Real Or Fake? 15 Sports WAGs With The Hottest Sets Of Twins

These freaking athletes have it made. Not only do they get to travel the world and get tons of money, but even a mediocre professional athlete can seemingly land a supermodel as a wife or girlfriend. To the credit of many of these ladies, they seem to genuinely care about their guys and often stay with them even after the glory days are over. Heck in some cases women get with athletes who never even had glory days. In any case, the wives and girlfriends (WAGs) of athletes are often the kind of women who could turn every head in the room while walking by. Some of these WAGs are just blessed with good genes, and others have taken more extreme measures to ensure their physical form is up to top standard.

The most common trait among the WAGs of athletes is to undergo breast augmentation surgery to increase their twins. Today we are going to be looking at 15 of the hottest pair of twins from current WAGs of sports stars. After listing the twins we will try to determine whether or not they are real or fake.

As always feel free to give us your guesses as to whether or not these WAGs are natural or enhanced in the comments section.

15 Kate Upton - Justin Verlander

Kate Upton took the world by storm in 2011 after appearing in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Upton, who was covered by body paint during her photo shoot, took the internet by storm when a video of her doing “the dougie” went viral a few weeks later. By the end of the year, Upton was everywhere, including in the arms of Detroit Tigers starting pitcher Justin Verlander. The two have been together ever since, and have even had compromising photos of them released onto the internet via phone hacking.

The nude photos fueled the fire on the already raging debate regarding Upton’s breasts being real. There seems to be an even split online, with a slight edge going to her being natural due to the uncontrolled jiggle she has when she walks.

14 Olivia Munn - Aaron Rodgers

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Come on, do you really think I’m unaware of the fact that Aaron Rodgers and Olivia Munn broke up in April? Oh, I know it, but I have two really good reasons for including her on this list. First, like most couples who were in long relationships, there is a good chance that these two could work it out and end up back together. My final and most important reason are Munn… I mean look at her she is gorgeous.

Munn has been on the radar of most internet dwellers since hosting G4’s Attack of the Show!, but has since transitioned into a Hollywood star in recent years. As her star rose, Munn began appearing in more and more publications including being featured as a cover girl for Playboy in 2010. With her girl next door appearance, it’s hard to imagine that Munn has fallen victim to the world of plastic surgery, but many suspect that she may have undergone enhancement surgery due to her fluctuating cleavage. A surgeon actually commented on Munn stating that her twins often look “normal” and she may just be aided by some clever bra choices.

13 Meghan Allen - Devin Harris

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Devin Harris has been a solid NBA journeyman through his 13 year career in the league, and was even named as an All-Star in 2009. Though his professional career never lived up to the hype of being a first-round pick, his love life surely didn’t suffer. The Dallas Maverick was connected to Playboy Cyber Playmate Meghan Allen in 2009, and after four years of dating the two tied the knot. Early on in their relationship some speculated it to be a fling, as Allen was featured on the NBC reality dating show Momma’s Boys, but that was filmed prior to their meeting. Though she has since become a mom, Allen looks great, and still sports a great set of twins. Unlike many on this list, Mrs. Harris has admitted to going under the knife to attain her great body.

12 Lindsey Vecchione - Jonathan Toews

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On a team as tough as the Chicago Blackhawks, sometimes a guy needs a girl who is equally as rough around the edges. In the case of Blackhawks centre Jonathan Toews, the rough girl he picked up was a former athlete who knows a little bit about full contact sports. Lindsey Vecchione was a member of the Chicago Bliss, laying out hard hits as a strong safety in the Lingerie Football League back in 2009. You’d think that a woman playing football would be big, gruff and manly looking but you would be wrong. Vecchione is probably one of the hottest WAGS in the world right now, and easily turns heads no matter where she is.

Two big reasons that she is a stunner sit right on her chest, and with their shape and size it’s not unreasonable to think that they may not be as real as her boyfriend’s playing ability.

11 Anna Burns Welker - Wes Welker

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It doesn’t take a ton of talent to be a Hooters girl, despite what some of the waitress may have told you at a restaurant. It does, however, take a little bit of talent to be named Miss Hooters International, and by talent I of course mean a ridiculous set of twins. Burns was able to meet former NFL wide receiver/current assistant coach Wes Welker during the height of her Hooters Fame.

The two were married in 2012 and it wasn’t long before Mrs. Welker was back in the news for throwing some serious shade at other NFL players during a rant following a the Patriots loss to the Ravens in the 2013 AFC Championship Game. Since then Burns has stayed pretty low key, but there are plenty of pictures of her from Hooters day to give us a look at all she’s got to offer. As far as her twins go, they’ve got to be fake, I mean come on they’ve got to be right?

10 Kate Bock - Kevin Love

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Kevin Love had a great year in 2016. Not only did he find redemption in his Game 7 performance in the NBA Finals, but he also nabbed a Sports Illustrated model - Kate Bock -l on top of that! Bock has been featured in the Swimsuit Issue for the past four years, and was a former Rookie of the Year in 2013. She was eventually able to make the jump to model for Victoria’s Secret and Maxim as well. Bock is a blonde bombshell who could easily be mistaken for being surgically enhanced based on her firm body. Upon closer inspection, however, Bock has a slight droop in her chest when she goes braless which may confirm that she is all natural in that department.

9 Jaime Edmondson - Evan Longoria

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Evan Longoria is generally considered the best third basemen in the MLB, with his three All-Star appearances and franchise record-breaking number of home runs. Despite being on a bad team, Longoria didn’t strike out in the love department dating and eventually marrying Jaime Edmondson in 2015. Edmondson was a Playboy playmate in 2010, and was featured in two separate seasons of CBS’s The Amazing Race. Though her husband is a baseball player, Edmondson is probably best known for her series of photos wearing gear for each franchise in the NFL. With all of the pictures floating around of Edmondson braless, it’s easy to see that her twins sit a little too perfect and are a little too round to be natural.

8 Katie Hoaldridge - Jamie Benn

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Jamie Benn signed a nice contract in 2016 that extended his tenure with the Dallas Stars through the 2024 season in the NHL. As the team captain Benn has led the Stars to become one of the better teams in the league, and being captains has its perks. One of those perks is being the face of the franchise, and in turn getting exposed to a bunch of great Texans. One Texan - Katie Hoaldridge- really caught Ben's eye, and for good reason as the former track star is a knockout. Hoaldridge has used her athletic body to land jobs as a fitness model for various online publications.

Though she was a runner, Hoaldridge doesn’t have the traditional runner’s frame and is instead curvy in all the right place. Looking back at photos from her track days seems to show signs that a slight enhancement could have taken place since then, but the jury is still out on this one.

7 Paulina Gretzky - Dustin Johnson

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When you are the daughter of the greatest hockey player in the history of mankind, there is a good chance that you are going to be a little famous by osmosis. Now take that last statement, and make that daughter look like Paulina Gretzky, and you will see why she was the internet's obsession for a few years. Gretzky broke the hearts of men everywhere when she announced that she was getting engaged to pro golfer Dustin Johnson in 2013. Despite her now being a mom of two, Gretzky still looks as great as she ever did and can still rock a bikini like it’s nobody's business. But as with so many ladies on this list, Gretzky’s twins have caused a stir with many believing that there is no way they could be real. I’m leaning towards fake due to her naturally small frame and the fact that she probably had the means to get surgery before anyone took major notice.

6 Ciara - Russell Wilson

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Russell Wilson puts a ton of positive energy into the world around him with his charity work in the Seattle community, and it seems that Karma has been good to him in the love department. After an unsuccessful marriage to his high school sweetheart, Wilson started dating R&B superstar Ciara in 2015. The two were married shortly after and are now raising their two children together. For a while, there was a nasty rumor going around that Ciara was actually transgender, and that rumor wasn’t helped by the fact that the platinum recording artist had some noticeable plastic surgery.

Ciara not only seemed to have gone under the knife for her face but also seems a bit larger in the chest since when she debuted in 2004. Obviously with the birth of her children that rumor has been put to rest, the same can’t be said for her enhancements.

5 Lauren Anderson Brignac - Reid Brignac

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Working as an MLB Journeyman since being drafted in 2008, shortstop Reid Brignac has strung together a decent career in the MLB. Despite his mediocre playing career, Brignac was able to land a Playboy model - Lauren Anderson - in 2010. Anderson was most famous in the early 2000s for winning the Fox Television special Who Wants to be a Playboy Centerfold. There are two big reasons that Lauren won, and they are sitting right below her chin. Truthfully, Anderson may be the only Playmate on this list who actually is all-natural. I can’t confirm that for sure but after investigating the situation thoroughly, I am fairly certain that her twins do not fit the usual criteria of an enhanced pair.

4 Lauren Cosgrove - T.J Oshie

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T.J. Oshie’s fate for the Washington Capitals may not be certain at this moment of time, but one thing that is certain is that he has a wife who is stunning. Lauren Oshie is a blonde beaming bombshell, who married the hockey star following the Olympics in Sochi. At this point, not much is known about Mrs. Oshie, except that she loves posting pictures of her family on social media, and she will also post the occasional bikini picture. Two kids have had no effect on Oshie, as her body is just as firm as it was prior to motherhood. With such little info on her, it’s hard to say whether or not Oshie is working with an all-natural set of twins. The spacing of them in some pictures would suggest that they aren’t real, but in other photos, they look as natural as could be. You have to make your own call on this one.

3 Brooklyn Decker - Andy Roddick

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When professional tennis player Andy Roddick saw Brooklyn Decker in Sports Illustrated, he instantly contacted his manager to set up a meeting between the two. Roddick must have the moves because he was married to the 22-year-old supermodel in less than two years. Decker is more interested in movies than she is in modeling these days but still manages to show off for her nearly 400,000 Instagram followers. Though her posts are often tame when compared to her pre-motherhood days, you can still catch a glimpse or two of some skin every so often.

If you were paying attention to her body, then you would know that her twins took on a different shape than they had during the early stages of her modeling career. Honestly, Decker was always blessed in the chest, but it looks like she went under the knife to get a round shape.

2 Nicole Scherzinger - Grigor Dimitrov

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This may be the only case on this list where the WAG is arguably more famous than the athlete, but keep in mind that at 38 Nicole Scherzinger has had about a decade more exposure than her boyfriend tennis star Grigor Dimitrov. The up and coming Dimitrov has been seeing Scherzinger on and off for two years, and though they are “taking a break” it’s not the first time. Though Dimitrov has yet to win a major event since turning pro, his biggest victory by far has been getting to stare at his former Pussycat Doll girlfriend every night. Scherzinger hasn’t aged a bit since making her pop charts debut in 2003, which is odd considering that certain things on her body look exactly the same as they did 15 years ago. In 2016 while filming a celebrity game show in the U.K. it was accidentally revealed that Scherzinger had recently gotten “new boobs”. The claim caused a ruckus, and many plastic surgeons commented that they too believed that Scherzinger wasn’t working with a natural set.

1 Jessie James Decker - Eric Decker

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When Jessie James met Eric Decker, she was already a pretty well know recording artist with her debut album going certified gold in 2009. When the duo married in 2013 they wasted no time getting to work on starting a family, with Decker announcing her pregnancy less than two months after their wedding. Decker bounced back fast from her baby weight and has made a full recovery looking nearly identical to her pictures from just five years ago. The Wanted singer is proud of her body and frequently shows it off on social media, which has spawned debate about whether or not she is natural. Although she has gone on record many times stating that she is all-natural, the shape and spacing of her twins have led many to speculate that she is lying.

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