Sweet 16: The Most Attractive Female Sportscasters Of The Past Decade

One of the sweetest benefits of the explosion of sports media in the last decade has been the proliferation of female sportscasters.  The vast majority of these women reporters and hosts generally happen to be hot, because more often than not, having the camera lens fall in love with a face, and even a body, goes a long way towards getting one's face and bod put in front of the camera in the first place. TV is obviously a visual medium in which sex appeal plays an undeniable role, despite small-minded and repressed attempts to stifle expressions of sexuality and sexual appreciation in this era of cultural paradoxes.

So it is in this decade of the 2010s that the presence of the female sportscaster is a firmly established reality with no turning back. No longer is the woman reporter simply a novelty to be admired and then ignored, but a valuable contributor to the overall presentation of a sports program or live sporting event.

As 2017 winds to a close, time is going by even faster than you might realize, because the 2010's are nearly over, to be gone forever in the pages of history with the conclusion of 2019 in a scant two years, then onto the 2020's.  So it seems apt at this time to begin the process of narrowing down the list of sportscasting sirens to arrive at the answer to the most important question on Earth today--determining who are the hottest female presenters and reporters of this current decade. March Madness has its venerable "Sweet Sixteen," but we give you sixteen sexy sportscasters of the 2010's that might be even sweeter, starting with...


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Leading off this alternating list of those female sportscasters of this current decade who qualify for the "looks great walking away" category, is the former TV sports host of Spanish-language sports programs like Deportes Cuatro, Ms. Lara Álvarez.  And yes, it's perfectly understandable if you're rendered speechless by the backside of this Spanish sizzler from Madrid--few would blame you, amigo.  Ms Álvarez is a great choice to lead off the "latter category," and when she turns around, you're captivated by her seductive eyes.

On Lara's Twitter page, she refers to herself as a "Periodista"--Spanish for journalist, because she takes herself seriously.  And we support that, though it must be said Lara's delightful derriere--or "bonita trasero" in Spanish--gives her a natural-born credential worth a thousand words.


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When kicking off any list of female sportscasters--or women on planet Earth in general--in which the category is "looks great coming towards you", it's pretty impossible to ignore mega-stunner April Rose Haydock.  With her towering twins that command attention in any room she enters, April is truly twice the woman that many females could only aspire to be. Hailing from Chicago, Ms. Haydock has carved out quite the résumé  for herself in the Windy City, having hosted various sports teams shows like for the Blackhawks.  She's also been a radio poster girl for rock station WLUP-FM and provides White Sox coverage for WLS-AM.  The latter two are ironic because it was WLUP and DJ Steve Dahl's "Disco Demolition" on July 12, 1979 that caused the White Sox to forfeit a game to the Detroit Tigers when fans stormed the field following the destruction of crappy disco records.

All these years later, Dahl hosts a drive-time show on WLS, April's station. Everything comes full circle. Per The Famous People, April Rose earned an emergency medical technician certificate from Oakton Community College in suburban Chicago, a junior commuter college that holds a local rep as a "party school."  We could easily see April Rose having distracted many a classmate with her student body.


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The next sportscaster chosen for her "walking away" prowess is Rachel Riley, as next-door cute as she is mouth-watering, a combination almost impossible to resist for any real man. Rachel isn't merely the kind of girl you crush on--you drop to your knees and propose eternal matrimony! Frankly, Rachel could qualify for either category on this roundup, but it's hard to deny Ms. Riley's ravishing rump. Not that life is all smooth-sailing for the Brit babe, for this past June, Rachel had the misfortune of feeling like she was forced to leave her gig at Sky Sports due to the hounding she received from Internet trolls, per the Telegraph. From our perspective, it almost seems unimaginable to systematically harass such a sweet beauty.

No doubt it was a bunch of losers who can never get a woman of any sort, let alone a goddess like Rachel Riley.  Before her sad Sky Sports stint, Ms. Riley gained famed as the UK's Vanna White on the British game show Countdown, where fans of her fine behind were treated to candid views every time they watched, as this YouTube compilation video attests to!


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ESPN reporter Ms. Spain’s major assets are almost too stunning to be believed.  Sarah reports on the Chicago Cubs as the franchise attempts to win back-to-back World Series titles for the first time since the dominant 1907-08 team did it against Ty Cobb’s Detroit Tigers. Hard to see the Cubs getting the same good fortune during this upcoming postseason that they received in 2016, culminating in their squaring off against the de facto “Cubs of the A.L.”-- the Cleveland Indians. Like the Cubs, the Tribe are a bedeviled franchise that celebrates losing more often than not.

Ironically, Sarah, who grew up in one of the wealthiest cities in America--Lake Forest, Illinois (a North Shore suburb of Chicago) was born in Cleveland. But it’s obvious which team had won Sarah’s loyalty.


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The terminally lovely Ms. Ledlow was named the host of "NBA Inside Stuff" in 2013, a position she currently shares with former NBA star Grant Hill.  Kristen also provides commentary of the NBA on TNT.  Oh, and if you're particularly infatuated with Kristen, you can actually pay $20 for her to do a "video shout-out" to you or a person of our choosing that lasts roughly 30 seconds, per Book Cameo.  Sample videos on the page include Kristen wishing a 2-year old child happy birthday (despite the fact a 2-year old couldn't likely comprehend the message) and an appearance with her cat "Magic," who Kristen wants to visit Orlando and the Magic NBA team. Maybe the feline can help the beleaguered franchise actually win some games.


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After you've finished spelling Vanessa's multi-syllabic full name, congratulations--you've just won a round of Yahtzee!  The only thing longer than Vanessa's given birth name are her luscious legs.  It's ironic that so many people in the entertainment industry change their names, even when they don't have to. But not Vanessa, who probably could stand to have a shorter monicker as a host for ESPN Mexico and ESPN Deportes, nope, she's perfectly content with hauling that name around with her wherever she goes. Even though her surname evokes a Central European vista, Vanessa was actually born in Mexico City, as her mother is Mexican, though her German father is soccer player Dieter Huppenkothen. And that unique blend of Latina and Teutonic blood has produced the rare beauty of Vanessa, who looks like she could hail from many corners of the world.


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With the 2017 college football season now in high gear, that means we'll be seeing more of the delightful Jenny Dell conducting interviews for CBS Sports and the Big 10 Network.

You have to admire male sportscasters--many of them former jocks used to generally getting whoever they want when it comes to the opposite sex--that they're able to maintain their professionalism and treat women as stunning as Jenny Dell as just another colleague and not hit on her constantly. For some funny reason, Jenny's Instagram page includes a link to a pregame party in Miami on October 21 before the Hurricanes host Syracuse. But according to the party's official page on Eventbrite, Jenny's not even one of the hosts of the four-hour party that boasts of appearances by pseudo-celebs like DJ Vinny Vinsane and Brody Jenner. The party features an all-you-can-drink open bar, which we'd certainly need to take advantage of in order to withstand all the vapidity.


In the UK, female sportscasters are quaintly referred to as "presenters," which seems fitting giving they present themselves--and their stunning attributes to the British Empire--as well as the rest of the waiting world.  Hayley McQueen of Sky Sports--the ESPN of the UK--is one prime example.  Ms. McQueen's natural beauty sets her apart--she deftly balances being utterly approachable as well as inhabiting the body of a glamour goddess. Hayley's the type of woman who you "crush on"--hard.  Hayley's twins are tamed by a 34E bra per Body Measurements.  She also has great legs and knows how to use them, as the song goes.  Or as she lists on her Twitter page, her profession is "Tackling football (soccer) in heels."


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No respectable list of the hottest sportscasters of the decade of the 2010's could even consider leaving off Ines Sainz, whose booty backside is gloriously represented on search engine image pages all across the world wide web. Her full name--Inés Sainz Gallo de Pérez--sounds like some multi-partner vineyard that produces only the finest vino. Ms. Sainz hosts Spanish-language sports show DxTips. The enchanting blonde Ines has also reported for Azteca Desportes and was involved in the 2010 scandal with the New York Jets in which she was subjected to rude comments and even catcalls from some of the players while she was in the locker waiting to interview then-Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez. It got so out of control that during the incident she Tweeted in Spanish, "I want to cover my ears." No wonder Rex Ryan's team of classless clowns never went to a Super Bowl.


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You may recognize this name from somewhere else... Don't pretend you don't. Lisa Ann has quite the unique background out of all the ladies on this list, but she quit her job in the other industry a few years ago. She's landed on her feet quite nicely in her second career, as she hosts multiple fantasy sports shows on Sirius XM. No gentlemen, not THOSE fantasies. Lisa Ann brings a unique perspective to her shows, as she's been outspoken of how she always loved to hook up with athletes and gives some insight on what it's like dating an athlete, as well as general sports knowledge.

She has no regrets on leaving her former career while still being a big name, for her new one. Her perspective is part of what draws listeners in:

"I’ll say on my show things like, ‘I have information that would lead me to believe (a certain player) is not playing tonight," she said in a story with Fox Sports. "Or in football everyone will know if a player is going to play, but a guy on a team could call me and say his teammate is not feeling well and is just going to be a decoy that game."


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What is it about Latina women and sexy behinds? We’re not sure what the formula is, but if it could ever be mass-produced and packaged, the world would be a far better place.   The gorgeous Ms. Gonzalez was reportedly once engaged to Mexican boxing light middleweight champion Saul Alvarez.  She must have a thing for the jocks because she married Rafael Márquez Lugo, ex-Mexican football striker. Marisol made international news at the 2012 Super Bowl between the losing Patriots and the champion Giants when she caused quite the stir on the field during media day.

However, Lipstick Alley's story derisively listed Marisol's profession as "reporter" in quotes, as if she's less qualified to stick a mic in some jock's face because she has a stunning body. That's the kind of sexist subtext that oppresses women --a good looking babe couldn't possibly be a "reporter," could she now?  Thanks for sending female empowerment back to the 1950s, Lipstick Alley.


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Ironically she hosts "Ravens Report" for the Baltimore franchise, despite having a "Hawk" in her name. Either way, she's a "bird"--the old British slang for a desirable dame.Erin is the only true highlight of the show, as in Episode 3 when she stunned in a tight-fitting red dress.Otherwise, the "Report" is a trite exercise in self-promotion the seeks to equate the Ravens as a franchise on the par of some classic team like the 1960s Packers of Vince Lombardi fame. That assertion was rendered even more ludicrous based on the "Ratbirds" terrible performance against their arch-rival, the Pittsburgh Steelers on October 1, losing 26-9 as Joe Flacco looked closer to retirement than to ever leading his team to another Super Bowl.

Thankfully, Hawksworth helps viewers forget all about Flacco when she's on screen.


FOX Sports West host and reporter Alex Curry spends a lot of her time interviewing players for the Los Angeles Angels, but Alex is pretty angelic herself, with a sweet face that's exotic but never intimidating.  On her Instagram page, Ms. Curry says "I play dress up and talk sports".  And really, outside of loyalty, a hot-blooded guy doesn't need to much else from his woman other than looking good, dressing sexy and knowing sports!  The appealing Alex has all that and a lot more, with a behind that was just meant to be inserted into a bikini bottom.  Cutie Ms. Curry is also a sideline reporter for the L.A. Kings and also hosted Angels Weekly and Kings Weekly, which means she can either handle it fast...or slow. Of course, we're only referring to the pace of those respective sports she covers, and absolutely nothing else about the alluring Alex.


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Per Inside Edition, Ayiana was the subject of some modern-day sexual harassment from Chicago sports radio host Dan Bernstein--one-half of the "Bernstein & Goff Show" on 670 The Score. In March 2015, Bernstein tweeted before he thought, when he took to the social media service after viewing the curvaceous Ms. Cristal , and wrote: "I have no rooting interest in her work, but enjoy her giant b***s." When Ayiana caught word of Bernstein's tacky Tweet, she didn't back down whatsoever, categorizing his comments as "ignorant" on Facebook. She also accused Bernstein of "sexual harassment."  Why can't Dan Bernstein get away with it, yet we can include Ms. Cristal on this very list of similarly endowed women? Because Bernstein made it personal, and that always ups the "creepy quotient" and wades into the waters of sexual harassment.

This list, on the other hand, is an entirely objective assessment of beautiful sportscasters, nothing personal or derogatory about who is selected. For his part, Bernstein subsequently apologized to Aiyana, calling himself an "idiot" for his "childish" Tweet.


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Nobody fits into a one-piece lingerie bodysuit quite like Sky Sports presenter Charlotte Jackson, a UK babe as desirable as any coed, now even into her 30s. However her stunning figure has also been the center of controversy, specifically the "Andy Gray incident." Per the Telegraph, Jackson's fellow sportscaster Gray was "sacked" (Brit slang for being fired) for "unacceptable and offensive behavior" towards Ms. Jackson in an off-air incident that occurred in December 2010. Gray had it coming, having previously been reprimanded by Sky management for disparaging and sexist remarks.

There's absolutely no reason a woman has to be subjected to such treatment for a single moment, no matter how appealing she may be to a male's libido. Simple rule, gentleman: Admire the ladies, but do not harass.


The ravishing blonde goddess was formerly "Laura McKeeman" when she was Miss Florida, and competed for Miss America in 2013. While the luscious Laura may have merely finished in the "Top 16" (a nice way of phrasing that she was in the bottom-four tier of only 16 finalists for the crown), she has bolted ahead of many, if not all, of her pageant competitors in terms of a professional career and husband. Not only is Laura a host and reporter for powerful entities SEC Network and ESPN, she also snagged at the altar current Boston Red Sox all-purpose utility infielder Josh Rutledge. As for Laura, she topped this list due to her deep, deep cleavage that's a cavern any man would be happy to explore!

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