S.I. Swimsuit Model Explains Why She Doesn't Date Athletes

It looks like if you're going to have any chance at dating Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Samantha Hoopes you can't a professional athlete.

In the past, Hoopes was seen with Seattle Seahawks star quarterback Russell Wilson and even had some nice things to say about Los Angeles Clippers playmaker Blake Griffin.

TMZ caught up with Hoopes who explained why she won't give athletes the time or day anymore. When it comes to her dating life, Hoopes was asked by TMZ  if she would only consider businessmen. She replied,"Yeah." Hoopes went on to say that dating a businessman is "less risky" and "more quiet."


The TMZ reporter told Hoopes that athletes tend to be more "slutty."

Hoopes agreed and said that businessmen can be "slutty" as well but they're "less messy with it." She clearly doesn't like the attention that athletes bring to her personal life.

Hoopes also went on to say that she never talks business or money with the men that she ends up dating. This makes sense since she likely doesn't want that to be the focal point of their relationship.

Via Sports Illustrated

Hoopes says her current boyfriend, Matt Mosko, is a big fan of S.I. and has a copy of the swimsuit magazine that she's featured in.

You often hear about athletes and celebrities dating one another because they can relate more to one another in regards to how much money they make and the fact that they have to deal with being famous. Hoopes now clearly prefers a more quiet dating life.

Now, of course, while Mosko isn't famous, we're sure he's bringing in a pretty nice income as a television producer.


So while Hopes doesn't have to deal with a "messy" and "slutty" athlete she can have a relationship with a businessman like Mosko who brings in an impressive amount of money on his own. This, of course, means she doesn't have to be worried about a man dating her for her money.

Hopefully, all works out for Hoopes and Mosko and she continues to avoid athletes.

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