The 15 Hottest Instagram Accounts Of Female Sportscasters

A lot of athletes, sportswomen, like to think people – guys especially – like to watch them do their thing because they’re talented at what they do. That would be a reasonable assumption, expectation. But let’s get realistic here. Sure, a lot of people watch sportswomen because they’re good at their chosen sport. But a hell of a lot watch them because of the sex appeal they bring to the field, track, court, or whatever other sporting arena they may apply their trade in. It might sound crude, but it’s certainly true – that’s just the way guys are. A lot of women therefore play to this, just to get people watching, to boost their popularity. Those TV networks that broadcast such events play to this too, to boost their viewing figures and ratings. One way they do this is by getting hot, sultry female sportscasters on board. It’s a damn good tactic too, because a lot of these sportscasters are hotter than the athletes themselves, they’re the reason why people tune in and watch. People want to see them, a whole lot of them, and every little bit of them.

The networks that employ them know this, and the sportscasters know this too. Most are stunningly hot – well, these 15 are anyway – know they’ve got it, and aren’t shy about flaunting it, giving the fans what they want. There’s no better way to gain a fan following, than by having an active social media life. These 15 know how to market themselves, and don’t just keep an active Instagram page, but a sexy one at that. Their profiles are constantly being updated with hot, sultry pics, sizzling images that send social media into a meltdown and their fans in a craze. These are 15 gorgeous sportscasters who have that affect; the 15 hottest Instagram accounts of female sportscasters.

15 Laura Esposto

Until a year ago, Italian beauty Laura Esposto, was an Instagram virgin. She got into the Insta game quite late, which is a shame because she’d already done a whole load of sportscasting by that point, and fans would’ve loved to have seen her. But we can’t complain too much, because Laura’s certainly made up for lost time. She’s not quite an Instagram nut as of yet, but still regularly uploads pics, pics that make an impression, that’ll stay on people’s minds, keep her fans happy for a long time until the next update. Laura looks stunning in pretty much every pic she posts. She never tires of flaunting her endlessly long legs, her swimsuit-like physique, including her other pretty noticeable assets. She’s also prone to posting a few videos, so her followers really do get the whole package.

14 Rebecca Grant

Working for Fox Sports and ESPN, the small screen isn’t the only place people have seen Rebecca. She’s announced and reported on baseball and football, but a lot of people also know her because she’s graced the pages of the coveted lads’ mags, FHM and Maxim. That just about says it all; if you get a gig in one of those magazines, you’re definitely hot. Thankfully, nowadays, there are still plenty of fresh images being circulated of Rebecca looking all hot and steamy. She does a photoshoot now and again, but people don’t have to wait around to buy a magazine. They just follow her on Instagram and they get all the Rebecca they could possibly want. She regularly posts pics on Instagram, pics that could belong in any men’s mag. Rebecca certainly gives the fans what they want and is attracting new ones all the time.

13 Leeann Tweeden

News anchor and sportscaster, Leeann Tweeden, certainly knows her stuff. She’s hosted poker shows, then moved to the Fox Sports Network where she filled her boots, sportscasted on everything from extreme sports, to football and baseball. But it all started when she got picked up, modeling out of L.A. She achieved fame as a contestant on ESPN’s Fitness Beach, and has since graced the covers of numerous magazines, including Maxim, FHM and the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Her FHM shoot made the magazine the highest-selling American FHM issue in the magazine’s history – it’s clear to understand why. She’s now a wife, a mom, but her modeling career hasn’t been put on hold. Her Instagram’s inundated with adoring fans, all checking out her sultry pics. She’s a model first, a sportscaster second, and it shows.

12 Inés Sainz

Una más ❤️😘 #happyvalentinesday

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When it comes to attractive Latin American sportscasters, there are quite a few out there. But Inés is one that’s very active on social media, and keeps fans gagging for more. Her 481K followers can’t get enough of her, and follow her for a reason. She regularly posts hot pics, and to the delight of her fans, she’s in the selfie game too, and knows how to take a shot. There’s the odd family pic of her with kids, her buddies, but most of the images focus on Inés, show her off in all of her resplendent glory.

Her hubby was clever to get her on board with his production company all those years ago, because having her on sportscasting duties would’ve boosted his ratings like crazy.

11 Melanie Collins

Tee gee eye efffff 🤗

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Melanie’s someone who’s still a rookie in the industry, but she’s making great strides. Her career’s blossoming, but she’s already gained a ton of exposure, reporting and sportscasting for a host of different broadcasting networks on different platforms. It’s no wonder all these networks want to get Melanie on board. She’s a glamor puss if ever there was one, and her profile’s growing ever bigger by the day. Thankfully we get to see plenty of her on TV, but we see a whole lot more of her on Instagram.

She struts her stuff and shows off her beauty in glamorous pics; feast your eyes on her pics and it’ll be clear to see why she’s a model. Pretty much every image she posts could belong in the glossy pages of a lads’ mag, not that her fans care, they’re content to lap her up on whatever platform she’s found on.

10 Kacie McDonnell

Car was in park. Relax.

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When Kacie McDonnell was hired by NESN last year as an anchor, sideline reporter, and sportscaster, that’s when her career really took off. Beforehand, she’d done some sportscasting, but was really known for being in two very high-profile relationships, and for being hot of course. Now she’s known as a delectable sportscaster, a stunning reporter reporting from the sidelines, and for being super-sexy. Her sex appeal’s always been at the top end of the scale, but it’s just grown, has gone off the charts in recent years. That’s partly because of her work with NESN, but it’s also because she’s now taken to the whole Instagram thing. She posts seriously sultry pics, without even meaning to either. A lot of her pics are candid shots, and she still maintains her look, looks absolutely stunning.

9 Shibani Dandekar

When it comes to followers, Shibani’s right up there as being one of the most followed sportscasters on Instagram. She’s got 820K followers, which might surprise a lot of you who don’t have a clue who she is. She’s sportscasted on the IPL, India’s premier domestic cricket tournament, a tournament where sports meets Bollywood, glitz and glamor. Shibani fit into that category, she got on board, and her popularity’s just gone through the roof since. That kick-started it, but even people who randomly come across her profile will be hooked. That’s because she’s one of the hottest babes to come out of India, has flawless looks, a swimsuit model-like physique, and ample assets that gets people salivating.

Pretty much every image she posts is of her modeling in some sultry shoot or other. That’s how she earns her corn, as a model, and she wants to show off her pics to her adoring fans, and they just lap it up.

8 Sara Carbonero

Todo verano tiene su historia. #túlaescribes #recuerdosdelfindesemana #aremojo

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Sara Carbonero’s got over a million followers on Instagram. We’d be kidding ourselves to say it didn’t have something to do with her being married to legendary Spanish international goalkeeper, Iker Casillas. They’re a power couple of soccer. But it also has a whole lot to do with the fact that she’s smoking hot; it’s no wonder Iker was attracted to her. He had the privilege of being interviewed by her after matches, one thing lead to another, and now they’re an item. She’s been voted as being the sexiest sportscaster in the world, by none other than FHM, and she’s probably at the top of numerous other polls too. Check out her Instagram and you’ll understand why. Sara posts family pics, but also posts amazing pics of herself, doing what she does best, posing and looking all glamorous.

7 Meghan Kluth

100% can't save you #tbtyw

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Blonde bombshell, Meghan Kluth, has been with WGNO for a while now, and has previously done some work for the NHL and MLB. She’s been around a bit, has a vast and varied portfolio, but one thing that’s been a constant, that hasn’t changed, is the fact that she’s sizzling hot. She’s got this girl next door look and persona to her, but at the same time she could easily pose as a glamor model in some sultry spread. She’s got one of the hottest Instagram profiles out there, regularly updates her profile with gorgeous pics.

It’s therefore extremely puzzling as to why she hasn’t got more followers. Her having a little over 7K followers is a travesty, especially considering she’s one of the hottest sportscasters around, has been around for some time, and isn’t shy about showing off her figure and beauty in sultry pics. Perhaps she needs to amp it up even further?

6 Holly Sonders

#si #golfmagazine

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Holly Sonders, is without doubt, the most beautiful woman in golf. That’s why, out of all the golfing beauties The Golf Channel could have chosen, they chose to get Holly on board. No doubt she’s largely responsible for attracting a lot of people to the beautiful game, and for raising the profile of women’s golf; who wouldn’t want to watch if someone as delightful as Holly is doing her thing on the course? She since begun working with Fox Sports, and it’s a move that’s raised her profile even further. Another thing that’s raised her profile is the fact that she’s very active on Instagram. With her being so hot, she has one of the hottest Insta profile out there. She keeps fans updated with her goings on by posting sultry pics and amusing videos, videos people probably put on repeat.

5 Katarina Sreckovic


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Serbian beauty, Katarina, isn’t as active as some of the others on this list. If she was more active, she’d be even closer to the number one spot, because she’s certainly one of the hottest babes in sports – that goes for sports in general, sportscasters, anchors, reporters, and the athletes themselves. She’s so hot in fact, that she was almost relieved of her sportscasting duties, because soccer players in Serbia just couldn’t concentrate. That’s something, the fact she was almost fired for being too hot, that brought her worldwide attention, and she’s certainly made the most of it, and has kept the fans interested. Why would you want to? People would follow her no matter what she does, regardless of what she posts, because she is that hot.

4 Kirsty Gallacher

@britishgq cover back in the day.....

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When it comes to British sportscasting babes, Kirsty Gallacher heads the list. She’s close to heading this list too, as someone with one of the hottest Instagram profiles; her 170K followers would certainly rate her as being number one.

Kirsty’s probably one of the most experienced sportscasters on this list. She’s been around for ages, and during that time, her fan following’s swelled to epic proportions. It’s truly ridiculous that Kirsty’s in her 40s! She’s gotten better, hotter with age, has maintained an awesome, toned, svelte physique, is still drop-dead gorgeous, and those assets, wow those assets, her set of twins specifically just pop out and give viewers a real eyeful. She still struts her stuff, poses in super-hot photoshoots, which she shares on her Instagram page to the delight of her thousands of adoring followers.

3 April Rose

#RideTheLightning chicago june 18 ✌🏻️

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29-year-old, April Rose, is to all extents and purposes, a model, a glamor model. She’s been on the cover of Maxim, which just about say it all in terms of her level of hotness. She’s used her looks, her sultry physique, to her advantage, and has ventured out of modeling to work as an actress and producer. She’s also worked for Fox Sports and has contributed to other networks, such as Comcast SportsNet.

April Rose’s Instagram page is just ridiculous. Scroll down, look at her pics, and you’d think you were scrolling through some prominent lads’ mag or other. Her entire profile is just oozing with sultriness, with sex appeal, and she posts the odd pic of her with a mic in hand too, just to remind people that she is a sportscaster.

2 Marisol González

A couple of Latin American beauties headline this list, and I’m sure none of you will be complaining about that decision. Mexican stunner, Marisol González, posts pics that are enough to render people speechless, not that many people would be speaking when looking through her Instagram page - they’d just be ogling, letting their eyes soak in everything Marisol’s offering in terms of her beauty and sultry physique. She’s a real poser, and nothing delights her more than strutting her stuff in front of the camera. Nothing delights her 839K followers more either. Luckily for them, they get to see plenty of Marisol, not only in the pics she posts, but as a sportscaster, and onscreen as an actress too. She’s someone who loves the camera, and the camera certainly loves her.

1 Jimena Sanchez

Arranca LMFS por FOX SPORTS 2 ✌🏾

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If you think 800 odd thousand is a lot of followers, what do you think about 2.7 million? That puts her right up there with any A-list celeb. It’s no surprise she’s got that many followers, because although the Mexican Fox Sports reporter might be somewhat on an unknown entity in The States and around the rest of the world, in Mexico she’s rated as one of the hottest women around, period. Many people have also likened her to socialite, Kim Kardashian; check out Jimena’s pics, of which there are many, and you’ll start to see the resemblance. She has the looks, and some super-hot assets too – she really does possess the complete package, which she flaunts no end in sultry shoots which she shares with her fan base.

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