Strength & Beauty: Top 15 Hottest Women From The 2016 CrossFit Games

The 10th annual CrossFit Games recently took place in Carson, California, wherein athletes battled for the distinction of “fittest” man and woman in the world. CrossFit has grown considerably since the inaugural Games in 2007, going from an obscure sport to a mainstream fitness regime practiced by millions of people around the world.

This year, Matthew Fraser and Katrin Davidsdottir took home the top prize at the CrossFit Games, earning $275,000 each and bragging rights as the fittest people on Earth. But this article isn’t concerned with the top athletes at the 2016 CrossFit Games. Instead, we’re interested in the hottest female competitors—and in a sport the sole focus of which is physical fitness, you can bet that there are quite a few hot women.

So without further ado, here are the 15 hottest female competitors from the 2016 CrossFit Games. For those of you who find the idea of strong, muscular women unattractive or even unfeminine, feel free to leave now. Perhaps unhealthily skinny runway models who couldn’t lift a fork, let alone a barbell, would be more your speed. Your loss.

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15 Brooke Ence

2015 marked the first time that Californian Brooke Ence qualified for the CrossFit Games. Finishing 1st in two events, she would go on to come in 14th place overall, just one spot behind former Games winner Camille Leblanc-Bazinet.

Although she didn’t qualify for the Games this year, in many ways she is the face (and body) of the sport, which warrants her inclusion on this list. At 5’7” and 152 lbs., Ence is packing some serious muscle, which has caught the eyes of many admirers. With over half a million Instagram followers, she is one of the most popular figures in the sport, and it’s not just because she can squat 320 lbs. and deadlift 365 lbs.; it’s because she’s hot. With her bleach blonde hair and her pearly white smile, she looks like what would happen if Barbie spent six hours a day in the gym.

14 Stacie Tovar

31-year-old Stacie Tovar of Omaha, Nebraska, is a veteran of the CrossFit world. A seven-time Games competitor, her best finish came in 2015, when she finished in 11th place. But believe it or not before finding CrossFit in 2008, she wasn’t the muscle goddess you see today. Despite being unable to finish her first workout, Tovar would quickly go on to become one of the most dominant athletes in the sport, appearing in every CrossFit Games except for one since 2009.

Even more impressive than her accomplishments in the sport, however, is her physique. Tovar’s muscles, particularly her chiseled abs, are the kinds of things you usually only see on superheroes, not a country girl from the Midwest.

13 Sheila Barden

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At an even 5’ tall, Sheila Barden is what you might call a pint-sized power lifter. But don’t let her small stature fool you. Barden—who made her second appearance in the CrossFit Games in 2016, finishing in 34th place—is one of the hardest workers in the sport, coming in 6th place this year in the “Murph” event, which is named after a grueling workout that former US Marine Michael Murphy used to do. Known for her quirky personality, such as the fact that she always wears mismatched shoes, Barden has become something of a fan favorite in the CrossFit world, with over 60k followers on Instagram.

She first competed in the Games in 2014, quickly making her presence known by coming in 4th and 5th in the “Muscle-Up Biathlon” and “Push Pull” events, respectively.

If you’re into cute girls with perky personalities who can squat twice your body weight, then Barden’s perfect for you.

12 Annie Thorisdottir

The first woman to win the CrossFit Games twice, with back-to-back wins in 2011 and 2012, Annie Thorisdottir of Iceland has had one of the most successful careers in the sport, competing in every Games but one since 2009. But if you don’t know her from her body of work, then you might just know her from her body. Seriously, she has one of the most incredible set of abs in all of CrossFit—in fact, she might have the most incredible abs in the world. We’ve heard of a six-pack before, but this is just crazy.

A former gymnast, ballerina, and pole vaulter, Annie discovered the world of CrossFit and Olympic weightlifting in 2009 and never looked back, now training six days a week, four hours a day—which explains her superhuman physique.

11 Becca Day

Competing in the team portion of the 2016 Games, Becca Day’s Team Dynamix finished in 4th place, thanks in large part to Day’s impressive lifting abilities—the girl can move some serious weight, including 450 lbs. on back squat and 500 lbs. on deadlift.

Even though she lifts like a man, Day is all woman, as evidenced by her long dark hair and her curvy figure. It’s becoming more and more common for women to look just as at home in workout gear as they do in a dress, and Becca Day is living proof that women can lift heavy and still look sexy. You’ll quickly realize how antiquated a notion it is that women have to stay home and clean the house when you see that the “fairer sex” is capable of cleaning over 300 lbs. (315 to be exact, in Day’s case).

10 Andrea Ager

Team Dynamix has to be one of the most attractive teams in all of CrossFit, as on top of the beautiful Becca Day, they also have Andrea Ager, equally as hot and equally as physically impressive. A former university track and field athlete, Ager might not lift as much as Day, but she brings just as much to the freakishly athletic table, and with 277k followers on Instagram, you can bet she has her fair share of male admirers (assuming all 277k of her followers aren’t just CrossFit fans, and I think that’s a pretty safe assumption).

Thanks to her model good looks, Ager is sponsored by Reebok and Nutriforce Sports, and she’s appeared in a number of promotional shoots for brands such as Unbroken Designs weightlifting belts and Armitron Watches. She also appeared in a viral video for CrossFit, appropriately titled “Beauty in Strength,” alongside fellow ultrafit hotties Jackie Perez and Rita Benavidez.

9 Emily Bridgers

At 5’1” and 134 lbs., Emily Bridgers challenges Sheila Barden for the smallest CrossFitter on this list. Like Barden, however, Bridgers doesn’t let her vertical shortcomings limit her, as she’s capable of squatting nearly 300 lbs. and deadlifting 330. Competing in her third Games in a row, she finished in 29th place this year, while her best finish came back in 2014, when she just barely missed out on finishing in the top 5.

Like many female CrossFitters, Bridgers is a former gymnast. She competed in gymnastics from the age of 3 to her freshman year at University of Georgia, at which point she suffered a serious injury to her back. Yet where one door closed, another opened, as shortly after university Bridgers found CrossFit, and within a matter of years she was one of the biggest names (and hottest bodies) in the sport.

8 Bjork Odinsdottir

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28-year-old Bjork Odinsdottir competed for CrossFit Nordic during the 2016 Games, helping her team to an impressive 6th place finish. A gymnast since the age of 8, Odinsdottir began training in CrossFit in 2010 and competed in her first competition shortly after, finishing 6th overall. It wasn’t long before she was winning competitions on a regular basis, and she competed as an individual in her first CrossFit Games in 2014, coming in 19th place.

In an interview for competitive fitness magazine BOXROX, the Icelandic CrossFitter said that she hopes to be an actress some day. Not only does she have the looks to be a leading lady, but she also has the body to be an action star. Think Scarlett Johansson meets Arnold Schwarzenegger—on second thought, don’t think that.

7 Carly Fuhrer

With just over 8,000 followers on Instagram, Carly Fuhrer of Oregon is easily the least well known of all the women on this list, but we’re going to see if we can’t change that. She finished in 37th place in 2016, not bad considering it was her first appearance at the CrossFit Games, and given how much she improved in the West Regionals in just one year (going from 33rd to 4th place), there’s every reason to believe she’ll only do better at the 2017 Games.

She might not have quite the same musculature as some of her fellow competitors, but she’s easily one of the cutest women in the sport. That said, Carly’s no lightweight, as she can still deadlift about two and a half times her bodyweight.

6 Amy Alessi

Just barely edging out Carly in Instagram followers (and therefore edging her out on this list) is Amy Alessi, who looks like she could be Fuhrer’s sister, with her dirty blonde hair and her adorable smile. But there’s nothing adorable about what this 25-year-old Australian is capable of. Competing in the Teams division, Alessi played a big role in CrossFit Athletic’s top-ten finish in 2016.

A former high school athlete, excelling in long distance running and swimming, Alessi’s road to the CrossFit Games began in 2011, when she was just 20 years old. She competed in her first CrossFit Open in 2012, finishing in 84th place, but she quickly improved upon her ranking and is now one of the brightest (and most attractive) young CrossFitters from down under. If she continues to improve, we just might see her competing in the Individuals event in the not too distant future.

5 Camille Leblanc-Bazinet

No list of hot female CrossFitters would be complete without Camille Leblanc-Bazinet, the original CrossFit hottie. She might not be as dominant as she once was in the sport, but Leblanc-Bazinet, who has competed in 7 Games in total and took the top prize in 2014, is still one of the best and hottest in the world of CrossFit. In many ways, with her combination of strength and beauty, she helped popularize the sport and bring it to a mainstream audience. For years now, Camille has been the face of the sport, a face that has adorned the front pages of several health and fitness magazines, including Strong, Oxygen, and The Box.

Born in Quebec, Canada, Leblanc-Bazinet is helping to champion in a new generation of healthier, fitter women. Gone are the days of thigh gaps and visible hipbones. Thanks to Camille and fellow strong, beautiful female CrossFitters, many of today’s women have abs and muscular quads—and we’re more than okay with that.

4 Lauren Fisher

One of CrossFit’s “it” girls, at just 22 years of age Lauren Fisher has already been a recognizable face in the sport for years. She made her debut at the CrossFit Games in 2014, and despite being one of the youngest to compete, she finished in the top ten, thanks in large part to her background in Olympic lifting (she won the USA Weightlifting Junior National Championship and has represented her country at several junior events).

Aside from her athletic abilities, what makes Fisher so appealing, and therefore so popular amongst CrossFit fans, is her looks. Not only does she have an incredible body (no surprise there), but she also has a gorgeous face and long dark hair, which she loves to whip back just before performing heavy lifts. Her combination of skill and good looks have won her endorsement deals with companies such as Nike, for whom she appeared in a commercial modeling their sportswear.

3 Brooke Wells

It’s easy to see why Brooke Wells is quickly becoming one of the most popular athletes in the world of CrossFit. A two-time Games competitor, she improved upon her stellar 2015 rookie campaign, wherein she finished 16th overall, with a 6th place finish in 2016. She specializes in heavy lifting, with a 345 lb. max on squat and a 400+ lb. max on deadlift. And all that heavy lifting has done her body good, as she sports a thick 156 lb. frame that would dwarf most men, let alone women. But despite being so strong, she’s still undeniably female (which is more than most female bodybuilders can say).

At the rate that Wells is going, just 21 years old and already finishing in the top ten at the CrossFit Games, it’s only a matter of time before she can officially call herself the “fittest woman on Earth.” Until then, she can already call herself one of the hottest.

2 Katrin Davidsdottir

At this point, you might be thinking to yourself, “What’s with all the dottirs?” It’s because in Icelandic culture, women take on the name of their fathers with the suffix “dottir,” which literally means so-and-so’s daughter (for example, Katrin is the daughter of David). And as you probably guessed, Icelanders dominate CrossFit, and no one is more dominant than Katrin Davidsdottir, who won both the 2015 and the 2016 Games, making her the first woman to win back-to-back games since fellow countrywoman Annie Thorisdottir.

Not only is Davidsdottir one of the fittest women on the planet, but she’s also one of the hottest, with blonde hair, a dimpled-smile, and abs that Michelangelo could do little to improve upon. But believe it or not, Katrin’s not even the hottest “dottir” on this list. She might have won the 2015 and 2016 Games, but she couldn’t beat out our #1.

1 Sara Sigmundsdottir

Coming in at number one is Sara Sigmundsdottir, the 4th, and hottest, Icelandic CrossFitter on this list. Sigmundsdottir isn’t just a pretty face, either. Like her compatriots, she is a dominant competitor, finishing in 3rd place for the second time in a row at the 2016 Games. But there’s no competition when it comes to looks.

All that weightlifting has done little to diminish Sara’s feminine appeal. In fact, women around the world should take note of Sigmundsdottir and shed their irrational fear that lifting heavy will leave them “too muscular” or “too manly.” This Nordic beauty is indeed muscular, but it only serves to heighten her feminine beauty.

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