Quack! Quack! The Cast Of The Mighty Ducks: Where Are They Now?

Some of the best sports movies in the history of mankind are centered around teams filled with kids. Hoosiers is an all time classic because it focuses on an Indiana high school basketball team trying to make their way to states. The Sandlot is a classic because it centers on a group of kids playing baseball, enjoying their summer, and coming together to be better friends than teammates. Facing the Giants focuses on a coach who has his high school football team develop a new strategy based on faith in each other and learning to have faith in everything they do on and off the football field. These movies are some of the best we have ever seen, but there is one series that we all know and love to this day: the Mighty Ducks.

The pee-wee hockey team went through a lot in their three movies. First, they had to come together to learn how to properly play the game of hockey to go up against Jack Reilly and the powerhouse Hawks team. After vanquishing them, they combined with kids from all over the United States to upset the heavily favored Iceland team coached by Wolf "the dentist" Stanson in the International Junior tournament finals. Then the Ducks headed for high school at Eden Hall Academy to deal with the snooty varsity hockey team. Behind some heroic performances from the Ducks, they were able to upset the varsity and get the school to rename their mascot from Warriors to Ducks. The cast had a great run through the series, but where did they go off to afterwards? This list takes a look at what the cast of the Mighty Ducks are up to since. They might not be playing hockey, but they have definitely gone different routes since.

15 Emilio Estevez: Gordon Bombay

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If we are talking about the Mighty Ducks, we might want to start with the man who helped start the dynasty of the Ducks, head coach Gordon Bombay. Bombay, played by Emilio Estevez had more significance than just about anybody else. He taught the Ducks the basics of hockey, led them to a Pee-Wee and World Junior championships, and saved Charlie Conway's high school career when the captain thought about calling it quits. Besides being one of the greatest hockey coaches in movie, Bombay has had other roles. But what is he up to now?

Estevez is still in the movie industry, now as a director and writer. He is coming out with a movie in 2018 called The Public and even has a role in the movie as well. Estevez has also been apart of movies such as The 3 Wise Men, Arthur and the Invisibles, and Bobby. It is nice to see Estevez still involved in the movie industry. While he is making movies, let's see what happened to captain Duck, Charlie Conway.

14 Joshua Jackson: Charlie Conway

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Charlie Conway was in every way, the leader of the Ducks teams. He scored the winning penalty shot goal in the first Ducks movie against the Hawks. He gave up his roster spot to Russ Tyler to put the Ducks in the best position to beat Iceland in the second movie. He also set up the game winning assist against the Eden Hall varsity hockey team in the third movie. Conway had the biggest heart out of anyone on that Ducks team. Coach Bombay dubbed him the Minnesota Miracle Man. So besides being Charlie Conway, what else has Joshua Jackson done lately?

Jackson has starred in many other television shows and movies such as Dawson's Creek, Fringe, Ocean's Eleven, and many others. He was also dating German actress Diane Kruger for the better part of ten years. Unfortunately, hey broke up in 2016. Jackson will always be seen by us as the heart and soul of those historic Ducks teams. In fact, Jackson has even hinted at possibly reviving the Mighty Ducks series.

13 Marguerite Moreau: Connie Moreau

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Perhaps one of the most forgotten about Ducks in the series was Connie Moreau. The only female player to appear in all three movies, Moreau was the hard worker that scored the goal in the third period in the championship game against Iceland to start the comeback. She also was the love interest of Guy Germaine who we'll get to later. But what has Marguerite Moreau been up to since her days of playing hockey?

Moreau has pursued other acting roles. She helped make a Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later in 2017, returning to her main role as Katie Finnerty. She is married to actor Christopher Redman and has been since 2010. They also have a 2-year-old son named Casper, so she is fairly new to the role of parenting. Everyone loved her in the Wet Hot American Summer movies, maybe she will have a revival in her career. But she will always be seen as the tough-nosed hockey player who goes a bit unnoticed when talking about the Ducks series.

12 Vincent Larusso: Adam Banks

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The Ducks needed somebody to help them make a push in the playoffs. That is where Adam Banks came in at the perfect time. Banks was a member of the Hawks before geographical lining forced him to play for the Ducks. He scored a goal in every playoff game to lead the Ducks past the Hawks. He played alright in the Junior Goodwill games before suffering a wrist injury. Then in the third movie, he miraculously (not really) made the varsity third line as a freshman at Eden Hall. Eventually, he re-joined the Ducks and helped them upset the varsity. Besides being the best player on the ice, what is actor Vincent Larusso up to these days?

Larusso wasn't like some of these other Ducks actors and continued to actively pursue acting. In fact, he went to college in a completely different field. He graduated from Boston University in 2000 with a degree in Business. He didn't want to stay for the snowy winters in Boston and is currently living in sunny Los Angeles. He has done small acting gigs here and there, but he has pretty much made acting a thing of the past. But he will always be the kid from the Ducks who had a knack for putting the puck in the back of the net whenever desperately needed.

11 Shaun Weiss: Greg Goldberg

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Every dominant team needs a strong goalie. The Ducks didn't have that at first with Greg Goldberg. In fact, he was so scared of the puck that Bombay had to tie him to the net and show him how it doesn't hurt to stop the puck with his body. Eventually, it led to Goldberg being a decent goalie...until high school. Everyone should have seen the writing on the wall when Julie "The Cat" Gaffney replaced Goldberg to stop Gunner Stahl in the shootout of the second movie. People tend to forget the Goldberg was also the one to score the last-second goal in the Ducks 1-0 over Eden Hall varsity. So besides stopping pucks and scoring them too, what else has Shaun Weiss been up to lately?

Life has not been that great in the post Duck days for Weiss. He has been arrested several times. He was arrested in 2013 for allegedly punching his girlfriend in the face and was recently arrested earlier in 2017 for possession of meth. He also tried to become a stand-up comedian to get himself back on track, but that ultimately fell short.

10 Elden Henson: Fulton Reed

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Fulton Reed was one half of the bash brothers that formed in D-2. The big man had the hardest slap shot that put the fear into any and almost all opponents he played. He was tough, he was rugged, but he was also loyal to the Ducks until the end. Remember, he was the only one along with Charlie to take a stand against Coach Orion and dismantling the Ducks name for good. So what is Elden Henson doing lately? He is putting the scare in people, but not necessarily with hockey pucks.

He was the main character in the Netflix original series Daredevil. He also was a big part of the Hunger Games series by playing Pollux in both parts of Mocking Jay. He understands what it is like to be an underdog, being a part of the Ducks series. What is good is we see a different side of Henson that shows his admiration for Katniss that we didn't see really when dealing with Bombay or others from the Ducks. Looks for Henson to be playing different roles in the future whether on the big screen or on Netflix.

9 Kenan Thompson: Russ Tyler

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The Ducks were down a player when Adam Banks got his wrist slashed by Iceland. That meant they needed to add somebody to the roster. They found that in Russ Tyler. He was the street hockey trash-talking punk with the ever so famous "knucklepuck" shot. Watching that thing dance was one of the most iconic moments in Ducks history. Keep in mind, he scored the tying goal with no time remaining against Iceland and even attempted to teach Kenny Wu how to trash talk when they made it to high school. But where is Kenan Thompson now?

Thompson is one of the mainstays on the hit NBC show Saturday Night Live. He has impersonated many celebrities on the show today and has done so since 2003. He also has appeared in many other shows and movies, like Kenan and Kel, Sister Sister, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Fat Albert, etc. Thompson can be seen impersonating a lot of different people including athletes on SNL. Maybe he will even show us the art of the knuckle-puck again one day. One can only hope.

8 Colombe Jacobsen: Julie "The Cat" Gaffney

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The Ducks needed a backup goalie in case Goldberg couldn't do the job. Julie "The Cat" Gaffney had a really quick glove and was essentially the reason they won the Junior Goodwill games. Initially a backup, Gaffney earned her starting nod at Eden Hall for the JV team and played the game of her life when she shut out the Eden Hall varsity team. There also is the forgotten scene when Goldberg feeds Julie a lot of pastries to slow her down and win back his starting goalie job. Little did we know that food would be the theme of a second career path for Colombe Jacobsen.

Jacobsen went on a path to becoming a chef. She went to the Natural Gormet School in New York and even competed on The Next Food Network Star in 2007. Now, she even has a food-centered website and blog out called Colombe du jour. Safe to say, she chose to get a career besides acting and keep it that way. Maybe that scene in the third Ducks movie was simply a foreshadowing of Jacobsen's future to come.

7 Ty O'Neal: Dwayne Robertson

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The Ducks were a team from Minnesota that needed a few more pieces to compete in the Junior Goodwill games. They received a stick handling prodigy from Austin, Texas named Dwayne Robertson. Dwayne was the typical southern boy who had a knack for puck handling and calf roping. Remember, he was the one who roped and tied the Iceland player ready to crush Connie Moreau into the boards (where were you there Guy?) before Dwayne saved the day. Ty O'Neal played the part of Dwayne well. But what is he up to now?

Apparently for Ty, the rodeo stuff was not just an act. He and his wife Christie are involved heavily in the rodeo. He is involved with the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association. Ty and Christie live in Texas where they raise and train horses. It makes sense now why Robertson was so good with the lasso during skating drills and how effortlessly he roped the Iceland player trying to board Connie. Nobody will forget his craftiness with the puck and his down south roots.

6 Aaron Lohr: Dean Portman

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Fulton Reed couldn't be the only enforcer on the team. He needed somebody to help him out every now and again. Dean Portman was the stereotypical punk in a hockey uniform. He wasn't much of a scorer, though he scored a goal against Trinidad and Tobago. He also got himself kicked out of the Iceland game three seconds in after accidentally knocking a referee over who was behind him. He didn't arrive in the third movie until the final period of the varsity game, giving us a performance of the ages with his stripping act in the penalty box. But besides being a tough guy, Aaron Lohr has shown he has another side of him.

Lohr was a theater major from UCLA. He married actress Idina Menzel in September of 2017. He also is working as addiction specialist and recovery counselor. It is great to see Lohr in a profession that helps people bring out the best in them. He has certainly come a long way from stripping in penalty boxes and sending big hits into the boards that has other players flying into the stands.

5 Matt Doherty: Les Averman

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Every sports team needs someone that keeps the mood light in the locker room. That somebody needs to be able to crack a joke. For the Ducks, that was Les Averman. Averman didn't have many highlights for the Ducks throughout his tenure in all three movies. He did have a goal in the semifinal game in the first movie. Other than that, he was more of a locker room "character" guy, a term very familiar with hockey fans. But what is Matt Doherty up to since his post-Averman days?

He still did some acting as he got his degree in theater at Northwestern University. He appeared in Grey's Anatomy as well as CSI: Miami after he hung up his skates for good. He also starred in So I Married an Axe Murderer with Mike Myers. It is scary to think that Doherty would star as anything more than the prankster we were used to seeing in the Ducks movies.

4 Mike Vitar: Luis Mendoza

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There are no discussions or arguments about who the fastest Duck was during the series. It was no question Luis Mendoza. The speedster from Miami knew how to beat his opponents on the ice and finish off the play, but he just didn't know how to stop. He scored the goal to cut the Ducks deficit to 5-4 against Iceland. He also got the varsity cheerleader at the end of the third movie. But what else has Mike Vitar done since then?

Vitar starred as Benny "The Jet" Rodriguez in The Sandlot, an absolute classic. But now, he is a firefighter in Los Angeles and has been since 2002. He has a wife, Kym, and three kids while being married for more than a decade now. His life hasn't been all peaches and roses, as he was charged with a misdemeanor battery charge after he and two others assaulted another man. Luckily, no jail time was administered. Maybe he used his Mendoza speed to get away as fast as possible from time behind bars.

3 Justin Wong: Kenny Wu

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Woo Woo Woo! Kenny Wu! What a bright spot this young man was for the Ducks team. He scored the only goal in the championship game against Iceland while the Ducks still had their USA jerseys on before switching to the iconic Ducks logos. He also tried to learn to talk trash from teammate Russ Tyler when they went to Eden Hall, but that didn't work out quite as well. So where has Justin Wong been since the Ducks days? To be honest, nobody really knows.

He appeared in one episode of the show Millenium. Other than that, Wong has not been involved in serious acting. There is a Justin Wong is a world renowned video game expert. But that is not the same Wong we are talking about. Wong seems to have kept a low profile since the Ducks years and nobody from the cast has said they keep in contact with him. He probably is just planning to skate back into our hearts to remember once again.

2 Garette Ratliff Henson: Guy Germaine

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This is perhaps the most underrated player in the history of the Ducks. Guy Germaine was just that player that did everything right. He passed when he needed to, he scored when the Ducks needed a goal, he was just an overall smart player. Of course, the thing he is probably known for the most is dating fellow Ducks player Connie Moreau. But what else has Garette Ratliff Henson been up to since he went under the microscope of the Ducks dynasty?

Henson made another starting role in the movie Casper. He made the smart move of going to Sarah Lawrence College and graduating in 2002. He also received his MFA in film from Columbia in 2015. So it's pretty obvious he wants to stay in the film industry. He has been married to his wife Laurie for about 10 years now and they have a 3-year-old son. So besides him being a family man, be on the lookout for Henson to direct a potential film in the near future.

1 Brandon Adams: Jesse Hall

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The final Duck that we take a look at is Jesse Hall. Hall was a very interesting character. He was a part of the "Oreo" line that Bombay came up with involving himself, his brother Terry, and Guy. He came back in the second movie to score a key shootout goal for the Ducks. He didn't come back for the third movie and there was no reason as to why they said he didn't join the Ducks at Eden Hall Academy. But what else has Brandon Adams been up to?

He stuck with sports movies as he played Kenny DeNunez in The Sandlot. He also made cameos on shows such as Sister Sister and Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. He has done some voicing of characters in video games like Kingdom Hearts II. He hasn't appeared in anything recently, but don't be surprised if Adams finds a way to get back into acting. We will never forget the trash talk back and forth between Jesse Hall and Russ Tyler as it was legendary and the start of something great for the high school years of the Ducks.

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