Tennis Genie: 15 Things You Didn't Know About Eugenie Bouchard

The world of sports is filled with a variety of different professional leagues and associations, and the most popular and successful of these leagues happen to revolve around the sports of hockey, basketball, baseball, soccer, and football. These leagues though happen to deal with team-based sports, but luckily there are also associations that cater to and showcase athletes who play sports individually, with the biggest of these solo sports being tennis and golf. Tennis in particular has been around in one form or another since the 12th century, and over time, it has become a very competitive and physically demanding game that holds tournaments basically every week from different locations all over the world, including four major tournaments known as the Grand Slams which take place in Australia, England, France, and the United States.

As an individual sport, professional tennis relies heavily on the performance of specific big-name male and female players, to make the sport and its tournaments relevant to viewers, and players usually only become well known through their skill and winning. On the women's side though, a player can also become popular if they happen to be attractive, as evidenced by players like Anna Kournikova and Caroline Wozniacki who are capable of playing the game, but who have won a combined 0 major championships, yet they are popular within the sport thanks to their model-like appearances. Eugenie Bouchard is an attractive 23-year old player from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, and she burst onto the scene in 2014 when she reached the semi-final of the Australian and French Open, as well as the Wimbledon final. So far, Bouchard has been unable to win a Grand Slam, and for the past two-and-a-half years, her play has severely regressed, but despite many underwhelming performances, she is still considered to be one of the sport's rising stars. With this year's tennis season already well underway, it seems only fitting to reveal some unknown facts about this young phenom, so here is a list of 15 things you might have not known about Genie Bouchard.

15 She Loves Selfies

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There is no escaping the allure of social media, no matter if you are at school, home, or at work, and not even if you are out getting a bite to eat, shopping, or on vacation with the family, and if you do not believe that, then just look around you, because there will probably be at least two people using their phone or laptop to check their newsfeed. It is true that social media can be used to distribute news to people, but its main purpose is to showcase other people’s pictures, particularly their selfies. A selfie is a picture you take of yourself, usually with something going on in the background, and it is a very popular trend amongst millennials, which is why it should not be all that surprising that Eugenie Bouchard is obsessed with taking selfies. If you look at her Twitter and Instagram accounts, you will see countless selfies of her on the beach, walking around various cities, training, and sailing; she even takes selfies before and after her tournament matches.

14 She Is Now A Sports Illustrated Model

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There is no arguing the fact that Eugenie Bouchard is incredibly attractive, so much so that she could have gone into modelling if the whole tennis thing did not work out, and if anyone thinks that she could not make it as a model, than just look at this year’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. Some people actually wait all year for this issue, and who can blame them since virtually every page features a picture of an attractive female model or athlete wearing bikinis, and on February 15, the magazine announced that Bouchard was one of three tennis babes to appear in the issue. So far, both the magazine and Bouchard have released preview shots from the photoshoot, and each and every photo is fabulous, as every picture showcases the young tennis star in a bright bikini with the clear blue ocean behind her; and based on her performance it is possible that this will not be the last time she appears in the swimsuit issue.

13 She Went On A Date Because She Lost A Bet

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Last month, NFL fans from all over the world tuned in to watch Super Bowl LI, a game which saw the New England Patriots defeat the Atlanta Falcons in what will probably go down as the greatest comeback win in Super Bowl history. Patriots fans aside, everyone wanted to see the Falcons come out of the game as champions, including Eugenie Bouchard. and when the first half was over, it sure looked like that was going to happen since they were winning by a score of 21-3. Bouchard made it clear on Twitter that she was confident Atlanta was going to win, which prompted one of her male followers to make a bet with her regarding the game’s outcome, a bet which entailed that if New England won the game, she would go out on a date with him, which she agreed to because of how confident she was of the outcome. After the Patriots won, people on twitter wondered if she would go through with the date, and to many people’s surprise, she did, and the date took place in New York where she took the 20-year old student to an NBA game.

12 She Idolized Sharapova And Federer

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Believe it or not, prior to the early 2000s, professional tennis was actually in danger of falling off a cliff in terms of relevance, but luckily, the sport was able to rebound thanks to the rise of very talented individuals on both the men's and womens' side. Eugenie grew up during this rebound period, and became inspired by two players in particular while training to become a pro herself, with one of those players being Roger Federer, who will go down as the best male tennis player of all time thanks to his 89 title wins which include 18 Grand Slam titles over a 20-year career. On the women’s side, Bouchard really looked up to Russian beauty Maria Sharapova, who was at one point ranked the best female player in the world, and who has won 5 Grand Slams, including Wimbledon which she won when she was just 16 years old; and it was Sharapova’s performance in that tournament that really cemented Bouchard’s professional aspirations.

11 Her Fans Are VERY Supportive

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Whether it be a team sport like football or hockey, or if it is a solo sport like tennis, there are always certain athletes who develop a very passionate and loyal fanbase, and as it turns out, Eugenie Bouchard has her own devoted army of fans. These hardcore fans are known as the “Genie Army”, and based on numbers from social media, this group consists of over 13,000 people, most of whom are in fact millennials like Bouchard herself. This fan club is very supportive of their star, as members fly to tournaments all over the world just to cheer her on, and often toss teddy bears down onto the court for her as a sign of their support; and if that were not enough, these same fans also have their own website where they sell their own Genie Army merchandise.

10 She Has Been Criticized For Her Online Presence


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In the year 2017, virtually every person you see is using a cell phone, and because we all now basically have a computer in the palm of our hands, we are essentially always connected to the internet, which is why social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have become so popular. Millennials especially seem to be addicted to social media, as many tend to post numerous pictures and comments almost every hour, and since Eugenie Bouchard is a millennial, she spends a lot of time on social media too. Bouchard is not the only professional athlete to use Twitter or other platforms, but in her case, she has been criticized by people online who believe that she is far too active, to the extent that she has been told that she gives off an attitude that is both entitled and bratty. Since hitting the wall in late 2014, Bouchard has received even more criticism from these same people regarding her play, but luckily, she does not allow these haters to get inside her head, because she just keeps posting what she wants when she wants.

9 She Is A Justin Bieber Fan

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Bouchard may be a professional tennis player, but when she is not competing or training, she does things that any 23 year old woman would do, which means that she of course loves to listen to music whenever she can. At the 2014 Australian Open, Bouchard was asked which celebrity she had a crush on, and unfortunately the answer she gave was Justin Bieber, an answer that was met with boos from the fans in attendance, and with good reason, because despite being a talented singer, Bieber happens to be a colossal douche in all other aspects of his life. It is not all that surprising that she really likes Bieber though, considering that they are both Canadians who were born in the same year, plus she was listening to him when she was still a teenager, and like many teen girls at that time, they mostly all loved him. She even got to meet him in 2015 during a charity tennis event which saw them play against each other.

8 She Was Named After A Princess

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The United States and Canada, as well as various other countries around the world, always celebrate the day that their nation gained independence from the British, but for some strange reason, many people today are still infatuated with the British monarchy to some degree, as evidenced by the coverage of the royal wedding and birth of Prince George from a few years ago. Some people in fact, care so much about Queen Elizabeth and her family, that they go as far as to name their own children after members of the royal family, which is why Bouchard’s first name is what it is. Bouchard’s mother named her after Princess Eugenie of York, while she named her other two daughters after Princess Beatrice of York and the daughter of Caroline, Princess of Hanover; and she named her son William after Prince William, Duke of Cambridge - which makes her mom really obsessed with royalty.

7 She Has A Sense Of Humor

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We all love to laugh, primarily because it feels so good to express ourselves, and it is because we love to laugh so much that Hollywood has an entire genre of movies and TV shows dedicated to it, and why good comedians are able to become millionaires by simply writing and telling jokes. Not everyone’s sense of humor is the same though, as some people are genuinely afraid that they may inadvertently offend someone thanks to a joke they made or a picture they took/sent, but luckily, we live in a world where celebrities and athletes are not afraid to express their sense of humor, and Bouchard is one of them. As mentioned earlier, Bouchard has to deal with haters, and only someone with a real sense of humor can brush away such negative comments, and her humor truly shows as she will often times post pictures or videos of herself online doing silly things. Her humor was even on display last Halloween when she posted a picture of her and her friend dressed up as naked Kim Kardashian, with the costume coming with its own set of censor bars.

6 She Was Linked To Alex Galchenyuk

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At some point we all find ourselves in an intimate and romantic relationship with another human being, but for those of us who are not a famous actor, musician, or athlete, those types of relationships will never enter the spotlight of the media. Yes, it becomes news whenever someone famous dates or sleeps with another famous person, and in 2013, Eugenie made headlines in her hometown of Montreal when rumors began to spread that she was dating NHL forward Alex Galchenyuk, who plays for the Montreal Canadiens. The only reason why these rumors even started to circulate was because witnesses claimed that they saw the pair out in Montreal, and that they appeared to be getting really friendly. Whether they did hook-up or not, these rumors never really amounted to anything, as Galchenyuk went on to have a relationship with another local girl, a relationship which ended in her being arrested for domestic abuse after an altercation took place between the two in a high rise apartment.

5 She Lives In Miami

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The city of Montreal may be home to the most historic and successful hockey team in the world, and it might have once been home to an MLB team, but the city also prides itself on being the birthplace of well known solo athletes as well. Eugenie Bouchard was born in Montreal in 1994, and called the city her home for half her life before she and her mother moved to Florida when she was 12 years old, a move which was done to keep her close to her former tennis trainer. She lived in Florida for about three years, then moved back to Montreal with her mom in order to finish school, but she grew accustomed to Florida, which is why she currently lives in Miami. It is true that Miami is a great city to live in, but it also happens to be very practical for her, because the warm weather allows her to train outdoors more frequently than if she were in Montreal, which for almost half the year has temperatures that are too cold for outdoor training.

4 She Has A Lot Of Endorsements

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Every year, we see free agents in each of the four major team sports signing enormous contracts worth tens of millions of dollars, and in the individual sports like golf and tennis, we can see how much prize money players earn over the course of the year and their entire career, earnings that tend to surpass the $1 million dollar mark if they are good. It is true that professional athletes make a lot of money from simply going out and playing their chosen sport, but many in fact make a lot more money through corporate endorsements, and although Bouchard has not been winning a lot of tennis matches the past two years, she is still raking in the money thanks to all her endorsements. As it stands, Bouchard has endorsement deals with Coca-Cola, Babolat (a sports equipment company), Rogers Communications, Aviva Canada, and Nike, as well as others; and who can blame these companies for wanting someone so attractive to be a face in their marketing campaigns.

3 She Is Actually Friends With Jim Parsons

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The Big Bang Theory has been on the air for roughly a decade now, and there is no denying the fact that the main reason for the series’ longevity rests with Jim Parsons, who plays the show’s most popular character, Sheldon. Bouchard has been a fan of the show for years, and has expressed her love for the Sheldon character, and as it turns out, Parsons himself is a big tennis fan, and when her manager learned of this, he gave the actor a call. Since then, Parsons has been seen attending tournaments to watch Eugenie play, and to offer her support, and has even been seen in her private player’s box from time to time. The two have now become good friends, so close in fact, that Bouchard admits that the actor sends her an email after each and every match to offer her praise and words of encouragement.

2 She Went To Private School

Only a very small percentage of the population will be lucky enough to become a professional athlete, and out of all those individuals, some will end up getting injured or going broke with no backup plan to fall back on. That is why education is so important, because not only can an athlete learn how to handle money better while in school, but because schooling can also offer you a degree as well as some training to help get another job if need be. As mentioned earlier, Eugenie Bouchard mainly grew up in Montreal, and while living there, she attended a very expensive private school in the city’s Westmount borough, which is home to many people who a financially well off. This school cost her parents a good $20,000 a year in tuition money, and although their daughter did not use that education to become a doctor, which is the profession she likely would have chosen if not for tennis, at least they know that she was taught how to be responsible financially, which is very important considering that she already has a net worth of almost $6 million.

1 She Has A Twin Sister

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Many of us have at least one sibling in our lives, but very few of us can say that we have a twin brother or sister, because having a set of twins, whether they be identical or fraternal, is actually quite uncommon. It has already been stated on this list that Eugenie Bouchard is a very attractive woman, and the case can be made that some of us would wish that there were two of her around...which technically there are because she actually has a twin sister. Beatrice Bouchard is six minutes older than Genie, and despite the fact that they are fraternal twins, she is just as blond, fit, and attractive as her sister. Both sisters got into tennis when they were just 5 years old, but by age 7, Beatrice decided that the sport was not for her and quit, but that was not her last venture into the world of sports, as she later went on to briefly work as a commentator for the Canadian Sports network TSN. Now, Beatrice is trying to make a name for herself in the Communications business, and when she is not busy doing that, she likes to post a lot of photos on social media just like her little sister.

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