Special Delivery: 15 Athletes Who Should Learn How To Wrap Their Package

Peter Pan might be a fairy tale but the one thing he wanted us to do, more than anything else, was to never grow up because once you become an adult, life gets a little too real. The idea is unrealistic because time cannot be stopped and all humans age, no matter what cool technological advances we watch at the movies. However, the closest group of human beings that experience life the same way we all do when we are teenagers are professional athletes.

These men begin earning national recognition from the first moment their names appear on the recruiting rankings that come out each and every year. As their reputation grows, so does their egos, and so does the way they see the world. These men are being told just how great they are from just about anyone they meet between the age of 12 until about the time they retire. They are almost god-like figures that get paid millions of dollars to travel the world and play sports that almost all of us reading this love to play ourselves.

The constant love and admiration that these men get every single day of their lives can also lead to some trouble, especially when they start getting love and admiration from the ladies. That can lead to a laundry list of issues that starts and ends with the one issue that brings us here today, having too many children.

Let's take a stroll down the darker side of professional sports and give you 15 professional athletes, former or current, that have the most kids with the most women.

15 Bennie Blades, NFL

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Children: 6

Mothers: 6

In 1987, Bennie Blades helped the University of Miami's football team win the National Championship. The former NFL safety was a major defensive presence for the Miami Hurricanes and was even given the nickname "Bennie and the Jets," for his role as the leader of one of college football's best secondary unit, ever. The year before, 1986, he wound up with 10 interceptions, a school-record that remains today. His time at Miami was so magical that it helped him get drafted third overall in the 1988 NFL draft, by the Detroit Lions. He played ten years in the league before retiring, nine of them in Detroit, where he also earned himself a Pro Bowl selection in 1991.

That must have been the time of his life because shortly after he left the NFL, he began dealing with legal troubles surrounding the child support payments he could not afford to make. He was always a good father but just could not afford the court ordered amounts and, at one time, was paying half of his paycheck towards child support. He ended up serving some jail time for felony non-payment after not being able to afford the $400,000 he owes to one of his six children. He is now a substitute teacher just hoping to find a new way to pay for his kids.

14 Marshall Faulk, NFL

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Children: 6

Mothers: 4

When you hear about all these professional athletes having multiple children with multiple women, one of the names that no one seems to think of, or even mention very often, is the former 2000 NFL MVP, and Super Bowl XXXIV Champion, Marshall Faulk.

The man who was once the King of St.Louis has six kids with four different women including former five-time NBA champion Derek Fisher's ex-wife Candace Fisher. Marshall was dating Candace back when they were still in college at San Diego State and the only reason they had the child, according to Candace in a 1995 Sports Illustrated interview, is because he is anti-abortion. It was his first, and not his last.

He ended up having three of them with his former girlfriend Helen Dunne, who later accused him of domestic abuse, and lost, after a jury ruled in his favor following a civil suit which was filed against him around 2003.

In total, the one thing we learned about Marshall Faulk is that not only was he one of the most versatile NFL running backs ever, he was one of the most fertile in the bedroom too.

13 Charles Rogers, NFL

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Children: 6

Mothers: 4

During the 2003 NFL Draft, the Detroit Lions decided to take a gamble and use their second overall selection on Michigan State's troubled wideout, Charles Rogers, who already had two children before he even entered college. At the time, they ignored so many warning signs, it is not even funny. Just a few weeks before the draft, a story broke about how he failed a league drug test because there was too much water in his urine. That is considered a masking agent and a way of fooling the test results. Former Detroit Lions President Matt Millen chose to ignore that failure and grabbed him anyways. Rogers went on to play for just three seasons, catching 36 passes for 440 yards and four touchdowns.

The entire Charles Rogers experiment in Detroit ended up costing Matt Millen his job, in theory, as it was the beginning of the ending for a man who was so horrible at his job, he must have been dating the owner's daughter.

One thing is for sure, although Rogers NFL career ended up busting out long before it should have, his child support payments are still going strong with six kids spread out over four different baby mama's.

12 Larry Johnson, NBA

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Children: 5

Mothers: 4

Everyone remembers Larry "Grandmama" Johnson because of his amazing Converse commercials in which the 6'7", 250 pound NBA forward dressed up like an old lady with glasses and a tiny little hat. The entire idea was genius because it turned him into a superstar, regardless of what he did on the court. He was a special talent though, averaging 16.2 points, 7.5 rebounds, and 3.3 assists for his career, which lasted ten seasons. But was he one of the top-five players in the NBA, at any point in his career?

Not really. Without his former Charlotte Hornets teammate, and Hall of Famer, Alonzo Mourning, he would have gone down a darker career path that could have turned him into a bust long before it was all over.

But that is the genius behind the Converse ads, people remember him. They remember the commercials. And they remember that he was a good player with a bus load of kids, five to be exact.

11 Ray Lewis, NFL

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Children: 6

Mothers: 4

Just because a superstar athlete appears to be a good guy, isn't always the case. On the flip side of that argument, just because an athlete has a ton of kids does not mean he is a terrible person or a deadbeat dad. Some of the men on this list are great fathers and, although they were not able to keep a relationship going with the child's mother, they continue to support their children and be there, like a good father should be.

For Ray Lewis, he is the type of father who has six children from four different women and pays one of them $3,500 a month in child support because he is not going to let his kids grow up without a father. The same baby mama that he pays $3,500 a month to also ended up trying to grab a few extra dollars from him and filed a suit against him trying to claim he hid earnings and owes her much more in child support.

Although Ray Lewis is a 13-time Pro Bowler, seven time All-Pro, two time Super Bowl Champion, and future Hall of Famer, he continues to make time for his kids and raises them all like a good father should.

10 Kenny Anderson, NBA

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Children: 7

Mothers: 5

For 14 seasons, Kenny Anderson was a NBA point guard. At one point, the former one-time All-Star, averaged 18.8 points, 3.9 rebounds, 1.9 steals, and 9.6 assists per game while leading the New Jersey Nets to a 45-37 record, and their third consecutive playoff appearance. In fact, for his first three years in the league, he led the Nets to the postseason after they had been a no-show the past five years prior.

But his game eventually started to run into trouble when he started to get injured more often than a NBA team was willing to work with. It caused him to be one of those unlucky NBA athletes that became trade bait, being traded five different times between 1996 and 2003. He managed to play for eight different NBA franchises including five of them between 2002 and 2005.

But just like his professional career, he went through a similar path in his personal life, having seven children from five different women. Maybe it had something to do with all of his traveling between cities and meeting new people. He should have learned to protect himself though because once he left the NBA, the finances dropped significantly.

9 Shawn Kemp, NBA

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Children: 7

Mothers: 6

Much like Dominique Wilkins, Shawn Kemp was an amazingly talented athlete that put on a show wherever he played basketball. At first it was in Seattle, where he transformed the Sonics into an elite franchise in just eight seasons. Then he went to Cleveland, Portland, and Orlando before retiring at the age of 33. He left the NBA averaging 14.6 points, 8.4 rebounds, 1.1 steals, and 1.2 blocks per game.

From the moment he stepped foot on the court, his electrifying style of play was something the NBA fans had not seen before because, unlike Wilkins, he was much bigger. Shawn Kemp is 6'10" and could jump as high as anyone in the league, leaving him to make some amazing highlight reel dunks.

But he was not just electrifying on the court. His personal life featured a ton of drama as he had seven children with six different women, that we know of. So, although he might be one of the greatest NBA players to never win a title, he won several in the bedroom.

8 Vladimir Guerrero, MLB

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Children: 8

Mothers: 5

When Vladimir Guerrero swung the baseball bat, he did it with force, with power, and with such authority that you had to pay attention if you were sitting in the stands. He could hit line drive that would kill an elephant. It is a shame we do not have the same amazing tools we have today to measure things like bat speed, exit velocity, and distance. If we did, there is not much doubt who would have their name all over the top of the lists, it would be Vladimir Guerrero.

When he finally hung up his cleats, following the 2011 season, Vladimir retired with an astonishing 449 home runs, 1,496 RBI, 1,328 runs, 477 doubles, 46 triples, 181 stolen bases, and had a career batting average of .318. Injuries prevented him from playing a few seasons and causing him to lose the power he had, which would have gotten him way past the 500 home run mark.

In the next few years, you will hear his name called in Cooperstown and he will become a member of the Hall of Fame. That is something he could use to help get a nice paying job so he can afford to pay for all eight of his kids.

7 Willie Anderson, NBA

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Children: 9

Mothers: 7

After spending nine seasons in the NBA, playing for the San Antonio Spurs, Toronto Raptors, Miami Heat, and New York Knicks, Willie Anderson is still best known for the 1988 Summer Olympics, where he was a member of the last Team USA basketball team that featured only college athletes. They went on to win the Bronze medal that year before the United States decided to change it up and create what became known as the Dream Team.

So when he left the NBA in 1996, Willie chose to play overseas and started off with the Olympiacos from the Euroleague. He returned to play for the Miami Heat before finally retiring from the league for good and taking his game back to Greece where he played for the AEK Athens and Maccabi Tel Aviv.

With all of the traveling, it is a shock to hear he has nine children from seven different women. How could he have the time to raise his kids with all of the traveling? Maybe that is also why he played in Greece. He needed to earn money to afford the child support payments which had to be ridiculous.

6 Willis McGahee, NFL

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Children: 9

Mothers: 8

Besides the two men combining for a total of 20 children, Willis McGahee and Travis Henry have another connection that runs even deeper than having more children than the Brady Bunch. It goes back to the time they were teammates in Buffalo, playing for the Bills in 2004.

Travis Henry was their starting running back and was already off to a phenomenal start to his NFL career before an injury forced him to lose his starting role to Willis McGahee, and he was not thrilled about it either. That was probably because Willis was a better player and stole the job without ever planning on returning it. In his rookie year, Willis rushed for 1,128 yards and 13 touchdowns, leading the Bills rushing offense. After three years in Buffalo, he headed to Baltimore, Denver, and finally ending his career in Cleveland. Somewhere between high school and his NFL career, he managed to reproduce nine children with eight different women, the latest in 2012.

At 35 years old, he has a ton of time left to get a few more and beat out the next five athletes on our list.

5 Jason Caffey, NBA

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Children: 10

Mothers: 8

It is very hard to feel empathy for a man who has ten children with eight different women. Regardless of what a court says about child support payments, when hearing about how Jason Caffey has spent time in prison for multiple violations related to failure to pay child-support payments and that he has had to file for bankruptcy while being nearly $2 million in debt, no one feels sorry because he made a choice to have fun during his playing days and it has come back to haunt him.

What about the children? Or the mothers? If he was not a professional athlete, would any of you even give an ounce of sympathy towards him, knowing he has 10 kids with eight mothers?

It must have been easier to make the choice at the time since he was making almost $4 million per season. He finished his career earning around $34 million.

4 Evander Holyfield, Boxing

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Children: 11

Mothers: 8

Evander Holyfield's issues did not start the moment Mike Tyson bit half of his ear off. It started around the time his ex-wife, Janice, filed for divorce after he admitted to the rumors of fathering children out of wedlock. He learned nothing from that experience and decided to get married two more times, making even more children, until he reached the 11 he has today. But having that many children has got to be taxing on a bank account, right?

Exactly. Evander Holyfield dug himself into a financial mess that he cannot afford. He was once worth nearly $250 million but, back in 2012, has since had to file for bankruptcy because of a ridiculous amount of child support payments he both owes and has to pay out monthly. Almost every one of his baby mama's is owed some kind of payment from him. In 2012, a judge ruled that he has to pay around $500,000 in back mortgage payments, as well as $2,400/month to one of his baby mama's, for child support.

It might be time to hang it up and stop reproducing kids Mr. Holyfield. Can you hear us?

3 Antonio Cromartie, NFL

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Children: 12

Mothers: 9

At Florida State, Antonio Cromartie shined as a kick returner and showed signs of his lockdown defensive abilities but tore his ACL during voluntary workouts the summer before the 2005 season, his junior year, and he wound up not playing college football again but was then drafted 19th overall in the 2006 first round of the NFL Draft. By his second season, he was a stud defender and he nabbed 10 interceptions, 18 pass deflections, 2 fumble recoveries, and two touchdowns. That started his career path to becoming one of the New York Jets most important defensive assets between 2010 and 2013. It also raised his star-level from regular to superstar overnight.

This stud of a defender is also a stud with the ladies, creating 12 children with nine different women. What is most impressive is that even after having a vasectomy in 2013, he still managed to have twins in 2016, which is less than a 1% chance of happening. He is so fertile that even a medical procedure could not stop his fish from swimming.

2 Travis Henry, NFL

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Children: 11

Mothers: 10

Travis Henry should be known as the word that is used to describe someone that has intercourse with a mother, because, after getting 10 different women pregnant, Travis Henry owns the record for most baby mama's from a professional athlete that we know of.

After spending four years at the University of Tennessee, rushing for 3,078 yards and 26 touchdowns, he was drafted by the Buffalo Bills in the 2001 NFL draft. Within two seasons, he was a Pro Bowl running back, rushing for 1,438 yards in 2002 followed by 1,356 yards in 2003, with a combined total of 23 touchdowns. He was becoming a superstar in the making until an injury forced him out for most of the season. His demand for a trade because of his refusal to be Willis McGahee's backup that upon his return wound up costing him his career as he bounced around the league until eventually, he left the game entirely. His biggest downfall was his constant league drug violations.

With so many children, it would have been much smarter for him to clean himself up and get back to top form so he could figure out a way to pay for 11 kids.

1 Calvin Murphy, NBA


Children: 14

Mothers: 9

Then, there was Calvin Murphy, former Houston Rockets guard and a member of the Pro Basketball Hall of Fame. Throughout his career, he was a big-time scorer, averaging 17.9 points per game over his 13-year career. He had this ability to get himself into some very high percentage shot situations and it translated into another incredible feat, his career shooting percentage, which was 48.2% when he retired.

But besides leading the Rockets to their first ever NBA Finals during the 1980-81 season, he had some off the court dealings that made him reach the top of our list today, and that would be his ability to reproduce. As of this writing, he has 14 children from 9 different mothers. But, after this article goes live, who knows? Maybe he will have another 3 or 4 kids. The man is an extremely fertile retired NBA star that had a clean, wholesome lifestyle, or so we all thought, during his playing days. He actually asked each of the mothers to keep the births and the children secret to protect his image. That is just plain gross.

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