8 Pictures Of Tennis Star Eugenie Bouchard And 8 Of Golfer Paige Spiranac

Sports are just great aren't they? You can be transfixed due to a sporting spectacle, revel in the sporting prowess of the athlete’s you’re witnessing, and at the same time soak in some eye candy and appreciate the beauty of the stunning athletes in action. Sports and gorgeous women – they’re two of guys' biggest loves. There are tons of beautiful women in the sporting world, those who stand out for various different reasons. But in recent years, there have been two that have stood out more than most. Even if you’re not really into the sports they’re involved in, chances are you’ve heard of them, set eyes on some of their steamy pics.

Those two gorgeous athletes I’m referring to are Eugenie Bouchard and Paige Spiranac. Both aren’t at the top of their games in their respective sports. They’re in no way the best in terms of their achievements. But they're still among the most popular athletes in the world, as they know how to grow their fanbase. Eugenie sizzles on the court, and Paige gives those at the helm of the LPGA heart attacks – if you’re clued up on that whole dress code saga, you’ll know what I’m talking about. These are 16 pictures that illustrate why they’re a couple of the most beautiful athletes around. But if you had to choose between Genie and Paige, who would you take? These are 8 pics of Genie and 8 of Paige to help you decide.

16 EUGENIE BOUCHARD: A Fitting Endorsement

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I’m not clued up on the stats, but it’s fair to assume that Genie is one of the most marketable athletes in the world. She must have earned a ton of cash through sponsorships deals. It’s no secret as to why that is. She’s drop-dead gorgeous, and not only that, has a vibrant, bubbly personality that endears her to plenty of people. Understandably, Nike wanted to get her on board. They’re a company that knows how to put together a modeling shoot. This was one glorious shoot. They got Genie modeling a pair of Nike compression pants.

Although she kind of had to say this, she loved them, and her praise about the pants was genuine. One thing she wrote, through the use of emojis, is that they make your behind look like fire. They certainly do the job for her. That statement alone must have been enough to get those pants flying off the shelves.

15 PAIGE SPIRANAC: No Dress Code Problem Here

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Paige’s career isn’t up to the mark as a pro. Her golfing prowess isn’t anything to write home about. She hasn’t cashed in any checks for tournament wins. Paige knows all of that, has acknowledged that. But she’s going about her career in another way. She’s killing it on social media. It’s pics like this one that make you realize why she’s thought of in that light. Golfing purists and traditionalists, hate her because of it. But we, and those millions of others that make up her fanbase, love what she’s doing.

Just look at this picture. It’s Paige out on the course in her tight-fitting golfing attire. Her choice of outfit is hugging her steamy physique, showcasing her assets. But aside from her athletic physique, Paige is beautiful, knows it, and loves to flaunt it. Just setting eyes on this pic is enough to get the pulse racing.


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Tennis is a sport that’s filled with beauties. But there’s a reason why Genie stands out among the others, why she’s many people’s favorite tennis player. Just look at how gorgeous she looks out on court – it’s because of pics like this one. She’s like a lioness looking out over her kingdom – this is my domain. Genie appears to pull off such pics effortlessly too. It’s as though she didn’t even get ready for that pic, that that’s generally the way she looks, and she does because we’ve seen her a lot over the years. She’s lean, slim, has got the looks, and is every bit the perfect athlete. She’s also natural too – as opposed to Paige who many people think has had some work done. But we're not here to judge, just to appreciate.


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This is a still from a video Paige did about getting into shape for golf. The social media star had people amazed with her workout, not the workout itself – which it has to be said, was pretty basic – but how she looked while doing it. It will certainly act as motivation; do this workout and you can look like Paige out on the course! Ha, yeah right. There’s nobody around who can come close to looking like Paige, matching or surpassing her in the looks department – oh, aside from Genie Bouchard of course.

Paige just looks splendid in this video. If you’re a guy and want to get in shape for golf, it’s not recommended that you give her workout a try, because rather than sweating it out, you’ll probably spend the time you put aside for your workout session just ogling.


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Seeing as how Paige is a golfer, this pic just had to be included as an entry on this list. It’s a pic of Genie trying her hand at a different sport, or at least giving the impression that she might do. I wonder if she actually made it out on the course with those clubs? Just imagine that, Genie on the golf course. Just imagine if Paige took her under her wing, gave her some pointers, and shared her golfing wardrobe with her too. My imagination’s running away with me here – but wow, that’s a delightful image, someone’s got to make it happen! This is a pretty simple pic, but sometimes simple is good; it just shows us how naturally beautiful Genie is and how she effortlessly showcases it.


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It’s no wonder that with pics like these, Paige has received a ton of attention. She wants it, knows it’s one way to get herself up there in the golfing world, and so far, it’s certainly worked. Paige doesn’t need to get dolled up and do such photoshoots on the course in order to attract people to watch. Her golfing attire is usually so sultry, it’ll suffice, serve its purpose. But sometimes, change is good. Even Paige wouldn’t dare to venture out on the golf course and wear such attire, even though she is prone to sticking two fingers up at the LPGA. This was obviously done for some marketing campaign or other, and it ended up being one memorable photoshoot, showcasing the gorgeous athlete that is Paige, and showing off her model swing.


Last minute tree decorating

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Christmas Eve at the Bouchard household must be a big affair. Genie – just from the way she’s dressed – looks like she’s really invested in the festivities and is in proper relaxation mode. She seems really chilled out – some may even say slobbing out – in her oversized t-shirt, boots, and from the looks of things, not much else. But even though she’s dressed in such attire, Genie still manages to look stunning. She can pretty much pull off any look she pleases, and it seems as if she looks even better over Christmas – if that’s even possible; She seems radiant and seems to just light up. Genie probably knows what’s coming on the big day. It makes us smile just thinking about it. There are a lot of presents under that tree. But Genie’s presence – in our lives anyway as sports fans – is probably the biggest one of them all.


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If you saw these celebs post images over the holidays, it would’ve certainly gotten you into the Christmas spirit. If not that, it would have definitely plastered a smile across your face. Both of these celebs love celebrating Christmas. I suppose as athletes, it marks the end of a long, busy, strenuous year for them, and is finally a period in which they can enjoy some downtime. It doesn’t look like Paige slobbed out too much. Actually, this pic was posted a couple of days before Christmas. I wonder what she looked like after her celebrations? Probably still the same, still a million bucks. We’re so used to seeing images of Paige looking like perfection, that it’s hard to imagine her looking any other way.


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Paige might be too much for golf, but luckily Genie isn’t in the same boat, as the WTA hasn’t come out and said that Genie is too steamy for tennis. Otherwise we would’ve had too superstar athletes struggling to stay afloat in their respective sports, held back due to nothing other than their looks and the way they dress. Having said that, the WTA couldn’t really slap any sanctions on Genie, even if they wanted to, because they’d then have to do so to half of their competitors!

Genie can make anything look great, including workout pics like this one. She’s in the gym for a strenuous session, but has dressed to impress, looks utterly amazing. She looks like a fashionista as she goes about toning her body to perfection, and it is perfection. Just imagine going through your workout and setting eyes on Genie looking like this! Your eyes would certainly get a workout!


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Paige Spiranac has over a million Instagram followers. I’ll mention it again, but although her game’s not up to par, she’s one of the biggest names in golf – not just women’s golf, but golf, period. She must have attracted a ton of people to the game. I reckon most people would agree, that Paige can only be good for the game. That’s not what the LPGA thinks. Their new dress code only affects a few, and one of those it affects is Paige. Paige is famed for her beauty, but just in case you hadn’t noticed, also for wearing skimpy outfits on the golf course, outfits that have meant she’s been labelled as being too hot for golf.

Paige is taking it up a notch in 2018, as she'll be featured in the SI Swimsuit Edition, which you can see up here. Paige has already joked she looks forward to seeing who this will upset in the golfing community.


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Browse through her Instagram profile, and it won’t be long before you realize that Genie loves to dress up. It seems as if she’s always going to some party or other and all of these occasions have a theme. You can imagine that Genie must be in her element when it’s Halloween. It offers her the perfect opportunity to try out different outfits. There have been some seriously gorgeous ones over the years. The devil is another one that comes to mind. But this pic just had to be included on this list. Here she is channeling her inner-Baywatch babe for a Halloween party. She got dressed up in that iconic red beach outfit along with her friends, but of course, it was Genie that stole the show.


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I couldn’t include a pic of Genie working out and not one of Paige. Otherwise, how would you make comparisons? I’ve made your choice a little bit easier – thank me later. Genie in the gym was an amazing sight. But one that’s equally as spectacular, is this splendid pic of Spiranac getting one of her famed golfing workouts in. We hope she has a private gym, because there would definitely be a lot of wandering eyes around her in a public gym.

That’s the Paige effect for you. Just look at her workout attire! It’s as if she’s modeling that outfit; she might for all we know, and if she’s not, the company that makes those clothes needs to get her on board.


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Everyone loves a selfie. It seems like Genie is prone to snapping selfies too. Most celebrities wouldn’t dream of snapping such a pic, a pic which from the looks of things and from the caption, is of Genie settling down to enjoy a Friday night under the covers. It’s not as if she’s gotten dressed up for the selfie, or lashed on makeup or anything like that. She just thought, let me share this moment with my fans, and we’re glad she did. It’s refreshing to see a superstar celebrity not be preoccupied with dressing up for pics all the time. Although having said that, Genie – even though it looks like she’s just rolled out of bed, or is going to bed – still looks stunning. That slight head tilt, that look into the camera is one that’s sure to make people go wild.


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Sure, we all love to see our favorite athletes – Genie and Paige included of course – dressed up in sultry attire, perhaps in skimpy beach clothing. Those are images that really capture people’s attention. But sometimes, it’s nice, not to mention equally as stunning, to set eyes on them in pics where their smiles are the main draw, the main attraction. Ok, so in this pic, Paige isn’t wearing her customary tight outfits, but is wearing a beautiful dress that is still showcasing her steamy physique. Many people would be focusing on that in this pic. But you also can’t help but notice her gorgeous smile. It’s a smile that draws you in, makes you want to just keep staring at this pic, and in turn smile yourself.


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I’ve mentioned in this article how it can be equally as stunning to see these steamy athletes smiling, out and about in their – let’s say normal – clothing. But let’s face it, it’s pics like these that everyone wants to see. We can’t get enough of such pics, and thankfully both Paige and Genie have given us plenty to ogle at in such situations. Here’s Genie, three days before Christmas, and from the looks of things, she’s already in chill out mode, enjoying some downtime. She’s got a cheeky grin across her face as she’s looking out into the distance, posing for the camera. Then of course, there’s her poolside attire, which is just wow! Genie is one woman who knows how to pose, knows how to take a stunning pic. As you’ve probably realized by now, Paige does too.


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This pic is actually pretty similar to Genie’s selfie shown earlier, but from the looks of things, it appears that Paige has made a bit more of an effort in terms of getting dressed up, putting makeup on. We’re not complaining though. Paige looks amazing, as always. She probably thought she did too, and saw it as an opportune time to snap a pic and share it with her fans.

Have you noticed how similar Paige and Genie look, judging by their two selfies? They could be sisters! Both certainly know how to take a selfie. Both are in a similar pose, have their hair seductively caressing their faces, one hand up, gazing steamily into the camera. That’s the very definition of a super-seductive selfie pose. Both have nailed it.

Now that you’ve seen some of what they have to offer, who would you say is more attractive? What a decision!

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