8 Pictures Of Serena Williams And 8 Of Michelle Wie: Who's Master Of Their Domain?

The world of female athletics is noticeably rising in all of the right ways. We have National Women in Sport day which celebrates female athletics and all of their contributions that they have made to athletics in general. We have seen some of the best female athletes absolutely dominate their respective sports over the past few decades. Athletes like Mia Hamm, Lisa Leslie, etc. have made names for themselves and put their sports on the map for everybody to watch and enjoy. But two of the more recent names in female athletics that have made names for themselves have been Serena Williams and Michelle Wie.

Serena Williams, along with her sister Venus, have dominated the tennis scene since her debut in October of 1995. She has shown she is one of the best female tennis players around and doesn't show any signs of slowing down, even at the age of 36. She has 783 career singles wins which shows a true sign of success. Yes, she took a short hiatus because of her pregnancy. But now she is ready to get back to her winning ways. Another athlete that has taken the world by storm is Michelle Wie.

Wie was one of the youngest professional athletes ever. At age 10, she was the youngest golfer to qualify for a USGA amateur championship. She turned professional at the age of 16 and has taken off with her career ever since. She won the U.S. Women's Open in 2014 and has had several top five finished in many of her other tournaments.

These two ladies have definitely had great careers to this point. But, which one is the true master of their domain? This is what this list will take a look at. Without further adieu, let's take a look at eight photos of Serena Williams and eight photos of Michelle Wie to determine which athlete is the true master of their domain!

16 Williams: Chilling at the Beach

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The first photo of Serena Williams comes in the form of a beach picture. Serena Williams was originally from Michigan, so she wasn't used to growing up in the best weather as a little girl. Now, she resides in Florida where she can enjoy the beaches all year round. This first photo shows just how much Serena Williams loves to get out and hit the beach when she isn't hitting backhands on the court.

Here, she is taking a break from the water and is enjoying the company of her puppy. Needless to say, when Serena was walking around on the beach in a leopard print outfit, many were taking notice. This is a strong start for Williams, but we are sure Michelle Wie can counter this.

15 Wie: Black Shirt and a Big Smile

Michelle Wie is only 28 years old currently. So, she has plenty of time to win more tournaments to solidify her legacy as one of the best female golfers in the history of the LPGA. If for whatever reason she didn't want to continue on in golf, then she could have a second career in modeling. This first photo of Wie isn't in a bathing suit, but it is still a hole in one.

She is wearing a long sleeved black shirt and sporting a big smile for all of us to enjoy. Wie also has blonde hair which is an interesting choice, considering we are used to her having darker hair. She was excited to show off her new Omega watch. We are excited to see her beautiful self along with her nice legs. Let's see if Serena can counter.

14 Williams: Red Dress On The Red Carpet

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Serena Williams definitely comes back to prove she is the master of her own domain by bringing us a photo from a red carpet event. This time, she is glammed up as opposed to just hanging out on the beach. She is killing it all dressed up, as she opted for a flashy red dress, with a split at the hip. Serena has often come under scrutiny, as people still seem to be intimidated by her imposing figure, as she's far more muscular than many are used to seeing from a female athlete. But, she's an athlete, remember?

In her spare time, Serena loves designing clothing and she's never been shy to try new things in terms of fashion choices. Here, Serena turned heads on the red carpet and it's certainly not the only time she's done so.

13 Wie: Most Stylish Golfer

Michelle Wie originally came from Honolulu, Hawaii. During the off-season, she goes back home to enjoy the beautiful weather and the great beaches that comes with being in Hawaii. However, she's known as the Most Stylish Golfer all year around, as Golf.com named her the most stylish golfer in the LPGA a few months ago. Well, just like Serena has an amazing sense of fashion on the red carpet, Michelle certainly turns a few heads herself when she's seen at various formal events.

It is great to see Wie get herself glammed up away from the golf course, and looking really good while doing so. Both ladies definitely know how to grow their brand. Wie responded well, but what does Serena have for us next?

12 Williams: Her Big Day

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The next photo of Serena Williams one ups Michelle Wie's picture. Why? Well, because no one can outshine a bride. Serena recently got married and as predicted by many, she absolutely floored everybody in her wedding dress. It was the biggest day of Serena's life and that's saying something, considering she has won so many Grand Slam titles. Here's what Serena had to say about her big day.

Here's a little tidbit from her wedding: Serena actually wore three dresses on her wedding day, aiming to be comfortable for certain portions of the reception. "I still am hoping someone invents a time machine so I can relive the wedding. (And eat the beignets) thank you @bridesmagazine,'". She definitely nails this photo for looking good. But is it enough to prove she is the master of her domain? Let's see what Michelle Wie can respond with.

11 Wie: Flower in Her Hair and Without a Care

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Michelle Wie takes to the water in her beautiful state of Hawaii in her next photo. She isn't on the beach posing for the camera in this one. But, she is at the pool and taking in all of the nice weather. She says in her Instagram post that she doesn't want to leave Hawaii. Something tells me that fans don't want her to leave either with photos like this one.

She is once again sporting a beautiful smile with a beautiful yellow flower in her hair. She certainly looks very happy in this to be relaxing in the pool instead of trying to send her drive down the fairway. She certainly has dominated in her golf career, but is she the real master of her domain? Serena Williams is up once again to counter.

10 Williams: All the Confidence in the World

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Serena Williams is up again and this time she is proving that she does not need to be in a bathing suit to compete in this competition. On the court, Serena usually has to put together outfits to maximize her game. She also has to represent companies like Nike and Reebok. Serena isn't on the court in this photo, but she does show how hard she has worked to be in tip top shape.

This was the cover of a Sports Illustraed issue in which Serena was named the Sportsperson of the Year. It just goes to show how much Serena has transcended the sport. Now, Serena isn't going to wear this in a match. But modeling wise, she definitely will wear this to help her potential second career. Serena looks good in this photo, so it will be tough for Wie to come back in the next photo.

9 Wie: What A View

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The LPGA is represented by a lot of talented female golfers trying to make a big name for themselves in the athletic world. Wie is probably one of the better looking ones and she shows that in this next photo. She is showing off her LPGA title with a beautiful city skyline behind her. Wie is probably wondering what time she will be able to win her next major tournament.

Wie has often been overlooked as a golfer because the LPGA is still trying to grow in popularity (their draconian dress code certainly won't help them) but Michelle Wie hasn't let it deter her. She's still been one of the greatest female golfers of her generation and she has the hardware to prove it.

8 Williams: On Stage

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Serena comes back once again in a beautiful black dress that highlights her toned physique. This seems to be the look Serena has countered with a few times now. She definitely pulls off the look well, just like she has pulled off many great tennis outfits in a majority of her matches. She definitely is serving up an ace in this particular photo.

Serena definitely could have a little bit left in the tank with her tennis career. But if it ends relatively soon, she can make a fortune modeling and designing dresses like this one. Serena's an ambitious woman and her days of raking in money will undoubtedly continue after her tennis career ends. Let's see how Wie recovers.

7 Wie: Taking Flight

👋🏼 •••••••••••• @nikesportswear @jumpman23

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Nike is back at it again! It is showing off some of its clothing options and using celebrities to get the word out. Michelle Wie definitely knows a thing or two about Nike clothing, just go back to her wearing the Nike hat a few photos previously as a refresher. She definitely knows a thing or two about nice weather, considering she spends most of her time back in her home state of Hawaii in the off-season.

She is by the pool again, with her back to the camera and her head turned around along with a "City of Flight" sweatshirt hanging off of her shoulders. Nike did a great job getting publicity with Wie putting her photo up on her Instagram account. Regardless, she looks amazing and is proving just how much of a master she is of her domain. Serena, it's your turn.

6 Williams: Showing Off Her Flexibility

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If you want to be a professional athlete, you have to be flexible. This can mean being flexible with a contract, flexible in playing a different position or flexible physically. Serena Williams comes back with another great photo of her suggesting possibly what one of her training sessions might be like. We definitely are appreciative of the angle of this photo Serena is portrayed in.

Serena is holding herself up with two bars as she is engaged in a full split. She also is wearing a long sleeved black shirt while looking down at her legs. Her abs once again pop up and she shows the kind of core strength she has in doing this exercise. She may not be exercising in this next photo, but let's see how Michelle Wie can counter this photo.

5 Wie: In the Empire State of Mind

If it isn't evident by now, Michelle Wie sports a lot of Nike gear. Some of the greater athletes that ever played sports like Michael Jordan, Derek Jeter, etc. have also supported Nike and worn their clothing. This is another photo of Wie supporting the Nike brand. This is also another photo where Wie shows off her beauty and makes a legitimate case to show she is the master of her domain.

She is wearing a white Nike top along with small blue shorts with the Nike logo also visible on there. Leaning against the wall in her photo also gives her a level of mysteriousness that adds to her overall beauty. She apparently was very excited to go to a Nike event in New York. We are excited to see how Serena Williams will respond with her next photo.

4 Williams: Purple For A Good Cause

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The next Serena Williams photo is not just about admiring her physical attributes. Nor is it even about admiring her as the greatest female tennis player of her generation and perhaps ever. It's also about applauding her for her willingness to tackle social issues. Here, she is sporting a purple purse, but it's not just about showing her fashion sense or popping in purple. It's about raising awareness for domestic violence which is what Serena was doing here.

“My dedication to ending violence against women has grown even stronger since the birth of my daughter just a few weeks ago,” Williams told PeopleStyle. “One way I am working to make this crucial societal change is by joining forces with Allstate Foundation Purple Purse, which aims to end domestic violence against women through financial empowerment.”

3 Wie: Making an Entrance Into the Cave

• tunnel vision • pt I

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Sometimes when you are an athlete, you need to have tunnel vision. That means you have to be so focused on your game and not focused on everything else that you are literally looking through a tunnel at the goals ahead. Michelle Wie takes the expression of tunnel vision to a literal level on her Instagram page. We are very glad Michelle Wie viewed the caves of Oahu for us to explore and adore.

She is wearing a grey and yellow sports bra along with grey yoga pants. She is leaning up against the cave with her left hand and smiling at the views she is seeing. We are smiling too seeing Michelle enjoy herself while looking good doing so. Wie definitely has tunnel vision. But, does Serena have the vision to counter this photo?

2 Williams: New York Magazine

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The last photo for Serena Williams to try to prove she is a master of her domain is one from one of the most recently popular photo sheets to date: her New York Fashion Magazine shoot. This is one of Serena's best photo shots yet. She has all of her curves and muscles hugging her black dress. This could be one photo that Michelle Wie has a very hard time counteracting with. In the shoot and interview, Serena talked about her love of fashion and how much fun she has had in designing clothing.

“That was my first real love,” she says, “but then I was like, Listen. I’m playing professional tennis. I’ll just do athletic wear.” Serena clearly puts of lot of thought into her work. “We brought fashion back to tennis,” Serena says. “It was great when Chris Evert was around. Tracy Austin had some great designs. But the ’90s was not a good time.”

1 Wie: Missing the Island Life

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This last photo of Michelle Win definitely had her missing the island life. Hawaii is full of nice islands and tons of land and history for all to explore while on vacation. They also have some of the best swimming spots. Michelle saw that she had the opportunity to take a dip in the ocean and also get a picture for her Instagram page.

She is in the ocean and is wearing a pink swimsuit. Her long hair and shiny smile definitely make the photo even better. It was quite the battle between Williams and Wie. But now it is time to ask the real question: who is the true master of their domain? Let the endless amounts of debating begin. We sure had fun building each argument.

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