10 Sports Stadiums In America That Need To Be Knocked Down And 10 Under Construction We Can't Wait To See

With technology becoming more and more advanced, sports fans expect more than just a game when they go to the stadium. They expect the full experience. Fans want to bring their whole families to games, including those who may not fully appreciate the sports. To please those attendees as well, teams have to do more.

Some fans visit stadiums as a bucket list type of achievement. When sports fans travel around the country, they sometimes decide to stop by a stadium. The way to keep fans coming to visit these stadiums is by having the latest technology and making it more of an experience rather than just a game.

Plenty of stadiums around the United States provide a fun experience, while other stadiums are still old and focus just on the game. Sometimes, some franchises are afraid to get rid of their old stadiums because they’re iconic to the organization. While some may feel that way, others want new.

Eventually, many of these older stadiums need to close down. You can get them running for as long as you would like, butyou’re going to have fans that are no longer interested in attending the stadium. Plus, some teams just deserve new stadiums. Then, of course, there are those new stadiums that are opening up. A lot of soccer stadiums are opening up, as MLS teams look to move away from football stadiums. Here, we shall take a look at which stadiums need to close their doors, and which ones we can’t wait to open.

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20 Knocked Down: Oakland Coliseum

via wikimedia.org

Nobody in Oakland is excited for the Raiders to leave, but a lot of fans around the country are excited to see the Oakland Coliseum on its way to being torn down. There are still no plans of it yet, but it should happen with both teams set to eventually move out. Both the Raiders and Athletics deserve it, as the Coliseum has been a terrible place to play.

There's nothing appealing in the stadium, and it’s not fair to the football players to have to play on dirt some weeks. So many complaints have been made about the Coliseum, that it just needs to be knocked down.

19 Can't Wait: Oakland Ballpark

via eastbayexpress.com

There’s a long way to go until the Oakland Ballpark is done, but there's some silver lining for Athletics fans. With the Raiders leaving town, and Los Angeles becoming a huge sports city, Oakland at least gets to keep one of their beloved teams. Fans have hated the Oakland Coliseum, and it doesn’t help that both teams playing there haven’t been successful.

Expectations are high, as they have creative minds and have been known for building beautiful things. The Athletics could move in an area that is much nicer, which should help improve the overall atmosphere of the stadium on game days.

18 Knocked Down: Oracle Arena

via si.com

Nobody knows the future of Oracle Arena with a new arena on its way, but the hopes are that they will knock it down. With the recent success of the Golden State Warriors, they deserve nothing more than the best. The arena opened in 1966 and is the oldest arena in the NBA. It’s had some great memories because of the recent success with Steph Curry, but that team has years left and could make many memories in a new arena. The arena will be missed, but the fans in the Bay Area feel that they deserve better after waiting so long for a successful basketball team.

17 Can't Wait: Chase Center

via SanFranciscoExaminer.com

The Warriors front office is serious about building up a fun game day experience. Hence, why it’s called the Chase Center Experience. The Warriors are moving to San Francisco, right on the water. This may be upsetting for those in the Oakland area, but the move is for the best for a rising organization.

A larger variety of food will be served in the general area, and there will be a public park across from the arena. Traffic will be monitored to help smooth the traffic around the stadium, allowing for a much less stressful experience for basketball fans coming to the game.

16 Knocked Down: L.A. Memorial Coliseum

via businessviewmagazine.com

Forget about the Los Angeles Rams for a second, but think about the USC Trojans. They have been playing in this stadium since 1923. This is where many college students spend their Saturdays. It needs to go. The Trojans deserve better than an old-school stadium. Yes, renovations are being down. At that point, doesn’t it make more sense just to build a new stadium?

L.A. Memorial Coliseum is nearly 100 years old. How much longer are they expecting to keep it open? This is Los Angeles, a city that moves with technology. Everything in the city may be advancing except this stadium.

15 Can't Wait: Los Angeles Stadium And Entertainment District

LA Stadium at Hollywood Park via AP

Now, we can talk about the Rams, and maybe the Chargers too. We are getting closer to the opening of the Los Angeles Stadium and Entertainment District. Now that both NFL teams are in L.A., the new stadium is almost open. From the pictures, it looks absolutely beautiful.

The way the stadium looks from inside is so unique with a dome, that you can completely see through. What is the biggest part of this stadium, is the entertainment district. You can actually go out and do different things without even coming to the stadium, much like Patriots Place in Foxboro.

14 Knocked Down: Fenway Park

via pinterest.com

That’s right. Bring down the oldest stadium in the MLB. Fenway Park is iconic to baseball, and if you haven’t visited there, you definitely should. At some point though, there needs to be an upgraded stadium. While fans love the history of Fenway Park, they hate the seating arrangements. Americans have gotten heavier since the early 1900s, so the seats are very tight at the stadium.

When you first arrive at the stadium, it doesn’t even feel like you’re at a stadium. Technology can help create a beautiful stadium in Boston, but they need to let go of Fenway before they do that.

13 Can't Wait: Globe Life Field

via dallassportslife.com

With AT&T Stadium in their backyard, the Rangers are pressured to build a top-notch stadium. From the looks of it, the new Globe Life Field looks like it will be an exciting addition to the Dallas area. The new stadium looks really nice, but what is very cool in the concept art, is what will surround the stadium.

It almost seems like there’s going to be a Rangers fan area right outside the stadium. Baseball stadiums with that type of atmosphere outside the stadium are great and really enhance the overall experience. It will feel like a mini-city for the Rangers.

12 Knocked Down: Lambeau Field

via wikimedia.org

Packers fans will either love or hate to hear this. Lambeau Field needs to go. It’s historic, it’s fun, and it has an incredible atmosphere. Everyone would love to be bundled up in the freezing cold screaming their heart away at Aaron Rodgers. Realistically though, the experience could be improved, and that would start with a retractable dome.

It would be expected to be a permanent dome because of the weather, but a retractable dome allows the team to open it up and play in that weather if ever desired. Adding technology and more for the fans will only enhance the experience.

11 Can't Wait: Las Vegas Stadium

via casino.org

Las Vegas Stadium looks massive. Big screens in the end zone, and open area to view the outskirts of the stadium, there’s so much to look forward to. From the outside, you can tell this is the futuristic Raiders Stadium. In all black, it’s just a beautiful sight.

What’s cool is the dome is see-through, so like some of these other new stadiums, you can see right out of the roof even if it’s closed. Mainly, it’s the Raiders in Vegas. There will be an NFL team in Las Vegas. Seeing how things played out for the Golden Knights, there’s a lot to be excited about with this move.

10 Knocked Down: Vaught-Hemingway Stadium

via redcuprebellion.com

Ole Miss deserves better. Vaught-Hemingway Stadium is one of the oldest stadiums in the country, as it opened in 1915. When it first opened, it only held 24,000 attendees. Now, that number is up to just over 65,000. Through the years, the stadium has been expanded multiple times to add more seating. Instead of building a new stadium, they have consistently built more seating.

What the University of Mississippi needs to do, is begin building a new stadium. The current stadium looks old and dingy, with one small screen in the end zone. It’s time to give these students what they deserve.

9 Can't Wait For: FC Cincinnati Stadium

via cincinnatienquirer.com

Soccer fans in the city of Cincinnati have to be pleased with the approval of a new MLS team. Beginning in 2019, the new professional soccer team will begin playing at Nippert Stadium, until FC Cincinnati Stadium is set to open in 2021. Fans have to be excited about any new team, but an expansion team is exciting for a city that hasn’t had much success in the past.

The stadium will be fairly small but looks nice with the orange lighting set from the outside. The small stadium with big screens and everything sets up for a unique experience.

8 Knocked Down: Dodger Stadium

via latinoreport.com

There’s a lot of excitement in Los Angeles. LeBron James signed with the Lakers for the next four years, the Rams and Chargers moved to L.A. and will be moving into a new stadium soon. What does that mean for the Dodgers? The Dodgers made the World Series this season, but lost. Obviously, there’s excitement surrounding the team, but there’s a lot of competition with the excitement around the L.A. sports scene.

If the Dodgers want to make a statement, they need to build a new stadium. The atmosphere of Dodger Stadium is disappointing, and they just need an upgrade. It doesn't make sense for a city like Los Angeles to have an outdated stadium.

7 Can't Wait: Nashville Fairgrounds Stadium

via nashvillepublicradio.com

The MLS is really trying to expand their league, as they are expanding to Nashville, Tennessee in 2020, with a new team set to debut. The Nashville Fairgrounds Stadium will be home to the new soccer team. What will be cool about this new stadium is that there will be the stadium used for soccer, and then surrounding the stadium will have a development used for many different things.

Tennessee has become a fun place for sports, and the people are getting themselves another sports team. With the development outside of the stadium, it should draw in a lot of locals to the games.

6 Knocked Down: FedEx Field

via nbcsports.com

These NFL players would definitely love to see FedEx Field get knocked down. The home of the Redskins has been criticized for the quality of the grass, as well as the overall atmosphere in the stadium. There’s nothing really exciting in FedEx Field that goes on besides the game, but that seems common for stadiums in Washington D.C. in general. The main reason FedEx Field needs to close is the grass.

Quite a few players have gotten hurt in that stadium, including Robert Griffin III. Players worry for their personal safety on that grass, which is a bad sign for this team.

5 Can't Wait: Allianz Field

via youtube.com

Another stadium will be added to the Minnesota area, as the Minnesota United FC will gain a new stadium this spring. In the past few seasons, the Twins and Vikings both got new stadiums, and the Timberwolves stadium is still fairly new. Now in 2019, Allianz Field will open.

It will be a nice stadium in the middle of a neighborhood. The locals in the area could be frustrated with the traffic to come, or excited with a sports team in the middle of town. It will look really nice from the outside but doesn’t have any major attraction in it.

4 Knocked Down: Tropicana Field

via tbo.com

Baseball fans hate Tropicana Field, even though there are some good qualities at the stadium. What seems to be something fans dislike is that it’s indoors. Some indoor stadiums make sense for baseball if it’s in a very cold area, but the Rays are in the heat. Obviously, a concern for the organization is the reoccurring rain. Unfortunately, MLB fans like the feel of being outdoors.

The Rays are set to get a new stadium in the future, but there is still a lot of work that needs to be done for that to happen. For now, baseball fans are stuck with the conditions in Tropicana.

3 Can't Wait: Las Vegas Ballpark

via milb.com

Usually, nobody would be excited for a minor league stadium to be built. With a baseball stadium being built in Las Vegas, fans are excited. Finally, sports are starting to make their way into Vegas. Last year, the Golden Knights made their debut, and in 2020, they will get the Raiders.

Adding a baseball field is just extra excitement. Nobody would have expected the overwhelming support from those in Las Vegas over hockey. Now with baseball coming, there’s a lot of excitement. It may be a smaller stadium, but it’s a nice way for these fans to kick back and relax from the bright lights of the strip.

2 Knocked Down: Wrigley Field

via cubsinsider.com

History is great. What Wrigley Field means to baseball is wonderful, but they need to move on from the stadium. It’s the second oldest stadium in the MLB, and there’s only so much more Cubs fans will want from the stadium. It will be hard to get rid of so many iconic views from that stadium, but fans that have been around the stadium for a while would enjoy new scenery.

When you look at Wrigley Field, it doesn’t really have that stadium feel. The Cubs made some major renovations to the stadium in recent years, but it's pretty clear that the ballpark is nearing the end of its shelf life.

1 Can't Wait: Miami MLS Stadium

via curbedmiami.com

A new soccer stadium in the city of Miami will be hug for the city. It may be bigger than bringing in a new Dolphins or Marlins stadium. People may not realize how big soccer is in South Florida, and big soccer events in Miami are a huge deal. For a while, these events have been played at Hard Rock Stadium. Not that there’s anything wrong with that stadium, but soccer fans will finally have something that’s theirs.

This will improve the soccer experience, as it's geared up specifically for soccer. Miami soccer fans are thrilled for the move, and it might become a hot spot in the city. It may even be a venue for the 2026 World Cup.

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