Real Or Fake: 15 SI Cover Girls With The Hottest Sets Of Twins

The Sports Illustrated media franchise has come a long way since it launched in the 1950s. Initially its target readership was solely sportsmen, then it went through a transition and began to focus on more upper-class activities such as yachting and polo. But this was a very niche market, and the magazine was in dire straits, that is until Andre Laguerre came along, became managing editor, and transformed the magazine, turned around its fortunes. He brought a number of new concepts to the publication, resulting in a magazine that millions around the world read and love today.

Aside from the sports element of the magazine and the various segments, many people buy the mag and can’t take their eyes off the colorful glossy covers because of the beautiful women that adorn the cover pages. Those infamous swimsuit editions in particular, are the ones that get the pulse racing. The women who feature on those covers are just drop-dead gorgeous, super-hot models who’ve got it and defiantly know how to flaunt it.

They’re all of course super-hot, but what sets these girls in particular apart from the other SI cover girls, is that they have – without meaning to sound crude – amazing sets of twins. As we know, some enhancements have been made for models, while others stay natural. Either way, the SI swimsuit cover is meant to celebrate a woman's beauty. So, here they are; 15 girls who have graced the cover of the coveted SI over the years and have the hottest sets of twins.

15 Hannah Jeter

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Hannah Davis, who recently became Hannah Jeter after getting hitched to former MLB star Derek Jeter, appeared on the SI cover for the 2015 publication, her one and only time as a SI cover girl, but boy was it a memorable cover, some would say not for all the right reasons. Hannah was 24 at the time when she rocked the cover, possibly the magazine’s most explicit cover yet. It was a very revealing pose which saw her pulling down her bikini bottoms – far too much nudity for a lot of people’s liking. A sport’s editor – not at SI – summed it up with a rather comical Tweet: “Not saying Hannah Davis is nearly naked on the SI Swimsuit cover, but her gynaecologist cancelled her next check-up!”

Hannah may have been showing too much below – again, just for some people – but no one was complaining about what was going on up top. Her bountiful chest isn’t what stole the show in this pic, but nevertheless it’s still a star attraction, they’re her best asset, she knows it and never tires of showing them off in all their glory – do your own research! Derek Jeter’s a very lucky guy, and now that he’s retired he must have a lot of time on his hands; wonder what he’s doing with it – his time and his hands!

14 Kate Upton

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Kate Upon’s graced the cover of Sports Illustrated, multiple times, three to be exact, and is the cover girl for the most recent issue. She first appeared on the cover in 2012, in the Swimsuit Issue, and it’s kept her being called back for modeling gigs with SI. Since those days, she’s been getting into acting, but it’s modeling that she’ll always be known for, and her name’s synonymous with SI and other magazines such as Vanity Fair.

The blonde bombshell, Kate Upton, is stunning in every which way. She’s got the looks, got the charm, and of course has some great assets, a set of twins that steal the show. Kate’s also not your stereotypical stick-thin model either; she’s somewhat curvaceous, and that just adds to size of that perfectly shaped rack up top.

13 Nina Agdal

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Nina Agdal was discovered on the streets of Denmark and then became a modeling sensation when she went to U.S. shores. She was a teenager when she started out, and in the seven years since, she’s become a prominent name in the modeling industry, modeling for some top names, massive companies such as SI. She first appeared in the Swimsuit Issue back in 2012, and then a couple of years later graced the cover along with Chrissy Teigen and Lily Aldridge, which she deems to be by far and away the best moment of her career.

Nina’s hot but also super-fit. She’s got a toned physique, is ripped, seems not to have an ounce of fat on her body, but thankfully for everyone that hasn’t meant her other assets have become less prominent.

12 Chrissy Teigen

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Model Chrissy Teigen made her debut in SI way back in 2010, and has since featured on the cover along with Nina and Lily, as mentioned in the previous entry. Since those days her career’s just gone from strength to strength and she’s now basking in the limelight of her success as a prominent TV personality, and wife to singing sensation John Legend. SI and her initial appearance in the coveted magazine can be credited for helping her get onto this path of superstardom, but those photographers had plenty to work with. Chrissy’s another one who’s somewhat curvaceous, and that means she’s got some voluptuous assets up top. You can see why she inspired that song “All Of Me” – Mr. Legend is a very lucky man.

11 Lily Aldridge

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SI decided that for their 50th Anniversary they’d get not one, not two, but three stunning models to grace their cover, and Lily Aldridge is one of those models who appeared on the cover in 2014. Those who got that edition didn’t know where to look and were spoilt for choice. The three were essentially naked, touching each other seductively and smiling for the camera as if they were having the best time in the world – plenty of readers certainly were when they got their hands on the anniversary issue!

Lily’s set of twins aren’t the biggest; they’re more petite than some of the other girls on this list, but at least we know they’re one hundred percent hers – not that it matters either way – perfect for her body, and still utterly gorgeous.

10 Elle Macpherson

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Australian model, businesswoman, television host and actress Elle Macpherson, has seemingly been around for ever. She’s in her 50s now and has had a long a glittering career, first as a model, then as an actress and TV host. But modeling’s where it all started. She rose to fame as a model during the early 1980’s and by the time SI came along, she had already modelled for some top brands. It’s unsurprising that when she first graced the cover of SI in 1986, they couldn’t get enough of her. She was the cover girl for the next year’s edition too, and went on to become the first five-time cover model for SI.

Even now that she’s in her 50s, Elle looks absolutely stunning, but back in the day when she was on the cover of SI she was a real knockout. Elle’s always been athletic has had an amazing physique and endlessly long legs, and that tends to divert people’s attention – a tad anyway – from her set of twins. Again, they’re not the biggest, but they’re certainly a set of the best, and there are a number of super-hot pics of her showing them off over the years.

9 Hailey Clauson

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Hailey Clauson’s still young at the age of 22, but already has a ton of experience in the modeling industry, having started out at the age of 14. Obviously back then she wasn’t posing in racy photoshoots, but now as she’s gotten older and has blossomed into a beautiful young woman, companies can’t get enough of Hailey, can’t stop asking her to do those shoots we all know and love of her posing in very little clothing on a beach somewhere with her looking as hot as the sun beating down on her.

The 2016 SI issues was the magazine’s first issue that had multiple front covers, and that meant multiple models. Ronda Rousey and Ashley Graham featured on two of the covers, and the third was for Hailey Clauson, her first time as a cover girl for SI.

Wow Hailey’s developed alright, and in all the right places too; at the age of 22 she has the world of modeling at her feet.

8 Ashley Graham

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Another one of the three separate cover stars to appear on the 2016 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, Ashley Graham is different from the others in that she’s a plus-size model. SI decided to do away with their typical cover girl models for one issue and plaster Ashley on their cover page. She might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but no one was complaining when they set eyes on her on the cover.

Just to clear up any misconceptions here; by me saying Ashley’s a plus-size model it does not mean that she’s fat. Sure, she’s bigger and curvier than the stereotypical model, but that just adds to her sex appeal, adds some size to her assets. She has actually lost a lot of weight since appearing on the SI cover, but those set of twins haven’t diminished in size or voluptuosity in any which way.

7 Brooklyn Decker

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Brooklyn Decker’s now transitioned to acting, but she became known for her work as a fashion model, and one of the modeling assignments that brought her to prominence was her shoot for SI. She appeared on the cover of the Swimsuit Issue in 2010, looking sizzling hot in pretty much no clothing, on a beach in the Maldives. That pic on the cover was all about her set of twins. It was an extremely seductive, sensual pose, with her having removed her bikini top and covering her rack with her arm, but that strategically placed arm wasn’t enough to hide the curves of her twins, which were still bursting out under that arm. She was to all extents and purposes naked, and it’s a cover that will live long in the memory as one of the best.

6 Beyoncé Knowles

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Beyoncé Knowles is a singing sensation, a superstar plain and simple. She’s known for her singing, her dancing, twerking, for being one half of singing’s most famous power couple with Jay Z, and for being incredibly hot. But – although she’s done photoshoots and modeling gigs – she’s not known for being a model, or an athlete, because she’s not. So it was big news when Beyoncé graced the cover of the 2007 issue, becoming the first non-model/non-athlete to do so. It was also big news because it was Beyoncé, need I say any more about why?

Beyoncé’s a favorite, not only because of her singing, but because of her approach to diet and exercise. She’s not obsessed with looking stick thin; she’s curvaceous, rocks those curves, is bootylicious, and is blessed with a gorgeous set of twins too.

5 Heidi Klum

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I’m going back a bit here to 1998, but Heidi Klum definitely has a place on this list. The German model is stunning in every which way and has had a long and successful career in the modeling industry, which was essentially kick-started by her appearance on the SI illustrated cover. That just served to propel her into the limelight, and she’s since worked for Victoria's Secret as an "Angel," done a ton of other modeling work and also made the transition into acting. She’s now an actress and TV personality too, and it all started with SI.

Heidi’s featured in SI a number of times, but only once has she graced the cover, and that cover was all about one thing, her set of twins. Her pose just served to accentuate her rack and gave us all a real eyeful, which readers were delighted with.

4 Tyra Banks

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Of course, I had to put Tyra Banks on this list, and if you know anything about modeling, even if you’ve just switched on the TV over the past 20 years and follow celebrity culture and talk shows, you’ll know why. Tyra’s probably the one model on this list who’s gone on to achieve superstardom and become known to the masses.

She first appeared on the cover of SI back in 1996, becoming the first African-American to do so, and they must have loved her so much, or the magazine must have been flying off the shelves, because they got her back to do the cover the following year too. She became the world’s top-earning model, and it’s evident why. She’s got all the right assets, a really really hot set of twins and an all-round stunning physique which she flaunted beautifully on the cover of SI.

3 Carolyn Murphy

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Carolyn Murphy’s another model who appeared on the cover of SI in back to back issues. She was already a household name in the modeling industry before she featured on those SI covers, having been named VH1/Vogue's "Model of the Year" in 1998, but then those SI shoots gave her a whole new level of popularity. She was on the cover in 2005 and 2006, but unfortunately for her, unlike many others on this list, her career hasn’t quite hit the heights she’d have been hoping for since the shoot. But she’ll always have that magazine cover, on which she looks absolutely stunning. She’s lean, fit, and those twins are perky and perfect; she really does have a killer body and is stunningly beautiful too – not a bad package to work with.

2 Irina Shayk

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In 2011, Russian beauty Irina Shayk graced the cover of SI, becoming the first Russian model to do so. That cover shoot enhanced her popularity tenfold, and she’s since become one of the most followed models on social media – she’s ranked eighth in the world for her social medial following. Set your eyes on Irina and it’s clear to understand why. Although she’s Russian and looks somewhat European, there’s something exotic about Irina – she looks almost South American and Asian too, and all that serves to give her one amazing complexion, and contributes to her looking incredibly beautiful.

She’s tanned in that two-piece bikini and looks radiant, but of course her skin color isn’t the only thing we notice. The eyes are instantly drawn to her set of twins which couldn’t be more perfect if God had crafted them himself.

1 Veronika Vařeková

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Czech model Veronika Vařeková moved to New York when she was in her teens, and that’s when her modeling career took off. She was instantly snapped up by a modeling agency and appeared as a cover girl on many different prominent magazines, including SI, on which she appeared twice, in 2004 and 2006. She starred on the cover of that 2004 issue, and in 2006 she shared it as part of the all-star SI cover model beach party, a memorable issue.

In both issues she was essentially naked, doing that seductive pose in which her body’s turned away from the camera. So, we don’t really get to see much of her twins on both of those covers, but do your own research and I’m sure what you’ll find will be somewhat titillating – pun intended!

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