Real Or Fake: 15 Sportscasters With The Hottest Sets Of Twins

It may be unfair but there is an unspoken truth about female sportscasters, and that is that the ones who are stacked usually get more screen time than the others who aren’t. I’m sorry to be so crass about it, but this is literally an article about “twins”, so what do you expect?

A few months ago The Sportster ran an article about the top 20 athletes with the hottest set of twins, and it got us thinking that maybe we could take a look at the hottest women who cover the athletes. Unlike the athletes that we covered in the previous article, breast implants can serve a purpose in the career of a sportscaster. Whether it's fair or not, the size of a woman’s chest can literally make or break her career. Sure there are a few women who are respected for their journalistic integrity in sports, but for the most part, many fans are eyeballing these women until they eventually come to respect them. This may prompt some aspiring journalist to go under the knife and receive a few enhancements for the sake of their future on-air prospects.

Today we are going to take a look at 15 of the hottest sportscasters, and specifically try to decide whether they are all natural, or if they have gotten anything enhanced. As always feel free to let us know your opinions in that comments section, and more importantly let us know if any of these guesses of real or fake are wrong!

15 Lauren Gardner

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Though she is only 31 years old, Lauren Gardner has been already been reporting on the sidelines for 11 years. The redhead has worked for everyone for nearly every major network, with her resume including pit stops on ABC, Fox and currently CBS. Even though she is currently a sideline reporter for college football, many people will remember her for her stint as a contributor in the Lingerie Football League. The reason she was so memorable in the role is because she could have easily transitioned to playing in the games, rather than just reporting on them. Gardner certainly had/has the assets to stand out in the LFL, and frequently takes gigs modeling on the side. Through many of these photos, fans are able to see a side of Gardner that is a bit more revealing. And what it has revealed is that she is most likely all natural in every department - even her hair!

14 Britt McHenry

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At the end of April of 2017, ESPN cut over 100 of their on-air talents, with many of the layoffs being highly shocking. Many were equally as shocked to find out that frequent contributor Britt McHenry wasn’t a subject to the cuts. The 30-year-old blonde made waves in 2015 when she verbally berated an employee at an impound lot for not giving McHenry her car fast enough. The New Jersey native was suspended for one week following the incident, but ESPN didn’t pursue any other punishment. We can only speculate that she still has a job at the sports network because she comes as a package deal with her twins. McHenry hasn’t exactly been shy about showing off her body on Instagram and in modeling sessions, and it looks all natural by all accounts.

13 Alex Curry

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If you are a sports fan on the West Coast, then there is a good chance that you may have seen Alex Curry. At this point, the 29-year-old reporter is the face of Fox Sports for both the Anaheim Angels and the L.A. Kings. Although she is loved for her bubbly personality on Fox Sports, many fans cling to the brown haired beauty for a different reason. The Manhattan Beach native is easily one of the most gorgeous women on television, which is aided by her humble and genuine personality. Her personality, however, isn’t the only thing that is genuine and if you haven’t yet, I suggest you go check out some of her beach photoshoots. I can guarantee you that you won’t be disappointed.

12 Erin Sharoni

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Erin Sharoni isn’t going to be the most well-known reporter on this list, but she certainly more than qualifies for this list for two obvious reasons. Sharoni broke onto the scene in 2010 as an anchor for SportsNet New York and quickly ascended to hosting on major networks like NBC and Showtime. Sharoni’s most recent stint for CBS was her last big televised gig before branching out into her own business for DJ magazine in 2015. Although she isn’t technically a reporter at the moment, Sharoni is still involved in athletics and could easily be picked up by any sports network with her experience. It doesn’t hurt that the former Junior Olympic swimming coach is easy on the eyes, with a pretty smile and a body that is top notch. Though it’s not confirmed, most people could make the educated guess that Sharoni is a bit enhanced in the bust judging by the position and spacing of her twins.

11 Jaime Maggio

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If you're not based out of California, you may have never heard of Spectrum SportsNet reporter Jaime Maggio. The blonde bombshell worked her way up from a sales agent, to production manager and eventually to an on-air talent. Maggio has covered most sports but is probably the best known for her coverage of the Clippers and the Lakers. Despite being gorgeous, Maggio keeps it pretty conservative in the public eye, rarely showing off her body. There have been a few instances, however, where she has slipped and given the world a view of her twins - a mistake we wish she would make more of. From those brief glimpses of Maggio, it’s hard to say whether or not she has been enhanced at all. Judging by her body type though, it may be a safe assumption to say she is all natural and stacked everywhere.

10 Cari Champion

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Back in 2016, Cari Champion agreed to a multi-year extension at ESPN, extending her five-year career at the company for the foreseeable future. Initially hired to moderate ESPN’s First Take, Champion quickly became one of the main draws of the program due to her strong personality. She was able to parlay her success into a stint as one of the anchors of SportsCenter in 2015, a position she still has today. Not only is Champion a rising star at ESPN, but also on Instagram where she frequently shows off her assets to her 200 thousand followers. Cari isn’t shy about showing herself at the gym or the beach and exudes a confidence that is well deserved. As for her twins, well I think we are going to call them all-natural and a product of good genes and great habits.

9 Erin Andrews

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Probably one of the most famous sports reporters in the world, Erin Andrews is easily the most recognizable person on this list. Her resume stretches back to the year 2000, with big breakout coming 2004 after being hired as a reporter for ESPN. Andrews enjoyed an eight-year career at the network but was scooped up by Fox Sports in 2012 where she has since flourished covering the NFL, MLB and College Football. Andrews has gotten more exposure than most on this list, and with that fame has come accusations that she is working with an enhanced set of twins. Though she has never publicly confirmed or denied these claims, model Brooklyn Decker has come to her defense stating that Andrews’ breasts were ‘real and spectacular’.

8 Molly Qerim

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When Molly Qerim started at ESPN in 2007 covering the UFC, she could have no idea of where she would be just nine years later. Since starting in the industry, Qerim has served as a host for the NFL Network, CBS Sports and nearly every one of ESPN’s subsidiaries. More recently Qerim has been promoted to the host of ESPN’s First Take following the departure of Cari Champion. Though Champion was a fan favorite, no one has complained since Qerim has taken over, as the Connecticut native has carved out quite a little fan base. Even rapper Eminem has become a fan of Qerim, making some lewd comments about her appearance on a 2016 track. Now I’m not exactly condoning making those kinds of comments about a woman, but Qerim’s looks have caused many fans to do a double-take. The host is half Albanian and half Italian, which seems to be a great combination in the genetic lottery. Qerim is curvier than most on this list, so my guess is that her twins are as real as could be.

7 Erin Hawksworth

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Erin Hawksworth may not be syndicated...yet, but she sure deserves a spot on this list! The Canada-born Hawksworth got her start working for local broadcasts in Dallas, Seattle, Boston and Toronto after graduating from college in 2004. She got her big break hosting CNN’s World Sport for the network’s international broadcast, and left the company for a post in Washington D.C. in 2015. Her new role at ABC 7 in the nation’s capital features Hawksworth as the station’s sports anchor. Hawksworth engages heavily on social media and frequently posts pictures of every aspect of her life. Thankfully this includes her working out at the gym, and her getting ready for night life. Though you’ll find more pictures of her backside than anything else, she is proportional where it matters and that may be due to a bit of enhancement on her part.

6 Meghan Kluth

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Meghan Kluth is relatively new to the reporting world but has been accepted with open arms by the city of New Orleans and their local ABC affiliate. Before moving to the Big Easy, the blonde bombshell worked for Comcast and the MLB Network in 2013. Though she is listed as a reporter, Kluth is primarily focused on covering sports and her social media is clogged up with Saints and Pelicans stories. Kluth is by no means shy about showing off her own photos on those same social media platforms, and frequently posts pictures showing off her amazing body. In fact, Kluth probably reveals more than anyone else on this list, which has given us ample evidence to determine that she is working with a few enhancements.

5 Marisol Gonzalez

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In 2012 Marisol Gonzalez caused a ruckus when she showed up to Super Bowl XLVI in a skin tight red dress reporting for Televisa Deportes. The Mexico native stole the show back in 2012 and lit the internet on fire once pictures of her surfaced during media day. Of course, Spanish-speaking sports fans had already known of Gonzalez, as she competed in the Miss Universe Pageant in 2003. Although she didn’t win the title of Miss Universe, Gonzalez is doing alright for herself and looks great at the age of 34. In fact, Gonzalez hasn’t aged a day since competing in the pageant and shows off her amazing body every day while reporting. This is a tough call, but seeing as how Gonzalez has had a child, I am going to use that to justify the increase in her shirt size and say she is all natural.

4 Kirsty Gallacher

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Kirsty Gallacher is easily the OG of this list, having been reporting on the sports world since she was hired by Sky Sports News in 1998. During her 20 year career, Gallacher has covered a litany of sporting events - most famously covering The Masters the past couple of years. This year, however, Gallacher was replaced as the go-to reporter for the event. The 41-year-old was apparently upset at being axed, but allegedly Sky Sports couldn’t afford her steep price to work the event. Gallacher must have taken all that rage to the gym because she looks amazing for her age; even better than some of her co-workers that are half her age. With that being said, Gallacher’s figure is different that it was when she started and it doesn’t look like she has had any enhancements.

3 Jenny Dell

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Not only does Jenny Dell cover sports for CBS Sports, but she is married to Texas Rangers third baseman Will Middlebrooks. The two met while Dell was covering the Boston Red Sox for the New England Sports Network in 2013. Dell now covers the NFL and also hosts the Big Ten Network's Campus Eats. Dell is perfect for her role, possessing the classic girl next door look while still exuding a sexiness on the sideline of the football field. The married life hasn’t slowed down Dell at all, and she still looks great at 30. I have to admit that I am totally torn on this one. There are certain pictures where Dell looks all natural, and others where it looks like there is no way that could be true. I guess for this entry I will leave the decision up to the reader.

2 April Rose

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Many readers will remember seeing April Rose as one of the original cast members of both MTV2’s Guy Code, and Girl Code respectively. Since getting her big break on MTV, Rose has transitioned into a reporter for Fox Sports, covering NASCAR and the NHL for the network. For a while, the bombshell even hosted her own show featuring the Chicago Blackhawks called Chicago Face Off with April Rose. More recently Rose’s time is more dedicated to modeling and racing than anything else and nobody is complaining about that. Rose is actually the only person on this list that we can confirm has an enhanced set of twins, as she is featured on her surgeon’s website as a success story.

1 Lauren Thompson

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Many reporters cover multiple sports, but not many have covered transitioned from something as crazy as professional wrestling to something as docile as golf. Thompson started as a model in college and was quickly scooped up by Total Nonstop Action in 2008 as a backstage interviewer for the wrestling promotion. After only a year Thompson left TNA to focus on her career at The Golf Channel, which has proved to be a good choice for the 34-year-old. Thompson has hosted Morning Drive since arriving at the Golf Channel and appears to be there for the long haul.

It’s a shame that Thompson stopped modeling after arriving at The Golf Channel, as she has some of the best pictures out of anyone else on this list - which is made even better by the fact that she is all natural.

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