15 Reasons Why Blair O’Neal Is The Greatest Thing To Ever Happen To Golf

One of the most recognizable faces in the world of female golf is Blair O'Neal. While perhaps her biggest claim to fame comes from when she won the golfing reality show, Big Break: Dominican Republic, that is only scratching the surface of who she is. O'Neal has also been influential behind the success of several programs for the Golf Channel, including Morning Drive and School of Golf. And with close to 2,000 photos on her Instagram account, she makes it easy to see that whether she is competing on the links or in a TV studio just how beautiful she is and how much she is doing to bring new fans in to the game of Golf.

Blair O'Neal's good looks have also helped her find a considerable amount of success in the world of modelling. And as a result, there are definitely some photos featured of Blair below that make it abundantly clear why so many people think she is the best female golfer of all-time. Included are facts about Blair's life that will give you a further understanding about her passions in life and will lead to you coming away for an even deeper appreciation for who she is.

There are many talented female golfers, but by the end of this list, you'll come away with the opinion that the greatest thing to ever happen to golf is Blair O'Neal!

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15 Embracing Her Irish Spirit On The Course

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While there are many Holidays that Blair O'Neal loves, with the green aesthetic of this next post, can you guess what type of Holiday she was celebrating? If you guessed St. Patrick's Day, you'd be correct. Let's just hope that if O'Neal does ever find herself indulging too much during a night out at the pub that she doesn't have too hectic a shift the following day. Especially because her job in society constantly means she'll be recognized when out in public, with or without that bad feeling the next morning!

One thing that may be worth noting, however, is O'Neal's Irish heritage (hence, y'know, the last name O'Neal!) which may give her that extra edge she needs to help come out on top whenever she elects to go out for a night at the pub or on the golf course.

14 Looking Stunning On The Golf Course, Even In A Dress

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There are several photos on this list that feature Blair O'Neal looking amazing on the golf course while in competitive clothes. But her passion for the sport that led to her career on television has also allowed her to spend some beautiful days on the course while leaving the clubs back at home. Either way, you can be assured that Blair will be spotted wearing some amazing outfits.

Such is the case with our next entry that sees Blair perhaps capturing your attention even more than if she had a club in her hand. That being said, we wouldn't be surprised that even if Blair was asked to go and show off her prowess on the course that being in a fancy dress definitely wouldn't stop her!

13 One Of Her Best Photos

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With photos like this, it may be easy to understand why Blair O'Neal has a lot of confidence in her physical appearance. Not to mention the success she has found as a model. But when talking about the issue of confidence with Women's Fitness, Blair made sure to put a prominent focus on being comfortable in your own skin and not to gain confidence from what your reflection looks like in a mirror. "Confidence is a belief in what you stand for and the process you took to get there. Tangible imperfections are easily disguised by confidence, so stop trying to be tangibly perfect." We're sure this is advice that we're sure many people would benefit from remembering on their tougher days.

12 Looking Amazing On School Of Golf

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One of the biggest accomplishments of Blaire O'Neal's career came when she was announced to be one of the co-hosts on the incredibly popular Golf TV show, School of Golf. While the show's other co-host, Martin Hall, is considered to be one of the greatest golf teachers of all-time, we're sure there are many tricks and tips that fans have taken from Blair.

Heck, we're sure Blair has even managed to teach Hall a thing or two that he never knew! The show also has an active social media following where fans can reach out to Blair and Scott and pose their own questions that may get addressed on the show. Which you can imagine that along with being very helpful, would feel amazing if it happened!

11 She's An American Girl

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While there are many great golfers who have been born all around the world, perhaps Blair O'Neal gets some extra bonus points from being from the United States of America. O'Neal also attended university at Arizona State University where she was accepted on a golf scholarship. Blair had several standout moments while at university, including being named the captain of the golf team back in 2002, as well as being named the NCAA Long Drive Champion in 2 out of the 3 years that she competed.

ASU may have the reputation of being a bit of a party school, but we're sure Blair was able to push that to the side (at least to the best of her ability!) in order to focus on her big passion in life.

10 She'll Be On The Course Rain Or Shine

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Despite wearing an unbelievably beautiful and flattering outfit, Blair O'Neal had to know that people were going to instantly be drawn into the weather aspect of this next photo. Which is why she made sure to title it "Rain or shine", which also helps give a pretty good indication of just how dedicated to the game of golf that Blair is.

While we're sure she's had some days where she's woken up and decided the weather was too bad to play a quick 18, we're even more sure that her fans were glad that wasn't the case on this particular day. O'Neal also drew her Instagram fans to the full range of motion that she was able to put on display with this swing.

9 Showing Off For a Fancy Night Out

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Blair O'Neal is always going to look good when she is appearing on the golf course with a club in hand. But she may also love it when she is dressed up for a night out on the town and is able to exchange that golf club for a glass of wine!

O'Neal's public persona has allowed her to attend many prestigious events, and in the process, also given her many opportunities to go to the mall and come away with dresses that highlight all of her best assets. Let's just hope that when she stops hitting up the golf course that she is still more than happy to share photos of herself to her Instagram like this one for when she puts in that extra effort to look her best.

8 Working Hard At The Gym

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It should come as no surprise that there is a photo in this list that shows Blair O'Neal hard at work in the gym. Because if Blair was ever to find any level of success on the golf course, it was definitely not only going to be achieved through long days swinging clubs but also through doing some crunches and other activities to hone her body.

We're sure there are many people out there who are inspired by the impressive physique that O'Neal has. Though just remind yourself that if you want results like this, that it isn't without putting in the dedicated time necessary. Granted it may also work in Blair's favor that she has various training supplements or handy accessories given to her as a result of her status in society!

7 Her Favourite Halloween Costume

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If we're being completely transparent here, this next photo doesn't exactly have anything to do with the world of professional golf. But that doesn't mean you will come away disappointed with its place on the list. And if it makes you a bigger fan of Blair, which we could definitely believe, then perhaps it'll give you a greater appreciation for what she can accomplish with a club in her hand.

Blair has shared several Halloween costumes on her Instagram account over the years, but we don't know if she's ever hit the Holiday out of the park as successfully as she did when she went as Minnie Mouse. The fact that she had several comments expressing just how desirable she looked may have also increased the chances that she decides to wear this outfit for a future Halloween.

6 Combining A Dress With A Golf Club

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Now if we were being completely upfront here, we don't know if heels and a golf club are exactly the most "cohesive" set of things. Blair may also not often feel herself needing to wear heels, as she is reportedly 5'10. However, if you wanted to see another photo of Blair looking amazing while embracing her sportier side, then there's no way you're going to come away disappointed with this next entry.

Blair often posts photos to her Instagram where she celebrates it being another day, in this instance, it was a Monday that she was celebrating by sharing this fun shoot from her experience as a model. Perhaps she knew that most people tend to have a pretty rough Monday and wanted to add an extra bounce in their step?

5 Rocking A Hat On The Course

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One of the most difficult accessories to try and pull off on the golf course is a hat. And while Blaire O'Neal has gorgeous blonde hair that she often lets run wild down her shoulders, there are still some moments in her life where she has elected to go for a hat. Perhaps on those days when she is feeling a little bit more rushed to get out the door.

Hat or no hat, O'Neal is surely always going to be smiling when you find her on the golf course which is one of the reasons so many people have gravitated to her personality. When your life has benefitted from golf in as many ways as O'Neal's has though, it may only make sense to be smiling.

4 Her Morning Routine

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When you wake up in the morning, what does your typical routine end up looking like? Blair O'Neal knows exactly what the steps are that help get her days started out on the right foot. Taking to Instagram, Blair shared this amazing photo of her in workout clothes along with the caption "Wake up, gym, coffee... ?☕️????" We're sure there are many people who find getting out of the bed in the morning a struggle, much less make the gym one of the first things they do during a typical day. But then again, with the amazing results that Blair has achieved at the gym, it's no wonder she makes sure it has remained an active part of her life. You also may be able to relate more strongly to her desire for coffee in the morning.

3 Giving People A Flashback To Her Time In SI

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You get two photos for the price of one with this next amazing entry of our list, but it is for good reason.  As Blair O'Neal shared it to her Instagram account along with the caption "Flashback to the last two years of @si_golf. Most Beautiful Women in Golf" while also promoting the 2016 edition that was going to be on newsstands shortly after she posted it. And after all, you can't have a flashback to two previous years without posting both photos!

The only question is, which of the two years did you think Blair looked better?  While she hasn't been in the magazine in the past few years, we're sure there would be many fans who would be ecstatic if she got the call to come out for their swimsuit issue in 2018.

2 She's Very Involved With Her Fanbase

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One of the best things that athletes can do is give back to their fans who have helped support them. Blair O'Neal has seemingly always been nothing short of pleasant whenever she gets the chance to meet people who are inspired by her. She also knows that her fans are passionate and that if given the opportunity, will do what they can to show her some support.

Which is why on Blair's website she has several photos, including some that don't seem to leave very much to the imagination, that she is happy to autograph and sell to fans. While we don't know if that autograph is exactly going to go up in value over time, we're sure there are many fans of O'Neal who consider a signed picture of her as one of their favorite items.

1 Promoting The Show Morning Drive

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One of the biggest ways that Blaire O'Neal has gained a level of exposure in society has been through her role on the television program, Morning Drive. We're sure you don't have to use too many brain cells to put the pieces together and figure out what kind of show this is.

O'Neal uses her expertise in the sport to pass tips on to younger and aspiring golfers. All while, of course, looking amazing. It's this passion towards the game of golf, not only playing but teaching, that helps make O'Neal such a tremendous role model for so many people. And as a result, is also one of the best things about the world of golf. She also happens to look amazing on the show!

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