Swimmers vs. Beach Volleyball Players: Who’s More Attractive?

A lot of people watch sports just to ogle at the fit athletes on show. It sounds crude, but that’s just the way it is. And who can blame these individuals who watch sport just for a bit of eye candy? The world of sport is filled with them. But think of gorgeous athletes, and which sport is the mind drawn to? It tends to be tennis. That’s one mainstream sport that’s filled with sultry beauties. But beautiful sporting ladies aren’t limited to tennis. It’s a sport that gets a lot of coverage, hence the women get a lot of followers. However, there are a couple of sports, not regarded to be as mainstream, that seem to attract plenty of hot ladies; swimming and volleyball.

Swimmers are physical specimens. They have awesome physiques, and quite a few of them are super-attractive too –they just have the entire package. Volleyball competitors on the other hand, are less muscular, don’t have the physiques of swimmers, but they have beach bodies, and the skimpy attire they wear when competing means we get to see a whole lot of those bodies. Both sports have their fair share of sultry beauties, women who have different physiques, different looks, but are still utterly gorgeous. I don’t envy your decision trying to decide which sport has the hotter ladies. Formulate a check list in your mind, and go from there. It might take some time, but that’s ok; I suppose there are worse things to ponder over!


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Like I said in the intro, swimmers usually possess pretty muscular physiques. Even the female swimmers are pretty built. But former Dutch swimmer, Inge De Bruijn, was around at a time when swimmers were a lot leaner, a lot more svelte. It means she’s got a body more like a volleyball player than a swimmer. But it served her alright on her way to becoming a four-time Olympic champion and world record holder. But that’s enough about her swimming accolades. People don’t really remember about them, because people’s minds have been filled with new, fresh memories about Inge.

She’s given people plenty to think about and ogle at since she retired a decade ago. There are the sultry pics, but recently people were awestruck when she got naked on the Netherlands' version of Love Island. She bared all, and it created one hell of a fan frenzy. Inge’s still got the body, and what a body it is. She looks like a glamor model, and is undoubtedly one of the hottest swimmers of all time.


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Gabrielle Reece is retired, but you certainly wouldn’t have thought it. She’s approaching her 50s, but is still absolutely gorgeous, still looks as though she could compete. Her beauty and her hot physique was picked up on right from the start of her career. Consequently, throughout her career, she’s enjoyed being a model, has posed in a number of raunchy shoots, in sultry lads’ mags, which have showcased her stunning physique and her beauty. She’s posed in so many hot shoots, I reckon the majority of people who know her name, know her as a model, not the ex-American volleyball player. She’s a fitness icon, a model in her own right, a fashionista, a media personality – life is roses for Gabrielle Reece at the moment.


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Here’s another former competitive athlete. What is it about these ex-pros? Most people, when they retire from a profession as strenuous as being a professional athlete, they really enjoy their retirement. They ease back on the training and the gruelling fitness regimes. But it seems as if, like Gabrielle, swimmer Summer Sanders has that fitness way of life engrained into her, just can’t let it go. Because she’s living that whole health and fitness lifestyle, she looks absolutely stunning. She’s in her mid-40s, but looks around a decade younger. Both Summer and Gabrielle in the previous entry have a pretty similar ethos when it comes to life post-competition.

They both have pretty similar body types, and their careers have followed a pretty similar path too in regards to modeling and then getting into the media industry. These two blonde beauties of yesteryear certainly give their respective sports a good name.


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From the older women who’ve stepped away from competition to one of the young bucks of the group, Anouk Vergé-Dépré. Anouk’s only 25 but has already created one hell of an impression in the world of volleyball. The Swiss volleyball player is one person who’s responsible from raising the profile of the sport since she took to the sand. Oh yeah, she takes to sand because she’s a beach volleyball player. That means she wears very skimpy attire – another reason why the stands are full when she’s in action. She’s regarded to be one of the best players in the sport, and she’s regarded to be a sex symbol, which just serves to raise the profile of her sport even more. We’ll be seeing a whole lot more of Anouk over the years.


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Kaitlin’s 34, really, she’s 34?! She’s already called time on a stellar career in the pool, but judging by the way she looks she could easily go on for another five years or so. But having said that, having achieved what she’s achieved swimming for team USA, she deserves to ease back and enjoy a period in the slow lane. She may be doing just that, but she certainly hasn’t shunned her training, and isn’t getting complacent in enjoying her retirement too much. The former world record holder, world champion and Olympic Gold medallist, is another former athlete who’s kept herself looking trim and in splendid condition.

Actually, she’s gotten a tad more curvy after she’s retired, but that’s only a good thing. Some of her shoots are just wow, and she regularly shares these sultry pics on her social media accounts, much to the delight of her fans.


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Her surname might be Wacholder, but time certainly isn’t ticking on Rachel’s beauty. She’s an ageless beauty alright, and at the age of 42, she still looks fabulous. A decade ago she was one of the hottest competitors on the volleyball scene. She achieved her highest ranking of number two in the world, and went on to become one of the sports’ best most iconic figure. Today she’s still iconic, but for a different reason. She’s transitioned from being a volleyball icon into being a modeling icon and fashionista, something that’s held her in good stead post her volleyball career. Whether she was on the sand or in front of a camera, the spotlight’s always been firmly fixed on Rachel when she’s around, and it doesn’t take a genius to work out why.


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This American swimmer is an amazing 12-time Olympic medallist! What is it about American swimmers? Team USA must have one hell of a swimming program, because their athletes seem to pick up medals by the stack load for fun. Natalie’s one of them, someone’s who’s enjoyed a tremendous amount of success during the course of an illustrious career in the pool. She’s regarded to be one of the best female swimmers on the planet, and as if that wasn’t enough to raise her profile, she’s also sizzling hot. Being a swimmer, she’s got the body, but she possesses the looks too, and that’s meant she’s taken on plenty of opportunities outside of swimming, expanded her horizons, and she and the sport are all the better for it.



Kerri Walsh Jennings is a beach volleyball player, is 39 years old, and is amazingly still competing. Yep, she’s still going strong, really strong. She’s won medals for team USA at the last four Olympics, the latest of which was in Rio. She’s also part of the greatest team in the history of volleyball on the pro circuit, and has earned over $2m in career prize money. That’s one hell of a career, and it’s not even counting everything that’s come her way in terms of sponsorship deals and modeling gigs. Understandably, with Kerri being the volleyball superstar that she is, and having an amazing body, plenty of magazines, photographers and what have you have approached Kerri, and thankfully for us, she’s made the most of her opportunities.


You’re getting two women in this entry, perhaps the hottest Olympic double act of all time! A lot of guys dream about this kind of stuff; seeing two gorgeous women, twin sisters, in bed together, caressing each other in raunchy photoshoots – that’s something that’s pretty much certain to get the male libido humming. Bia and Branca Feres are sexy sensations alright, already a hit in their home nation of Brazil, and after Rio, they achieved global stardom.

The 28-year-old identical twins took part in the synchronized swimming events at the Rio games, and due to the hype that surrounded them, you can bet your bottom dollar that quite a few people tuned in. Before starting to compete again in Rio, the sexy sisters actually retired in order to get breast implants – now you can appreciate the kind of shock waves they send throughout Brazil. You can also appreciate that they’re not just into swimming, they’re into looking fabulous. Their social media pages are awash with steamy pics; no wonder they’ve got half a million followers.


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After failing to qualify for Rio, undoubtedly the major low point of Jennifer Kessy’s career, she’s eased back on her pro career and things have gradually begun to draw to a close. Jennifer’s in her 40s now, and wants to concentrate on family life, something she sacrificed for all those years whilst she was on the pro scene. That’s understandable, no one would argue with that, but it means the sport had to say goodbye to one of its best and hottest athletes. Jennifer really was sizzling on the beach. She had the looks, was ripped, and just looked spectacular in that skimpy beach volleyball attire. Seeing her do her thing on the sand is something that’ll be sorely missed. But we still have plenty of hot pics of Jennifer which we can use to reminisce about with fondness.


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Haley’s in her late 30s now and has stepped away from competing, but her feats in the pool will always be remembered, will be a part of history. She made a splash in the early 2000s, started winning events for fun, and people sat up and took notice. She won a silver medal at the 2004 Olympic Games, and she’s a former world record holder too. Someone who also became her fan, someone else who also sat up and took notice, was Hugh Hefner. In 2004, she posed nude for Playboy in what was one seriously raunchy shoot. People suddenly began to see Haley in a different light, and understandably so. She became a sex symbol, and has remained so, even after stepping away from competition.


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Here’s another Brazilian athlete on this list. You think of beach volleyball, and the mind’s drawn to Brazil. The beautiful sandy beaches, Samba atmosphere, the climate, sultry women, and it just fits. Maria Elisa Antonelli fits the bill when it comes to hot athletes alright. The 33-year-old Brazilian beauty might not be the best in the world, but she’s certainly someone who the crowds come to see. She’s long been regarded as being one of the hottest volleyball competitors around. See her in action and it’s hard to take your eyes off her. It’d be hard to disagree. She’s tanned, has a beautifully toned and ripped physique – including an almighty set of twins - and she’s got the looks too; Maria really does possess the entire package.


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Amanda Beard’s a 35-year-old swimming beauty hailing from the USA. She’s an American woman through and through, and has received plenty of accolades throughout the course of a glittering career in the pool. Amanda’s twice been named as the American Swimmer of the Year, is a former world record holder, and has won seven Olympic medals. That’s one hell of a career. It’s meant that Amanda’s been able to bask in the limelight of her success, and take part in plenty of activities out of the pool. One of these has been her modeling career. She’s modeled for a ton of esteemed publications, including the likes of FHM, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, and the shoot everyone remembers with fondness, her nude shoot for Playboy. Set your eyes on these sultry pics and you’ll understand why Amanda’s rated as being one of the hottest swimmers out there.


Beautiful Italian women and beach volleyball; it’s also something that just fits. This sultry Italian babe has been turning heads ever since she embarked on a pro career. It’s a career that began five years ago, and ever since then, her career’s been on an upwards trajectory – she’s gradually been climbing to the top. She’s already at the top, at the forefront of the minds of beach volleyball fans though. When she’s on the sand, the eyes are instantly drawn to her – you can’t help but watch, and at times, ogle. Marta is what you’d expect from a beach volleyball player. She’s got that stunning complexion, is tanned, has the looks, that lean and ripped bikini body, and is just an Italian beauty from top to toe.


Stephanie Rice is someone who came, saw, conquered, and then got out early in order to pursue other ventures. She’s only 29 but stepped away from competitive swimming a few ago after enjoying a glittering career. Her career wasn’t up there as one of the best in terms of her swimming achievements, but plenty of success and opportunities came her way because of her looks, her charming demeanor, and the way she sizzled in the pool. That smile’s enough to make any guy turn to a puddle of goo, and it’s opened plenty of doors for her now that her time in the pool for team USA has come to an end.

You’ve seen some truly gorgeous athletes on this list. Now it’s time for you to make that all-important decision and decide who’s hotter, swimmers or volleyball players. There are numerous plus points to both, so choose wisely.

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