15 Sarah Palin Photos That Will Make Glen Rice Jealous

Sarah Palin is a former Governor of Alaska, an author, political commentator, and even a reality television star. She is also one of the most polarizing figures to have entered American politics in the last decade. There are some who love her and others who despise her, but either way, everyone seems to have an opinion.

While serving as Governor, Palin first stepped into the national spotlight when she was chosen as the vice presidential running mate for the Republican nominee John McCain in the 2008 election. After being introduced as McCain’s running mate, Sarah Palin instantly became one of the most talked about women in American, seemingly overnight.

Moreover, the 5-foot-5 former beauty queen also captured the hearts of many, being both a relatively young and attractive female candidate. In fact, Palin even became something of a sex symbol in conservative circles following her rise to prominence. However, like anyone who gets involved in presidential politics, she also became the subject of a great deal of gossip and scrutiny, as such, rumors of all sorts began to emerge.

One rumor, which came to light a few years after her failed vice presidential run, was that the former Alaskan Governor previously dated former NBA star, Glen Rice. While the exact nature of their relationship (if there was one at all) is unknown, after seeing these 15 photos, Rice may wish things had worked out between the two of them.

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15 Hanging With The Flag

via outsidethsebeltway.com

Here we see the former Alaskan Governor modeling in some black short shorts next to an American flag. The brunette politician could easily be mistaken for a model while posing in front of the picturesque background, which is visible through the windows behind her. Regardless of one’s political persuasion, it’s hard to deny that Palin looks phenomenal in this shot.

Fun Fact: Prior to becoming Alaska’s ninth Governor, Sarah Palin rose through the political ranks in a city known as Wasilla, which is geographically located in the south-central part of Alaska. During her time in the city, she served as a member of the City Council from 1992 through 1996. From there she would go on to be elected Mayor and would remain in office from October of 1996 through October of 2002.

14 Meet And Greet

Via Pinterest.com

While Sarah Palin isn’t universally loved, as we can see here, she is very popular among her political base. Moreover, she is also quite fashionable, with the black dress and white top that she is wearing in the photo. The Republican shakes hands with her supporters while being photographed in a pair of stylish black heels. For better or worse, Sarah Palin seems to always attract a great deal of attention wherever she goes.

Fun Fact: While Sarah Palin was technically born in Standpoint, Idaho, her family would end up moving to Skagway, Alaska when she was less than a year old. Her family would eventually relocate to the city of Wasilla in the early 1970s when she was around 8. Palin would later go on to become the mayor of her adopted city.

13 Yoga Pants

via mjhawkeye.Blogspot.com

Yoga pants are one of the most popular articles of clothing in the world today. In fact, women often wear the comfortable bottoms even when they aren’t practicing yoga or working out. The brunette politician stands confidently in front of a lake while sporting a pair of Nike tights. The reality star proves that she is one of the most photogenic current or former politicians in the world, with this amazing photo.

Fun Fact: After serving as Mayor of Wasilla for roughly six years, Sarah Palin became the Chair of the Alaskan Oil and Gas Conservation Commission. The Commissioner is primarily responsible for overseeing gas and oil drilling and production. Palin only stayed in the position for around 11 months from February of 2003 until January of 2004.

12 Beauty Queen

via us4palin.com

In this image, we see Sarah Palin competing in a beauty pageant back in the mid-1980s. The former Vice Presidential candidate was actually something of an accomplished beauty queen back in the day. In fact, in 1984, she won the title of Miss Wasilla. From there, she would go on to compete for the title of Miss Alaska, where she ended up finishing in 3rd place overall. Palin showed off her musical skills while playing the flute during the talent portion of the competition. She also claims that she was named Miss Congeniality during the Miss Wasilla pageant; a claim which has been disputed by another contestant.

Fun Fact: Palin is the third of four siblings. In total, she has two sisters and one brother.

11 SNL

Via dlisted.com

Here we see Sarah Palin in a stunning white gown while attending an event for the popular television show Saturday Night Live. The 5-foot-5 brunette likely turned more than a few heads in this fetching outfit. At the height of her popularity, Palin was often parodied on the popular comedy show by actress Tina Fey. When wearing glasses similar to that the ones Palin often wears, Fey bore a striking resemblance to the former Alaskan Governor.

Fun Fact: In 2009, Sarah Palin published her autobiography, Going Rogue: An American Life. The book ended becoming a New York Times #1 bestseller. By December of 2009, over 2.7 million copies of the book had been sold. As one might expect, the work received a wide range of reviews. Predictably, in many cases, those who agreed with Palin politically gave favorable reviews, with those who didn’t, generally responding unfavorably.

10 Briefcase

Via Bustle.com

Palin appears to mean business while carrying a briefcase in her red top complete with black skirt and heels. The former political helps to create a memorable photo with a giant-sized American flag hanging in the background. Sarah Palin (or perhaps her stylist, if she has one) seems to always pick out the perfect outfit for the occasion. The proud Alaskan looks every bit the part of a political VIP in this photo.

Fun Fact: Sarah Palin began her bid for the governorship of Alaska by defeating incumbent Frank Murkowski in the Republican primary election in 2006. From there, she defeated the defeat Democrat Tony Knowles in the primary election, by a margin of 48.3% to 40.9%. Palin became the state's first female governor and also the youngest, having taken office at just 42 years of age.

9 Stretching

Via Pinterest.com

As we can see here, Sarah Palin actually practices yoga as opposed to simply wearing the pants for comfort. Here she is performing a maneuver known to yoga practitioners as a tree pose. The former high school basketball standout shows some impressive balance while stretching next to a breathtaking body of water. Moreover, the former governor manages to maintain her signature smile while holding a somewhat difficult pose.

Fun Fact: Sarah Palin is often associated with the State of Alaska where she both held office and currently resides in. However, she was actually born in Standpoint, Idaho. Standpoint is city located in the northern part of the state and as of 2010 had a population of around 7,365 people. It is home to the Schweitzer Mountain Resort, which is the state’s largest ski resort.

8 Hitchhiking

Via usatoday.com

There’s nothing like some Ameican flag-themed boots and a nice pair of blue jeans to help create a memorable photo-op. Here we see the former governor hitchhiking to America (if her cardboard sign in the pic is to be believed). The mother of five winks at the camera while sitting on suitcase with several stickers which highlight some of the most popular states in the US. While it seems unlikely that Palin can’t afford her own ride these days, the situation makes for a fun photo none the less.

Fun Fact: Palin has received some impressive accolades over the years. In 2008 she was listed among the “10 Most Fascinating People” in an ABC special hosted by Barbara Walters. Furthermore, Time Magazine chose her as one of the world's 100 most influential people back in 2010.

7 Black Shorts

Via Pinterest.com

One of the nice things about living in Alaska is that there always seems to be a gorgeous body of water nearby. Here we see the former mayor modeling a long sleeve top and a pair of black Nike shorts. Palin looks stylish while taking (what appears to be) a morning jog. The former Miss Alaska contender always appears to be in great shape, and her exercise routine is likely a big part of the reason why.

Fun Fact: Palin served as the head of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes at Wasilla High School. She competed in track and field as well as basketball. In fact, she played point guard on a basketball team that captured the state title in 1982. Due to her competitive nature, she was given the nickname “Sarah Barracuda.”

6 The College Years

via pinterest.com

This is a throwback photo from Sarah Palin’s college years. The shirt she is wearing says, "I may be broke, but I’m not flat busted,” a reference to the then college-student's curves. This rare photo from the former governor’s youth manages to be flattering and somewhat silly at the same time. The young beauty queen shows her sense of humor, in this blast from the past image.

Fun Fact: Sarah Palin attended several different colleges before finally obtaining her degree in communications (journalism) in 1987. She attended schools such as the University of Hawaii at Hilo, Hawaii Pacific University, North Idaho College and the University of Idaho for a period that spanned from 1982 through 1987. Moreover, she would later receive the Distinguished Alumni Achievement Award from North Idaho College in 2008.

5 Public Speaker

via IGN.com

Here we see Sarah Palin speaking to the masses in her conservative yet stylish black and white outfit. Being a politician, and a conservative one at that, the former governor isn’t often seen in revealing attire. However, as we can see here, she doesn’t have to wear provocative clothing to look good. This wardrobe choice is a simple, yet effective option for the former vice presidential candidate.

Fun Fact: Palin maintained a high approval rating throughout most of her tenure serving as the Governor of Alaska. According to data by Dittman research, her job approval rating was at an all-time high in late-May of 2007 when roughly 93% of those surveyed claimed to be pleased with her work. However, before she left office in the summer of 2009, her approval rating had dipped to around 56%, according to Global Strategy Group.

4 Belt Buckle

Via Pinterest.com

Palin almost looks like she is going for a sort of country look with her large belt buckle. Moreover, the conservative speaker is showing her patriotism by sporting an American flag necklace. While she often wears dressy skirts and formal attire, we can see that Palin looks just as good in a more casual outfit. The bracelets also add an interesting element to a wardrobe choice that seems slightly out of the ordinary for the former politician.

Fun Fact: In 2008, United States Senator John McCain chose Sarah Palin as his Vice Presidential candidate during his bid for the White House. The duo ran against Democratic presidential candidate Barrack Obama and his VP choice Joe Biden. Obama would wind up winning the election handily, after securing 365 electoral votes, while McCain was only able to gain 173.

3 Pretty In Pink

Via Austinisafecker.wordpress.com

In this shot, Palin can be seen wearing a black polka dot dress and pink top with flowers. At 54 years of age, the right winger still appears to be in great shape and also looks to be making excellent fashion choices. This wardrobe selection could certainly be described as figure flattering. The candid photograph is easily among Sarah Palin’s very best.

Fun Fact: On April 4, 2014, the former mayor’s reality television show Amazing America with Sarah Palin first aired on the Sportsman Channel. The outdoor-themed program lasted for roughly two seasons with the final episode airing on February 12, 2015. Co-hosts for the first season included big names like comedian Jerry Carroll, reality TV personality Benny Spies, and actor Mark Christopher Lawerence.

2 Red Carpet

Via Pinterest.com

Between her best-selling book, political commentary, and reality television show, Sarah Palin has managed to remain a high-profile figure nearly a decade after failed Vice Presidential run. Her notoriety has also landed her invites to some popular red carpet events over the years. Here he sees Palin smiling for the camera while wearing a black skirt and matching top. The former reality star shines on the rep carpet, in a photo her fans and supporters are sure to love.

Fun Fact: Sarah Palin married her husband Todd Palin back in August of 1988. Todd worked  as an oil-field production operator for BP, before opening his own commercial fishing business. Together they have five children; two sons and three daughters. The couple also has three grandchildren.

1 With Bristol

Via CloserWeekly.com

This photo shows Sarah Palin posing in a fashionable leather jacket while standing next to her daughter Bristol. The pic was captured during Bristol Palin's time on the popular television show, Dancing with the Stars. The mother-daughter duo takes a moment to share the spotlight in this exciting photo. These two photogenic women combine to create a delightful image in this instance.

Fun Fact: Bristol Palin, whose husband Dakota Meyer just recently filed for divorce, is the eldest daughter and second child of Sarah and Todd Palin. Folks may also remember Bristol Palin as a contestant on both the 11th and 15th seasons of Dancing with the Stars. She was paired with professional dancer Mark Ballas for both seasons and ended up finishing in 3rd place overall during her first run on the show.

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