With Vince McMahon selling $100 million worth of WWE stock to fund his new startup company and rumors that he may be in the market to sell the WWE, speculation is that there may be buyers out there. One of those interested parties (while not confirmed) could be Disney.

In a previous interview, Paul Heyman revealed that at one point, ECW was almost sold to Disney which would have kept the company going. But, Disney got cold feet at the last minute due to ECW’s violent nature. If Heyman is to be believed and the WWE is a much tamer, more PG product, could Disney be interested in the WWE now?

Disney seems to buying up everything else in sight. From Marvel to Star Wars and now some of Fox’s assets, they definitely have the money to buy WWE. While perhaps far-fetched, what would that look like?

Here are five reasons Disney should consider buying WWE.

5. Movies

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The WWE has never done terribly well when it comes to their movie and film projects. Always wanting to be more “entertainment” than “wrestling,” Vince decided long ago he wanted to get into the movie business but it’s never been a profitable venture for him.

Disney is good at a lot of things, but where they make money hand-over-fist is in their movie production line and there’s no doubt they could find a way to make a film or two revolving around WWE and make it profitable. That could be fun for the WWE Universe.

4. Attractions

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The minute Disney bought Star Wars, things at Disneyland and Disney World started to change. Parks became Star Wars themed, rides were reimagined in the Star Wars brand and a host of other movies became a reality with merchandise and theme attractions to follow. If Disney purchased the WWE, it might be a fan’s craziest dream come true to see rides and attractions with the WWE logo on them.

Imagine kids and families who grew up watching WWE getting to ride a WWE rollercoaster? Maybe they can eat the WWE restaurant?


3. Cross-Overs

HOLLYWOOD, CA – JULY 21: Actor Dave Bautista (C) and guests attend the after party for The World Premiere of Marvelís epic space adventure ìGuardians of the Galaxy,î directed by James Gunn and presented in Dolby 3D and Dolby Atmos at the Dolby Theatre. July 21, 2014 Hollywood, CA (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney) *** Local Caption *** Dave Bautista

Some people don’t love it when WWE brings in talents and attractions that are not wrestling related. The Muppets on Raw, for example, seems like a stretch. But, if done properly, perhaps it could be beneficial to the show.

Whether it’s branding on Disney platforms, celebrity appearances or marketing opportunities, WWE stands to benefit from the partnership, and ratings would surely increase. Some people worry that it would mean more PG than less of it, but Disney has proved not all of its projects are exclusively kid-friendly.

So too, it potentially opens up the opportunity for current WWE stars to get more opportunities to be in Disney projects.


2. Money

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Disney has money and boatloads of it. The WWE has been budget cutting for a while now in an effort to increase shareholder profits. If Disney bought WWE, the one thing that could immediately be removed from the list of concerns is how to save money for shareholders who are getting their dividends from a host of other areas.

This means pyro could come back, it means better production (not that WWE was bad), it could mean new shows on the WWE Network and it could mean talents not being cut while other names are hired with less concern for money.

1. Vince Not In Control

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One of the main arguments made by fans today is that Vince is out of touch with his audience. Disney, on the other hand, is in the business of knowing their market and ensuring they’re up to speed on what fans enjoy.

With Disney at the head of things, there should be confidence they could find the right mix of keeping the proper “wrestling” guys in the business while getting leaders and executives in places that benefit the company. Sure, it could happen that the product changes and becomes “too Disney” for some, but would Disney really be interested in the company if they were looking to change it dramatically?


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