definitely is not uncommon for her to be rocking several different layers of makeup. While there are some women who come away looking too over-done with the application of their makeup, Culpo clearly knows what she is doing. That, or y'know, she has the financial support and connections in the modelling industry to make sure she is always getting her look on point. Either way, Amendola must love getting to see her up-close and personal!

1 The Details Behind Her Crown

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Even with the loss to the Eagles, Danny Amendola still can still consider himself a two-time champion because of the win over the Seattle Seahawks and Atlanta Falcons. But as alluded to in our introduction, Amendola isn't the only winner in the relationship. And if he ever needs to remind himself that he is dating a woman that was literally considered the hottest woman in the universe, he may just pull up this photo.

In order to be eligible for the Miss Universe contest, Culpo first had to receive the crown of Miss Rhode Island and then also won the Miss USA contest. While that happened in 2012, the rest of the photos on our list are an indication that her good looks certainly aren't fading.


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