Tennis Beauties: 15 Hot Photos Of Eugenie Bouchard And Maria Sharapova That Will Blow Your Mind

There is no question that some of the most beautiful female athletes in the world are currently competing in the sport of professional tennis. These ladies are tall, lean, and in peak physical condition. Many of these world-class beauties often find themselves on the cover of some the world’s most popular magazines. That being said, in a sport full of gorgeous gals there are two that still manage to stand out, Eugenie (Genie) Bouchard and Maria Sharapova.

The 23-year-old native of Montreal, Quebec known as Genie Bouchard has become one of the most recognized faces in the game, since her breakout season back in 2014. Besides being an outstanding athlete, the 5-foot-10 blonde is also considered one of the most attractive females in pro sports today.

During the course of her career that now spans over 15 years, Russian tennis sensation Maria Sharapova has become an international superstar. She has quite literally done it all as a singles competitor. Moreover, the 6-foot-2 blonde who is still only 30-years-old, has a figure that most supermodels would envy.

Seeing photos of either Genie Bouchard or Maria Sharapova would likely brighten anyone’s day, but why settle for just one when you can see both?

With that in mind, here are 15 photos of the two hottest women in tennis that are guaranteed to blow your mind.

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15 Maria: In The Sand

via pinterest.com

The Russian tennis star shows that she may have the best bikini bod on the planet while posing for this breathtaking photo. Her 6-foot-2 frame is on full display as she lies in the sand for this stunning swimsuit shoot. It’s easy to see why Sharapova was asked to pose for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, after getting a glimpse of this pic.

Fun Fact: Maria Sharapova’s star-making moment came back in 2004 when she won the French Open. She even bested tennis legend Lindsay Davenport and her archrival Serena Williams, on her way to securing her first ever Grand Slam title. While the win was Sharapova’s 1st Grand Slam Title; it certainly wouldn’t be her last. In fact, she would eventually go on to win the Career Grand Slam.

14 Genie: Straw Hat

via Pinterest.com

In this glamorous Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition shot, Bouchard shows of her prominent bottom half. The 23-year-old looks smoking hot will standing in the crystal clear water at what appears to be an exotic tropical location. The straw hat combined with her signature smile help to make his one of the best Genie Bouchard pics out there, and that is really saying something.

Fun Fact: Bouchard was able to reach the championship round at Wimbledon back in 2014. By accomplishing this feat, Genie Bouchard became the first Canadian female representative to make it as far as the final round of a Grand Slam singles tournament. Unfortunately, for the young starlet and her fans, she would lose in the final round to Petra Kvitova. That being said, it was still a fine moment in Canadian sports history.

13 Maria: Sit-Up

via Sports Wallpapers

After seeing this image, it is quite clear that Maria Sharapova is one athlete that takes her workouts very seriously. The native of Nyagan, Russia has abs that most people would kill for. While she is likely simply posing for a picture in this instance, it is clear that Sharapova defiantly spends a great deal of time doing various forms of crunches. It would be quite difficult to find an athlete out there, who is in better shape than Maria Sharapova.

Fun Fact: Sharapova represented her home country of Russia in the 2012 Olympic Games which were held in London, England. She even made to the final round of the singles tournament before ultimately being defeated by her longtime rival, Serena Williams. Despite falling short in the finals, she was still able to capture a silver medal.

12 Genie: Yoga Pants


A post shared by Genie Bouchard (@geniebouchard) on

Athlesuirewear, which is a style that includes yoga pants, has become quite popular in recent years and Genie Bouchard helps to remind us why in this pleasant image. The yoga pants showcase the young tennis star's noticeable lower half while she performs on the court. It no surprise that this particular pic got almost 60,000 likes on Instagram as the Montreal native proves that she knows how to turn head.

Fun Fact: Tennis fans who wish there was more than one Genie Bouchard out there are in luck. That’s because she a twin sister named Beatrice Bouchard who is also quite beautiful. Besides Beatrice, Genie also has two other siblings. She has a younger sister named Charlotte, as well has a little brother named William who was born back in 1999.

11 Maria: Stretch

Maria Sharapova steals the show once again in her form-fitting boat suite. The caption says, “glad I ate those fires last night!” Based on this photo, it doesn’t appear that the Nyagan native has ever eaten anything unhealthy in her entire life. The caption also states that she is “proud of the way I have challenged my body.” Whatever she is doing, is clearly working as Sharapova looks phenomenal in this stunning Instagram post.

Fun Fact: It was none other than tennis legend Martina Navratilova who suggested that Sharapova should obtain professional training. The tennis icon met Maria Sharapova for the first time at a tennis clinic when the latter was only 6 years of age. The Russian future star would go on to attend The Academy in Florida.

10 Genie: Zip

Zip came in handy

A post shared by Genie Bouchard (@geniebouchard) on

After seeing this busty photo, it’s easy to understand why Genie Bouchard always appears to be out and about in a swimsuit. Moreover, like her article mate Maria Sharapova the blonde bombshell has also posed for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. The 23-year-old clearly isn’t shy about posting risqué photos online and judging by the number of likes for pics like this one, it would seem her fans are appreciative.

Fun Fact: Bouchard has enjoyed playing tennis since she was just 5 years of age. She originally fell in love with the sport while she was living in Canada and ultimately decided to move to Florida. While in Florida she began working with Coach Nick Saviano. While she would go on to work with other coaches, she had the most success (in 2014) when working with Saviano.

9 Maria: The Bike

via Stormclub.com

Sharapova is doing her best to look tough while standing on this well-crafted motorcycle. Her no-nonsense facial expression looks as if she is daring someone to try and mess with her. That being said, even when the 6-foot-2 Grand Slam champ is trying to be intimidating, she still looks gorgeous. There are certainly more than a few Sharapova fans out there who would love to ride a motorcycle with this lovely tennis star.

Fun Fact: Sharapova is a successful business woman off the court. She even has her own candy line known as Sugarpova. According to the company website, “Sugarpova is a premium candy line that reflects the fun, fashionable, sweet side of international tennis sensation Maria Sharapova.” A portion of the money generated from the sales goes to her charity, the Maria Sharapova Foundation.

8 Genie: Cover Up

via Dailyhive.com

The lovely blonde Canadian appears to have lost her top in this particular photo. The shoreline wind can be tricky; a fact that Genie Bouchard can now likely attest to. The young tennis star proudly flaunts her flawless top half in this amazing swimsuit photo. Bouchard shows that she is without question one of the most photogenic athletes currently residing on Planet Earth.

Fun Fact: During last year’s ultra competitive Super Bowl between the Falcons and the Patriots, Genie Bouchard made a Twitter wager with a fan, as to who would emerge the victor. Bouchard ended up losing the bet when the team she selected, the Atlanta Falcons, were unable to secure the victory. As a result, Bouchard agreed to honor her word and go on a date with a social media follower named John Goehrke.

7 Maria: Sitting Around

via imgur.com

After a grueling tennis schedule, it’s likely that Sharapova enjoys having a moment to sit down and relax a bit. In this photo, the blonde starlet once again makes looking beautiful seem effortless. This picture highlights her impressively long legs in a somewhat revealing dress. This recent pic shows that at 30-years-old, Maria Sharapova looks as good as she ever has.

Fun Fact: After seeing all these amazing photos of Maria Sharapova, one likely won’t be surprised to find out that she has dated her fair share of high profile celebrities. The Russian has been romantically linked to NBA standout Sasha Vujacic and fellow tennis star Grigor Dimitrov. In fact, Sharapova even dated Maroon 5 lead singer Adam Levine very early on in her career.

6 Genie: Winning Smile

via pinterest.com

Genie Bouchard looks fabulous in this form fitting dress that serves to highlight her long, slender frame. Bouchard is a person who always appears to be smiling. That being said, when you are a successful world-class athlete with movie star good looks, then there would seem to be a great deal to smile about. The 23-year-old blonde seems to always look like a 10 in any outfit.

Fun Fact: The young tennis star has a marketable appearance that has helped her land a number of lucrative sponsorship deals during the course of her career. She was been involved with such brands as Nike, Aviva Canada, and soft drink giant Coca-Cola. Genie Bouchard is one tennis player who clearly knows how to get the attention of big name sponsors.

5 Maria: Black & White


A post shared by Maria Sharapova (@mariasharapova) on

Maria Sharapova helps to redefine class and elegance in this stunning black and white image. The blonde Russian shows that she is as beautiful as any high fashion model while posing in her stylish black attire. This Instagram photo looks like it could be featured in a museum. Photos like this one have certainly helped Sharapova gain such a large following on social media.

Fun Fact: Sharapova can be seen in countless magazines including the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, FHM, and even Maxim. Her appearances are just one of the many reasons FHM named her the seventh most eligible bachelorette back in 2007. If you would like to see more of Sharapova take a look at 8 Pictures Of Maria Sharapova And Anna Kournikova: Who’s Hotter?

4 Genie: Tights

The shots of Genie Bouchard in her blue Nike tights are some of the most well-known images of the Canadian tennis star. Her “Zoned Sculpt Tights” allow her display the physique which helped her take the tennis world by storm. 26,200 likes seems to be far too few for this fun photo. Folks who aren’t following Bouchard on Instagram and other social media outlets likely soon will be after feasting their eyes on this memorable picture.

Fun Fact: It's clear by now that Genie Bouchard is a very beatiful woman, but don’t let that fool you as she is also a fierce competitor on the court. In fact, at one point back in 2014, she was ranked as high as number 5 in the world.

3 Maria: Long Legs

via accelebstoday.blogspot.com

One can search far and wide, but they will be unlikely to find a woman who can rock a pair of yoga pants like Maria Sharapova. In this image, the legs that helped make her famous are on full display as she stretches out before heading onto the court (or perhaps going for a run). The 30-year-old’s flawless lower half is highlighted by her form fitting athleticwear.

Fun Fact: Sharapova recently returned to action following a lengthy suspension which was the result of a failed drug test. She returned in April at the Porsche Tennis Grand Prix. The tennis standout made it to the semifinals of the tournament where she was defeated by Kristina Mladenovic, though she was able to defeat Roberta Vinci, Ekaterina Markova, and Anett Kontaveit before being eliminated.

2 Genie: Rear View

via TMZ.com

It looks like Bouchard caught the photographer trying to sneak a pic of the Montreal native in her revealing swimsuit. However, she seems to have a sense of humor about the situation as she appears to be smiling. This image helps prove that Genie Bouchard is an athlete that looks good from every angle while being photographed in her risque one piece. This recent shot is among the blonde starlets most memorable of those currently online.

Fun Fact: Genie Bouchard has been involved in modeling projects and has been featured in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. For folks who can’t get enough Genie Bouchard be sure to check out, 8 Times Eugenie Bouchard Looked Hot On The Court (And 7 Times She Looked Hot Off It).

1 Maria & Genie

via ftw.usatoday.com

This is a rare treat for tennis fans. It’s a photo that shows both Genie Bouchard and Maria Sharapova modeling side-by-side. At 6-foot-2 Sharapova is noticeably taller than Bouchard, who at 5-foot-10, is an extremely tall woman in her own right. However, both women look amazing (as always) sporting their tennis outfits. It would be nearly impossible to find two more beautiful women in any other sport.

Fun fact: Maria Sharapova and Genie Bouchard have faced each other in singles competition on four separate occasions, with their most recent contest having taken place at the 2015 Australian Open. Sharapova has defeated Bouchard every time the two have competed thus far. That being said, GenieBouchard is still only 23 and may yet have a chance to even the score as her career progresses.

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