15 Photos That Prove Eugenie Bouchard Is The Best Thing To Ever Happen To Tennis

Tennis, perhaps more than any other sport in the world, is a sport people watch and get to see beautiful athlete after beautiful athlete. A lot of the athletes on the WTA know that’s why some people follow them, and they play to it, and embrace their femininity. It boosts their popularity, gets people watching and gets companies calling them for endorsement deals. There really are a ton of beauties on the WTA tour. It’s actually staggering how many there are – they seemingly just pop up from nowhere, year after year.

Someone who popped up onto the tennis scene a few years ago and hasn’t faded from our memories, is the Canadian tennis beauty, Eugenie Bouchard. She created quite a stir in the tennis world when she enjoyed that famous run at Wimbledon. Since then her form’s been seriously inconsistent and she hasn’t quite bounced back in the manner we expected or she would’ve hoped. But let’s face it, that hasn't hurt her popularity at all. Genie is arguably one of the most popular people in tennis, and it’s certainly not purely because of her tennis ability. It’s because – just in case you hadn’t noticed – she’s one seriously steamy athlete. Genie is regarded to be one of the most attractive athletes, not just in tennis, but in the world. See her selfies, steamy swimsuit shots, amazing body and just gorgeous looks, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better looking athlete. The blonde bombshell is a bonafide celeb, just drop-dead gorgeous in every which way. She’s also someone who’s attracted a lot of people to the women’s game, making her one of the best things to have ever happened to tennis in recent years. These are 15 pictures that prove why.

14 Rosie The Riveter

Rosie the Riveter 💪🏼🎃👻

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Here’s a pic of Genie reenacting and posing for her own pic of that timeless poster of Rosie the Riveter. She was a cultural icon, and Genie’s become a bit of an icon herself. She can make pretty much any pose, any picture beautiful. This is a pose that suits her perfectly. Genie is a strong and beautiful woman, and here she is showcasing that in this famous pose. She might not be sweating it out in the mines, but is certainly strong and independent, doesn’t take any trash from anyone, as we’ve learnt in recent years. But forget about what this pic might symbolize for a sec. The bottom line is, is that it’s just a really appealing pic, just one of many from the Eugenie Bouchard archives.

13 ‘Tis The Season To Be Jolly

o n e d a y 🎅🏼

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This is a pic that Genie posted recently on social media, and it’s one that got over 57K likes. The reason why this pic’s been included as an entry on this list, is because it’s a simple pic, just a really simple pic of Genie smiling and in good spirits. Although we love seeing swimsuit shots of Genie, her posing in sultry shoots, and she loves posting them too, it’s not always necessary. Sometimes simple pics like this one showcases someone’s beauty superbly, and that’s exactly what this pic has done. She posted it on Christmas Day, just one of many she posted around the Christmas period. That smile melts hearts, and really is gorgeous. That’s just the type of woman Genie is – beautiful and loving life.

12 Peace Out

Afternoons off 💦

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These are the pics that people love to see, the images that have made Genie so famous, a fan favorite. Here she is sunning herself on a beach in Perth, Western Australia, after Christmas, gearing up for the Australian Open. Everything about this pic just screams beauty and glam. That red swimsuit outfit, wow! Then there are those shades, that sweet, yet sultry pose, and of course her looks and lean physique come through in this pic as well. It’s a pic that just illustrates why people go gaga over Genie. She captioned this pic “Afternoons off.” I don’t think most people spend their afternoons in that manner, looking like that, but if there was a chance they might bump into Genie, a lot more people will knock off work and start frequenting the beach.

11 Enjoying Some Rest And Relaxation

t h r e e d a y s ⛄️

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This is one steamy pic of Genie. It’s a pic of her in relaxation mode, chilling out after a long year traveling the world on the pro tennis circuit. All that traveling would’ve beaten the average person down. But it certainly hasn’t taken its toll on Genie. She still lookslike  a million bucks as she’s lying by the pool in that skimpy attire, rejuvenating, firstly getting ready for Christmas then the busy year ahead. Genie obviously loves the festivities of Christmas. She was posting pics and counting down to the big day on Instagram. For us, seeing this pic, it’s like Christmas came early. From this pic alone, you can appreciate why Genie is rated as being one of the hottest athletes in the world, why she has the fan following she has, and why she’s the best thing to ever happen to tennis.

10 Rock Chick

When you steal the guitarist's toys and pretend to rock out 🤘🏼 @mundoj

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Some celebs only posts pics of themselves looking all serious and glamorous, as if they’ve dressed up for that shot. Not Genie. She also posts candid shots, so people get to see her in a real light. And it just goes to show how glamorous and beautiful she is, because even in such photos, she shines and her beauty is evident. Here’s Genie enjoying some downtime, at, what from the looks of things, is a concert venue. It’s a super-cute image, a pic that just makes you smile when you see it. Genie’s gotten her hands on a guitar and is striking that rock chick pose, like she’s rocking the night away. Just imagine if Genie was actually a rock chick, what her persona would be like; wow, that’s a thought.

9 It’s Gym Time

In all likelihood you’ve probably seen some real stunners in your gym. But imagine if you entered your gym, began your workout, then saw a woman looking like, dressed like, and working out like Genie. She’d stop you dead in your tracks, and your workout would be ruined. Your eyes will certainly get a workout though. Is it possible for anyone to look better while working out? Firstly, just look at the way she’s dressed. She’s obviously a fashionista, but her dress sense is going to cause other people to have accidents in the gym. Secondly, feast your eyes on her physique. Then of course, there’s her beauty, which again shines through – we’re yet to find an image of her where it doesn’t! Genie really does possess the entire package, one which she tones to perfection in the gym.

8 Just Wow!


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This pic is just wow! Everything about this pic is stunning; the location, the lighting, oh and of course the gorgeous woman in it as well. Genie posted this pic to her fans when she was vacationing in the Bahamas. I wonder whether she got a professional photographer to follow her around? This just demonstrates that Genie is one of those athletes who knows she’s got it and loves to flaunt it. She knows the type of pics people want to see, and what’ll get them talking. I doubt people would be doing much talking after setting eyes on this pic. She’s a professional athlete and she really does have a stunning physique, what many people would deem to be the perfect body. That along with her looks, and it’s clear as to why Genie is the tennis world’s resident hottie.

7 Devilish Beauty

Over the years we’ve learned that Genie loves to get dressed up whenever she can, whenever the occasion calls for it. Halloween is an occasion that certainly calls for it. Let’s face it, Genie could’ve gone as anything, worn any type of clothing and she’ll still still steal the show – whatever type of show it is that she’d be gracing! But this outfit is just amazing, and thankfully she had the presence of mind to take a snap and share it with her adoring fans. She donned the devil outfit for Halloween 2017, during what was a lengthy time off for Genie who took some time away from the game. We’d have loved to see her on court, but seeing as this is what she gets up to off court, this will certainly suffice.

6 Model Looks

Oh my god Becky look at her butt *hair flip* 💁🏼

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Imagine if you were driving along that road and happened to see Genie casually strolling along, looking like she does – it’d be enough to stop traffic, and cause accidents. It’s fair to assume quite a few people had their tongues hanging out the window driving along that day. That’s the Genie effect for you. If you didn’t know who Genie was, and didn’t know she was an athlete and you saw this pic, you’d instantly think model, and due to her sultry attire – she knows how to pick out an outfit – you’d say fashion model. What she’s wearing, her poise and elegance as she’s walking down the street, that alluring little look to the side is what makes this pic. But this pic is also all about the hair flip, considered to be a sassy and alluring gesture. It’s certainly something a lot of people would find awfully titillating.

5 Double Trouble

vi: larrybrownsports.com

You’re probably aware by now that Genie loves getting dressed up. Here she is, at it again, dressed in another sultry outfit. But this time she’s not alone. Her twin sister got in on the action in this pic. Yes, you read that correctly, there’s not just one beautiful Bouchard. Genie has a couple of younger siblings, and a twin sister who’s six minutes older than she is. But before you get excited, there aren’t two Genie’s; Beatrice is her fraternal twin sister, meaning they’re not identical. She’s still gorgeous though, and seeing them together in such outfits certainly captures people’s attention. Genie is very close to her family and has a tight-knit relationship with all of her siblings. They’re all amazing, as are those serious military boots.

4 Angelic

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It’s no surprise Genie is one of the world’s most marketable athletes. Even though she’s not among the world’s best, just because she’s one of the most stunning and has the personality to match, it’s meant she’s had no shortage of companies knocking on the door, eager to get her on board and sign an endorsement deal. It’s also no surprise that it’s been one of the world’s biggest companies that has managed to get a deal with Genie; Nike. They certainly know how to put together a photoshoot. This pic shows Genie in a glorious light, literally. She’s on the grass in her Wimbledon whites, and looks almost angelic as she’s gliding around the court. This is Genie in her domain, and it’s clear from this pic why she’s one of the best things to have ever happened to the game.

3 Nike’s Number One Girl

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Here’s another example of why Genie is one of the world’s most marketable athletes. In the previous entry you saw a rather angelic pic of Genie in her tennis whites. Here’s one of Genie advertising a pair of Nike compression pants. She looks equally as stunning. You can imagine that a whole lot of people with cash to burn would’ve been shelling out for these pants after setting eyes on Genie’s ad campaign. Incidentally, now that we’re on the topic of things burning, Genie had some fun with the campaign and left a cheeky little caption when she shared the image on social media; that the pants made her derriere look like fire. That’s just going to increase people’s interest in those pants. Genie knows what to do to get people interested.

2 Selfie Game Is Strong

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Few pics are steamier than a stunning selfie. Most people have to make a real effort to make a selfie stand out, to make it a memorable pic. But Genie is so gorgeous that you can’t help but think that she probably just rolled out of bed and decided to snap this pic. It is a seriously alluring pose. The way she’s looking into the camera, that slight tilt of the head, the way her hair’s gently caressing her face – I could just go on and on. Oh, and of course her lingerie – can’t be forgetting that. It’s the type of pic a girl would send to her boyfriend to get his pulse racing and libido humming. Genie though, wanted the world to see this pic, and we’re mightily glad she did.

2. Grunge Style

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Here’s a pic of Genie in that grunge pose, a pose she’s made her own and looks seriously sultry in. This picture just demonstrates how beautiful Genie is, because I reckon she wasn’t trying to look hot in this pic; well, she looks hot, as in hot and sweaty, but you get my drift. Most celebs wouldn’t post images of themselves looking hot and bothered after a strenuous workout. Genie though, can pull it off. She’s just completed a gym session, is looking a little worse for wear, is all hot and bothered, but still looks hot, and thought nothing of capturing the moment. This is the real life of a tennis star, all the hard graft that goes on behind the scenes. It also shows how real and down to earth Genie is, that she thought nothing of sharing this pic.

1 In Her Element

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Genie really started to make an impression in the tennis world – the sporting world in general for that matter – a few years ago when she was 20. Of course, people quickly picked up on the fact that she was yet another hottie to have come through the WTA ranks. But it was also because of pics like this. Wimbledon is known for its tradition, and traditionalists don’t really like change. But Genie came on the scene and instantly began shaking things up. She captured people’s attention and stood out just because of her daring choice of outfit. She can be seen practicing, pretty in pink, with her t-shirt emblazoned with the slogan, “One Hot Drop Shot.”

It’s clear to see why Genie, who’s named after a princess, quickly became the queen of the tennis world, and despite her lack of titles, why many see her as tennis royalty today. We, her royal subjects, need to bow down to her, the best thing to have ever happened to tennis.

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