15 Pictures Of Kristaps Porzingis' GF

Kristaps Porzingis is one of the most fascinating players in the NBA, not to mention one of its most talented. The seven-footer from Latvia turned a New York kid into a viral sensation when he was drafted a few years back as the kid filmed his crying reaction and was caught by ESPN cameras. He then turned the kid into a Porzingis mega-fan through his impressive play - heck, he's been the lone bright spot on an otherwise disastrous New York Knicks team for two and a half seasons. He's been given nicknames like PorzinGOD and The Unicorn - he's just a treat to watch and listen to in interviews.

He's also been quite entertaining off the court. In August of 2017, Porzingis was shut down by beautiful Instagram model Abigail Ratchford for the second time and she put him on blast for attempting to slide into her DMs. You can't blame the kid for trying; as Wayne Gretzky said, you miss 100 percent of the shots you don't take. Well, apparently he finally hit one of those shots as he's been rumored to be dating a mysterious model who goes by Bambi on Instagram. There hasn't been much news to come out about her other than the fact she has a plethora of smoking-hot photos on Instagram, so without further ado, here is 15 photos that will have us all jealous of the Knicks big man.


15 Double Trouble  


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It's never a bad thing when your smoking partner is surrounded by an entourage of steamy females. That appears to be the case with Bambi, who's got a plethora of photos alongside smoking hot fellows models, that just adds to her impressiveness and without a doubt, Kristaps doesn't oppose the company. And heck who knows, maybe he can setup one of his fellow Knicks buddies - wishful thinking? Yes, perhaps.

Adding to the awesomeness of the photo is of course the school bus while both are rocking throw back looks. Who else wishes those high waisted jeans would make a permanent comeback? Or does Bambi just rock them that well? We give the edge to Bambi on this one and applaud her for pulling off the retro look to perfection.

14 Snow Queen


There are some women who have this strange ability to look even hotter when they're bundled up as opposed to when they're shedding clothes. Would we go that far with Porzingis' new lady friend? Probably not, but you could make a damn strong argument just from the above picture alone. The previous photo proves she has the assets necessary to be an internationally-known model, but this photo highlights her true beauty beyond certain physical features.

While she's bundled up, there's something about her eyes that suggests she's warm and cozy. There's probably some edits going on in the photo, but her smooth skin combined with her blue eyes and blonde hair makes her any man's dream. She also states she's celebrating New Year's Eve in NYC, so we can only presume she was spending it with Porzingis.

13 Black Swan


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Bambi captions this photo with "full time angel," but it's obviously in an ironic sense as she's wearing all black and positioned in front of black wings. Is she not really an angel? Is she actually the spawn of Satan himself and just ready and waiting to take down Porzingis and the Knicks the second they turn a corner like a Kardashian in training? Or is she just trying to look hot? It's probably the latter. And it definitely works.

The picture definitely reminds one of the film Black Swan and Bambi certainly has a bit of a Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman vibe about her. You could even argue she looks like a mix of both and the result is about as beautiful as you might expect.

12 Pull-Ups

Magic happens when you don’t give up 🥀

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Being fashionable comes with the ability to pull off clothes that obviously don't fit. Take the above photo for instance, in which her shirt is obviously too small (but who's complaining?) and her pants barely reach her ankles, although perhaps they might if she wasn't pulling them up well above her hips - can we get a reverse camera angle on this photo? Regardless, any regular Joe or Jane Doe attempting to pull of this look would look foolish, but if you're this hot it works.

And if we're really being honest, is that not the hottest shadow you've seen in a long time? Why is it that whenever I'm walking anywhere my shadow is doing its best Slenderman impression, but beautiful women like Bambi have absolutely nothing to worry about? We'll explore this more in 15 Hottest Shadows You Need To See To Believe (we won't).

11 Who's This?

Getting saucy at @cavotagoomykonos with my family 😋🔥🍉

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While this might not be the hottest or most revealing photo on Bambi's Instagram account, it's sure to draw the ire of PorzinGOD as his new belle is pictured next to some dude who is presumably a male model. The caption states she's getting "saucy" with her family, but the comments seem to suggest he's not her blood family, but instead from the broader modeling world family. Several comments suggest the two should be a couple, which isn't something Kristaps would enjoy reading.

Focusing on Bambi alone, it's once again clear that she could pretty much rock whatever she wants and look great. Those sunglasses went out of style when Jesus was still around, yet here she is making them work for her with zero effort.

10 Bootyful Day

What a beautiful day 🤗☀️🌹

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If you're a man who enjoys bountiful booties (and let's be honest, who doesn't?) then chances are you aren't all that into typical models. Most, like Bambi here, are quite skinny and petite with little-to-no backside. You prefer a woman with a beat of meat on her bones; there's a reason so many Instagram models may as well be referred to as butt models. With that in mind, you might not have been to impressed by the first few photos of Kristap's new lady friend. Butt (pun fully intended) here we present reason No. 5 to follow this bootyful model.

Sure, the cut-off jeans deserve an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor in making her rear look round as it is, but as you'll see later, she definitely has the goods.

9 Summer Vibes

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While Kristaps was chasing other Instagram models this past summer, Bambi was enjoying the sun in beautiful Los Angeles. She captioned the photo with "spend your day right" and it's clear she's doing just that here. Who wouldn't want to enjoy their day in a pool, especially next to a beautiful woman?

Filters can do wonders to improve a photo, but there's absolutely none needed for this picture as the blue tone of the water in the pool and the wet hair of Bambi makes one instantly wish they weren't reading this right now and actually poolside in a warm climate. Just think of this photo the next time you have to bundle up with a hat and mittens and head outside to shovel your driveway this winter.


8 Grocery Grind

Who else is tired of food having calories 🤷🏼‍♀️

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White girls - OK, models in general, but mostly white ones - enjoy taking some strange photos in strange settings as a form of art. It works, primarily because they're beautiful, but it's kind of strange to imagine happening, especially if you were on scene. For instance, Bambi looks ridiculously hot in this photo with her relaxed look, full lips, and apparent lack of care in the world. But who's taking the photo? And why? Can you imagine strolling past her to grab a bag of Chips Ahoy? If she wasn't absurdly hot, you'd be thinking there was something wrong with her.

The moral of the photo is that beautiful women can pretty much get away with anything. And while I'm not complaining, I'd just like to once pose for a selfie at the local food bank without getting ridiculed.

7 Halloween Swag 

Cause I usually cheer for the bad side.

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Before she would reach viral fame due to her current relationship, Bambie was just like any other girl posting every day pictures, which even features this steamy throwback Halloween costume. She's come a long way since then with the photo receiving a little over 500 likes, compared to her over 4K of now.

Nonetheless, despite the lesser double taps, we must give credit where credit is due as she pulls of the costume to near perfection. From fashion with them jeans, to the skimpy top to the awesome makeup job, this is a Halloween costume that even Kristaps would approve of. Remember the days when Halloween was all about scaring the hell out of someone? Well, their comes a point in a man and woman's life when that all changes and this picture is a clear example of that.

6 Life's A Beach


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The New York Knicks are actually kind of turning a corner this season without Phil Jackson there to screw things up, but it's likely they still miss the playoffs this year. Would Porzingis prefer to play in the playoffs? Absolutely. But spending his summer at the beach with his beautiful bombshell girlfriend would be a great consolation prize, particularly if she's wearing something similar to what she's rocking in the photo above.

She posted several photos from the photo shoot in which this picture is from and they're all absolutely stunning, which shouldn't be a surprise. On a similar note, isn't it amazing how much hotter a woman becomes with wet hair? It's even more true when that woman is already an incredibly hot model.

5 Interesting Art

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Beyond being ridiculously hot, we're guessing one of the things that appealed Porzingis was the fact that his Bambi doesn't seem to be too fond of wearing a bra. It's kind of distracting, if we're being honest. It's like that episode of Seinfeld in which Sue Ellen Mischke caused some controversy for not wearing a bra and then, when given one as a gift, started wearing it as a top. Jerry noticed her walking and crashed his car. Well, Bambi has the ability to crash the Internet with her photos.

The angle in this photo gives you an idea of just how thin her waist is and, while that might not be everyone's cup of tea, it's not as though she's struggling in the booty department.

4 Barbie Flow


About 98 percent of Bambi's photos are pretty similar in regard to her look. It's long, straight hair and she's either on the beach or in some beautiful exotic setting - models get to explore the world just for being hot. However, we're intrigued by the above photo and we can only imagine Kristaps would be too. It's from two years ago, so obviously the curly hairstyle didn't stay, but it needs to make a return.

Coupled with the hot pink top, Bambi is looking more like Barbie in the photo, but not in a weird and creepy way. Curly hair isn't easy to pull off, even for some of the world's hottest models, but it's clear it's no trouble for Bambi, who pulls it off effortlessly.

3 Let There Be Light

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It's interesting to watch the likes and comments on Bambi's pictures as times goes by. In the previous photo, taken two years ago, there was under 300 likes and few comments. Fast forward two years and her pictures are receiving thousands of likes and the comments are flooded with NBA fans recommending their friends follow "Porzingis' confirmed girlfriend." They're right, though. You really should follow her as these photos are just the tip of the iceberg.

Speaking of the tip, didn't we mention it's hard not to find photos of her in which she's wearing a bra or at least covered up? As the photo seems to suggest, we say let there be light - if you are going to follow the beauty, there's plenty more photos similar to this.

2 Looking Fine

Good girl, bad habits

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We're not sure what the caption "good girl, bad habits" refers to, but it's clear about a year before hooking up with Porzingis, Bambi was enjoying a bit of a wild phase - although, let's be honest, dating a seven-foot-three center with the New York Knicks isn't exactly settling down and taking it easy. The couple has been spotted at night clubs multiple times and it's clear she's still enjoying herself.

As for the photo, it's almost strange to see her rocking something resembling a bra. It's hard to tell where she is in the photo, but it appears to be some sort of sauna, which is ironic because the picture has a similar affect of heating things up. No, really, is it just me or is it getting hot in here?

1 Who Needs A Routine? 

Look around, there are so many things you could be grateful for ☀️

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If you needed further proof that Bambi actually has a rockin' booty, look no further. There's no camera angle or lighting tricks here, just clear proof that she's blessed with a bountiful backside. And she truly is blessed. One of the most infuriating things for a woman to read in this caption is her declaration that she really doesn't work out that much. She's not a "fitness guru," but states she does enjoy going to the gym, but we're assuming not enough to be called a fitness model.

Still, she's clearly young enough that she can put off the gym for another few years and rely on her natural beauty. And maybe it's completely coincidental, but the placement of her head just below those feathers on that piece of art gives sort of a Playboy Bunny vibe.


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