Super Bowl Hero Kept Booty-O's In His Locker [Photo]

While Philadelphia Eagles Quarterback Nick Foles was the MVP of the Super Bowl this past Sunday, it was Eagles defensive end Brandon Graham who was the hero of the game,  coming up with the biggest play at the biggest moment of the biggest game of the year. And it may not have just been hard work and perseverance that enabled him to make the play. It might just have been that Graham has been eating his Booty-Os!

With a couple minutes left in the game and the Eagles up by five points, Tom Brady and the New England Patriots had the ball on offense and were about to begin a drive that could have given them the lead.


Up to that point—especially in the second half—the Eagles defense hadn't had much luck stopping Brady. The Patriots ended the first half down 22-12 but after making their patented halftime adjustments they came out and went to work scoring with relative ease. While the Eagles also were having little problem scoring, it felt like the Patriots were on their way to taking the lead with only a little time left on the clock.

That was until Brandon Graham made the best defensive play of the game, when he was able to pull of the strip sack of Brady, causing a fumble—the Eagles recovered the ball— and leading to Philly's 41-33 victory.

Graham has put in years of hard work and hundreds of hours in the weight room and on the practice field to get to the point, but one shouldn't discount the power of positivity.

And one of the leaders of the Booty-Os squad, The New Day's Big E made sure to point it out in a tweet following the Super Bowl, showing Brandon Graham in front of his locker back during training camp last year. And what is that behind him, in his locker? None other than a New Day/Booty-O lunchbox.

And in this video from November, what is still there, prominently displayed for all to see. Yup, that good ol' New Day/Booty-O lunchbox!

Now, all we need to know is if he has also been having pancakes for breakfast as well.


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