The 15 Hottest Blonde Bombshells In The World Of Sports

When you are a professional athlete, you are always going to be in the spotlight. When you happen to be absolutely gorgeous, you can imagine that spotlight is also going to extend to photoshoots or various modelling deals. It just so happens that being an athlete means you need to be in ridiculously good shape, and that also has the tendency to make you very aesthetically pleasing to the general population.

Below we have the 15 most beautiful blondes to do with the world of sports. We have wrestlers, golfers, and surfers. While not all of them are still active competitors, something tells me you're not going to find them any less attractive. In fact, perhaps that just means they'll spend less time doing cardio at the gym and more time doing cardio with you!

As you're quickly going to learn, being one of the most beautiful female athletes in the world also means that Sports Illustrated is probably going to come calling when their swimsuit issue rolls around. As a result, we've got some outstanding bikini photos of most of the women on the list, and the ones who we don't? Let's just say you probably still won't be complaining once you see the photos.

These are without a doubt 15 of the most beautiful women in the world, they just happen to also be good at sports and happen to be blonde. But let's be honest, when they look the way they do, their hair could be green and you'd probably still find them appealing!

15 Emilia Pikkarainen

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Emilia was born in 1992, making her one of the youngest on our list but all that means is she has a bright future ahead of her. Emilia is a swimmer and represented Finland at the 2016 London Games. Emilia was able to take home a bronze medal in the 4x100 medley. As well as this, she holds the current Finish record for 50, 100 and 200 meter butterfly, as well as the record for the 200 meters individual medley.

Her beauty helped attract the attention of Valtteri Bottas and the two have been dating since 2010. Valterri may not be a household name to you, but he is currently a Formula One driver which is definitely no slouch of a career choice!

14 Lauren Sesselmann


Lauren Sesselmann may not be a household name, but she’s still an incredibly talented soccer player. While they were unable to win the gold, she captured Bronze with the Canadian national team at the 2012 Olympics.

On top of her soccer career, Lauren produced and is the trainer on the Fitness DVD program Fit As a Pro With Lauren Sesselmann. Though to be fair, if that’s what you are naming it, you really should be the one starring in it too.

13 Blair O'Neal



How are you going to do a list like this and not include the woman that called the “Most Beautiful Woman In Golf.” Blair O'Neal is not the most accomplished golfer in the world, but she is incredibly beautiful and her Instagram is full of photos that also show she has modelling aspirations. Sometimes the modelling even includes a golf club so I mean, that’s just like going golfing right?

12 Maria Kirilenko


You may recognize Maria Kirilenko not from the tennis courts, but as being the long-term girlfriend of Alexander Ovechkin. The two dated for several years, but the wedding was called off a few months after they got engaged (making her the first but not the last person on here for that to happen to). Despite their relationship ending in 2014, Maria was already married to another man by 2015. She has recently given birth to a baby boy, meaning that her tennis racket may be the last thing on her mind. Fans of her will hope she returns though, as at one point Maria was ranked as the fifth female tennis player in the world.

11 Anna Kournikova


Anna Kournikova may not be hitting the tennis courts anymore, but there is no doubting she made an impact when she was playing. She won over 200 matches, but retired at the age of 21 after suffering serious back and spinal problems. Kournakova has also served as a Global Ambassador for Population Services “Five and Alive” program, which helps health crises that are aimed at young children and their families.

10 Coco Ho

9 Eugenie Bouchard


8 Silje Norendal


7 Ronda Rousey


6 Maria Sharapova


5 Trish Stratus


4 Lindsey Vonn

3 Hannah Teter


Hannah Teter is an American snowboarder who was able to capture gold at the 2006 Turin games. It also helped the world catch an eye of her when she competed in the 2010 games. She was then selected to model for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Collection. While she only took home a silver medal in that year's games, Teter is still only 29 so you can imagine her future is still bright.

When asked about the photoshoot for Sport’s Illustrated, Teter stated:

2 Torrie Wilson


1 Caroline Wozniacki

Caroline Wozniacki is one of the best female tennis players in the world, so are you really shocked she also came in at number one on our list? Wozniacki held the number one position on the WTA for 67 weeks, but she has been unable to win a women’s Grand Slam. Her good looks and talent perhaps is how she caught the eye of golfer Rory McIlroy, who she dated (and was engaged to) for several years, but the two separated shortly after announcing their engagement. Much to the delight of her fanbase, Caroline agreed to appear in the 2015 Sports Illusrtated Swimsuit Issue. Perhaps more photos like that and Rory would come running back to her!

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The 15 Hottest Blonde Bombshells In The World Of Sports