The 10 Hottest Women Of ESPN And The 10 Hottest Of Fox Sports

Some male sports fans would never admit it, but we’re pretty sure female sportscasters are responsible for a bunch of them being as avid as they are. Sports networks from all over know it’s within their best interest to have good looking hosts, presenters and reporters – both male and female – as the faces of their brand for obvious reasons.

This list, though, focuses on just the ladies (sorry ladies); and my, was this a great one to write up!

ESPN and FOX Sports are two of the leading sports television networks in the United States. The brands have developed huge reputations over the years, and are a go-to source for millions of fans.

Both these companies have some of the best women in the industry in their employ. And as mentioned before, they must be responsible for a few million fans (each) keeping close tabs. In fact, there are surely viewers who switched favourite networks simply because one of the women below either left ESPN for FOX or FOX for ESPN. It’s that kind of business, apparently.

As such, here are 10 of the hottest-looking women from both networks. Mind you, it’s really hard to tell which one of the companies come out as the winner here.

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20 ESPN – Britt McHenry

via twitter.com

Britt McHenry was unfortunately laid off by ESPN earlier this year, but of course she deserves a shout on this list. The 31-year-old New Jersey native spent nearly three years with the company, having left ABC to join them in March of 2014.

Britt announced that she was being laid off back in April, with this year’s NFL Draft to be her last gig. During her time with ESPN, she featured on shows such as SportsCenter, Outside the Lines, NFL Live and Baseball Tonight.

The blonde beauty certainly seems approachable, yet she’s known to be a fiery character who has even gotten into disputes on the job. Two years ago, footage of her verbally abusing a tow lot employee surfaced online. She has since apologized for her actions, however.

19 FOX – Erin Andrews 

via abcnews.com

Erin Andrews had herself a stint with ESPN too, but returned to FOX Sports in 2012 following an eight year career with the former. Andrews began at ESPN in 2004, working as a reporter for National Hockey Night, later co-hosting College GameDay.

Before that, though, she operated as a freelance journalist for Fox for around a year prior to switching to Turner Sports where she covered the Atlanta Hawks, Braves and Thrashers.

Since then, she has become one of the most popular sportscasters in the United States, and at 39, she still looks as hot as ever.

Three years ago, Erin replaced Brooke Burke-Charvet as co-host of popular TV contest Dancing with the Stars. The show couldn’t have found a better face, though. And there’s no doubting that her presence has made the competition an even bigger watch.

18 ESPN - Samantha Ponder 

via liberty.edu

This gorgeous presenter currently hosts ESPN’s Sunday NFL Countdown, and replaced Erin Andrews on College Gameday. Having attended college in New York, Samantha Ponder started out as a research assistant for ABC on their college football show whilst still a student. Her career path ultimately led her to ESPN, where she has been for the past four or so years.

Samantha is also married to former Minnesota Vikings QB Christian Ponder (now a free agent), and the couple have a three-year-old daughter named Bowden Sainte-Claire.

The 31-year-old beauty has always had a huge love for sports, and her life has always circled around it. Her father coaches the South Sudan national team, so it’s a bit of a ‘runs in the family’ sort of thing.

17 FOX – Alex Curry 

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Alex Curry currently works as a Los Angeles Kings and Angels reporter for FOX Sports West, and hosts the Angels and Kings Weekly magazine too.

Alex, who also co-hosts Team Ninja Warrior on USA Network, attended the San Diego State University where she got her BA in Journalism Media Studies as well as a minor in Marketing. After graduating, she worked for Fuel TV, E! News Now, and also played a role as a talent manager for ESPN’s X-Games.

She started out with FOX back in 2011, covering the World University Games in China for Fox College Sports. And the following year, she joined FOX Sports West. Since then, Alex has won three TV awards.

On, and she’s really great to look at as well!

16 ESPN – Lisa Kerney 

Lisa Kerney has had a long love affair with sports - so much so, she was the starting point guard and captain of her University basketball team. And after graduating, she was bestowed the honor of receiving the award for "Best Sports Reporter," and "Best TV Personality," at The Montana Standard 2005 People’s Choice Awards.

Lisa kicked off her ESPN career in 2014, having worked as a sports anchor at WCBS-TV in New York prior to that. She is now the co-anchor of ESPN’s 11pm Sportscenter broadcast.

Unfortunately for all of us, she’s already taken. She married former NFL defensive end Patrick Kerney seven years ago, and they have four children together.

Her last name actually used to be Angel before Patrick stormed in and changed all that. Thanks to him, we’ve lost another angel.

15 FOX – Holly Sonders

via golfdigest.com

Regarded as one of the most beautiful women involved with the sport of golf, FOX Sports beauty Holly Sonders deserves every single compliment she gets.

Sonders actually played golf for Michigan State before taking up a career as a journalist, and she was quite good at it too, having entered her senior year with a stroke average of 78.47. She does get her fair share of criticism, though, especially for her style when it comes to dressing.

She doesn’t really care, though.

“I dress the way I dress because style is very important to me,” she once said in an interview. “I love being a girl. You can be a pit-bull competitor. You can want to kick people’s asses in every sport, but you can still be feminine and still be sexy.”

14 ESPN – Laura Rutledge 

Always get the cupcake.

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Laura Rutledge plies her trade as a reporter and host for CNN International, the SEC Network and ESPN. She also worked for FOX Sports as a sideline reporter for the Tampa Bay Ravens, covering the NCPA's 2012 National Paintball Championship for the company as well.

Laura, who is a beauty pageant winner (obviously), is the wife of Boston Red Sox infielder Josh Rutledge, with the pair tying the knot in 2013.

She started out with ESPN – as well as the SEC Network - in the summer of the following year, and has certainly proven to be a great addition.

As beautiful as she is, there’s a lot more to her and she’s very well deserving of her roles. Laura boasts having majored in broadcast journalism at the University of Florida, earning herself the ‘Red Barber’ outstanding journalist award.

13 FOX – Katie Nolan

Katie Nolan does her thing at FOX Sports 1, and also hosted the successful, Emmy Award-winning series Garbage Time with Katie Nolan. Katie graduated with a Bachelor’s degree of Arts in Public Relations and a minor in Dance from Hofstra University around 12 years ago, and started off as a barmaid in Boston.

While there, she started up a blog called B****s Can’t Hang, and went on to produce a YouTube series in partnership with Fox. She joined FOX Sports 1 in 2013, and last year, she became the face of the NFL Films Presents show.

Katie’s Garbage Time show was cancelled by FOX, with the company promising to replace it with something better, but things have remained quiet on that front.

She still seems bitter about it. Her Twitter bio reads: “GARBAGE TIME was my television show and it aired on WEDNESDAYS at 11:30PM eastern but usually closer to MIDNIGHT on FS1. I liked it, but I'll admit I was biased.”


12 ESPN – Cari Champion 

via blogspot.com

The insanely hot Cari Champion is surely a champion among her peers. A University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) graduate, Cari majored in English and took up Mass Communications as a minor. She fell in love with journalism thereafter, claiming that she wanted to give African Americans a voice.

"I wanted to give people a voice that didn't have a voice,” she once said. “I'm always fighting for the underdog. I don't know where I got it from, but I've been like that all my life. That's why I love journalism.”

Cari worked for several TV companies before landing a spot on ESPN’s First Take as the host five years ago, beating both Heidi Watney and Jemele Hill to the job. She has since been promoted to Sportscenter anchor, earning the role in 2015.

11 FOX – Kaitlyn Vincie

Always find myself behind a mic somehow. #karaokeconcert

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The 29-year-old Kaitlyn Vincie is a huge car enthusiast who currently works for the FOX NASCAR team as a presenter and journalist.

Kaitlyn is said to have taken up an interest in journalism at a young age, and was also quite active on the sporting end. She ran track and managed her high school wrestling team before moving up to Christopher Newport University, graduating with a bachelor's degree in communications back in 2010.

The presenter took up a great liking for race cars after receiving a pit lane pass in her younger years, and the resulting vlogs got her noticed following their making it onto a popular website. She secured a job at Langley Speedway when her friend saw an ad on Craigslist, and things completely took off from there.

10 ESPN - Molly Qerim

via amazonaws.com

The dark-haired stunner that is Molly Qerim is certainly one of the hottest babes ESPN have on show. She’s already three years on the other side of the big three-oh, but you’d never tell by just looking at her.

Molly is currently a moderator and anchor on ESPN’s First Take. She was awarded a master's degree from Quinnipiac University in broadcast journalism, and also graduated from the University of Connecticut with a Bachelor of Arts in communications.

After school, Molly covered football for CBS Sports, also covering UFC action for ESPN later on. She has hosted the annual World MMA Awards on several occasions, as well as featured in some role or the other at Super Bowls, the Heisman Trophy presentation, the NBA Draft and both the NBA All-Star and MLB All-Star games.

9 FOX – Charissa Thompson

Not sure if she’s single or not, but you’d really have to come good as Charissa Thompson is a Christian. The alluring 35-year-old has been a familiar face on FS1 since moving there four years ago, and it’s no wonder she has a rather strong fan base.

Charissa worked with ESPN before working as a presenter with FOX Sports, joining the company in 2011. And she’s also had stints with GSN, the Big Ten Network and NBCSN. Unknown to many, though, she actually started working with FOX in 2006, but in their HR department.

There were rumors of a return to ESPN earlier this month, with many fearing that she could potentially part ways with FOX after her contract expires at the end of the year, but those have been quelled for now. According to Sports Illustrated, Charissa will be remaining with her current employers past the end of 2017.

8 ESPN - Lindsay Czarniak

via frostsnow.com

The Pennsylvania native will be 40 by the end of the year, but she’s still quite the looker. Lindsay, who works as an anchor for ESPN’s Sportscenter, was employed by NBC-owned company WRC-TV for six years before she made the switch.

The daughter of a sports journalist who worked for local papers, Lindsay was always an avid sports fan who played lacrosse and field hockey growing up. And another cool thing – she went to the same high school as rapper Ludacris, at the same time as Ludacris.

She’s also appeared in an indie film called Aquarius, as well as another branded Ghosts Don’t Exist. The gorgeous blonde has been around the block and back when it comes to TV, and you can believe that she knows her stuff.

7 FOX – Shannon Spake

Shannon Spake is a college football and basketball reporter for FOX Sports. She’s already one year past 40, but best believe her looks ensure that no one cares or remembers. The Florida-born attraction covered the aforementioned sports for the SEC Network on ESPN, and before that she worked as a NASCAR presenter for the Speed Channel, co-hosting NASCAR Nation.

She began her FOX career a little over a year ago, with the network announcing her hiring last July. Apart from college football and basketball, Shannon also does sideline reporting for certain NFL broadcasts and contributes to NASCAR Race Hub, a show she has been co-hosting since February.

Shannon married Jerry McSorley in 2008, and two years later, the pair had twin boys named Liam and Brady.

6 ESPN - Sage Steele

Sage Steele recently became the new host of SportsCenter AM, and has hosted Saturday and Sunday editions of NBA Countdown, as well as covered NBA finals for the broadcasting company.

She was replaced on the Countdown this year after making comments via social media regarding Buccaneers receiver Mike Evans sitting down during the National Anthem, but is now looking forward to her new role.

“I’ve learned that I’m a lot tougher than I thought,” she said of her experiences in a very recent interview. “It’s actually strengthened me and encouraged me to continue to be me and never let anyone dictate that for me.

“There are some sickos out there who must be very, very bored, but I’ve learned that I can handle it. If you want to hate me because I talked about my experiences, things I wish hadn’t happened, then that’s on you.”

5 FOX – Lara Pitt

via newsapi.com

Lara Pitt is a presenter who works with FOX Sports as a National Rugby League (NRL) reporter. She was born in Sydney Australia and earned herself a Bachelor of Commerce Marketing & Tourism Management degree at the University of New South Wales before beginning her career as a sportscaster.

The 35-year-old is married to Anthony Pitt (not Brad, unfortunately – for him) and is the mother of two boys.

Lara is a regular feature on the Sunday Ticket, NRL Super Saturday, League Life, NRL Tonight and Monday Night with Matty Johns. And two years ago, she revealed that she had been diagnosed with post-partum thyroiditis after seeking medical advice when someone tweeted that she had an Adam’s apple.

4 ESPN - Michelle Beadle

via sheknows.com

At 41 years of age, ESPN’s Michelle Beadle still boasts quite some pulchritude. She started out as an intern for the San Antonio Spurs, later working her way up the ladder to become a reporter.

Michelle, who was born in Italy, also had a stint with FOX before joining ESPN in 2009. She left for NBC in 2012, leaving her massive fan base in tatters, but returned two years later to co-host on SportsNation, much to their relief.

This blonde beauty is a professed dog lover, and it is believed that she’s single (don’t go buying dogs now). But she’s also had her controversial moments, which includes getting into a bit of a rift with the popular Stephen A. Smith over certain comments he made regarding the Ray Rice abuse case.

3 FOX – Jenny Taft

via thumpertalk.com

The angelic Jenny Taft operates in a variety of roles at FOX Sports, but most prominently as a sideline reporter for their coverage of soccer and college football matches.

Jenny comes from quite the athletic family, and participated in hockey, lacrosse and tennis in her high school days. She was especially good at lacrosse, earning the 2005 NSLA Player of the Year as the top female player in Minnesota. Her mom was a competitive speed skater, while her dad was a hockey star who captained the 1974 Olympic team and spent six seasons in the NHL.

Having graduated with a broadcast journalism degree from Boston University in 2010, Jenny took up a job at a PR firm in New York, but later found a home with the FOX network, where she has been wowing viewers ever since.

2 ESPN - Olivia Harlan

via gq.com

The gorgeous Olivia Harlan is thought to be the next big thing in the sports broadcasting world. Daughter of Kevin Harland - a play-by-play NBA reporter for TNT, as well as a CBS NFL and College basketball reporter – Olivia comes from a sports-oriented family, as her grandfather is Bob Harland, a former Green Bay Packers exec.

Having graduated with honors from the University of Georgia in 2014 with a digital and broadcast journalism degree from the Grady College of Journalism, she joined the ESPN Team two years ago as a sideline reporter for college football, and now works with the SEC Network. Olivia also works as a sideline reporter for the Packers during pre-season.

Keep your eyes peeled for this hottie, she’s going to be big.

1 FOX - Kate Abdo

via sexiest-presenters.com

The Manchester-born beauty is the only woman on here who’s from the UK. So it’s pretty safe to assume that she’s into soccer, and you’d be right if you made such an assumption.

Kate has worked for popular British network Sky Sports, and has interviewed some of the biggest name in the soccer world, as well as covered huge tournaments such as the Coppa Itallia in Italy. She also hosted the Ballon d’Or ceremony in 2015.

The 35-year-old, who’s also had stints with CNN and DW-TV, kicked her FS1 career off by helping cover a 3rd round FA Cup replay between Liverpool and Plymouth Argyle back in January.

What makes Kate even hotter than meets the eye is the fact that she’s well versed in Spanish, German and French. So much sexy in one place.

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