Possible Spoiler For Brock Lesnar at Super ShowDown

If the rumors are true, it appears WWE has plans for Lesnar to cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase at Super ShowDown and the resulting storyline is not going to leave a lot of fans happy.

Early Friday, reports started to surface about one particular WWE Superstar heading into Super ShowDown which takes place in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. It looks like WWE may have Brock Lesnar try to cash in his Money In the Bank cash-in opportunity and fail.

For Lesnar, what happens in the two championship matches leaves him a few options but basically, there are two ways Lesnar could try to take a title from someone. One is by challenging the winner of the Seth Rollins vs, Baron Corbin match for the Universal Title or challenging the winner of the Kofi Kingston vs. Dolph Ziggler match for the WWE Championship.

The swerve many thought might be coming was Lesnar cashing in on Kingston out of nowhere.

WWE might have a different idea. It sounds like the current plan is to focus on Baron Corbin vs. WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins, according to a report from @Wrestlevotes. They say Lesnar is set to cash in his Money In the Bank title shot at some point in that match, the cash-in will reportedly count and Rollins will retain.

Further to that, WrestleVotes is saying things will end in a DQ but only after Rollins first cleanly retains the Universal Championship.

What This Means

If this is what WWE chooses to do with Lesnar and his uber-popular Brock Party gimmick, the WWE Universe won't be pleased. Sure, there are many who dread the idea Lesnar will once again hold a title in WWE, but unlike in the past where he's not been around to defend it, some will contend Lesnar has been the best part of WWE lately.

If the company chooses to take that from the fans and he's not a champion, it will be clear they've lost all sense of direction.

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