Real Or Fake: 15 Female Tennis Players With The Hottest Sets Of Twins

Violent home invasions, controversies over racist remarks, and ruthless mob connections are just three of the background stories of these professional women tennis players inhabiting this list counting down "volley dolls" with the most tantalizing "twins."  The sport has come a long, long way since the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) was founded by pioneering player Billie Jean King in 1973, to serve as the principal organizing institution for women’s pro tours. In fact, one can reasonably argue women’s tennis has eclipsed the men’s game here and now in 2017--despite the inequality in earnings, as noted by NBC Sports.  This list will also include references to the International Tennis Federation (ITF), a lowered-tier partner of the WTA.

Tennis is an excellent showcase for the female form in all its glory, from athletic grace to sublime beauty. And a large part of female beauty is found in those curvaceous attributes that separate the sexes when it comes to external appearances, and that certainly includes a woman’s bust and cleavage.

Each of these women are first and foremost professional tennis players, regardless of body shape and size. Sports by nature are competitive games of physicality, and admiring the athlete’s physicality--and potentially their appearance as well--is part of that experience. When you read a book--or article on The Sportster--you’re not engaged in any way with the author on a physical level, but you certainly are when you’re visually engrossed with a live or taped sporting event, watching highlights, or merely looking at still images of athletes, as you will on this list of 15 of the most enticing Tennis Twins nature and/or man has to offer.

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15 Vojislava Lukić

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Going topless with her twins on the cover of a 2009 Serbian edition of FHM and being linked to Eastern European mobsters are just two of the interesting details about Ms. Lukić’s life. As noted by Celebvita, Lukić has 35-inch breasts with a 34B cup size, yet there’s no denying the appeal of her perky puppies, as Vojislava showed off some very enticing “side-bewb” on that ‘09 cover of FHM in her youthful heyday.

After starting her career in 2004 and peaking as a pro in 2007, the leggy Lukić walked away from the court and allegedly started a “tennis school.” In reality, she became a tennis instructor at the Buckskill Tennis Club in New York’s ritzy Hamptons. Lukić also fills the sexy quota for being a “bad girl,” as she once dated Zoran Copic, 21 years her senior, a man allegedly associated with the mob operating in the Southeastern Europe sovereign state of Montenegro.

While Ms. Lukić hasn’t had some of the court success as some of the other lovely ladies on this list, she’s to be admired for making a comeback after four years of retirement (2008-12) and winning the Sharm el-Sheikh tournament in Egypt in November 2014.

14 Karolína Plíšková 

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For number thirteen on this list, a twist-- featuring a tennis player who not only has a nice set of twins--she has a gorgeous twin sister! Choosing between Karolína and her identical sister Kristýna--born two minutes earlier--was no easy task--although certainly enjoyable! In 2013, the precocious pair became the first twins to win a doubles title together on the same floor at the Linz Open in Austria.  However, it's not a perfect situation for the sisters--as Karolína complained to in February of this year--she's tired of people confusing the twins.

However, we here at TheSportster can assure Karolína there's no confusion when it comes to recognizing her personal set of twins. Ms. Plíšková's breasts measure out at 35 inches while she wears a 34B cup, as noted by Body Size.


via hawtcelebs.com

One of the most blatantly beautiful women on this list, this German-born fabulous fraulein has been a pro for over a decade now, starting in 2006. Ms. Lisicki first gained prominence in 2009 with a strong Wimbledon showing and her first WTA title, the Family Circle Cup, when she defeated her predecessor on this list, Caroline Wozniacki (see below). She kissed the lucky trophy cup upon winning. Now 27, the sumptuous Sabine sports 34 inch breasts, as noted by Hollywood Measurements. Her taut set of 34B cup twins blend perfectly with her athletic but still sexy and slender figure, as the leggy babe stands a towering 5-10. A glorious gallery of shots of Sabine can be found on Carreck. Her feminine first name comes from an ancient culture (the Sabines) who populated Italy before Rome came to power--and Ms. Lisicki’s beauty certainly reflects timeless and eternal sentiments.


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One of the most recognizable women’s tennis superstars with a “bae face” any man--or Mom--would love, Eugenie sports the most modest twins of any player on this list with 32 inch breasts that fit snugly into a 32B bra cup size, per Actress Bra Size. However, we seriously doubt any guy or woman would take issue with Ms. Bouchard’s bust.

Bouchard made history for her home country when she became the first player from the Great White North to reach the finals of a Grand Slam event, when she lost to another entry on this list, Petra Kvitová (keep reading) in the 2014 Wimbledon finals. Eugenie even earned the praise of then Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Bouchard’s combination of beauty and skill cemented her selection for Sports Illustrated's trendsetting “Swimsuit Edition” for 2017.


via si.com

One of the true celebrity female tennis players who has transcended the sport while also mastering it, Ms Wozniacki knows she’s good-looking, as does SI--seeing as they’ve included her in their  “Swimsuit” issue for the last three years, spanning 2015-17. Per Body Measurements, Caroline's firm 34B cup size bust, which always looks good in a bikini, along with 36 inch breasts, warrants her inclusion here. The Danish darling is also one of the more successful members of this list when it comes to on the court triumphs, having held the position of No. 1 on the WTA Tour for 67 consecutive weeks, per Whats Up USANAIn an ironic moment, in December 2012, Caroline was criticized for stuffing her shirt in mock imitation of Serena Williams' famed bust (see below) at a match in Brazil, per Belfast Telegraph.  


via celebmafia.com

Our youngest entry who recently turned 20, this Swiss siren offers a 35-inch bust as noted by Celeb Masters, with a 32C cup that lands the beautiful Ms. Bencic a spot in the top ten of this list. Top 2 Best displayed a great pick of Belinda's boobs from 2016. In 2012 she won the Wimbledon girls’ title. In 2015, the crimson-haired queen of the courts at age 18 became the youngest ever winner of the Rogers Cup, defeating a slew of ladies on this very list; Eugenie Bouchard, Serena Williams and Simona Halep for the title.  Ms Bencic’s had good training, as one of her tennis coaches is Melanie Molitor, the mother of legendary women’s player Martina Hingis, as noted by German media source SRF, which hailed her as “Newcomer of the Year” in 2013.


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Even though Ms. Halep actually reduced her once titanic twins from their “birth weight” of 34DD at age 17, she still is welcomed to this list based on her still maintaining an impressive 34C cup size. The Chive has a full gallery of before-and-after pics. The Romanian’s rack reduction improved her game considerably, as noted in 2014 by the Daily Mail, allowing for her to become the number three seed at Wimbledon that year. Though men the world over were saddened, losing the monster boobs allowed Ms. Halep to be more mobile with less restricted strokes. Now 25, Simona is participating in this year's Madrid Open, which she was champion of in 2016--and as of May 11 she had reached the quarterfinals. 

8 Madison Keys 

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This 22-year-old American features twins measuring at an impressive 37 inches, and she wears a 34C bra.  However, as noted by Body Measurements, sports bras tend to constrict the bust closer to the body frame, as is likely the case with Ms. Keys. Madison made history when she became the first American woman to debut in the top 10 since Serena Williams in 1999, as reported by the L.A. Times in June 2016. Most recently, Madison was unfortunately defeated on May 6 in the Madrid Open.

Just prior to that, "Maddy" showed she still knows how to have fun, as she posted a eye-popping bikini pic of herself, lounging by a Florida pool on April 26, per her Twitter account. Let's hope for many more to come.


via upi.com

Ms. Zheng is regarded as one of the all-time great tennis players to ever hail from China--male or female--which includes a Wimbledon doubles title in 2006, when Jie paired with since retired fellow Chinese countrywoman, Yan Zi.  Earlier in the year, the pair made history for their native China by winning a Grand Slam event when they won the doubles title at the Australian Open in January 2006.  

Ms. Zheng also is blessed with two of the finest twins on the women’s tour today, as depicted by Complex in 2009, when they ranked Jie and her twins no.13 on their list of the 20 hottest female tennis players in the game. All these years later, and Ms. Zheng’s bust is still an impressive sight to behold.


via popsugar.com

Mrs. Mattek-Sands is presently ranked number one in women’s doubles, and she earns a top-ten ranking on this list for a most impressive pair of twins. She married the lucky Justin Sands in 2008, per Heavy.  The tennis world got an extremely intimate look at Sands’ twins as shared in Fanpop with the comical heading “Bethanie Mattek-Sands Needs Better Bras”. The title was a reference to the way her bra flattened against her top, enabling a fortunate photographer’s telephoto lens to reveal the majority of Bethanie’s boobs for all the world to glimpse.  Not that the often outrageous Ms. Mattek-Sands would probably mind, given her demonstrative personality replete with prominent arm tattoos and edgy fashion choices, like the crazy white “tennis ball jacket” she donned at Wimbledon 2011. 


via lbc9.net

The Austrian stunner with model-like cheekbones has such an impressive bust that there’s an actual “Tamira Paszek's Boobs Appreciation Page” on Facebook, in praise of puppies that measure out at 34 inches and fit foxily into a 34D bra cup. Such tribute earns her a top five finish on this list. Just for your information, that Facebook fan page’s “cover photo” utilizes a 2008 action shot published by the Daily Mail featuring an eye-popping look at Tamira’s deep cleavage. The 26-year-old with enchanting eyes has won three WTA titles, though a career slump forced her to play in the lower-tier ITF, where she dominated with multiple crowns. Ms. Paszek's comeback to the more prestigious WTA tour was welcome news for fans everywhere.

4 Julia Görges 

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The gorgeous German Görges is currently ranked #47 in the world as of this past May 10, with multiple WTA titles and and ITF titles. Julia displays 37 inch breasts and wears a 34C bra cup per Body Measurements.  Ms. Görges was part of a confluence of members of this hallowed list during the BNP Paribas Open held in Indian Wells, California, in 2016, when her doubles partner was the #13 entry you’ve read about, Karolína Plíšková. However, as sexy as the Görges-Plíšková pair was to watch, they lost the doubles title final to Coco Vandeweghe and Bethanie Mattek-Sands (#6, see above). How impressive are Julia's twins? According to OMGLMAOWTFGörges won "Most Beautiful Boobs on Tour" with an accompanying bouncy pic. We salute her.


via celebuzz.com

When it comes to Serena--the final entry on this ranking to have been in the SI Swimsuit Edition for 2017--just a first name--and no other introduction is needed, regarding her career, or her boobs. Even but a momentary glimpse at virtually any picture of Ms. Williams reveals just how well endowed the woman truly is, with 36 inch breasts that accompanies a 36D bra cup size.

On the court, Serena’s overall accomplishments--72 career WTA titles and over $84 million earned in tourney winnings--place her squarely in the discussion as the greatest female tennis player of all time. Yet even Serena's had to endure recent bouts of racism--as reported by ESPN, former male pro Ille "Nasty" Nastase got in trouble at a press conference this past April 22 in Romania, when commenting on Serena's unborn child: "Let's see what color it has. Chocolate with milk?"  Serena announced she is pregnant with the child of Alexis Ohanian, who is white. Hopefully their bi-racial child, due in fall 2017, can live in a better world than the one favored by the likes of Ille Nastase. 

2 Petra Kvitová 

via lbcvikingnews.com

The ravishing runner-up on this list of tennis twins--and a 2-time Wimbledon champion (2011, 2014)--takes a back seat to no woman when it comes to the dual qualities of courage and spirit. In December 2016 at her home in the historic Czech Republic city of Prostějov, the precious Petra was shockingly stabbed by a fake utility-man turned home invader who sliced tendons in her left (playing) hand. Czech Police later confirmed the attack was part of a scary blackmail plot, possibly related to the fact Ms. Kvitová was ranked the sixth-highest paid female athlete as of 2015, per Forbes.  At last word, as of May 2017, Petra had returned to the practice courts. Hopefully we'll soon see Ms. Kvitová back bounding on the court, with her 34D cups that contain 38 inch breasts, per Celeb Sizes.

1 Sania Mirza

via all4desktop.com

For pro tennis' "best breasts", Sania Mirza tops this list for 2017. This bodacious East Indian tennis titan easily evokes the Hindu deity Lakshmi, goddess of beauty. Ms. Mirza is also a superstar of international proportions, having been named one of “The 100 Most Influential People” by Time in 2016. When Mirza and Martina Hingis won the Family Circle Cup doubles title in 2015, she became the first Indian woman to be ranked #1 in doubles rankings, per WTA Tennis. With Sania, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by her combination of easy-on-the-eyes face and tantalizing twins that measure out at 38 inches held at bay by a 34D bra, per Healthy Celeb. There's an impressive collection of pictures featuring the sensuous Sania and her mesmerizing mammaries on the Pandhi Gunna blog.

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