5 Reasons Why We Like Shane McMahon On WWE TV (& 5 Why We Don’t)

Shane McMahon has a lot of fans and a lot of critics in equal measure, and as such, we feel as if it's only fair to analyze his trajectory in the proper manner. Some may not consider this to be a balanced piece, but the son of the boss is so intriguing that it's only fair we look at things from both sides of the coin.

By the way, we won't be featuring the fact that he does crazy stuff every now and then. Sure, it's impressive, but it's not really a big part of his game in the ring anymore.

10 LIKE - He’s A Good Heel

There’s no point in pretending otherwise: Shane McMahon is a good heel. He is strong on the mic, he’s efficient, and he knows what is going to help get himself over. Some people look towards him with X-Pac heat, but others are legitimately buying into his act – and that’s pretty obvious.

Obviously Shane was brought up in the business so that’s going to help a lot, but you can only beat what’s put in front of you. In this instance, when we say beat, we mean ‘do better than’ on a consistent basis.

9 DON’T LIKE - Hogging The Spotlight

There are other stars that could be getting the kind of spotlight that Shane receives and that much is just kind of obvious. By default, if Shane is involved in a segment that goes on for quite some time and doesn’t allow any other performers of note to make an impact, it’s clearly a bad thing.

This might be his fault or he might just be being booked in this manner, but if you’re a strong babyface you want to be able to fight back against authority. Unless your name is Kevin Owens, in this situation, then you probably won’t get a chance to do that.

8 LIKE - Helps Other Heel Talent

One of the better aspects of Shane-o-Mac’s heel turn and run towards the top of WWE has been his alignment with a number of top bad guys. This includes The Revival, Elias and Drew McIntyre to name a few, all of whom have gone on to do some intriguing stuff after their spell with Shane.

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He isn’t perfect and we aren’t going to pretend like one point such as this one is going to completely change our opinion one way or the other, but they did manage to benefit whether you like it or you don’t.

7 DON’T LIKE - His Punches

We don’t like to mock the in-ring work of a performer when we can’t even come close to dreaming about actually getting in the ring, but we also consider it to be a bit silly to pretend like Shane McMahon has intimidating working punches in the ring.

It just doesn’t seem as if they have any kind of sustainable impact, and we’re more than willing to debate with any doubters about that. Sure, he can be fun to watch, but it’s more for a comedic effect which probably isn’t the intention.

6 LIKE - Presence Of A McMahon

You don’t have to like the fact that the McMahons feature on the majority of WWE programming and have done for years, but you do need to respect the fact that whenever they do show up, it’s considered to be a pretty big deal.

Shane is the best of the bunch in that family and we aren’t just saying that for the sake of it. We can handle seeing him on WWE TV a lot more than we can for some of his siblings, and while they’re all good at what they do in one way or another, we find Shane to be slightly more effective.

5 DON’T LIKE - No Longer The Best Worker

A few years ago Shane was able to get an okay WrestleMania match out of The Undertaker – nothing more, nothing less. Then, he had a really fun and entertaining showdown with AJ Styles in what was one of the matches of the night down in Orlando.

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Nowadays, however, he just isn’t the same worker he used to be, and that is kind of saying something. He was never exactly someone who lit the world on fire but he could always pull a fun stunt or two out of the bag, as we noted in the introduction. Now, even that is gone.

4 LIKE - Helps SmackDown Live

Monday Night RAW is the big bad older brother of SmackDown Live, and as a result, it tends to receive most of the attention behind the scenes and in front of the camera. With that being said, one aspect of Shane’s presence we enjoy is that he almost exclusively features himself on the blue brand.

He pops up on Monday evenings from time to time but he’s a SmackDown guy at heart, and he kind of always has been.

When it’s all said and done, Shane will be remembered as one of the most influential figures on SmackDown Live – for better or worse.

3 DON’T LIKE - Reminder Of Miz Feud

In terms of the build-up, McMahon’s feud with The Miz was great. The two started off as a tag team that not many people thought would work. Then everyone just assumed that the Awesome One would turn on Shane, when in reality, it was the other way around.

The big issue was that McMahon constantly got the better of The Miz, especially at WrestleMania, and it just didn’t make a whole lot of sense. We don’t like babyface Miz as much as most, but even so, he should’ve come out on top.

2 LIKE - His Shoes

We aren’t exactly shoe experts ourselves, but we just enjoy seeing Shane act like he’s 20 years younger than he actually is by wearing loads of really cool ‘kicks’ and ‘sneakers’, or whatever it is the kids call them nowadays.

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His opinion on the matter clearly holds some weight, and while this topic doesn’t exactly intrigue or fascinate everyone, it’s nice to have hobbies and that is clearly what this is for him.

They just generally look quite cool and it’s probably the best part of his attire (although there isn’t much competition).

1 DON’T LIKE - Supports Saudi Arabia Deal

Did you see the videos of Shane being sat at that very expensive meal in Saudi Arabia after they’d handed WWE lots and lots of blood money? Oh, good. Did you also see that he was declared Best in the World and got the better of Roman Reigns over there? Good, good.

Shane McMahon supports his family and we appreciate that fact, but we can not and will not forget or ignore the fact that he got behind this Saudi deal. It has felt wrong ever since it was announced, and that will continue to be the case for as long as it lasts.

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