Sand Trap: 15 Photos Of Female Golfers Enjoying The Beach

One thing that is difficult to debate is the beauty that is possessed by professional female golfers. Perhaps no more than any other sport, the women of golf are selling the game through their attractiveness and photos of some of the game's best are regularly making the rounds on social media sites like Instagram. Whether you love the idea that women's golf is becoming popular, in part, because the ladies of the sport are bringing in viewers by being gorgeous, it's not slowing down the trend and today, more than ever, you can find your favourite female pros posting photos of themselves in all sorts of everyday situations.

One popular trend is women posting photos at the beach. Many golfers know "the beach" as another way to say sand trap or bunker, but in most situations, when it comes to Instagram, the beach means exactly what it sounds like - ladies on the sand in their swimsuits. They are some of the most liked and downloaded photos on the Internet. So, which ladies are getting the most attention? We've come up with a list of 15 photos that might make you salivate. Not only are these women great golfers, they make going to the beach more than just a quick toe-dip in the water.

Who are your favourites? We've included ladies like Lexi ThompsonSandra Gal, Paige Spiranac, Belen Mozo, Blair O’Neal, Natalie Gulbis, and Kelly Rohrbach. Did we miss any? Are there other gorgeous women of golf we've left off the list? Leave your comments and feel free to share.

15 Michelle Wie Knows What's Good For The Soul

Michelle Wie was one of the first women in golf to really go mainstream before social media was a thing that catapulted women golfers into some of the most popular athletes in the world. When she won at the 2014 Women’s U.S. Open, she sealed her fate as the future of women’s golf.

While she hasn't played up to that caliber since and she's no longer the woman to beat, she's still active and her social media game is right up there with the best of them. In this post she's talking about her vacation and being in vacation mode saying "These past 7 days have been so good for my soul". What else should we expect? Golfers, when they take time off, want to go to the beach right? I guess they never get sick of the sand.

14 Paige Spiranac Missing The Beach

Easily known as one of the most attractive women in golf, Paige Spiranac has actually caused controversy and her attire on the golf course has led to debates over the female dress code and how strictly it is adhered to. She doesn't seem to care and every photo on all of her social media accounts pushes the envelope. She has the goods and likes to show it off.

In this particular post, she's dressed and just about to hit the beach. She says, "Summer is almost over, I'm missing the beach and my best friends in San Diego. I went to college there and it's like a second home so I'm so excited to go back for @kaaboodelmar! Who else is going? So excited for the food and music!"

13 Sandra Gal A True Bunker Shot

If we're going to make a list of gorgeous golf women at the beach, we have to include Sandra Gal! She's one of the best in female golf right now and consistently been consistently among the top ranked players on the LPGA circuit. She's also among the most beautiful golfers on the LPGA tour.

In this photo, she's actually doing something different than a lot of the other women on this list while at the beach... she's golfing. Dressed in a cute shirt and short skirt, she's trying to get the ball out of a tough water lye without getting wet. Sounds like a great way to kill two birds with one stone. She writes, "F U L L H E A R T. Grateful for life, family, friends, Emi, golf, ocean, sunsets, mountains and chocolate", showing she appreciates these moments.

12 Natalie Gulbis Going Paddleboarding


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Natalie Gulbis may be the most famous female golfer on this list who became extremely famous for taking advantage of her good looks. Gulbis is a good golfer but she's never really been near the top of the LPGA tour. What makes her so popular is that she offers a mix of model meets neighbour next door. It's a look that has made her countless money in sponsorship and appearances.

In this photo, she looks ready to take a paddle-board out on the water. It's a great shot with the sunset and captures every part of Gulbis that fans seem to love so much. You can see her free spirit, her beauty and the assets that have made her so incredibly famous. No wonder she's so popular.

11 Belen Mozo Cheats At UNO

Belén Mozo is a 30-year-old Spanish professional golfer currently part of the LPGA Tour and the Ladies European Tour. She's also one of golf's most attractive women, not afraid to let people know she enjoys a good day in the sun. Apparently, she likes to hit the beach and play a friendly game of UNO. If you read her comments, she likes to cheat too.

She's currently ranked in the mid-200's on the tour after she turned professional in 2011 after qualifying to join the LPGA Tour as a rookie. She's no stranger to controversy and she publicly slammed the LPGA tour for asking players to play in dangerous conditions during a storm swell in 2017. She was almost hit by a sign that got carried away in the wind and she called the players "sheep" that the tour just expected to forge onward. 

10 Anna Rawson Fit And Pregnant

🤰🏼😊 #17weeks #fitpregnancy

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Anna Rawson is one of golf's hottest women. A 5’10” professional model and golfer she hasn't really been relevant on the LPGA tour since 2010 but we won't hold that against her. She's in great shape and if we're to believe this picture, stays in great shape even at 17 weeks pregnant.

She's now currently modelling and teach golf on YouTube videos, among other things. She's got long legs and a tight fit body which gave her one of the best swings in the game. She just wasn't able to capitalize and turn her golf career into something really financially rewarding losing her tour card in 2011. She seems much happier promoting clubs and looking amazing as an ambassador of the game. She's also super smart having received a Masters degree in Business at Columbia University in 2015.

9 Natalie Gulbis Knows Where The Money Is


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One of the few women who is going to make this list on numerous occasions, it tells us a couple things. First, Natalie Gulbis loves the beach. Second, she's one of the most attractive women on the golf scene and she knows that her body and her looks sell both her brand and the game. Ask anyone to name a female golfer and many will say her name before they say any others.

This photo shows her in a photo shoot more than just enjoying the beach and the waves. She has to keep up with her fans and demands to sell her brand which is both athletic and sexy. Gulbis has never been the best golfer but she's quite good. She also understands that you don't have to be the best if you sell yourself properly.

8 Belen Mozo Fundraising

Ok, we snuck Belen Mozo on our list twice as well because she's so darn good looking it would be a shame not to include her. This time, we went a bit more conservative with the swimsuit and caught her in what looks to be a fluid replenishing after a game of beach volleyball.

Mozo is known for her dedication to fitness and if you wanted to try and find your own beach photos of her, we can tell you that you'll likely find just as many, if not more photos of her working out or in the gym. This photo shows that she's not only one to enjoy the beach, she'll go there for good causes. Her caption thanks the folks who allowed her to be a part of the Wanulife fundraiser.

7 Blair O'Neal In Hawaii

#Hawaii & #sunset 👙🐳🐬🐠 #tbt

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Known as much for being a model as she is a golfer, Blair O'Neal got our attention when she won Big Break Prince Edward Island. She then went on to win The Big Break Dominican Republic and became a very popular lady of the game. She'd been playing on the Symetra Tour but her real calling is modelling and being a part of the game by being on the hosting side of the camera.

In this photo, she is enjoying the Hawaii sunset and adding another of many shots of her walking around in a bathing suit. It seems like she's just as comfortable wearing beach attire as she is golf or casual clothing. Spend some time on her social media accounts like Instagram and you'll have a hard time not becoming a fan.

6 Lexi Thompson On The Water

Monday on the water all day...yes please 😍☀️❤

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If you want to talk about female golfers who made their name being among the best, look no further than Lexi Thompson who qualified for the U.S. Open at the age of 12. By the time she was 15, she had turned pro. She then set a record as the youngest winner on tour after winning the Navistar LPGA Classic. She continued to win tournaments up until 2014 when she won the Kraft Nabisco Championship.

Take into account just her success on the golf course and you'd probably already find her attractive if you were a golf fanatic. Then when you consider that she's just beautiful in her own right and has graced the cover of many magazines, you can understand why she's often posing in for shots around the pool and near the water. She's made comments on Instagram photos like, "My body just doesn't know what colour it wants to be." or "Monday on the water all day...yes please".

5 Sandra Gal Finding Balance

| B a l a n c e a c t |

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Still a pro on the LPGA tour, Sandra Gal is right up there when it comes to attractive females in the golf industry. Her highest finish was third at the U.S. Open in 2012 but she's been in the mix every year since. She made 18 cuts in 2017 including two top-ten finishes.

She's also incredibly fit and as you can see in this photo, understands the idea of work/life balance. It's a tremendous photo showing the beauty of the water, the beach, the pool and the golfer who is taking advantage of her surroundings and finding inner peace. It's likely this practice helps her game. As you can see, she's quite tall, standing in at 6'0" and has the perfect frame to be a runway model.

4 Elise Lobb In Dubai

This list is full of some great golfers who have made quite a name for themselves on the LPGA tour or other similar tours. One name that we're including here was also a heck of a golfer but realized early on that her calling might have been more suited for a spot in the world of golf, just not on the course.

Elise Lobb found her way as a broadcaster, currently, a co-host on Fox Sports show “Swing Clinic”. But, one look at her Instagram or social media photos and you'd never know she wasn't still trying to make in the game as a pro. Wherever she fits, she's one of the games prettiest and enjoys a good trip to the beach. She wrote in this particular photo, "I got to play one of my favourite courses when I was in Dubai last month! I still have many more on my list I need to check off.. ? What is your dream course and who do you want to play it with?!? ⛳️"

3 Blair O'Neal The Double Whammy

What else can we say about Blair O'Neal that we haven't already said? Hot? Check. A talented golfer? Double check. Successful and entertaining? Triple check. You can see in this video she posted on Instagram that she's also not shy about showing off the things that have made her one of the most followed female golf personalities on Instagram.

To demonstrate how much O’Neal realized her money was going to make in modelling, she took a four-year hiatus from golf from 2007 to 2010. She used it to help finance her golf aspirations. She's been a part of many publications including Sports Illustrated, Golf Digest and Golf Magazine.  She also co-hosted the Golf Channel’s “What’s in the Bag” and “School of Golf.” She's super talented and gorgeous. A double whammy.

2 Natalie Gulbis The Guru

Natalie Gulbis is so popular in the game of golf, she's often asked for advice that has little if nothing to do with the game itself. In this Instagram post, she wrote, "I get asked how to lose weight for an event or post-holiday vacation splurge... so here is what I do. (Tourney days I eat 3500 calories-another blog) No PHD just what works for me....... link in bio"

3500 calories! That's a ton, especially for a female her size. That means she's quite active and understands how to take in the right kind of calories versus the wrong kind. It makes sense that Gulbis would make herself available to give advice on looking good. Women everywhere look up to her and want to know just how she did it. Even though we all know, it's not that simple. Along with being smart about her body, Gulbis was blessed in many ways.

1 Kelly Rohrbach Baywatch Babe

@lipsylondon thanks for a perfect beach day!

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Our final entry is a mix of both golf success and pure hotness as Kelly Rohrbach is one of the most attractive women in both sports and entertainment. If you want to talk about someone who loves the beach, it's best to rank someone who starred in the new Baywatch movie (a movie about lifeguards at the beach) near the top of your list. She played the role of C.J. Parker (made famous by Pamela Anderson) and she's also been in a number of television shows with her acting resume only growing.

Rohrbach played golf in some Pro-Am tournaments, some other exhibition tournaments and she attended Georgetown University on a Golf scholarship. That said, that's about the most we can say for her success on the course since she turned 180 degrees into acting and modeling. She's now got more than 1 million Instagram followers.

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