15 Pictures Of Bastian Schweinsteiger's Wife Ana Ivanovic

If you’re into your sports – and chances are you are seeing as how you’re reading this article – you would have surely realized that tennis is a sport unlike any other. What I mean by that is that it’s filled with sultry athletes. Every other player on the women’s side of the draw could be a model. They’re fashionistas, have tons of fans on Instagram, massive amounts of popularity, and sponsors are desperate to offer them contracts and get them on board. There’s Maria Sharapova, Eugenie Bouchard, Caroline Wozniacki and Angelique Kerber to name a few. Maria’s the original of that list – people have been raving about her looks, her physique, for an awfully long time, ever since she first came on the scene which was many many years ago. But another player who unfortunately is no longer in the game, who’s on par with Maria in that department, is Ana Ivanovic.

The recently-retired Serbian beauty made waves in the tennis world, not just because of her tennis prowess, but because of her natural beauty and gorgeous physique. She was regarded to be one of the most attractive athletes in the world, and was one of the most marketable too. Because of all of her sponsorship deals, we’ve seen her pose for the cameras in a number of seriously steamy shoots. We love those pictures, looking back and reminiscing, but one person who might not be too fond of them – simply because of the fact he knows we and millions of others are ogling at them – is Ana’s hubby, professional soccer player Bastian Schweinsteiger. Therefore, seeing those pics must drive him crazy. Due to Ana being one of the most photographed women in sports, there are a number of other pics out there that probably won’t take his fancy. These are 15 pics of Ana Ivanovic that would drive Bastian Schweinsteiger crazy.

15 Swimsuit

via thecut.com

We love this pic. Bastian would probably love it too, if he knew it was for his eyes only. But knowing millions of others have seen it must take the gloss off it a tad. And millions did certainly see this pic as it was plastered across a glossy spread in Vogue. It was taken when Ana was at the height of her powers in the game, in 2009, and was rated as being one of the hottest athletes in the world. Vogue just had to get her on board for a shoot, and this was the end result. It’s a fabulous pic showing off Ana’s muscular yet toned body. She’s doing her best to give a steamy gaze too, but that must have been hard seeing as how there was 25 mph winds, lashing rain, and failing equipment. But ever the professional, Ana stayed for the course, and we’re all mightily glad she did – aside from Bastian of course.

14 Giving A Fan A Reason To Smile

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Ana Ivanovic is the type of person that fans flock to wherever she is, whatever part of the world she’s in, whatever she’s doing. She’s also happy to adhere to her numerous media commitments. If they ask her to get involved and be a sport, she’s going to continue to smile and won’t let anybody down. She gives plenty of people reasons to smile; just her smiling makes you in turn want to smile, and that physique – wow that physique. Ana certainly gave this fan a reason to smile alright. He looked a bit star struck, and Ana tried to put him at ease. But it’s fair to assume that whatever she said to him would’ve gone in one ear and out the other; all he would have been able to focus on is Ana coming out of the pool. Bastian wouldn’t mind Ana meeting fans, but he’s probably not too fond of her meeting fans dressed in such little clothing, even if it was for a TV commitment.

13 In Action

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Think about it for a sec and you’re going to agree that it must be mightily difficult for female tennis players sometimes. They’re constantly being judged on their appearances and the way they dress. Then there are tons of cameras pointed at them from every angle on court. It’s hard to look glamorous mid-shot, and so they’re going to be caught in unflattering positions, especially due to their attire, their skirts which are going to ride up when they’re playing. Here’s a shot of Ana's skirt catching a bit of wind. Luckily for her, she wore something under that skirt, otherwise people would’ve got even more of an eyeful. It must make Bastian crazy that people were constantly trying to get shots of Ana in those positions, trying to see something they weren’t meant to see.

12 Tough Workout

Starting my Friday strong! #FitnessFriday #Fitness #StrongIsBeautiful

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Athletes love posting pics of themselves working out. But have you noticed how they never post pics of themselves all knackered, huffing and puffing, dripping with sweat and laid out across the gym floor after a strenuous workout session? That’s not what people want to see. They want to see a shot specifically for them, a hot and steamy athlete looking all glamorous posing for the cameras. That’s what Ana’s done here, and although it’s probably not a candid shot, it’s still a glorious sight. We get to take in her glorious physique in this shot, her lean, toned body, and that lower half which looks gorgeous in those tight-fitting yoga pants. Evidently Ana wanted to elicit that kind of reaction with this pic; she wanted people to stare, otherwise she wouldn’t have posted such a pic, and that must drive Bastian crazy.

11 First Ever Instagram Post

I'm here!!! :))))

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You may be thinking, why on earth is this pic being included as an entry on this list? Sure, it’s another pic of Ana look ravishing, but why this one in particular? It’s being included because it was Ana’s first ever Instagram post. She’d just created an account in 2013, and wanted to kick things off with this pic, attract fans and followers to her page, and that she certainly did. That’s why it must drive Bastian crazy, partly because of the sultry pic, but also because of what it started, what it led on to. After posting such an image, fans wanted more, and over the years, Ana has certainly obliged, posting a number of seriously racy images on her page.

10 Sassy

via celebmafia.com

This is one seriously steamy pic. Ana can pose for shoots giving that run-of-the-mill steely eyes look – still glorious by the way – that are frequently seen on the pages of glossy magazines. But this just illustrates that when she posts her own pics, she can have some fun with them and not take herself too seriously. She’s foxy and seriously sassy in this pic, one which she posted to her Facebook page in 2014. Ana of course looks amazing in that outfit, but that pose, that look, it’s the cheekiness in her eyes that makes this pic. It’s as if she’s saying it’s playtime and she’s ready to play – fabulously foxy and something that until that pic was posted, we didn’t really expect from Ana.

9 The Dream

A post shared by Ana Ivanovic (@anaivanovic) on

Just feast your eyes on this pic and it’ll be clear to see why Ana is a lot of people’s dream woman. She’s just the ultimate athlete, someone who possesses sporting ability, has a charming personality, is drop-dead gorgeous, and is willing to go the extra mile for seriously steamy shoots. She’s certainly not conservative; she knows she’s got it, and if the opportunity comes for her to flaunt it, she’s not going to pass up on that opportunity. We’re presuming that this pic was from a photoshoot of some sort – she wasn’t just in the shower and saw it as an opportune moment to snap a pic of herself! It’s professionally done and is a memorable pic; memorable to anyone who sees it, which is probably why it’s one that drives Bastian crazy.

8 Giving Everyone An Eyeful

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Okay, so no prizes for guessing why Bastian isn’t too fond of this pic, why it would drive him crazy, and why it would probably drive Ana crazy too. She’s just trying to do her thing on court, but like I said previously, there are cameras pointed at her from every angle, and some of those behind the cameras are gagging to capture shots just like this one. A lot of people around the globe would be loving such images too, but Ana, nor Bastian would be impressed that this pic, and many others like it, have been captured and then circulated. She really is giving everybody an eyeful here. That’s just one more thing female tennis players have to keep in mind out on court, rather than just focusing on the game.

7 Throwback Pic

This throwback pic will certainly make a lot of her fans reminisce with fondness, although perhaps not Bastian, because it is one seriously hot and steamy – and wet – pic. One thing Ana Ivanovic fans have probably learnt about her over the years is that her watch game is strong. She’s a woman who loves her watches, and she’s gets a lot of freebies too seeing as how she’s sponsored by Rolex. Ana’s also loyal to her brands, so is always seen out and about with a Rolex on her wrist, or modeling wearing one of her watches. Rolex too, have gotten her to do some steamy shoots over the years. This has certainly got to be one of the  hottest shoots she’s ever done.

6 Pink Is Her Color

via allsportsstarspics.blogspot.co.uk

Here’s a steamy shoot of another kind; Ana can pull off pretty much anything, including not very much at all! Here she is posing for a steamy shoot, looking all graceful and pretty in pink. Ana really does look glorious in what’s obviously meant to be quite a titillating photo. She’s smiling seductively for the camera whilst spread out across those pink tennis balls. She’s wearing very little except for that skimpy pink top covering her essentials, and of course she’s wearing her gold Rolex – like I mentioned, she has a strong watch game and stays loyal to her brands! Ana’s not wearing much at all, which is why we love this image, but is also probably why it drives Bastian crazy. Ana’s pretty in pink for the whole world to see.

5 Working On Her Tan

via barnorama.com

Ana’s got that alluring, suggestive pose down to perfection. She knows how to work it, know what the camera, and more importantly, what we love to see. Attractive athletes in their skimpy beach attire is always a glorious sight. Ana is no different. Here she is relaxing, not by the beach, but poolside will do. Pretty much everything’s on show here, everything that makes us go wild for Ana Ivanovic. She’s radiant, her beauty’s shining through, and that lean, toned, athletic physique is on display too. It’s little wonder she was regarded to be one of the most desirable athletes in the world. If you didn’t know she was an athlete, you’d have thought for darn sure that she earned her pay check by modeling.

4 Present Time

This pic caused quite a stir when Ana posted it on her Instagram page just before Christmas. Everyone loves Christmas, not just because of the joyful occasion that it is, but because we tend to get many sultry celebs posting steamy pics of themselves in a Christmas shoot. Ana wanted to get in on the action this year, and what a pic it is. You can imagine Ana taking this pic and perhaps putting it on a Christmas card for her hubby – it’s that kind of pic. But nope, thankfully she saw fit to share it with the masses. I don’t think anyone cares what’s in that package, wants to unwrap that present, because seeing Ana in that light is enough of a Christmas present as it is!

3 In Tears

via reuters.com

Nowadays, a lot has been made about players entering tournaments when they’ve already got injuries, and then retiring early and still getting their pay checks. There have been some who’ve been brutally honest about the reasons they play tennis – for the money. But this is what it means to those who truly love the game and everything it’s about. In 2009, Ana was one of the best players around. She’d won a Grand Slam the previous year, and had made another Grand Slam final. She was therefore expecting a good run, possibly to go all the way at Wimbledon.

But a tear in her left thigh muscle scuppered her chances of progression. She was forced to retire in her match against Venus Williams, and you can see how distraught she was, how much it meant to her. It’s never nice to see the woman you love cry, balling her eyes out in front of millions of people. Bastian himself must get a little choked up seeing this picture.

2 Steamy Photoshoot

Another one of my favorites from @harpersbazaargermany 🌊

A post shared by Ana Ivanovic (@anaivanovic) on

Ana Ivanovic seems to like getting dolled up and then drenched in water. Either she likes it, or those getting her on board for photoshoots do; it’s probably a bit of both. It’s a common theme with her photoshoots, and we’re certainly not complaining about it. Someone who might be complaining though is Bastian. He knows what those directing such shoots are thinking, and knows what the millions of people seeing the shoot are thinking too. All those thoughts whirring around in his head must be driving him a tad crazy. This is an image from a shoot Ana did for Harpers Bazaar Germany. It’s a creative shoot alright, and Ana looks utterly magnificent, so magnificent that she saw it fit to share it with her 1.4m Instagram followers, and we’re so glad she did.

1 Catwoman

Watch out I scratch lol 😸 #Superhero #Playersparty #AbiertoMonterrey

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If people could choose any outfit for Ana to get dressed up in, it would be a fair assumption that Catwoman would be a choice that features highly. Well, everyone who ever thought or wished that scenario could come true, your wish is Ana’s command. Here she is in 2015, dressed in a seriously steamy Catwoman outfit. I don’t think her fans could quite believe it when they set eyes on that image. It was for a player’s party, and she really went all out to make the costume as authentic as possible, dressing head to toe in leathers, wearing those boots, and carrying that whip too. To top it off, she capped off that post with the caption, “watch out I scratch,” a seriously cheeky comment. I wonder if she just had that outfit lying around? It’s certainly a titillating thought.

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