Real Or Fake: 15 Female Golfers With The Hottest Sets Of Twins

There’s no question about it – golf’s a male-dominated sport. But over the last decade or so, women have started to join the pro golfing ranks. Of course, they don’t play side by side with the guys, but they now have their own tournaments, their own professional golf association, and despite what you golfing purists might think, that’s just fantastic for the sport – integration and all. But these women aren’t just there to take part; in the pro ranks there are some seriously good golfers, but being female athletes, their prowess on the golf course isn’t the only thing people are interested about.

Go out golfing to a decent golf course and chances are you’re going to enjoy some pretty decent views. The golf course where all the major tournaments are held are usually set amongst a stunning backdrop, so people go there to check out the views and the stunning scenery as much as the golf. Now people – guys in particular – have something new to check out.

The Ladies Professional Golf Association, LPGA, have some truly amazing, gorgeous athletes that sizzle on the golf course. They’re athletes all right, and unlike most of the guys, they tend to be super-fit, but guys being guys are only going to look at one thing – their sets of twins, and boy do these women have some amazing assets up top. Here are 15 women who have the hottest sets of twins, and stand out and sizzle on the pro golfing circuit.


15 Paige Spiranac

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At 24, Paige is one of the youngest and hottest players on the golf circuit. She obviously had a thing for golf, had some talent when she was growing up which caused her to pursue the sport, because she could have very easily been a pro model. Some of the pics of her out there on the web are just ridiculously sexy. The LPGA must be happy though, because when she’s around people are bound to be watching. She brings a whole load of glamor to the sport, and add to that the fact that she’s a pretty awesome golfer, and you’ve got pretty much the perfect package. Her twins stand out – they are literally the twins of a glamor model – but she’s just beautiful in every other way too – gorgeous on the golf course.

14 Holly Sonders

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Here’s another woman who could very easily swap the golf course for the catwalk, and she has been spending an increasing amount of time in front of the cameras of late as her career in the media gathers momentum. She played golf to a high level when she was younger, and still picks up the clubs now and again, but is more into the TV side of things nowadays, lending her expertise – and other assets – to the Golf Channel.

Holly’s regarded to be the hottest woman in golf, and it’s evident why. She is basically a model now, a sportscaster, and a part time golfer, and is just absolutely stunning. Her twins are just one of many things that make her stand out – golf’s lucky to have her.

13 Lexi Thompson

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Seriously, Lexi’s only 22? You wouldn’t have thought it judging by the amount of LPGA tour wins she’s achieved and how she looks, how well developed she is. But yes, Lexi’s still a baby – relatively speaking – in golfing terms, although she’s way beyond her years in terms of her capabilities on the golf course. She made a name for herself remarkably around the age of 12, and boy have we seen her grow and blossom since then. She’s become a beautiful young woman, an absolute beast on the golf course, and is certainly one of the most desirable women in golf.

She’s got a perfect set of twins too, twins that appear to natural but bountiful all the same, that just make her look even more stunning, whether it’s in her golfing attire or in a bikini – thankfully there are tons of pics of Lexi in a bikini!

12 Natalie Gulbis

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And the stunners from the LPGA just keep on coming. Aside from perhaps Cheyenne, Natalie’s probably the name people know about the most from the women’s tour, especially guys who are sure to have seen one of her stunning pics at one point. She’s absolutely gorgeous, is sizzling hot, and is also a damn good golfer. She’s also one of the longest-tenured female golfers, having turned pro in 2001, and her popularity hasn’t diminished in any which way over the years.

Natalie’s also one pro who’s earned a ton of cash through marketing and endorsements; just look at her and her assets and it doesn’t take a genius to work out why companies would want her on board. Natalie’s hot, she knows it, she’s got it and never tires of flaunting it, much to our delight.

11 Sharmilla Nicollet

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Here we have someone who is not familiar to many on the golf scene but Sharmilla Nicollet is a stunning Indian golfer who has quickly captured many hearts. In truth her greatest feature, might be her eyes and they pop out on her. She's also tall at 5'11 which gives her an unmistakeable presence and grabs attention. The 26-year-old hasn't made her way to the LPGA yet, otherwise she'd be a lot more famous than she is. Nicollet could easily be a model when her golf career is over, but it doesn't seem it will be soon. She was the youngest lady golfer to win the All-India Ladies Amateur Championship in 2007–2008 and she's also won several amateur tournaments. One would hope she's invited to the LPGA tour one day.

10 Paula Creamer

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Since turning pro way back in 2004, Paula’s gone on her merry way to establishing herself as one of the best. Hers is a colossal name in the world of golf, and she’s won 12 pro tour wins, a feat that’s made her a pretty big deal. Due to her golfing accomplishments, her name was always going to get picked up anyway, she was always going to appear in sports’ mags, do photoshoots and what not, but the fact that she’s a hottie certainly helps. She’s earned millions over the years with endorsement deals, and it’s easy to understand why. Paula’s also very easy on the eye, has that girl next door look about her, but she’s also got some assets – a couple to be exact – that make her stand out and become not only better, but more beautiful than the rest.

9 Belén Mozo

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Golfing superstar Sergio García is undoubtedly the Spanish number one when it comes to golf, but the sultry Spanish superstar in the making, Belén isn’t too far behind. She’s absolutely stunning, and although people watch Sergio for his golfing prowess, a ton of people also tune in to see Belén in action, although more for other reasons.

Belén’s the very definition of a golfing hottie. She’s blessed with stunning looks, but works hard on maintaining her appearance, works hard developing a killer athletic physique too. She’s super-fit and is obsessed with working out, and isn’t shy about showing off her toned body and all that hard work. She bared all and posed nude for ESPN’S The Body Issue, and has taken part in a number of other sultry shoots over the years, from which we’ve deemed she’s got an amazing body and a killer set of twins.

8 Blair O’Neal

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Blair O’Neal’s not someone who just does a bit of modeling in her spare time. She’s an accomplished model in her own right, and looking at some of her pics it’s easy to see why. The photographers who are lucky enough to shoot her certainly have plenty to work with, and incidentally, she’s more than a decent golfer too, hence she makes this list.

The blonde bombshell has a ton of accolades to her name; forget golf, she’s regarded to be one of the hottest female athletes in the world, and she has a number of great assets combined with her great looks which have helped her get there. Her twins are petite but perfect and fit in proportion with the rest of her stunning physique, which is a killer physique.

Blair’s a dedicated athlete, a top model, amazing TV host and just an all-round beautiful and driven woman which has made her one of the top names in golf.

7 Cheyenne Woods

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Cheyenne Woods – even if you don’t know anything about golf, you can probably look at her pic, take her surname, and make the connection. Yes, Cheyenne is related to one of the world’s greatest ever golfers, Tiger Woods. She’s Tiger’s half-brother’s daughter, and you can see the resemblance. She was obviously aware of Tiger’s feats growing up and so wanted to follow in her uncle’s footsteps. She’s had a pretty decent time of it too since turning pro in 2012, and she’s actually becoming pretty popular in the golfing ranks, because of her name but also because she’s one of the hottest women on tour.

Lady Tiger’s got a pretty massive set of twins, is beautiful, is a decent golfer, and is the person everyone in golf’s been buzzing about since she joined the pro ranks.

6 Kathleen Ekey

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Thirty year old Kathleen Ekey turned pro in 2009 and has since stole the hearts of many golf fans around the world. She’s managed to achieve two tour wins since joining the pro ranks, so certainly isn’t one of the most accomplished golfers around, but who cares, that’s not the criteria for this list. She might not be the biggest – she is big in other ways, other areas – or the best, but she’s super-hot and is certainly one of the most beautiful female golfers on the pro circuit.

Kathleen’s got the looks but has got the body too, a pretty big set of twins that guys can’t help but ogle at under her golfing attire. She’s done some photoshoots too over the years which just accentuate her assets, so although Kathleen may not be known for her golfing prowess, she’s certainly known for something.

5 Sandra Gal

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We come to 32-year-old Sandra Gal who has been competing for some time now in major LPGA events, and has always enjoyed a pretty decent ranking, although she has only had the solitary pro tour win. But she’s consistent with where she finishes, and so has always been there and there abouts, but she’s certainly not your average golfer when it comes to her beauty. The German pro golfer is super-hot, has an awesome set of twins, certainly one of the hottest in golf, but surprisingly it’s not her twins that stand out. Sandra’s known for having endlessly long legs, which are toned, makes her seem incredibly graceful, and when added to her beauty, her twins, and her other assets, means she’s not far off – it’s just her golf game that needs some improvement – from having the complete package.

4 Maria Verchenova

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Maria Verchenova turned pro in 2006 and became a full member of the Ladies European Tour a year later. Her becoming a member of the tour made headlines in the golf world, not only because she became the first Russian to become a full member of the tour, but also because she’s another female golfer on this list who’s stunningly attractive.

She’s boosted golf’s profile in Russia, and it’s understandable why, after seeing her pic, having a woman of her beauty associated with female golf. Just like her fellow European golf pro, Sandra Gal, Maria’s got endlessly long legs, by far and away her best feature – if we had to pick, which is seriously tough. Most female golfers have posed in sexy shoots, but Maria’s only one of a few who’s posed nude,. She’s posed in a ton of other racy shoots, hence we can safely say, with some certainty, that she has the most amazing set of twins, and just the most spectacular body full stop.

3 Natalia Ghilzon

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This Canadian golfing beauty doesn’t need to pose nude or partake in racy shoots for us to know she’s got a really hot set of twins – although a lot of people would sure love her to! The tight tops and sportswear she dons enables us to see plenty, and there really is plenty to see. But Natalia isn’t just known for having a nice rack; she’s beautiful from head to toe and is a real stunner on the golf course. She’s also a fitness fanatic, and it certainly shows because she’s attained one sizzling physique over the years.

Natalia’s certainly a winner in the fans’ eyes, but she’s yet to translate her fan following and popularity into major successes on the golf course. But she is still young at the age of 27, so hopefully for her sake, her time will come, because a happy Natalia who’s winning tournaments would make for an even prettier sight.

2 Sophie Horn


If you ask people to categorically say, once and for all, who the hottest female golfer on the planet is, Sophie Horn would be the name most likely to be on everyone’s lips. She’s made a name for herself as being one of the hottest athletes on the planet – she knows she’s got it, loves to flaunt it and markets herself superbly. Even when she was an aspiring golfer she started posting sultry pics of herself, and then when she went to the Rio Olympics, she achieved stardom on a global scale – for her looks that is.

Sophie’s posed for some of the world’s top lads’ mags, and has done a number of nude shoots, so all you have to do is type her name into a search engine and you’ll instantly know she’s got some of the hottest sets of twins in golf. She is to all extents and purposes, a model, and she’s got assets, including a couple of perky ones, befitting one of the most glamorous models in sports around.

1 Brooke Pancake

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There are a number of athletes on this list who could have been in this number one position, but after some real careful consideration, a lot of comparing and a substantial amount of research, I’ve gone for Brooke Pancake.

Brooke turned pro in 2012, and is still trying to earn her first pro win. She’s not the best golfer on the circuit, but she’s certainly one of the most well-known in the LPGA. Firstly, her name’s pretty recognizable. Pancake is comically sponsored by Waffle House, and boy does she get guys drooling and ogling when on the golf course. That’s because the 26-year-old beauty is seriously hot. She cuts a cute and pretty petite figure, but there’s nothing petite about her hot set of twins, which are very very prominent and visible when she’s doing her thing on the golf course.

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