15 Gorgeous Sideline Reporters That Distract Us From The Game

If the game is pretty boring or your team is choking in the last quarter, you probably have the unshakable feeling that you have just got to keep watching until the very last second. Just in case. Sports can be pretty unpredictable, right? There’s still a chance, right? Even in the last four seconds of the game, maybe?

It’s as if it’s a very slow torture, but the worst part is, it's self-induced. It’s like watching your beloved pig go to slaughter after you’ve sent it there. Slowly. Painfully. Most sports fans can relate no matter which team you support, even if they have never actually had a pig. Or loved it dearly.

Either way, there are always those games that make you just grit your teeth and sit there until the final buzzer goes off or the final whistle blows. Then there’s something that catches your eye that makes sitting there much, much more enjoyable.

These sports reporters weren't just hired for their journalistic abilities. After putting them on air, the producers had definitely seen their viewer ratings spike straight up, along with possibly other… Things.

If it’s a good game, however, you might be a little less excited to see them on the screen because they are ripping you away from a precious few seconds, but then honestly, you can’t really find a reason to complain anymore.

Difficult to choose from a large list of drop-dead gorgeous sports reporters, here are our top 15 sideline reporters that distract us from the game, and we don’t mind one bit.

15 Melanie Collins

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This sports and entertainment host is the face... and body... of Yahoo! Sports and just with one look, it’s obvious to know why. This successful journalist is also an anchor and reporter, a co-host of Big Break on the Golf Channel and works at The Insider on CBS.

Collins isn't a stranger to success, having appeared on a majority of large cable networks, reporting on international world competitions like the Olympics, the World Cup and national sports events like the Super Bowl and the World Series. She’s worked coverage for a wide variety of sports, and the way we see it — the more sports she can cover the more TV time, and we’re all happy about it. To add to her versatility, she keeps in shape by snowboarding, golfing and for those who are wondering, especially after checking her out, she lives in San Jose, California, but we’re definitely not going to share her address.

14 Jimena Sanchez

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Sanchez makes us want to brush up on our Spanish 2 we learned in the seventh grade in an intensive course. But even if you can’t understand what she’s saying in Spanish, understanding her beauty is universal. She is a TV presenter for Fox Sports Latino in the program Fox Deportes.

Known as the Mexican Kim Kardashian, although we think that she is much better looking than Kim, this reporter wants to be taken seriously for her journalistic abilities but is also not afraid to flaunt what she’s got. Funnily enough, although you might not understand Spanish, you might want to check into those three or four Spanish channels to see a commercial or two of Sanchez. Sanchez is a 30-year-old Mexican model and has an extremely large social media following, which isn't surprising due to the pictures out there on her pages.

13 Molly Qerim

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This American sports anchor and moderator has graced the presence of ESPN’s First Take. She has also been on the screen as the host of NFL Network’s NFL AM and NFL Fantasy Live. Which, when she’s on screen, is literally a perfect name for the show, NFL Fantasy Live.

Qerim mainly covered college football, but then progressed to UFC, and the World MMA Awards. This half Albanian, half Italian mix is not only an accomplished reporter, she is also drop dead gorgeous, which could account for the reasons of being present in multiple red cart events, Heisman Trophy presentations, the NBA draft, NBA and MLB All-Star games, and placed as permanent hosts on television. ESPN seems to go by the saying, If it ain’t broke, don't fix it. If Querim is getting the channel viewers, whether by her knowledge or by her looks, the solution is simple: keep putting her on TV.

12 Jenny Dell

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This NFL reporter who has also covered the MLB recently tied the knot to a Milwaukee Brewers infielder, so, unfortunately, she is taken, but that doesn't mean we can't keep watching. This talented sportscaster went to Mass Amherst and actually graduated with a degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management, which doesn't explain her success in journalism, but we suppose she is highly intelligent, adaptable, and well, extremely good looking.

This gorgeous reporter, started her career off covering news in Boston with the Boston Red Sox for the New England Sports Network. She also was the host of The Ultimate Red Sox Show and Red Sox Report. She was also on the reporting team when the Sox won the World Series, unfortunately, they couldn't keep their good luck charm along for long, releasing her out into the world, which we are so, very grateful.

11 Ines Sainz

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This Mexican Journalist has hosted Deportips and is a journalist for Azteca Deportes. Unfortunately, she is married, but the good news is that you can watch her both speak Spanish and English. When she works in English, she is a hostess for boxing matches.

Sainz’s physique is plastered all over her television show’s website, for example, in the section where the Azteca’s website features photo galleries, especially spotlighting a “Bad Girls” section. Sainz is illustrated in a photo with her modeling a swimsuit. She was voted as the fifth sexiest woman sports reporter in 2009, and after seeing a few photos, it’s not too hard to know why. She has had an extensive career reporting that span across tennis, basketball, baseball, and American football, along with world football.

10 Kristine Leahy

This host and sports reporter, you might recognize her from the popular program, American Ninja Warrior on NBC. She also works for Fox Sport 1’s cast and is an anchor and reporter in Los Angeles.

From Chicago, Illinois, and completely unmarried, Leahy is a sports journalist that has the talent to match her looks. Starting her journalism career in radio, Leahy doesn't stay true at all to the saying that goes “a face for radio”. Leahy then went from radio to blogging, then to hosting events. After moving to California, she got her big break and is actually recorded as one of the first women to call a horse race in California. Although, she still hides behind radio while co-hosting “The Herd”, we prefer her on television, where we can get a good look at her.

9 Erin Andrews

The most obvious choice, Erin Andrews is one of, if not, the, most famous sideline female reporter out there. Not only is she famous for her reporting skills and talents, but also for her good looks and her history of relationships with athletes.

Unfortunately, she has retired from doing sideline reporting, but she is still on television, thankfully for us, so we can watch her more as the host of Fox’s college football in-studio coverage. However, she has gotten up there in age, but she has made such an impact and has set the bar for female sideline reporters and overall sports journalists, that we could not avoid putting her on the list. Plus, we don't think you would be too mad at us for putting a picture of her up here.

8 Maria Taylor

A female reporter of many trades, Taylor has covered college football, volleyball, and basketball. She is an ESPN and SEC analyst and host. As one of the few women who has made it big, she got a lot of coverage not only for her Rose Bowl appearance as a sideline reporter, she also caused some buzz with her sideline interview with basketball coach John Calipari.

During the interview, Calipari squeezed Taylor’s arm and held on tightly during the action of the interview. Taylor continued the interview with class, shrugging him off and telling him that she wasn't one of his players. No charges were pressed and the whole thing blew over. At the end of the day, Taylor still maintained her composure and carried on through the interview. Following the encounter, she didn't press charges, regardless of what the responses on social media had advised her to do.

7 Olivia Harlan

Deemed the Next Big Sideline Reporter a few years ago, Harlan was the former Miss Kansas Teen USA. She comes from a bloodline of good reporters. Her dad was a commentator for the NFL and the NBA. Her grandfather was the CEO for the Packers for at least two decades. Some may argue that her family is what got her there, but she also has the talent and resume to back it up.

She is a triple threat, and at a young age, too. She is an ESPN college football reporter, works for Fox Sports Southeast with the Atlanta Hawks, and is a host on ACC’s All Access. The blonde hair, blue eyed beauty is a hard worker, as well. She finished her degree in three and a half years, all the while being a part of a sorority, working the athletic website, and traveling for a job, which shows that beauty and connections aren't just enough.

6 Kacie McDonnell

This NESN, New England Sports Network, reporter has had a history of dating athletes and was hired in 2016 as an anchor and a reporter. She plays her part in NESN Sports Today, NESN Live, and NESN Sports Update, which are the programs three main news segments.

She began her career as a low traffic reporter, then a morning anchor in Fox Television, and then upgraded slowly but surely, making her path in the reporter world, all the while gaining fame for her looks as well as her talent. Her relationships, for example with Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray and with Minnesota Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder. So, especially since she is taken, you might already give up now, unless, of course, you are a profession or former professional quarterback.

5 Heidi Watney

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An American studio host and reporter who has worked for the MLB, this attractive reporter also has had an interesting relationship history. The history of her career began with modeling, and her good looks and talent earned her a runner-up position at the 2002 Miss Universe beauty competition, runner-up in Miss California, and has worked her good looks as a model.

Once she realized that was what she wanted to do, she started with a local radio station in Fresno. Later on, her talents as a journalist and her good looks landed her the host position of a couple Red Sox shows after jumping from local radio and TV stations. This gorgeous girl not only is a reporter, she also does her share of giving back to charity work.

4 Lauren Gardner

Gardner was actually an athlete before she was a reporter, being captain of her softball team and cheer team. While she was competing, she interned with a sports magazine and Fox Sports Network. She was a cheerleader for the Denver Broncos until 2008.

Her career on air began as a host and personality but then became a Game Host as well. This sideline reporter has distracted players and fans alike when she has covered various sports, including NFL, then Super Bowl, MLB All-Star Game, college football, basketball, lacrosse, all through a broad spectrum of different channels. The interesting aspect of Gardner is that not only is she a broadcaster, she also a private pilot. In whatever path she chooses, we’re glad that she is continuing to be the spotlight on the sideline if that makes any sense.

3 Samantha Ponder

The current host of the ESPN show Sunday NFL Countdown, she always worked as a reporter and a host covering college football on ESPN. She once played the definition of a sideline hottie, having covered basketball reporting on the sideline. She also played some fun roles, as host of the 2016 season of BattleBots.

She was in the news, literally, a few months ago accusing a co-host of some resurfaced audio that was between the Barstool President Dave Portnoy and Katz. Ponder and her husband were targets of the profanity-filled conversation. There was support on both sides, but truth be told, all we need to know is that Samantha Ponder is a great journalist and a beautiful looking one at that.

2 Laura Rutledge

This reporter and host for ESPN, SEC Network, and CNN International is a former American beauty pageant and with one look at her pictures, it’s obvious to see why. Not only is she truly gorgeous, she also has the poise and class to make her such a great candidate. She’s from St. Petersburg, FL, which is a wonderful city if I may say so, (my hometown), and was crowned Miss Florida.

Talented in ballet, majoring in broadcast journalism, and advancing on through the sidelines, Rutledge covered the Tampa Bay Rays games and provided on-field reporting for Fox College Sports coverages before she was discovered by ESPN and the SEC Network. Her success, along with her titles, has earned her the right to be on television, and we are glad she chose that field.

1 Sara Carbonero

At the top of our list is Sara Carbonero Arévalo, who is a Spanish sports journalist. She has reported in Spain and in Portugal, when her husband (sorry, boys), began playing for Futebol Clube do Porto. She also two children with her husband.

She has covered the 2010 World Cup, along with many other famous events. A funny accusation came along with this coverage when Spain was beaten by Switzerland. Fans blamed the goal on Sara Carbonero because they said that her husband Casillas was accused of taking his eye off the ball, letting it soar past him and losing to Spain 1-0, which was one of the biggest upsets of the World Cup. She, of course, countered against the accusation, saying that she, definitely, was not at fault. But, after looking at these pictures, we can definitely see a point.

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