Ranking Every Athlete Who Has Dated A Kardashian From Worst To Best

The Kardashian ladies are famously famous for just being famous. But looking closer, they are also famous for dating, marrying, and/or hooking up with professional athletes. Kim is the original famous Kardashian and has seemingly dated the most pros, but Khloe has recently surpassed her for the lead. Even 'momager' Kris and the younger sisters have shown interest in athletes. The amount of hardware that has been accumulated by the many sports stars who the Kardashian girls have been with over the years is extraordinarily impressive. Some of the accolades and awards Kardashian beaus have earned include multiple Super Bowl rings, All-American honors, Olympic medals of all hues, Ballon d’Ors, Heisman Trophies, MVP awards, an MLS Cup, Formula One championships, Golden Gloves, numerous All-Star game and Pro-Bowl appearances, NCAA national championships, and six NBA titles and counting. Needless to say the Kardashian girls aim high when they aim for an athlete. But where do these athletes rank in relation to each other. Who is the best and who is the worst sports star to ever shack up with a Kardashian. This is the definitive ranking of every athlete who has been involved with one of the Kardashians. Read on to find out who is the best one of all.

18 Todd Waterman: Kris Jenner

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Who the hell is Todd Waterman? Well he is yet another athlete that dated a Kardashian of course. This guy was not exactly an NBA star or big time football player, no, Waterman played soccer for the Los Angeles Heat. The Heat were a member of the American Professional Soccer League at the time of Waterman’s insignificant career. The Kardashian he dated was everyone’s favorite manager mom, Kris Kardashian, aka Kris Jenner. The dating was not so much dating as an illicit affair and as soon as famed OJ lawyer Robert Kardashian found out about it, things fell apart, as did Kris and Robert’s marriage. Nevertheless, Todd Waterman was a pro athlete who dated a Kardashian, easily making him the worst athlete that any of the Kardashians have ever dated, maybe even counting Kanye. But I guess not counting Scott Disick.

17 Kris Humphries: Kim Kardashian

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Still hanging on after thirteen mediocre years in the NBA, Kris Humphries real fame comes from the fact that he was married to Kim Kardashian. Humphries was drafted out of the University of Minnesota by the Utah Jazz with the 14th overall pick of the 2004 NBA Draft. He has played for eight teams during his career averaging almost seven points and 5.5 rebounds per game. His relationship with Kim lasted one season. No, seriously, it started in October 2010, the same time that the NBA season began and lasted until Kim filed for divorce the following October, as the 2011 season was getting underway. Humphries played for the Brooklyn Nets that year and appeared in 74 games. During the same period his marriage lasted 72 days. He averaged ten points per game that season but we do not have official stats on how much he scored at home.

16 Rashad McCants: Khloe Kardashian

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As a highly touted recruit, Rashad McCants came into the University of North Carolina as a freshman and made an immediate impact averaging over 17 points per game as a freshman. By his junior year, McCants was named third team All-American as he helped the Tar Heels to the 2005 Final Four where they beat the Illinois Fighting Illini in the national championship game. McCants was then taken with the 14th overall pick in the 2005 NBA Draft by the Minnesota Timberwolves. He played four years with the Timberwolves and started dating Khloe Kardashian during his fourth season. It did not last much longer than six months and Khloe soon moved on to Lamar Odom. McCants meanwhile played one more year with the Sacramento Kings.

15 Jordan Clarkson: Kendall Jenner

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One of the more under the radar young stars from the Los Angeles Lakers is Jordan Clarkson who is in his third year in LA. Clarkson played two years at the University of Tulsa and one year for Missouri before he was selected by the Washington Wizards with the 46th overall pick in the 2014 NBA Draft. The Wizards sent him to Los Angeles on draft night. After some time in the D-League, Clarkson made his way into the starting lineup for the Lakers and has averaged almost 15 points per game through his three seasons. This past year Clarkson and Kendall Jenner met and began canoodling about town, appearing especially flirty at an AMA afterparty for Drake in November. They were also spotted making out a few weeks later on New Year’s Eve. No word on their current status or what Clarkson thinks of her latest Pepsi ad, but we hope for the best.

14 Derrick Ward: Khloe Kardashian

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A seemingly unlikely member of the Kardashian athlete club is Derrick Ward who was a seventh round pick in the 2004 NFL Draft by the New York Jets. Ward played his college football at the University of Ottawa, which is not in Canada but Kansas. He was cut by the Jets before the season but ended up not having to move anywhere as he was signed by the New York Giants. After five years with the Giants he broke out with a 1000 yard season in 2008. That meant he was also an important part of the Giant’s reaching the Super Bowl XLII. A year later Reggie Bush introduced Derrick to his girlfriend’s sister, who of course was Khloe Kardashian. The relationship was not long for this world but Ward’s relationship with the NFL lasted two more seasons before he retired in 2011.

13 Rick Fox: Khloe Kardashian

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Although it was probably only one date, it is still enough to qualify the former Lakers star Rick Fox for our Kardashian athlete rankings. Originally a star at the University of North Carolina, Fox helped lead the Tar Heels to the 1991 NCAA Final Four. He was then selected in the 1991 NBA Draft with the 24th overall pick by the Boston Celtics. He played six seasons for the Celtics averaging over 10 points per game. In 1997 he signed with the Los Angeles Lakers. Although his scoring numbers were slightly lower with the Lakers, he was still a key part of the early 2000 Lakers three-peat teams. Since his NBA career came to an end he has pursued various acting opportunities, and of course joined the long and illustrious list of Kardashian athletes.

12 Tristan Thompson: Khloe Kardashian

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Khloe’s latest NBA beau is a member of the reigning NBA champion Cleveland Cavaliers, Tristan Thompson. Originally from Canada, Thompson played his college ball at the University of Texas before being drafted by the Cavs with the fourth overall pick in the 2011 NBA Draft. Although not a big scorer, Thompson is a key part of the Cavaliers success on the boards, averaging almost nine rebounds per game during his six years in Cleveland. After splitting from James Harden last year, Khloe and Thompson met this past summer and made their relationship official in October, which apparently means notifying E!News about it. As Thompson is about to start the playoffs with the Cavs, hoping to defend their NBA title and win himself another ring, Khloe is also hoping to get herself another ring, preferably an engagement one from Tristan. We will know soon if either of them are successful.

11 Chandler Parsons: Kendall Jenner

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After spending four years playing for the University of Florida, Chandler Parsons was taken by the Houston Rockets with the 38th overall pick in the 2011 NBA Draft. He established himself quickly in the league averaging over 15 points per game in his second and third seasons before signing a monster contract with the Dallas Mavericks. Parsons has also had a relationship with one of the younger Kardashians, Kendall Jenner. The two were originally linked in 2014, with rumors that Kris Jenner was encouraging her daughter to date the NBA star. They have both moved on with Parsons spending two years in Dallas before signing another even bigger contract with the Memphis Grizzlies this offseason. Recently however Kendall and Chandler have been seen together again earlier this year fueling speculation that whatever they had may be rekindling or turning into something more serious.

10 Miles Austin: Kim Kardashian

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Although it took three years sitting behind Terrell Owens and Roy Williams, once Miles Austin finally earned his first start with the Dallas Cowboys he exploded for a Cowboys record setting 250 yards receiving. He tacked on 171 yards in his next start and was officially the Cowboys top receiver for the rest of the season. He ultimately finished the season with over 1300 yards and 11 touchdowns, earning his first trip to the Pro-Bowl. In the offseason Austin signed a six year contract extension and also met Kim Kardashian. They dated most of the summer and through the autumn of 2010. Eventually the two broke it off early in the NFL season as they determined that they were unable to handle the long distance relationship.

9 Alecko Eskandarian: Kim Kardashian

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Although it was only one date, Kim expanded her horizons to include another sport in her dating pool in 2010. In an episode of one of the many Kardashian reality shows, Kris Jenner set up Kim on a blind date with fellow Armenian-American pro athlete Alecko Eskandarian. Eskandarian is not just another football player for Kim, but rather a futbol player. At the time, he was nearing the end of his professional soccer career with the Los Angeles Galaxy. Eskandarian played seven years in the MLS winning and MLS Cup Championship while also winning the MLS Cup Most Valuable Player in 2004. He also earned one cap with the US Men’s National Team in a game against Wales in 2003. He finished his career with 30 goals but we cannot confirm if he scored with Kim as well.

8 Lewis Hamilton: Kendall Jenner

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If you think it takes balls to get into a relationship with one of the Kardashian ladies, Lewis Hamilton would like to have a word with you. Hamilton is an athlete in that he is in the big time sport of Formula One Racing. Yet with nary a football, basketball, or anything else round around (except I suppose four tires and a steering wheel), Hamilton has been rumored to have been involved with Kendall Jenner in 2015. Although they claim to just be friends, they have been sighted out together on multiple occasions. As for his ranking on the list, Hamilton is considered by some as one of the best Formula One drivers in history. He has three Formula One World Championships and 54 career wins. He has raced for the powerhouse McLaren team and is now with the Mercedes Benz racing team which essentially means he is pretty damn good at what he does.

7 Reggie Bush: Kim Kardashian

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The first big time athlete to be known as a love interest to Kim Kardashian was Reggie Bush. Bush made his name on his own of course as a member of the great University of Southern California teams of the early to mid 2000s. He was a key member of the 2003 team that was named number one in the AP poll, but were not given a shot at the BCS championship. He was named a consensus All-American in 2004 when the Trojans did win the BCS Championship and 2005 when they lost in the BCS Championship game to the Texas Longhorns. He was then drafted with the second overall pick in the 2006 NFL Draft by the New Orleans Saints. Bush met Kim in 2007 and their relationship lasted for two years before they split. In late 2009 they got back together for a while during the Saints Super Bowl season so Kim had a chance to see him play in and win Super Bowl XLIV.

6 Matt Kemp: Khloe Kardashian

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Baseball fans will be glad to know that the Kardashians do not have anything against America’s Pastime, even though they think America’s pastime is watching them on reality TV. In between her various NBA husbands and boyfriends, Khloe turned her attention to the boys of summer, or at least one of them, current Atlanta Brave Matt Kemp. At the time they met and were dating, Kemp was with the Los Angeles Dodgers. It was shortly after Khloe had split from Lamar Odom. Relative to the other Kardashian athletes, Kemp, as the lone baseball player so far, was still pretty good. He has two All-Star appearances and led the league in Home Runs and RBIs in 2011. He also hit for the cycle, with a home run, single, double and triple in one game in 2015. Meanwhile, with Kemp, Khloe has date a Major Leaguer, a guy from the NFL, and multiple guys from the NBA. All she needs is a hockey player and she can accomplish dating for the cycle.

5 Lamar Odom: Khloe Kardashian

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One of those men whose pre-Kardashian life was a hell of a lot better than his post-Kardashian life is Lamar Odom, formerly an NBA champion with the Los Angeles Lakers and now the dude who almost died of a drug overdose in a brothel in Nevada. Odom was originally taken with the fourth overall pick in the 1999 NBA Draft by the Los Angeles Clippers, where he played for four years before spending a year with the Heat. In 2004 he was traded to the Los Angeles Lakers where he went on to play seven seasons, winning two NBA titles as well as the NBA Sixth Man of the Year award in 2011. It was while he was winning titles with the Lakers that he met and married Khloe and subsequently starred in a reality show with her. The stress of marriage and the show eventually led him to drug problems, which was around the same time he was being traded to the Mavericks and then the Clippers before falling out of the NBA. In 2015 Odom was found in the brothel, having suffered a stroke. He almost died and was in a coma for some time but survived and is still recovering.

4 James Harden: Khloe Kardashian

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James Harden is having a historical season this year averaging close to a triple double as the engine of the Houston Rockets high octane offense. His year is especially exciting considering how disappointing last year was. After making it to the Western Conference Finals in 2015, the Rockets added Dwight Howard the following season but fell short of the great expectations that year as they barely squeaked into the playoffs and were bounced in five games. This year however, amidst big changes, they have pulled everything together. Now some may say it is the jettisoning of Dwight Howard, others might say it is adding new coach Mike D’Antoni, but maybe it is as simple as James Harden escaping the Kardashian vortex after dating Khloe for most of the 2015-2016 season. Whatever it is, James Harden might become the league’s Most Valuable Player but more likely will finish as the MVP runner up to Russell Westbrook who is averaging an actual triple-double.

3 O.J. Simpson: Kris Jenner

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Now this one is a deep rumor and it may very well be untrue, but there are many folks who claim that it happened and even more that hope that it did. The rumor is that Kris Jenner also had an affair with O.J. Simpson back in the 80s while she was married to Robert Kardashain. Another part of this rumor is that O.J. is actually Khloe Kardashian’s real father. We may never know for sure, but if it is true, that means that it is truly Kris Kardashian’s footsteps that her daughters have followed in. O.J. was of course a Heisman Trophy winner and national champion at USC. He was a number one overall draft pick and an NFL Most Valuable Player. When he retired he was second in all-time rushing yards in the NFL, and he was named to the NFL Hall of Fame in 1985. Without a doubt he was one of the greatest athletes of all time and if he did in fact have a relationship with Kris, he certainly earned his spot near the top of this list, despite everything else that happened a few years down the line.

2 Cristiano Ronaldo: Kim Kardashian

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Lionel Messi or Cristiano Rolanldo is the question that soccer fans argue about everywhere.  Which of them is the best player of our generation? I imagine Kim Kardashian asked herself something similar as well to determine who she was more interested in dating. She decided to pursue Ronaldo and is rumored to have dated him for a short time in 2010. As a professional athlete, Ronaldo is certainly among the best of any Kardashian flames considering he is among the best soccer players of all time. Through 15 years of professional soccer, Ronaldo has scored over 500 goals. He has won multiple Premiere League championships, an FA Cup, and the UEFA Champions League with Manchester United. He has won a European Championship with Portugal. He has won La Liga, the Copa del Rey, and the UEFA Champions League two more times with Real Madrid. Not to mention his two Ballon d’Ors, the Golden Boot and the Golden Ball at the 2016 World Cup, and multiple player of the year awards.

1 Bruce Jenner : Kris Jenner

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Now known as Caitlyn Jenner (shouldn’t that be Kaitlyn?), the greatest athlete to ever date a Kardashian is of course Bruce Jenner. Bruce started dating Kris Kardashian shortly after her divorce and before long they were married and spawned a few more Kardashians (who were officially Jenners), Kylie and Kendall. Now you can argue that Jenner is only really known for one medal in one event in one Olympics but the event, the decathalon is actually ten very different events testing very different skills and talents in which Jenner set a world record with his total score. So you can take your Heismans and your Super Bowl rings and your NBA titles because when you have an Olympic Gold medal for the decathalon, that means that your athletic ability is not only greater than most people but much more varied than anyone else as well. You say you can run fast and shoot a basketball? Or cut quickly and catch a football? Or kick a ball far and accurately? Well the athlete formerly known as Bruce could sprint super fast at multiple distances, leap really far, jump super high, throw a variety of objects extremely far, hurdle, high jump, and run almost a mile in one single event. If Ronaldo or Reggie Bush or James Harden want to try that, then we can see if they might be worthy of the greatest athlete to ever date a Kardashian award, but until then, Caitlyn in the man at the top.

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