Surf's Up: Top 15 Steamiest Photos Of Anastasia Ashley

Unlike North America's "Big Four" sports, surfing is much of an afterthought in the United States. Heck, next to lesser watched sports such as the PGA and tennis, surfing is still something that is very rarely discussed by the masses. But, rest assure, the sport which is generally practiced in cold waters just got sizzling hot, or dare I say "white hot" (taking a page out of the Miami Heat's playbook).

How exactly did the sport get "white hot"? Two words: Anastasia Ashley. Born in San Clemente, California on February 10th, 1987, Ashley, with her model like looks (who is coincidentally also a model), has shown that she's equally impressive surfing waters as she is away from high tide.

Having picked up the sport at the ripe age of 5 it can be said that Ashley was a natural from the minute she picked up a surfboard considering she won her first surf contest a short year later at the age of 6. By 2016, at the age of 16, she won the Triple Crown Rookie of the Year Award. Now 30, Ashley continues to make strides in the sport and isn't showing any signs of regression.

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18 Is She A Model Or A Surfer?

via GotCeleb.com

Quite frankly, Anastasia Ashley could've easily coasted on her good looks as she has all the characteristics to make it in the modeling world. Standing at 5'8'', weighing in at 115 pounds and having stunning brown eyes with equally appealing blonde hair, Ashley is practically tailor-made for the modeling world. Fortunately, Ashley proved that she's much more than just a pretty face as she won the Triple Crown Rookie of the Year award in 2003 and has won championships within the National Scholastic Surfing Association the Professional Surfing Tour of America championship and the Pipeline Women's Pro. At just 30 years of age, it's unlikely that Ashley is done racking up accomplishments in the surf world. However, if she is, she'll just easily segue into the field of modeling (just look at the picture above for evidence).

17 Nickelodeon Teen Choice Awards

via GotCeleb.com

Seeing professional athletes appear at award shows is nothing out of the ordinary. With the pinnacle of sports award shows being ESPN'S Espy's, it is relatively easy to forget that other sports award shows exist. Moreover, it is quite easy to forget that cable network Nickelodeon actually broadcasts it's own sports award show. Dubbed the "Kids' Choice Sports" award show, the show features athletes being recognized for their accomplishments for their respective sports. In 2015, surfer Anastasia Ashley attended the award show and looked absolutely stunning in a skin tight dress and high heels. So for those wondering if Ashley can look as gorgeous in a dress and heels when contrasted with a two piece bikini, the answer is a crystal clear and unambiguous yes.


15 What's Ghetto Juice?

via santabanta.com

For those wondering what exactly "Ghetto Juice" is, you certainly aren't the only ones. No, "Ghetto Juice" is not a sugary drink and/or energy drink (as that's probably the thought most have when hearing the name). "Ghetto Juice" is actually a defunct magazine (at least to the knowledge of this writer) that Ashley had posed for in 2014. So, the good news is that "Ghetto Juice" provided the public with a number of beautiful photos of Ms. Ashley. The bad news is who in their right mind thought that "Ghetto Juice" would be a good name for a magazine? While the magazine looks to have been a colossal failure, at least both Ashley and "Ghetto Juice" can point to this photoshoot featuring the surfer which is an unarguable bright spot for the publication.


13 Baby Got Back!

via Pinterest.com

For those that have seen the movie Face/Off starring Nicholas Cage, the iconic line of, "I hate to see you go, but I love to watch you leave", is equally as applicable to Anastasia Ashley in this photo as it was to Eve in the film. Headed out deeper towards the ocean, Ashley is equally impressive from the backside as she is from the frontside. It's clear that Ashley, a surfer, has been getting her daily dosage (and then some) of "Booty O's Cereal" brought to us by the fine folks by the names of Big E, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods, best known as The New Day of WWE. With a slogan of "Booty O's - they make sure you ain't booty", it's clear that the furthest thing Ashley is, is booty. But, carrying booty? She has plenty of that!

12 BAE Watch > Baywatch

via twitter.com

For those questioning the misspelling on Ashley's one-piece, it's simply a clever play on words. BAE, meaning "before anyone else" replaces the "bay" in Baywatch as Ashley strategically indicates that she comes before anyone else. For the record, Baywatch the film came out in the year 2017. Coincidentally, so did this picture of Ashley. Yet, Ashley didn't have a role, not even a cameo in the film despite being easy on the eyes and being a real life surfer. Currently sporting a dismal score of 19% on Rotten Tomatoes, let's just say had the producer(s) of the film decided to cast Ashley (a natural fit) for the film there dismal score would be a little less dismal. I wish I could say "hindsight is 20/20" in this scenario but this was simply a no-brainer.

11 Killing The Competition At The ESPYs

via HawtCelebs.com

Musicians wear their best attire to the Grammys; actors and actresses pull out all the stops to look their very best at the Oscars and athletes do any and every thing to look as stylish as they possibly can at the ESPYs. It's an awards ceremony where fans are able to see athletes in a different light; a light in which athletes aren't wearing the uniform/jersey of their team or the proper gear (i.e. boxing gloves for boxing and a polo shirt for golf). This is when athletes such as James Harden make sure their beard is combed especially neatly and when the self-proclaimed fashion king, Russell Westbrook, makes it his mission to dress better than his competition (for better or for worse). All I'm saying is with Ashley sporting this yellow mini dress, is there really any competition? In my humble opinion, none whatsoever!

10 Just In Case You Forgot, She Surfs Too!

via Alchetron.com

Crystal blue waters are mighty appealing to any and all ages and to all different walks of life. Surfing is often depicted as a rather relaxing sport despite the difficulties it entails in not just mastering the sport, but in just learning the layman's behind the sport. Regardless of your opinion on crystal blue waters and on surfing, there's one thing that we can all agree on in this photo- the sexiness that is Anastasia Ashley. It doesn't look as if Ashley is ready to compete against a fellow surfer in this photograph and well, if there's anyone in the same ocean as her trying to compete with her in the looks department, let's just say it's best for you to hang your head high and take the loss in stride.

9 "I Woke Up Like This"

via CelebMafia.com

When the majority of us wake up we look our absolute worst; our eyes are drowsy and are full of rheum (arguably better known as "eye boogers"), our hair is flowing in all different directions and our mouths are in serious need of a toothpaste and toothbrush. So, I guess you could say we aren't privileged like Ashley who wakes up looking like she does in this picture. Sporting shades and a "I woke up like this" sweatshirt, Ashley has traded in her surfboard for a longboard as she gets ready to rip up the terrain just as she rips up the waters. FYI to Ms. Ashley, all pointers are greatly appreciated in reference to waking up looking like a million bucks like you do!

8 New York City Traffic, Welcome Anastasia Ashley!

via pinterest.com

To find a person that legitimately enjoys New York City traffic is like visualizing the Cleveland Browns winning the Super Bowl, the San Diego Padres winning the World Series, the New York Knicks winning the NBA Finals and the Arizona Coyotes winning the Stanley Cup Finals in the same calendar year. But, rest assure New York City, Ms. Ashley just added quite the level of enjoyment to your streets! Then again she wouldn't help the traffic situation whatsoever! Donning a one piece swimsuit with a surfboard hanging high above her head, Ashley's curvaceous figure is on full display for any and all to admire that's walking or driving down New York City's streets. I'll speak for all New Yorkers when I say this (Ashley) would be a welcome daily sight.

7 Pineapples...

via PureCelebs.net

The pineapples in this photo aren't that hard to spot; after all, they are very cleverly and strategically placed. But, can you spot the melons? Here's a hint- the melons are conspicuously hidden behind the pineapples. Presumably in the midst of modeling, everyone's favorite surfer girl is in her natural element on the beach except without her handy dandy surfboard and with pineapples instead. Born in San Clemente, California and currently residing in Malibu, California you could practically say that Ashley was born into the surf world. But, not everyone that's born into the surf culture actually ends up embracing it. Then again not everyone is Ashley; not only did Ashley embrace the surf culture but she's made and continues to make a living off the surf culture.

6 Little black Dress = A Girl's Best Friend

via Zimbio.com

It's often said that a little black dress is a girl's best friend. GQ is often recognized for being the goto magazine for gents when it comes to knowing everything a gentleman should know, such as, but not limited to, fitness, grooming, style, technology, sports, and hobbies. Now, while all the forenamed categories clearly have their own realm, how are they intertwined? Well, they're intertwined in the fact that having the proper knowhow for these categories makes a gentleman more suave to females. In essence, a GQ party and Ashley go hand and hand. By being more suave, a gentleman is able to become more appealing. If lucky, possibly suave enough to be lucky and enough to pull the babe that is Ashley in the little black dress.


4 Hello, Maxim!

via si.com

Synonymous with the "Hot 100", Ashley makes an unsurprising appearance in Maxim magazine flaunting her tantalizing beauty. The appearance in Maxim is just one of numerous magazine shoots where Ashley has appeared as the California native has also been profiled in FHM, Pacific Magazine and numerous others. At just thirty, it's unlikely that Ashley's magazine appearances are to downsize anytime soon; on the contrary, her stock is almost assuredly only guaranteed to rise. Standing at 5'8'' and having a "girl next door" look, Ashley is a magazine's dream girl as she not kills it in the looks department but she proves that she's much more than just a pretty face as evidenced by her accolades within surfing that will only continue to grow.

3 Airport Ready!

via HawtCelebs.com

The majority of individuals look like a hot mess when they are headed to the airport or back from it. For most, we simply try to find the comfiest pair of loungewear we own along with a comfy t-shirt and sneakers as we get ready for air travel. In addition, most individuals don't really focus on looking their best and neglect fixing their hair and other grooming habits. So, if you fall into this department, you should feel particularly ashamed. That's because Ashley has thrown on some loungewear and a pair of comfy looking Nike trainers, but she doesn't look like a hot mess. On the contrary, she looks like a breath of fresh air with a smile to match proving that you can look good at the airport with loungewear.

2 Surfing With Jeans?

via pinterest.com

Jeans and a surfboard seem awfully paradoxical as the two contradict each other right off the bat. But, instead of being concerned with the paradox that is this picture, there's something that isn't a paradox; the thing that isn't a paradox is the appealing looks of Ashley. Presumably in the midst of shooting for a magazine, Ashley looks right at home on the beach (probably because it quite literally is her home away from home) despite being in gear that says the opposite. Whether Ashley is ready to catch some waves after this shot is anyone's guess, but in the mean time let's just admire the aesthetic beauty of this picture; rest assure beach and waves you're equally (well not equally) but quite beautiful in your own right as well!

1 The Girl Next Door

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="640"] via pinterest.com[/caption]

Ever hear the saying, "sometimes less is more"? Well, you're staring directly at it in this shot! A simple white tank top and a pair of short denim shorts is the ensemble Ashley's gone with on this pleasant clear sky day. Ashley's looking away from the camera and cheesing as she nails a pose that screams beauty. It also looks like Ashley may be on a golf course. Perhaps she's having ideas of getting her Tiger Woods on (prior to his cheating scandal) and dominating the golf course as well! Ashley's as welcome a patron on the golf course as she is on the beach and I doubt anyone who's anyone would argue that statement! Michelle Wie, you might want to watch your back, just saying!

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