Surf And Turf: 15 Photos Of Anastasia Ashley And Lolo Jones That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

Anastasia Ashley and Lolo Jones have a lot in common. One has mastered the art of surfing atop waves in the ocean while the other has done the same for running fast on land. One has mastered the ocean and the other the earth, between the two of them they've mastered our whole planet!

Their similarities are actually in how they have managed their careers. While Anastasia has won multiple surfing titles dating back to when she was very young, her money is made by being a public figure and getting sponsorships. She is a talented athlete, but many talented athletes have come before her without achieving the same amount of fame or financial success. Anastasia learned that surfing might be her sport, but being an Instagram model is her profession. Lolo Jones is in a similar position, while she has won championships she is still given opportunities that athletes who have even greater accomplishments aren't given. Jones is given those opportunities because she's a social media master who knows what her followers want to see - her.

Both Anastasia Ashley and Lolo Jones have increased their earnings by posting photos of themselves through social media. This money allows them to travel the world, go to exotic beaches and then take pictures of themselves to post on social media. It’s a wonderful positive feedback loop we all get to enjoy!

15 Anastasia Ashley - Selfie in the Water


Taking a selfie like this is not recommended unless you have a waterproof camera. Luckily for everyone reading this article, it appears she has access to such a device.

Considering she started surfing at the age of five, Anastasia feels right at home in the water and comfortable in a bikini. There are times where she will rock a one-piece like you have never seen a girl rock a one-piece bathing suit before, and this surfer chick fills out a bikini nicely.

While the 30-year-old knows it was her surfing ability which first got her noticed, her looks (and a certain twerking warm-up video) have helped her stay that way. In 2014, she is believed to have taken a course in Ireland regarding social media. While this is not confirmed, her professor for the course may have just recommended that she post as many pictures like the above one as possible.

14 Lolo Jones - Putting Out "Thirst Trap Pictures"

Welp back to being single and putting out thirst trap pictures again.

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Lolo Jones wasn't mincing words on her Instagram account when she posted this stunning picture. It appears as though Jones had just woken up and is completely unaware of the camera focusing its attention on her. Also if she's single, who's capturing this photo of her as she is just getting out of bed?

Jones is the most followed track and field athlete on social media, although that should come as no surprise. Her fame has been both a blessing and a curse for her athletic career. While she receives plenty of attention for her looks and general appeal, she gets just as much criticism for it. Some are critical of Jones for getting special attention, though their criticism is actually misdirected. Jones' critics would be far more accurate in their thoughts if they focused them on the media who covers her and not Jones herself.

13 Anastasia Ashley - Just Waiting For A Wave


Clearly, when Anastasia Ashley took that social media course she learned what really butters her bread in this world. That isn't to say she isn't an accomplished surfer because she is, it is only to say that an accomplished surfer doesn't make nearly as much money as an attractive female on Instagram. That profession is far more lucrative than the surfing world.

Luckily for Anastasia, combining her two professions is pretty easy. Case in point is this picture of her waiting for a wave while straddling her board. Her face is looking off to the distance as if she couldn't care less about the camera taking her picture. Ashley is just patiently waiting for a wave.  She certainly looks at home on top her board, which makes sense considering she has practiced the sport for nearly 25 years now.

12 Lolo Jones- Goes Pose

Just because she's a star athlete on land doesn't mean Lolo Jones doesn't like to go near the water. It doesn't hurt that her visits to the beach and exotic destinations allow her to post photos like the one above on Instagram.

As Jones mentions in the caption section of this post, she can't run like Pamela Anderson, probably because her figure isn't quite that of the ex Baywatch star. While Lolo might not be able to run like Pamela, however, it's definitely true that Pamela can't run like Lolo can.

The 35-year old has four gold medals to rub in the faces of her critics. She's won two gold medals at the World Indoor Championships, another gold at the NACAC championships, and a gold as part of the USA women's bobsledding team at the 2013 World Championships.

11 Anastasia Ashley - Glowing Smile 


Granted, Anastasia Ashley hasn't put on a lot of clothes in this picture, it's still more than we generally see on her. Still, Anastasia is able to show in this photo that she isn't considered the world's hottest surfer chick because she's in a skimpy bikini all the time, she's the world's hottest surfer chick because she's the world's hottest surfer chick!

Her face and demeanor seem to be those of someone who spends a lot of time in the sun, by the ocean, and living life as if it is one big vacation. She rarely seems upset or annoyed, which is perhaps because she's gotten the chance to live such an exciting life.

Anastasia has relocated to Malibu, California from her childhood home in Hawaii. The ocean is still ever present in Cali, but she doesn't have to worry about traveling long distances to the mainland and back.

10 Lolo Jones - Can't Find A Shirt

It appears Lolo Jones did not pack properly for her trip. Here she is in a small hotel room somewhere and she's got no top to wear. Luckily she did manage to find her skin tight black jeans, and casually sideways baseball hat, however.

Jones seems to be completely unaware that someone has snuck into this tiny sized room with her and taken a picture. This seems to be a trend for Lolo, as she continues to post photos on her social media accounts which seem to apply she is alone in the room, only to leave us all wondering who it was that took the picture.

As this picture illustrates, Jones doesn't exactly fill out a sports bra, but her abs and healthy figure come jumping out of the above photo.

9 Anastasia Ashley - Looks Into Our Soul

It's easy to tell that Anastasia Ashley has researched how to be a model to some degree. While most of the photos she posts are not professional shoots, this one might as well have been. She's looking off into nothing as if she's posing for the cover of an album.

This photo really makes it obvious how in shape Ashley is. Surfing is mainly about balance which requires a lot of core strength. As a result, you don't get a lot of big muscley type people surfing. Those who tend to do well at surfing are thinner, flexible and with good core muscles. In the photo above, Anastasia is showing off some lovely core muscles in a teeny tiny bikini top. It looks like she has the beach all to herself in the photo above as well.

8 Lolo Jones - Looking For Wi-Fi

but is there wifi here?

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Check out those tan lines on Lolo! Clearly, she had spent part of this vacation far more covered up than she is in the above photo. As was mentioned at the beginning of this article, anyone who follows either of these two on social media knows they have a love of travel. This works out well since they both seem to spend the majority of their vacations in skimpy bathing suits and taking pictures of themselves.

Jones is at La Fortuna Waterfall in Costa Rica. The waterfall is actually a big tourist attraction and an entrance fee of $15 is charged to get into the park. If park officials are smart, they would up that fee to $150 for the times Lolo Jones is hanging out by the waterfall in a bikini.

7 Anastasia Ashley - Behind Anastasia's Behind


Anastasia Ashley's photographer must have an amazing, yet highly challenging, profession. The photographer, who is most likely on a board as well, has to both be able to stay afloat and operate a camera all while only a few feet away from the body part that shook the world when it twerked.

Precious few of her fans will not remember back in 2013 when Ashley incorporated a little twerking into her warm-up. The video of her doing so went viral and launched her fame outside of surfing circles.

This photo encompasses what Ashley is all about. She's smiling and looks truly at home on top of a board and in the water. Ashley may know that her looks are a big part of what gets her sponsors, but surfing is her passion.

6 Lolo Jones - About To Walk Into a Rock

In the photo above, Lolo Jones appears to be walking into a large rock, but hey, at least she's all smiles. She seems to have made the mistake of looking behind her to see if a photographer happened to be snapping a photo. As luck would have it there was a photographer doing just that!

This is from the same trip to Costa Rica Lolo took in 2015. Some places require tourists to wear some type of footwear around slippery rocks. She's also got a helmet on as well. Neither helmet nor footwear would protect her if the volcano she's visiting erupted, however. Jones is at Arenal Volcano, which was declared active as recently as 2010. Costa Rican officials offered no comment as to whether or not Lolo Jones' hotness caused an increase in volcanic activity that day (also, no one asked).

5 Anastasia Ashley - Wakes Up Surfing


In this photo, Anastasia Ashley looks like she's just waking up in the middle of the ocean somewhere. Does Anastasia Ashley just doggy board out to the middle of the ocean to go to sleep at night? We'll never know for sure.

While the board isn't noticeable in the picture, you can see by her feet she's strapped to one. Speaking of boards she has ridden on, she won her first surfing tournament as a kid with a board she had found out by the trash. She would also "borrow" boards that people left down by the beach. Eventually, sponsors would come through for her and offer to buy her a brand new board of her own.

Ashley says she always knew surfing was for her. She says she tried other sports but for whatever reason couldn't seem to get good at them. Surfing always came easy to her, however.

4 Lolo Jones - Bobsled Suits Are The New Yoga Pants

Lolo Jones selection to the USA bobsled team was not without some controversy. While the movie Cool Runnings proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that track stars can be used in bobsled, it didn't stop people from claiming Jones shouldn't have been part of the team.

Critics argued that there were other track and field athletes who could have served on the team and arguably would be able to do better than Jones. Those buzzkills have clearly never seen Lolo Jones in a bobsled suit. You know how yoga pants are able to compress everything and bring out a person's figure? Yoga pants don't have anything on bobsled suits! The above bobsled suit allows Lolo Jones' true figure to come out and shine. Jones and the USA bobsledding team won gold at the 2013 World Championships.

3 Anastasia Ashley - On The Board


In the movie Zoolander, Ben Stiller's character debuted in his new pose "Blue Steel". The look was powerful enough to bring grown men to tears. What you see in the above photo is Anastasia Ashley's "Blue Steel". It is an homage to and the evolution of her twerking routine that launched her fame in 2013. By throwing on a golden bikini and sticking her behind out in such a manner, Ashley is giving us "Gold Twerk".

This photo in many ways, can be considered the Mona Lisa of Anastasia's Instagram modeling career. It has everything her career has been about; surfing and a bit of booty as well. Good for her.

It looks as though this was a morning shoot as well judging by the light. Rarely has a bad day ever started by paddling out into the ocean and sticking your glutes.

2 Lolo Jones - Meditating & Hustling

It might seem as though Lolo Jones is in a deep state of meditation, but she's actually hustling a product. In the caption of this Instagram post, she mentions the Bella Beat LEAF. This is where Lolo Jones makes her money. She's not posting this because she bought the product, is enjoying it and just wanted to give it a shout out, she's doing it because they're paying her a good amount of money to do so.

The Bellabeat Leaf is a piece of jewelry you can wear and it will track your sleep, breathing, and menstrual cycle (if you have one). It also provides you with breathing exercises to do throughout the course of the day. Jones has written blogs on the product that are featured on the company's website. This is the type of sponsorship that just isn't available to other track and field stars.

1 Anastasia Ashley - Freshly Squeezed Pineapple


Most of Anastasia Ashley's more provocative shoots tend to involve her backside more than her front side, but she made an exception for this one.

You can see on Anastasia's face that she's sort of rolling her eyes at this shot a little. Yes. she looks good, and yes it's a beautiful shot. There is just something so typical about a woman posing with pineapples in front of her chest on a beach that is so cheesy though! It seems pretty obvious she feels the same way but is having a laugh at the cheesiness anyway.

It must be a fun life for Anastasia Ashley. She basically gets to travel around and surf while people take pictures of her. By the looks of it, she seems to be enjoying herself.

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