Randy Orton Finally Speaks Out On SummerSlam Finish With Brock Lesnar

It might be hard to believe but SummerSlam was over three months ago which was the time when the Brock Lesnar - Randy Orton feud reached its climax. And it was some climax as Lesnar won by TKO, elbowing the forehead of the Viper, causing him to lose a great amount of blood, and leave him out of action for weeks.

It's been a while since then but Randy Orton finally spoke out on the ending of the match in an interview with USA Today.

"I could have looked a little better that night and that would have helped me a lot regardless of the finish and not hurt Brock’s character at all. But the fact that you’re asking me about it three-four months later, means we created a buzz. But the fact that I had a concussion and was out for three weeks and wasn’t able to do anything pissed me off."

That's the spirit, right?

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