Real Or Fake?: 20 Athletes With The Hottest Sets Of Twins

Female athletes have come a long way over the years. With so many sports having female divisions, the popularity of women’s sports has blossomed over time. Aside from the talent involved, there are plenty of women athletes who are just plain hot. It makes no damn sense half of the time. How do mundane sports like golf and tennis have such babes? How does a savage sport like MMA produce such lovely ladies? These are the questions we’ve been asking ourselves over the years and we haven’t really gotten an answer, only more and more beautiful women.

When you think about it, it makes sense. These women spend hours training and make a living off of doing physical activity. They’re in great health and in even better shape, so the reason why they look so good isn’t all that much of a mystery. May of these women have taken up modeling as well either to pick up some extra cash or just to gain a little bit of self-confidence. More and more of these women are appearing in magazines and online photo shoots as frequently as they are in matches, games and races. No one here’s complaining as they all look gorgeous.

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20 Alicia Sacramone

via 3wiresports.wordpress.com

We’re used to seeing gymnasts with great fantastic lower bodies, on the count of all that exercise and movement – but Alicia Sacramone is the full package. The artistic gymnast out of Boston certainly doesn’t possess a traditional build for one in her line of work, but that’s not a problem as it seems she’s doing just fine regardless. With ten medals to her name, she’s one of the most decorated American gymnasts out there. But aside from her professional achievements Alicia has also gotten a good deal of attention due to her fantastic looks. Modeling is a definite possibility for her in the future should she choose to close the book on her athletic career.

19 Erica Hosseini

via vimeocdn.com

It might not be the most prominent professional sport out there, but surfing is a tough and challenging sport in its own right. Anyone who lives near a beach must know the challenge and dedication involved in order to actually master the craft. So it’s like many pro sports in that regard. However, unlike a lot of other pro sports, surfing has its fair share of babes in its ranks. Erica Hosseini just happens to be one of the best looking surfers out there, and along with her wicked skills she also has herself a dynamite body. She looks like a glamour model in this picture but you can totally picture her on a board, riding the waves with the sun beating down on the water.

18 Ronda Rousey

via maxim.com

Ronda Rousey’s stock has kind of plummeted over the last couple of years. Once thought of as the premier female mixed martial artist, Ronda suffered a string of devastating losses that saw both her career ands credibility take some major hits. She’s recovered in the time since, but her MMA career looks to be on thin ice. Some would even say that she’s done. It’s not too surprising though, that in this period of uncertainty, such a beautiful woman like Ronda has been able to transition to acting. She has some prior experience and knowing her and her resolve, will probably be able to pull it off. Luckily, she already has a fantastic looking body from her MMA days. So she’s at least ready for it in that regard.

17 Tamira Paszek

via wtnphotos.com

Well, tennis isn’t exactly the most talked about sport in the world. It does manage to bring in the fans like crazy though, so it wouldn’t be that much of a stretch to say that it’s one of the more underrated sports out there. An underrated sport, with incredibly beautiful women hiding behind layers of shirts, shorts and vests. With that we turn our attention to Austrian beauty Tamira Paszek. The young star has already had quite the whirlwind career, but her play on the court wasn’t the only thing turning heads. Tamaira’s built. There’s no other way to say it, even behind those layers of stuffy clothing, it wasn’t too hard to see that she was made differently when compared to some of her compatriots. She can hopefully get her career back on track soon.

16 Jelena Dokić

via bdbphotos.com

We move on from one Tennis babe to another, as the sport just keeps on proving that it has some of the hottest female athletes in the world. Once a huge star in the tennis world who ranked as high as 4th in the world, Jelena Dokić has certainly had a fantastic career in her time. Jelena was really big in the early to mid 2000s, but while her career on the court was astounding, much like Tamira, Jelena’s incredible physique is what caught many people’s eyes. You have to assume that she’d run into some problems running around the court like that, but then again she is one of the better women’s tennis players in history, so it seems as though her physical gifts didn’t interfere with her athletic ones.

15 Lokelani McMichael

via pinterest.com

One of the few athletes who have pretty much fallen off the map in the time since she first achieved fame, Lokelani McMichael is remembered as a fantastic athlete. However, she’s also remembered for being one of the most beautiful athletes in the world. A triathelte, surfer and model on the side, Lokelani was multitalented and made a huge splash when she first came into the public eye. She was the youngest woman to win the Hawaii Ironman , showing just how versatile she is as an athlete. But she’s also done some impressive modeling work as well, appearing in GQ, Shape and Men’s Health. As beautiful as she is, you have to wonder why she’s pretty much fallen off the map since first attaining fame.

14 Lindsey Vonn

via redbull.com

An incredibly talented athlete, Lindsey Vonn is best known for something other than her individual accomplishments. Of course, it’s her brief but pernicious marriage to Tiger Woods that she’s best known for. The famous celebrity divorce that followed it still haunts woods while Vonn seems to be thriving. She’s done multiple shoots and has become popular on social media, where she looks incredible in almost every shot she posts. Looking at her begs the question; “Why in God’s name would Tiger even cheat on her”? The woman’s a bombshell beauty and a championship caliber athlete. She pretty much checks every box. Still, it seems as though she’s doing well for herself and at the end of the day, that’s all that matters.

13 Olesha Karringten

via flickr.com

Mixed martial artists are some of the most athletic people in the world, incredibly agile and in the best shape of almost any athlete out there. So it goes without saying that some of the women who practice the sport are bound to come out of it looking fantastic. Not much is known about this Canadian MMA beauty, but she definitely captured fans hearts with her devilish good looks and jaw dropping physique. Olesha Karringten’s career was short lived, and it seems as though it’s virtually impossible to find much on her online. She’s at least been in two fights, taking place in 2010 and at least one of them won. But again, it’s her fantastic looks that made her such a memorable athlete. Wherever she is now, she might want to consider a career in modeling.

12 Anna Semenovich

via theplace2.ru

Here’s a bit of an unconventional sport for you guys; Ice Dancing. It’s mostly seen in the Olympics and it probably isn’t much of an overstatement to say that many who peruse this fine site aren’t all that interested in this respectable sport of leisure. However, that might change once you get a look at the beautiful Anna Semenovich. While most in her line of work are more on the petite side, Anna is pretty damn stacked. You have to wonder how she’s able to move around so elegantly with such curves, but the Russian vixen has the moves. You also kind of have to question whether her “assets” are real or not, because they make a strong case for being fakes. But it’s way more fun to believe they’re real so let’s just do that.

11 McKayla Maroney

Mckayla Maroney recently re-entered the public eye again, though it wasn’t for the most positive reasons. The former American gymnast is well decorated and made waves throughout her brief career. Throughout her brief lull outside of the public eye, McKayla has blossomed into a beautiful young woman. It seems as though she recently began posting some mature content on her Instagram account and that’s been met with a persistently annoying backlash from people who can’t seem to mind their own business. It might just be that they need some time to adjust, but regardless McKayla’s entitled to do whatever she wants with her social media accounts. She’s a beautiful young woman and if she wants to share that then more power to her.

10 Carly Booth

via youtube.com

It’s probably the slowest, most boring sport mankind ever invented. Golf isn’t exactly a young man’s game, but one particular young woman has taken the golf world by storm. Carly Booth has made the once sluggish sport watchable as she dazzles on the green. The Scottish beauty has taken fans by storm and has both the talent and good looks to match. She’s also quite well built – which probably has to affect her play in some way or another. Still, Carly thrives so it doesn’t seem as though she minds too much. Going by this picture here, it doesn’t look as though she minds the modeling business too much either. Hopefully this is a sign of more to come.

9 Natalie Gulbis

via golfchannel.com

From one women golfer to another, Natalie Gulbis was pretty popular in her heyday as well. Much like Carly, Natalie is a blonde bombshell who looks like she has no business on the golf course, rather that she belongs in front of a camera instead. She’s still active and is doing pretty well for herself in what looks to be the twilight of an incredible 16-year career. What’s more, she still looks absolutely fantastic. She managed to capture fans’ hearts early on in her career and has just simply gotten better with age. Another unconventional body type given the sport she plays, Natalie doesn’t give off the impression that her curves bother her one bit and if she’s happy, we’re happy.

8 Ana Paula Mancino

via greek-volley.blogspot.ca

Beach volleyball is a sport, yeah, but let’s not kid ourselves here. The only reason it’s so popular is because we like to see beautiful women bouncing around in their bikinis while we watch from home or if we’re lucky, the beach itself. There’s no questioning who the sports main demographic is and because of that, we have some of the most beautiful women in the world playing this sport. Ana Paula Mancino is one of those beautiful women and while she’s an absolute stunner, not all that much is known about her. All we know is that she plays volleyball and moonlights as a model. With those looks, that’s hardly a surprise.

7 Eva Marie

via pwpnation.com

Though she might not be for that much longer, Eva Marie is a professional wrestler currently with the WWE. You’ve probably seen a lot about her on this very site, and various other publications online. Though she’s not much of a wrestler, she’s an incredible beauty. To her credit, she has tried to better herself at her craft, but it doesn’t seem as though her efforts bore fruit. Well, if (or once) the whole wrestling thing doesn’t work out, you can be sure that you’re going to see allot of Eva in the future regardless. Despite being one of the worst talents they’ve had, Eva’s also been one of the most attractive women in WWE history. With their track record, that’s certainly saying something.

6 Gina Carano

via youtube.com

Much like Ronda Rousey, Gina Carano has made strides in her transition from the MMA world to the entertainment industry. Starting back in 2006, Gina had a very brief three year career before calling it quits. That’s not to say she wasn’t successful as she held a strong 7-1 record at the time of her retirement, with her final match also being her one loss. Gina’s been involved in the entertainment industry for quite a while now and got her first acting role back in 2007. There was a brief period of time in which her acting and fighting career intertwined, but now that the latter’s over it seems as though she’s all in on her Hollywood dreams.

5 Nikki Bella

via cloudpix.co

The second and last wrestler on our list, Nikki Bella is one of the best looking women in wrestling today. In stark contrast with her compatriot, Eva Marie, Nikki is actually one hell of a wrestler – and while beautiful, has made her name on her skill and talent, not just her looks. Though we’d be lying if we said that wasn’t at least part of the reason why she’s so popular. In Nikki’s case we kind of know her’s are fake, as there’s clear visual documentation proving it. Not to mention she’s acknowledged it. But if it makes her feel better and doesn’t interfere with her wrestling, which to our knowledge it can’t, then more power to her.

4 Caroline Wozniacki

via pinterest.com

Man, pro tennis just has all the babes doesn’t it? And they’re all blond. Blonde bombshells. This isn’t wrestling fifteen years ago, right? This is still tennis we’re talking about? It seems as though this is the reality we live in, we might all just have to get way into tennis if we want to keep up with salacious babes like Caroline Wozniacki. It’s hard to imagine, but Caroline debuted in 2005 at the age of 15. Meaning fans have had plenty of time to watch her grow as a professional. She’s also come into the spotlight for her incredible looks over the years and stands as one of the hottest female athletes around. Though not quite as hot as our next athlete.

3 Michelle Jenneke

via auscelebs.net

Lots of these women athletes seem to occupy two professions; their sport of choice and modeling. When you look at it, it isn’t that bad of an idea. They keep up with their passion while capitalizing off their good looks. Austria’s Michelle Jenneke is one of those women though instead of being a tennis star or former martial artist, she’s a pro hurdler instead. That means a couple of things, she can jump really high and she can run really fast. Take a look at the picture above and try and guess two things that would make that a little more difficult for Michelle as compared to the average female hurdler. Still, it looks as though she’s doing fine for herself and at just 23, her career is just getting started.

2 Miesha Tate

via imgur.com

Picking up where Ronda Rousey left off, Miesha Tate was one of the biggest names in women’s MMA throughout the time she was active. In over a decade, she managed to establish herself as an amazing fighter and athlete and really separated herself from other competitors with her strength and skill. Much like Ronda, Miesha became something of a pop culture phenomenon and soon everyone knew about her. While her talent is a big reason as to why she was recognized, don’t forget about her great looks too. As you can see in the picture here, she’s no wallflower. People have taken notice as to just how beautiful she is and while she’s no longer active as an athlete, you can still keep up with her on social media.

1 Sydney Leroux

via pichunter.com

One of the most accomplished female soccer players active right now, Sydney Leroux has had quite a career – and it isn’t even over yet. Born in Canada, Sydney went over to the States to play soccer in her youth and opted to stay there, playing for the US Women’s National team. But aside from her incredible skill on the field, Sydney has also drawn attention for her absolutely fantastic body. Being an athlete, she’s in the best possible shape she can be and it shows. She’s one of the most well built women’s players active right now and has taken to modeling like a lot of the women on this list. If you had to guess, you could safely assume that those puppies are real. Some people just have it all.

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