20 Sports Teams That Should Knock Down Their Stadium

What is the best part of going to any professional sports game? Is it getting a bite to eat by tailgating three hours before the game? Maybe. Is it getting to see your favorite player under the bright lights? That could also be a possibility. But, what about getting the opportunity to go see your favorite teams at top-notch stadiums? Take Boston, for example. They have some of the best stadiums as far as structure and history are concerned. You have Fenway Park, which is one of the best ballparks in the MLB, the T.D. Garden that holds both the Bruins and the Celtics, and then Gillette Stadium where the Patriots have dominated for years. There are other nice stadiums and ballparks like Yankee Stadium, Wrigley Field, Lambeau Field, and many more. But, what happens when you go to a stadium that isn't in the best of shape?

Some stadiums have just been opening their doors for too long now. A few of them are drastically due for an upgrade or a demolition altogether. There have even been rankings out about best NHL, NFL, NBA, and MLB home fields and a lot of writers agree that certain fields are just at the bottom of the barrel of their respective leagues. These stadiums definitely need to just cease to exist and give their home teams the proper home fields that they deserve. But, which fields are we talking about exactly? Let's look at 20 sports teams that should knock down their respective stadiums or home fields.

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20 StubHub Center- Los Angeles Chargers

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The StubHub Center is the home of the Los Angeles Chargers. The Chargers have surprised everybody by competing with Kansas City for the AFC West division title. However, their home stadium can definitely use a demolition. The stadium itself only holds 27,000 seats, which is by far the least in the NFL for home stadiums. The funny part is that renovations were made to the stadium in 2017 by increasing ticket prices to bleacher seats.

For the money they are spending, you would think there would be more seats made available to watch the Chargers. Thankfully, they'll be moving out of the stadium in a couple of years.

19 Dodger Stadium - L.A. Dodgers

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For a team that is worth as much as the Dodgers are, one would expect them to have a stadium that is a little more modern, with the stadium setting a standard for how ballparks should be built. Obviously Dodger Stadium has history behind it and that's a big reason why they've been hesitant to look for new digs, as they instead announced last year that renovations and upgrades would be coming to Dodger Stadium. We'll see how that all plays out, but the Dodgers probably would've been better served looking for a new ballpark.

18 Target Center- Minnesota Timberwolves

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The Target Center is the home of the Minnesota Timberwolves. The T'Wolves have had their fair share of drama this season with everything that happened with star guard Jimmy Butler. Now, Butler is gone to Philadelphia and they can start focusing on getting the ball to Karl-Anthony Towns as much as they can. The Target Center itself, however, is not great. It can only seat up to 20,000 people on any given night and the T'Wolves are nowhere near close to being contenders in the NBA's Western Conference. The T'wolves should consider tearing down their home court and put up a new one to get some excitement back into the franchise.

17 FedEx Field- Washington Redskins

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The Washington Redskins have the privilege (not really!) of playing in their home that is Fedex field. The stadium itself is not bad seating capacity wise, as it can hold up to 82,000 when the Redskins take the field any given Sunday. However, it is viewed by a lot of fans and spectators as one of the worst fields to view a game in. Plus, the commute is said to take forever and parking for the stadium is outrageous. The Redskins ownership is better off just having the stadium knocked down, move it somewhere more convenient for fans, and start over.

16 Oakland Alameda Coliseum- Raiders/Athletics

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The Oakland Coliseum is home to the Oakland Raiders and the Oakland Athletics. Either sport you go watch, the Coliseum itself is not the prettiest or most up to date stadium you will see. For the Raiders, they have the dirt spot at midfield that is extremely noticeable and not seen on any other NFL field. For the Athletics, you have no bullpens that leave the bullpen pitchers in danger of getting hit by a foul ball. This stadium can definitely use a demolition. Get the Raiders to Las Vegas and give the A's a real ballpark ASAP.

15 Angel Stadium - Los Angeles Angels

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Angels Stadium is home of the Los Angeles Angels. The Angels have had their fair share of fun at this stadium, watching superstar outfielder Mike Trout grow up in front of their very eyes. However, as far as the stadium is concerned, the stadium is in the bottom tier of the league. Angels stadium opened up in 1966 and is a retro-modern type of stadium. The Angels opted out of their long term lease on the stadium, which tells you all you need to know about how the Angels feel about it. They're likely stuck there for a couple more years, but it's clear they want to move on.

14 Marlins Park - Miami Marlins

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The Miami Marlins have been a travesty since the last off-season when they traded the likes of Giancarlo Stanton, Christian Yelich, and Marcel Ozuna. The Marlins are being run by former Yankee great, Derek Jeter, and his tenure so far has been suspect to put it nicely. The park itself can hold close to 37,000 fans. What some people of Miami might hate is that the field is where the old Orange Bowl football stadium used to be. The Marlins have a long way to go to get back to being competitive on the field. Off the field, this stadium just hasn't been well received in general.

13 L.A. Memorial Coliseum - L.A. Rams

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The L.A. Rams will only be playing one more season in the coliseum unless construction on their new home in Inglewood ends up getting delayed. Obviously the stadium isn't their long-term responsibility, but the Coliseum is a very old venue that will presumably continue to host USC games for the foreseeable future. The Trojans would likely be better off getting a new venue, perhaps even on site, and join the Rams in Inglewood while a new stadium gets built in the core L.A. area. Either way, it feels the Coliseum has overstayed its welcome in L.A.

12 TIAA Bank Field- Jacksonville Jaguars

via stadiumdb.com

TIAA Bank Field is the current home of the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Jaguars have gone back to being terrible this season after an AFC Championship appearance the season before. The Jaguars have a lot of work to do this off-season, and one of those problems should involve debating to create a new football stadium. TIAA Bank Field is the only field in the NFL where fans are allowed to go swimming. Yes, it is a unique feature. But, are you there for a day at the pool or to watch the Jaguars play football? The Jacksonville Jaguars need something consistent, and a newer/nicer stadium would be a big starting point.

11 Chase Field- Arizona Diamondbacks

AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin

Chase Field is the current home of the Arizona Diamondbacks. The Diamondbacks are a team in the National League that has been knocking on the doorstep of the playoffs but still has not been invited in just yet. The Diamondbacks just traded away All-Star first baseman Paul Goldschmidt. They also do not have the most appealing home field in Chase Field. Arizona gets insanely hot, which is why the field has a retractable roof for the dog days of July and August. It just doesn't have the appeal on an MLB home stadium. If they had their way, the Diamondbacks would likely want a new home.

10 BB&T Center - Florida Panthers

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The BB&T Center is home to the NHL's Florida Panthers. The Panthers home stadium can put about 21,000 fans in the seats. However, a renovation and possible new location could be beneficial for fans everywhere. The BB&T Center just doesn't have any magic or tradition to it like some of these other NHL home stadiums. The home stadium is very far away from people who live in Miami and other places in Florida. It also doesn't help that they are competing with another team in their own home state (Tampa Bay Lightning). The Panthers need some sort of recognition and a new arena could do that.

9 Guaranteed Rate Field - Chicago White Sox

via chicagotribune.com

Guaranteed Rate Field is home of the Chicago White Sox. The only thing that has been guaranteed for the White Sox over the past few seasons is that they are the worst team in the AL Central division. The White Sox do have a bright future with tons of young prospects and they are very aggressive this offseason in pursuing Manny Machado and Bryce Harper. This field just does not have any mystique to it like Wrigley Field does for their crosstown rivals, the Chicago Cubs. Maybe having a new field in the works would make the White Sox a far more attractive team to play for.

8 Ca. Tire Centre - Ottawa Senators

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The Senators have not been great for the past few seasons and their home arena is not on of the easiest ones to get to to watch the Senators play. There is a ton of traffic just to the arena. It's actually not in Ottawa, but nearby Kanata, Ontario, in the middle of nowhere. Other analysts and critics have not had good things to say about the stadium or the commute to the stadium. Also, the stadium appears to be in the middle of nowhere. The best bet for the Ottawa Senators organization is to tear down the arena (or abandon it) and open a new one that fans will be happy to attend and talk about.

7 Nationals Park - Washington Nationals

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Nationals Park has been home to the Washington Nationals since they made their move from Montreal following the 2004 season. The Nationals are that team that wins their division and then gets knocked out of the first round almost every year. They also look like they missed their World Series window in recent years. The stadium is not the greatest either. They have too much going on in between innings that take away from the actual game and there is no tradition that can be talked about, with the exception of always losing in the first round of playoffs. Bottom line, Nationals Park is well behind some of the state of the art ballparks around the league. It's a stadium that doesn't have so much going on around it.

6 Levi's Stadium - San Francisco 49ers

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Levi's Stadium is the new home of the San Francisco 49ers. The 49ers have only been here a few seasons and there already is a feeling from some fans that it was not designed well. Keep in mind, the 49ers were coming from Candlestick Park where there was tradition and legacies there that would never be forgotten. The seats seem to get ridiculously hot with the California sun beating down on everyone and there is no pregame festivities that take place. The stadium just doesn't have that mystique behind it that Candlestick Park had and it feels like it was just a way to show off that Silicon Valley technology hub, rather than hosting NFL games.

5 Scotiabank Saddledome - Calgary Flames

via thestar.com

The Scotiabank Saddledome is home of the NHL's Calgary Flames. The Flames have not been around in the Western Conference playoff picture in quite some time. Their home stadium is also on the lower tier of stadiums throughout the NHL. It is one of the older NHL stadiums in the league and maybe having a new stadium can be exciting once again. The Flames recently saw their in-province rival Edmonton Oilers get a brand new arena and ownership has clearly been eying a new stadium for a while. The only problem is, the city of Calgary has refused to pay for one, putting the Flames' future in Calgary in question.

4 Soldier Field- Chicago Bears

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Soldier Field is home of the Chicago Bears. It might seem sacrilegious for the Bears to play anywhere else but Soldier Field due to the venue's history. The Bears were the most pleasant surprise of the NFL as they had an amazing year at 12-4. However, Soldier Field itself is just not what it once was. The field is still very nice, but a lot of renovations have actually taken away from the whole mystique of the field. They also have some of the highest ticket prices offered in the entire NFL. The Bears are fun to watch, but a new stadium could have served them very well.

3 Rogers Centre - Toronto Blue Jays

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The Rogers Centre is home of the Toronto Blue Jays. The Blue Jays had their small period of success in the playoffs before the Red Sox and the Yankees took over the AL East once again. The Rogers Centre can hold up to 53,500 fans on any given game night for the Blue Jays. It opened up in 1989 and is used for more than just the Blue Jays home games. It is regarded as one of the lower tier stadiums in the entire MLB. However, there is one other stadium within their own division that is much worse than Rogers Centre.

2 Tropicana Field - Tampa Bay Rays

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Tropicana Field is the home of the Tampa Bay Rays. It's just plain and obvious; Tropicana is arguably the worst stadium in all of U.S. professional sports and needed to be torn down. Like in Oakland, Tampa Bay doesn't have bullpens for bullpen pitchers to sit in and be safe during their games. Also, the rafters in the stadium are so low that balls deflect off of them and go all over the place like a game of pinball. It's very alarming that an MLB team actually plays in this stadium as their home field. Tampa Bay needs to get a brand new home field as soon as they can.

1 Metlife Stadium - New York Giants/Jets

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Given that this stadium is just a decade old, it has no chance of being torn down anytime soon. Metlife Stadium is home of the New York Giants, as well as the New York Jets. The field is one of the trademarks of both teams. It has had their fair share of events take place like a Super Bowl, WrestleMania, and many others. But, there is simply no tradition in this stadium, even if the stadium can hold 82,500 people on any given day. It was a questionable decision for the old Giants Stadium to be torn down, only to build a new stadium directly next to the old site. It would've made far more sense to build a stadium closer to New York City and give the home of the Jets and Giants a big city feel.

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