10 Sports Stadiums That Need To Be Torn Down (And 10 Under Construction We Can't Wait To See)

Some people go to sporting events to watch games, while others go to experience the stadium. Then there are those in the middle, who are most people, who like to go for the game and the experience. There are thousands of stadiums throughout the world, so many that it would impossible to keep track of how many there actually are. Just in the United States, there are hundreds, yet all the others that are spread throughout the world. We’re in a time period where many stadiums are getting built with new technology, while others are being demolished with no use for them anymore.

Fans have high expectations when they go to sporting events, more than just attending a game. There’s more to a game than just the game itself. Which means some stadiums need to shut down. Out of all the stadiums out there, there are some stadiums that are outdated and need to be torn down. It’s not an unusual thing, this happens when a stadium hasn’t had renovations or when a team wants to draw in more fans to the game. Tearing down a stadium can actually be a good thing.

While there are those stadiums that need to get torn down, there’s also those stadiums under construction that we can’t wait for. Sports fans love the anticipation of when new stadiums are coming out because they’re new experiences that no one has ever been a part of. So, let’s take a look at which stadiums need to close their doors, and some of the best stadiums to open up in the future.

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20 Torn Down: Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

via BusinessView.com

Will the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum ever close down? The stadium was built in 1921, and has been the home of quite the number of sports teams. It currently houses the Los Angeles Rams, while their new stadium is being built.

It has housed many other teams including mainly the USC Trojans, who have been there since 1923.

In total, they have housed 14 different teams throughout its existence. But it’s time to finally move on.

With the Rams in L.A., it makes sense that once the new stadium is built, they call it quits with this stadium. Considering it’s a football stadium, it’s pretty interesting that it’s still open.

19 Under Construction: Los Angeles Stadium And Entertainment District

via larams.com

Los Angeles not only brought back two football teams but will also bring a beautiful facility to the city of Los Angeles. In 2020, the Rams and Chargers will both go to their new home, in Hollywood Park. It’s already expected to host the Super Bowl in 2022, and the College Football Playoff National Championship in 2023. So much more than just the stadium is included in this project, including retail buildings, office spaces, and even apartment areas. It’s a huge project for Los Angeles and is expected to be a big deal. It may become the most popular stadium across the United States.

18 Torn Down: Oakland Coliseum

via wikipedia.org

The Oakland Coliseum, home of the Athletics and Raiders, is, to many, the worst stadium in the country. Both teams plan on making their way out in the future, as the Raiders move to Vegas and the Athletics plan on building a new stadium. Many fans complain about the seating arrangements and the lack of activities at the ballpark.

Luckily, the stadium probably won’t last after the Athletics move out of there.

A poor stadium with many complaints won’t last when both of the main teams move out. It’s sad that the stadium actually lasted this long, but maybe it was to save money.

17 Under Construction: Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

via youtube.com

Coming soon, the Tottenham Hotspur F.C. will have a new home. It will be called, the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, located in North London. It is planned to hold 62,062 fans, and will become one of the largest stadium in the Premier League. It will also become the largest club stadium in London.

It was expected to open on September 15th, this year, but due to some issues in construction, it looks like soccer fans will have to wait until 2019 for it to finally open. Tottenham should be able to thrive in their new home and perhaps the new home will make Tottenham a more attractive destination for players.

16 Torn Down: Oracle Arena

via si.com

With all the recent success of the Golden State Warriors, it’s mind blowing to know that the team hasn’t gone ahead to build a new stadium. Oracle Arena is currently the oldest stadium in the NBA, as it was built in 1964. But with the Warriors becoming one of the most legendary teams in history, it’s time to put behind one of their parts of history.

The last time the arena was renovated was 1997, so it’s safe to say this stadium has not been well maintained. But it’s receiving more traffic than ever with the success of their team. It’s just a matter of time before it closes its doors.

15 Under Construction: Jakarta International Stadium

via Cox Architecture

A gorgeous new stadium is coming to Indonesia, called the Jakarta International Stadium. It’s already looking beautiful based on the plans, with the city in the background. It will be a multi-purpose stadium, mainly used for soccer matches. It is supposed to cost $47 trillion IDR, which translates to over $3 billion.

It’s going to hold 75,000 fans and plans to open by 2021.

The original plans came in 2010 but were squashed when lawsuits took place by residents whose homes were demolished to make room for the new stadium. Construction is underway, and it is expected to be a huge deal.

14 Torn Down: Fenway Park

Patrick Whittemore/Boston Herald

Everybody wants to visit Fenway Park, but if you haven’t, it’s on you. Open in 1912, it is the oldest stadium in the MLB. And since then, it has been the home of the Boston Red Sox. There’s no doubt that Fenway Park gives you that old school ballpark feel, but it may be too old.

When pulling up to Fenway, it doesn’t even look like a stadium. It has a cool vibe with the bars and shops all Red Sox themed nearby, but it’s time to bring the team new life. With tight seats and an old-school feel, it’s time to move on from the stadium that is over 100 years old.

13 Under Construction: Las Vegas Stadium

via casino.com

After the success, the Las Vegas Golden Knights had in 2018, it’s a lot of fun to think about what the Raiders can do when they make their move to Las Vegas. The time is coming to an end in Oakland, and then the Raiders will make their move to Vegas.

Along with a new city, comes a new stadium.

The $1.8 billion project is set to be completed by 2020. Finally, fans will be able to hang out on the strip and go out to the pool parties there, then make their way over to the stadium. Expect Las Vegas Stadium to be a brand-new experience.

12 Torn Down - FirstEnergy Stadium

via dawgsforlife.com

For once, the Cleveland Browns are heading in the right direction. They acquired a bunch of key players this offseason including Baker Mayfield and Jarvis Landry, and behind those two, among others, they've finally broken their losing streak while looking much improved in 2018.

One big improvement could include tearing down their current stadium and building a new one. With LeBron James’ departure from Cleveland, the city could use something to get excited for.

Building a new, preferably indoor stadium, that could be used for games and other events would be huge for the city of Cleveland.

It may be bigger than the team improving, showing how badly this city could use some excitement.

11 Under Construction: Allianz Field

via youtube.com

The city of Minnesota has been blessed lately when it comes to stadiums over the past few years. Last year, the Timberwolves arena was renovated. A year before U.S. Bank Stadium opened, home of the Vikings, and Target Field, home of the Twins, opened up in 2010. So, all the stadiums are all pretty up to date.

Now, it’s Minnesota United FC’s turn to get a stadium. Allianz Field is set to open this March, with a capacity of 19,400. It will add to the collection of Minnesota stadiums, and become the newest in the city. It may make Minnesota the home of the most technologically advanced sports arenas in the world.

10 Torn Down: Dodger Stadium

via latinoreport.com

Teams are just jumping on the bandwagon of playing in Los Angeles, but the one team that actually plays in L.A., besides the Lakers & Clippers, has the worst facility. The Los Angeles Dodgers have an outdated stadium for a team that plays in the city of entertainment. Many fans have made complaints about the seating in the stadium, and the area that the stadium is in.

It would be awesome to see them demolish the stadium, and either find a new area or build a stadium next to the current one. It would also be cool to see them add a man-made hill in the back, with a Dodgers sign, similar to the Hollywood sign in the background.

9 Under Construction: Ferenc Puskas Stadium

via stadiumguide.com

Hungary is adding another stadium in 2019, the Ferenc Puskas Stadium. It will be the home of the Hungary national football team. It looks very similar to the new stadium the Atlanta Falcons opened, without the screen at the top of the stadium. But for a soccer stadium, this is absolutely gorgeous.

Bright lights surround the whole top of the stadium, and it will hold 67,889.

It's definitely not the biggest stadium, but it’s a good size for a national time. The stadium is in Budapest, one of the most popular cities in Hungary. The national team will love to be able to play in this stadium.

8 Torn Down: FedEx Field

via youtube.com

So many people from players in the NFL to fans have complained about FedEx Field. Some have actually blamed the grass surface of the stadium to have caused Robert Griffin III’s injury, which may have ruined his career. From what it seems, the experience there isn’t pleasant. It’s definitely one of the NFL stadiums that need to be torn down.

It would be cool to see the stadium become geared more towards the capital and make it feel very historic. It may actually make the stadium become a tourist destination when fans come to Washington D.C. Instead, everyone will continue to ignore it like it isn’t there.

7 Under Construction: Lusail Iconic Stadium

via pinterest.com

Prepare for the biggest stadium of them all. What should be done by the end of 2019, will be Lusail Iconic Stadium, in Lusail, Qatar. Some may ask why this stadium is such a big deal, but that’s because it will host the finals of the 2022 FIFA World Cup. It will also be the home to the first few games of the tournament.

The stadium looks absolutely gorgeous and should light up the sky. It’s a very unique stadium, which makes sense, considering it is being built primarily for the World Cup, even though the event has faced a lot of controversy already.

6 Torn Down: TIAA Bank Field

via dailysplace.com

Some may ask why the Super Bowl is frequently played in Tampa and Miami, but not Jacksonville. It has the nice climate, so it should be a candidate for a Super Bowl eventually. Well, not necessarily. The last time TIAA Bank Field hosted a Super Bowl was 2005 when it was under a different name.

The truth is, the Jaguars need to become more creative with a stadium and build one from scratch.

Yes, they did just recently update the stadium, but it’s nothing that will make more fans want to visit. Put together a stadium that fans want to always visit. It is a stadium in Florida.

5 Under Construction: New National Stadium

via stadiumdb.com

After demolishing the National Olympic Stadium, it was time to build a new stadium in Tokyo, Japan. This time, it’s called the New National Stadium, for now. It broke ground in December of 2016 and is estimated to cost a whooping $1.26 billion. Parts of the plan were eliminated due to budget cuts in 2015, which included a retractable roof. The stadium is on schedule to be finished by the end of 2019. The plans were to finish it before the 2019 Rugby World Cup before they realized that wouldn’t happen. Hopefully, no other changes will be made due to budget cuts for the new multi-purpose stadium.

4 Torn Down: Tropicana Field

via pinterest.com

Baseball fans may never be satisfied with Tropicana Field. Unfortunately, it does not fit that typical day at the ballpark feel. With it being indoors and with the energy level being higher than usual with the music and dancers, fans aren’t impressed. The tight seating also doesn’t help, especially the heavy-set fans.

The Tampa Bay Rays are expected to get a stadium in the future, which would lead to Tropicana closing its doors. It’s a shame that fans could never adapt to the unique stadium, but those baseball fans love to have a certain experience. Soon they will be able to, and it will actually be in Tampa.

3 Under Construction: Globe Life Field

via dallassportsfanatic.com

Globe Life Park is closing down, with Globe Life Field coming to life. The Texas Rangers will be moving into a new home in the nearby future, with a rough estimate of 2020 being the planned opening date as of right now.

With AT&T Stadium showcasing the new expectations for NFL stadiums, there’s some pressure for the baseball stadium across the street to do the same for baseball.

Along with the stadium, Globe Life Field with a new shopping mall, a Loews Hotel, and a ballpark village. The actual stadium will look similar to the Astros’ Minute Maid Park, also in Texas. The Rangers plan on changing the game for MLB stadiums.

2 Torn Down: Wrigley Field

via cubsinsider.com

History lies inside Wrigley Field, home of the Chicago Cubs. But, history eventually means the past, so it’s time the Cubs move on and build a new stadium. Wrigley Field is the second oldest stadium in the MLB, as it was finished in 1914. The stadium for years played without lights, which is why the Cubs play many more day games than most other teams, to keep up with tradition. And of course, how could we forget the ivy-covered walls in the outfield, which may be the most famous part of Wrigley Field, along with the sign outside the stadium. But it’s time Wrigley becomes part of the past, as the team should build a new stadium.

1 Under Construction: Stadio Della Roma

via chiesadetotti.com

Of course, a big deal is going to be made out of a brand-new stadium being constructed in Italy. Coming soon to Rome is a stadium that still doesn’t have a set name, which will host a Serie A soccer team. The construction just began this year, so there is still very few details compared to other stadiums that have been under construction. What we do know is that architect Dan Meis is inspired by the ancient Colosseum, which may show that fans should be in some luck when the stadium finally opens up. Finally, some new life to a historic city.

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