15 Race Car Drivers That Might Be Steamier Than Danica Patrick

If you aren't a fan of auto sports, chances are you're still aware of Danica Patrick.

If you aren't a fan of auto sports, chances are you're still aware of Danica Patrick. The 35 year old native of Wisconsin became one of the most famous athletes in the world about a decade ago as she broke onto the IndyCar Series and eventually won the 2008 Indy Japan 300, becoming the first woman to win a race on that tour. She also finished third in the 2009 Indianapolis 500, which is arguably a bigger deal, and later competed in the NASCAR Nationwide Series. Although, let's be honest, that's not exactly why you know her. You've seen her in the GoDaddy commercials; hell, she's the reason you regrettably signed up your website about early-2000s-era emo bands.

Again, if you aren't a fan of auto sports, you might only think that Patrick is the only beautiful female driver in the world. I mean, why else would she get all the attention? Well, for starters, despite perhaps not exactly being as good as the hype would indicate, she was/is still pretty talented. However, she is far from the hottest female driver; not only are there others her age and older, she may have even helped inspire a new generation of female racers.

15 Jennifer Jo Cobb


Maybe you haven't heard, but 40 is the new 30, and Jennifer Jo Cobb still looks absolutely stunning despite recently turning 44 years old. The tall red-haired NASCAR driver looks great rocking a bikini in her Instagram profile picture and a quick scroll through her photos proves she's worthy of being mentioned alongside Danica Patrick - maybe not in talent, but at least in looks. You really don't need to worry too much about fitness as a racecar driver, but it's clear Jo Cobb does.

14 Simona de Silvestro


Clearly, North American fans won't be too aware of Simona de Silvestro as the 29 year old native of Switzerland races in the Supercars Australia Championship for Nissan Motorsport, but the badass babe should be on your radar. Not only does she race at ridiculously high speeds, her Instagram account details her passion for downhill skiing, wakeboarding, flying, and all things outdoors. She clearly lives life to the fullest.

13 Leilani Münter


Minnesota native Leilani Münter is 43 years old, but you wouldn't know it by looking at her. She debuted in the ARCA Racing Series in 2010 and earned a career-best 38th-place finish in 2014. She hasn't raced much recently, but has remained in the public eye due to her activism; in fact, back in 2014 at Talladega Superspeedway, she raced in a Blackfish-inspired car sponsored by fellow activist and The Simpson's co-creator Sam Simon. Blackfish, of course, is the popular film that detailed the negative treatment of killer whales at SeaWorld.

12 Johanna Robbins


Johanna Robbins (nee Long) is a 25 year old native of Pensacola, Florida who married fellow short-track driver Hunter Robbins of Kyle Busch Motorsports in 2016. The NASCAR XFINITY Series driver made 42 starts prior to her marriage, but has since settled down and even given birth to the couple's first child. However, it's not only marriage that has her career at a crossroads. Racing is expensive: "It's just a matter of finding the money needed to take the next step forward. I feel like we did a great job and had some good runs with what ML Motorsports provided us but we just needed an extra influx of cash and it never came," she said to a year ago.

11 Tatiana Calderón


A 24 year old native of Colombia, Tatiana Calderón has been racing since she was four years old, primarily competing in kart races and later moving up in categories to accommodate with her school schedule. In 2011, after graduating high school, she moved to Indianapolis to train full-time with Juncos Racing. The following year, she relocated to Madrid and began competing in the European F3 category. She presently races on the GP3 Series with DAMS in car no. 15 and has a career-best finish of 18th place, which came in 2017.

10 Mara Reyes


Mara Reyes might be slightly past her prime in terms of looks, but the 40 year old is still among the most beautiful female racecar drivers in the world, and there's no doubt about that. The native of Pachuca, Mexico spent most of her career racing in the NASCAR Mexico Series and performed quite well, but she currently races in the Super Copa Telcel backed by the Arris Group. She also participated in a 2005 NASCAR XFINITY Series race; in fact, she was also the first ever Latin woman to drive in the NASCAR Busch Series.

9 Angela/Amber Cope


Angela Ruch (nee Cope) is the first of the entries on this list who clearly doesn't mind showing off her hot body - and who could blame her? The 34 year old native of Puyallup, Washington is a beautiful blonde bombshell who happens to be in incredible shape. And the same can be said about her twin sister, Amber Cope. In 2010, they made NASCAR history by being the first twins to compete in one of its top three series - not female twins, but twins in general. Amber finished 26th in that first race, while Angela finished 30th.

8 Shannon McIntosh


A 28 year old native of Miamisburg, Ohio, Shannon McIntosh currently competes in the ARCA Racing Series with Cunningham Motorsports and previously raced in the U.S. F2000 National Championship with Pabst Racing Services and Cape Motorsports. Like most in the racing industry, she has driven stockcars since a young age. She was only five years old when she first began racing and later won more than 100 races at the Quarter Midgets and USAC Midgets level.

7 Ashley Force Hood


Regardless of whether or not you count drag racing as a true form of racing, it's hard not to marvel at Ashley Force Hood, both for her talent and beauty. The daughter of legendary drag racer and 16-time NHRA Top Fuel Funny Car National Champion John Force, Ashley raced for his team from 2007 to 2014, when she officially called it a career. In 2007, she made history with her father as they became the first father-daughter duo to race against each other; in fact, she advanced to the semifinals of that run, beating her father.

6 Cyndie Allemann

There must be something in the water (or chocolate) in Switzerland when it comes to producing talented and beautiful female racecar drivers. Simona de Silvestro is an absolute babe, but Cyndie Allemann makes her look like your average girl. The 31 year old native of Moutier is the daughter of former Swiss karting champion Kurt Allemann and her brother Ken is also an accomplished driver. The sport, more than any other, is truly family-centered, and fans of automobile sports can be thankful Cyndie opted to take up the family business.

5 Milka Duno


If you're questioning the inclusion of a 45 year old former IndyCar driver this high on our list just stop yourself right there. In her prime (not that she's far removed from it), Milka Duno may have had the most sex appeal of all the ladies on this list, not to mention the best looks. While she looks great in her racing attire, she obviously looks even better out of it and, even at 45 years old, she's still one of the hottest in the industry. Weird as it might sound, there's even an entry for her feet on WikiFeet, which is a thing you hopefully never heard of before reading this.

4 Carmen Jordá

Carmen Jordá might have the highest profile of any female on this list simply due to the amount of Instagram followers she has (over 195,000). That's because, unlike some of the others, she's completely aware of the fact she's one of the hottest women in the industry and doesn't mind giving her fans a behind-the-scenes glimpse into her life, which includes a lot of photos of her working out or in her best-dressed attire.

3 Susie Wolff


Thirty-five year old United Kingdom native Susie Wolff has been the subject of controversy as of late. In March of last year, the former Formula 1 driver lost a bid to overturn the ruling to suspend her driver's license, ironically, or perhaps not surprisingly, for speeding. Wolff, who now serves as an ambassador for Mercedes, was clocked doing 35 miles per hour in a 30 mph zone back in June of 2015. It might not seem like a big deal, but she already had two speeding offenses and nine points docked on her license.

2 Courtney Force


We told you to keep an eye out for Ashley Force Hood's sister and Courtney Force is well worth the wait. The 29 year old is much more well known than her sister given she's still active in drag racing and has a wide social media reach with nearly 120,000 followers on Instagram. In fact, on the NHRA tour, she has multiple wins; in 2012, she won the Auto Club of Southern California Road to the Future Rookie of the Year Award and, the following year, became the first woman to qualify in the top position and win the O'Reily Auto Parts Winternationals.

1 Maryeve Dufault


As is the case in all realms of sport, French Canadian women simply do it better. Look at Maryse of the WWE, Genie Bouchard, and the Dufor-Lapointe sisters, to name a few. You can add Maryeve Dufault to that list of beautiful Canadian women from the province of Quebec. The 35 year old briefly raced in NASCAR and secured a 16th-place finish in a 2011 event, but has had an interesting career outside of racing.

While she has been committed to the sport for a number of years, she was previously known solely for her good looks. She won Miss Hawaiin Tropic International in 2000 and has appeared in TV shows such as Entourage and The Bold and the Beautiful. She was even once one of Bob Barker's Beauties on the Price is Right and has modeled for Maxim and Sports Illustrated. The former super model looks great in just about every setting.

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15 Race Car Drivers That Might Be Steamier Than Danica Patrick