15 Great Sportscasters Who Blow Us Away

As sports fans, it's easy to get distracted during the game when one of these sportscasters pop up. Whether it be Eric Andrews or Kristen Ledlow, watching these women sometimes make it hard to focus. While they may be reporting on a serious injury or break through, you really don't care at that moment. These sportscasters know their sports, and can beat you in a trivia quiz every time, but they are also gorgeous and they own it, typically through Instagram and Snapchat. These females, alongside the sports that come with them, provide an array of entertainment that will leave you glued to your TV.

Some like to say that some of these women only have jobs because of their looks, and they're not entirely wrong. While they do provide insightful perspectives and thoughts, some of the time, that is not what you're watching for. One thing is for sure, these 15 definitely drive viewership up a good bit whenever they are on.

Here at The Sportster, we shall be bringing you 15 gorgeous sportscasters who, for lack of a better term, make it hard for us to focus on what they're talking about.

15 Olivia Harlan

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As some, including GQ, claim that she might be the "next big sideline reporter," Olivia Harlan is one of the absolute most gorgeous in the sportscasting industry. Currently engaged to Clippers player Sam Dekker, Harlan is a reporter who every male fan wish they had a chance with. The daughter of Kevin Harlan, Olivia had more of an easier route into the industry. Harlan grew up in Georgia and got a degree in Broadcasting from UGA, and worked gigs with the Atlanta Hawks and SEC Network as a sideline reporter. Eventually, she was offered a bigger role as a sideline reporter for ESPN, where she now currently reports. Harlan was actually also crowned Miss Kansas USA, so it makes perfect sense for her to be on the list.

14 Melanie Collins

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Melanie Collins graduated from Penn State university and works for NBA-TV, NASCAR, and the Big Ten Network. Collins grew up in Pennsylvania and actually started her career as a weather reporter, as well as a reporter for Penn State Sports. She graduated with a degree in Sports Journalism, and landed a job with the Big Ten Network, her breakthrough into the industry. Shortly after, got her spot with the NBA by nabbing a reporter job on NBA.com. Before working with NBA and the Big Ten Network, Collins used to work gigs for channels such as the Golf channel as well as contributed to The Insider on CBS, which was the sister show to fellow CBS show "Entertainment Tonight".

13 Samantha Ponder

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Samantha Ponder is from Phoenix and actually got into the industry without graduating from college. She started her career with Fox Sports and reported on Pac-10 and Big-12 games. She eventually also met former Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder and got married to him, furthering her place within the sports industry. When Ponder started, she replaced fan favorite Erin Andrews, but after fans saw Samantha Ponder, I'm sure they were okay with the change.  Then, Ponder began to receive spots with ESPN, essentially reaching the pinnacle of the broadcasting industry. In even more good news for the Ponder family, Sam and Christian are actually expecting their first child soon. Ponder now lives in New York with her husband, Christian.

12 Dianna Russini

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Currently working for ESPN, hosting NFL Live, and reporting on NFL Countdown, Russini gets plenty of airtime on ESPN. Russini was actually a remarkable athlete, being an All-State athlete in high school for soccer, track, softball, and basketball, and played soccer for four years at George Mason University. With her resume and looks, it's easy to see why Russini gets plenty of airtime. An All-State athlete with a degree in broadcasting, on top of her beauty, is pretty much a lock to receive TV time. Russini broke out to reporting after covering huge breaking news stories, such as at Boston Bombing in 2014 or the Sandy Hook shooting. ESPN most likely took note of her then and she quickly became one of the favorite reporters for fans of NFL Countdown.

11 Molly Qerim

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Beginning her career as an anchor for CBS, Qerim graduated from the University of Connecticut and majored in Arts in Communications. Qerim covered various events for CBS such as March Madness and the U.S. Open. Qerim made her way to ESPN in 2008 and started by covering college football and fantasy football, where she actually won an Emmy. She got promoted to host of First Take, alongside Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman, and covered big events such as the Super Bowl in recent times. Qerim is also Half-Albanian and Half-Italian, and many regard Qerim as a "female pioneer" of the UFC industry. Qerim also typically covers the NBA and MLB All-Star games for ESPN and CBS annually.

10 Alex Curry

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Alex Curry began her career with a small channel named "Fuel TV." Here, she worked hard enough to get a spot with NBC as a sideline reporter. Curry actually achieved her childhood dream when she became a reporter for E! News. She also doubles as a model, and rightfully so. As such, she is arguably one of the most distracting to the viewers of any on this list. Curry also reported on American Ninja Warrior, a spot which likely propelled her to the bigger spots she has worked. Curry is from Manhattan Beach, California and her parents are huge on health, so Curry spends a lot of her free time volunteering for national and local health organizations, such as Growing Great and others. Her father also started a health based energy drink.

9 Charissa Thompson

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Currently working for Fox Sports, Charissa Thompson was born in Seattle and went to Washington State University before going to California and The University of California, Santa Barbara and graduated with a degree in law. Charissa got a gig as a sideline reporter in 2007, and steadily built her career up since then. She's covered major events such as the MLB and the NHL All-Star games, and nowadays, after a short stint with ESPN, is still working with Fox Sports, covering any major events that they host. In 2009, Direct TV got Thompson to appear on their cover of their TV guide Magazine and interview Philadelphia Phillies Pitcher Cole Hamels. Thompson left Fox for a little bit to go on a show called Extra, but she quickly returned at a later date.

8 Sage Steele

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Sage Steele, longtime ESPN SportsCenter host, as well as for NBA Countdown, definitely earned her spot on this list. Not only is she very attractive, Steele is also a hardworker who was not born into the sportscasting industry. The stunning Steele had to work various gigs before getting in with ESPN, and worked as a small local reporter in Indiana. Steele made it big time with ESPN, though, and recently was the co-host of the Miss America 2017, a relatively big event. She is no longer with ESPN, and allegedly has a "beef" with ESPN host Jemele Hill. Steele is from Panama and grew up outside of the U.S., so her becoming an ESPN host only shows her hard work and dedication. Steele also used to help out with ESPN's Mike & Mike behind the scenes.

7 Antonietta Collins

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Currently working as an anchor for SportsCenter, Antonietta Collins is a Mexican American who is the daughter of Maria Antonietta Collins. She graduated from the University of Mount Union with a degree in Communications. Collins worked with the University of Miami for a while in 2007 before eventually landing a solid gig with CBS. As time went on, Collins would get a spot on ESPN, and quickly would become a fan favorite host, and not particularly for her sports commentary. Collins also likes to go by the nickname "Toni" and although Collins started as a member of ESPN's digital team, it only took her three years within the organization to become one of the hosts of their very own SportsCenter.

6 Jenn Brown

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Jenn Brown, sideline reporter and TV host, was a former athlete for The University of Florida, and typically covers the biggest games for ESPN. Brown also worked for NFL Network, and typically covers the NFL Draft and X Games. Before her work with the bigger channels, Brown worked with smaller channels and shows such as Showtime Sports and Inside the NFL, and she slowly built her resume up before she decided to move on to a bigger channel like ESPN. While in college, she was actually the captain of the University of Florida's softball team. Furthermore, Brown was actually featured with Under Armor as part of an underwear promotion, which fits for someone that made this list to star in an advertisement for. Brown has also worked small acting gigs before stepping up to ESPN and the sports industry.

5 Kristen Ledlow

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A longtime fan favorite, Kristen Ledlow almost exclusively covers the NBA. She works for NBA-TV and host the show NBA Inside Stuff. She went to Southeastern University and majored in Broadcasting. Ledlow started at a small local channel and eventually moved on to CBS Sports, where she began to get into the industry. Ledlow turned down an offer to be an intern with ESPN in order to pursue her athletic passions, and eventually she landed the spot with NBA TV. While in college, Ledlow not only won Miss Capital City USA and placed third for Miss Florida USA. Ledlow also was a superstar basketball and volleyball player. She broke basketball records with SouthEastern university, and also played volleyball for the college as well.

4 Leeann Tweeden

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Leeann Tweeden, news anchor for the radio show McIntyre in the Morning, grew up in Virginia and actually started her career by going into modeling, so it makes 100% sense why she should be on the list. Tweeden transitioned into covering sports by first doing game coverage of the Los Angeles Angels, as well as the UFC. She has also done something no one else on this list has done. Tweeden has modeled for Playboy, head honcho of the modeling industry. Feel free to Google than one, on us. Lately, in 2017, Tweeden claimed that Al Franken, a guy she went on tour with, had done his fair share of inappropriate behavior. Not only did he force her to kiss him, but he also posed for an inappropriate pic with her not knowing. Luckily, Franken apologized for his actions, and Tweeden accepted it.

3 Michelle Beadle

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Michelle Beadle, longtime host of SportsNation, went to University of Texas and went into a career in law. She worked at the capitol building in Austin and eventually left her law career but became an intern for the Spurs. This broke her into the sports industry, and she shortly got jobs after at Fox Sports and ESPN. She covered such as the Professional Bull Riders' Cup and the ESPN Titan Games. Beadle left ESPN for NBC in 2012 but came back in 2014 and became the co-host of SportsNation alongside Marcellus Wiley. Beadle has also hosted her very own podcast, where she discussed sports, and hosted the "Winner's Bracket" for ESPN with the previously mentioned Wiley. Before ESPN, she hosted her own show titled "The Crossover with Michelle Beadle".

2 Erin Hawksworth

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Erin Hawksworth grew up in Washington state and actually has sports history involved in her family. Her brother, Blake Hawksworth, was actually a pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Erin started her career by graduating from Arizona State University with a degree in journalism. She got her first job with local stations to Washington, before moving onto interning for NBC, and eventually getting a spot with CNN in Atlanta. Hawksworth is highly regarded as one of the hotter sportscasters, and it's easy to see why. Erin does work outside of reporting too, though. She appeared in a 2014 commercial for Mr. Clean, and participated as an extra in a 2001 movie. She, finally, also made Bleacher Report's 40 Hottest Sportscasters list.

1 Erin Andrews

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Argubably one of the best known sportscasters in the world, Erin Andrews can always be found sideline reporting the biggest games on Fox NFL Sunday. With as much TV time Andrews gets, it's easy to see why they picked some as gorgeous as her for the role. Even if fans are not interested in the game, she alone can keep them watching. Andrews attended the University of Florida and started her career with smaller stations before getting in with ESPN and moving to Fox Sports. She recently was on Dancing with the Stars, and also appears on Fox Sports 1. In College, Erin danced for the Florida Gators basketball dance team, has been voted as America's hottest sportscaster multiple times by the Playboy magazine, something that we would have to agree with.

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