The 15 Most Beautiful Brunettes In The Sports World

When you first think about attractive female athletes, your mind might first go to some of the blonde bombshells. There might even be some ravishing redheads that come to the forefront of your mind. But you're doing yourself an incredible disservice if you can't also think of some of the most beautiful brunettes in the sporting world. It doesn't matter what sport these women came to fame with. As long as their hair is brunette, they stood a chance of cracking our top 15. This means we have track athletes (including pole-vaulters!), swimmers, wrestlers and world class soccer players.

Many of the women that we have featured for you below have posed in outfits that leave little (or nothing!) to the imagination, something that may help make their placement on the list all the more undeniable. Whether they're world famous like Danica Patrick, Alex Morgan and McKayla Maroney or lesser-known studs like Ashley Newman and Kassidy Cook, we know you'll love what we have in store for you.

These are the 15 Most Beautiful Brunettes In The Sports World

15 Allison Stokke

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We aren't going to post the infamous photo of Allison Stokke standing with her hand above her head and the white top. We know you might know it, but the truth of the matter is 1) She really doesn't seem to care for the photo and 2) She is 17 years old in the photo. Better safe than sorry!

Stokke's fame skyrocketed after the photo went viral, but her passion for pole vaulting has continued which means there are more than a handful of appropriate photos to pick from. When talking about the photo, Stokke pointed out that while photos of male athletes can go viral it's only the top-ranked ones whereas she was a "nobody" when she was discovered. She did later go on to pole vault at Cal University.

14 Danica Patrick

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There are many athletes on our list whose outfits in their respective sports are one of the hottest things they can put on. That isn't the case for Danica Patrick who has made her living as one of the best female stock car racing drivers of all-time. Though she has also had an extensive modelling career, so it's not like her good looks have gone unrecognized!

One of Patrick's most popular campaigns is with the company GoDaddy, but that's far from the only time she wears clothing that puts her assets on display. With over 1,000 posts on Instagram, fans can definitely get a great look at this beautiful brunette any time they want.

13 Michelle Jenneke

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Part of the appeal of doing a list of various athletes who just need to have brunette hair in common is you can pick people from all different parts of the world. For our next entry, we're going to the land down under to take an up-close look at the gorgeous Michelle Jenneke. While she looks tremendous on the track, you might prefer the outfit she's wearing in the above photo even more.

Unlike some athletes on our list, Jenneke's success at the Olympic Games has perhaps not lived up to her own expectations including finishing 37th at the Rio Games. With over 400,000 followers on Instagram, we're sure if Jenneke is feeling too down on herself that she'll find plenty of support online.

12 Mickie James

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Mickie James' career has definitely been a series of ups and downs. When she came into the company she had to do her very best to rock an obsession with Trish Stratus as her gimmick. Though what guy out there didn't share that trait! She also engaged in a casual fling with John Cena but she was allegedly let go from the company shortly after he shut down her attempts at a relationship.

James' is back now though and as you may see with our backstage photo, is looking better than ever before. Let's hope John doesn't get any crazy ideas again! All jokes aside we are definitely glad the WWE has let Mickie back into the fold as it means we will be seeing more of her.

11 Ashley Newman

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When Ashley Newman was a young girl, she had aspirations to make it in the world of gymnastics. But sadly an injury took her away from that sport and instead pushed her into the world of track and field. She has since found success as a pole vaulter, including winning a gold medal at the 2013 Pan American Junior Championships.

When talking about her long-term aspirations, Newman has mentioned she wants to be the first Canadian to take home an Olympic medal. She is also inspired by Yelena Isinbayeva who just so happens to also be on our list. The real question is, do you think Yelena or Ashley is more attractive? We know one way to find out!

10 Alex Morgan

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Alex Morgan is one of the most recognizable soccer players in America. Getting her name in the spotlight at the young age of 22, Morgan has continued to only get better and has scored some of the most pivotal goals in the history of United States Women's Soccer.

She's modeled for Sports Illustrated on multiple occasions but has also been picked to appear in magazines such as Elle and Vogue. Morgan also has had several endorsement deals over her career including with Nike, AT&T and McDonald's. While she probably isn't chowing down too much on Big Mac's, especially considering her trim figure, who is going to turn down some of that Golden Arch's cash?

9 Kassidy Cook

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Kassidy Cook's Instagram account only features around 100,000 followers. But when you take a look at the gorgeous photo we have for you, perhaps you'll be one of many people who is going to have to go and check her out. Cook has attempted to make a name for herself through the United States diving team who she competed with at the 2016 Olympics. This may explain why she looks perfectly comfortable by the water. More than just a talented athlete, Cook is also currently a student at Stanford University. Hopefully her classes this semester don't cut into her training too much! It's always good to see an athlete who is a bit of a brain, but that just probably makes her all the more out of our league.

8 McKayla Maroney

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McKayla Maroney was one of the several American Gymnasts who came to fame for her award-winning performances at the Olympics. Though Maroney also got famous for her "not impressed" face that she was caught making on the podium! But in a recent interview, Maroney recently revealed that she had been physically abused by her coach Dr. Larry Nassar - including before both of her medal-winning performances and that lasted for years (starting at 13). Nassar has since been accused by over 100 women of inappropriately touching them. While this is a horrific situation, we commend Maroney for having the confidence to speak out about the abuses that she has had to suffer through.

7 Amandine Hesse

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If we were writing a list about blonde women, there might be several tennis players that we would have had to include. Caroline Wozniacki, Eugenie Bouchard, and Maria Sharapova are just some of the notable names. But when it comes to brunette stunners, the top contender may very well be Amandine Hesse.

Hesse was born in Montauban, France and has extensive experience as both as a singles and a doubles competitor. While her name may not be as well-known, she has reportedly earned over $350,000 in her career which isn't too shabby when you consider she is still only 24 years old and may still have a very long career ahead of her.

6 Nikki Bella

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If you want to check out Nikki Bella right now, you're not going to be able to do it in the WWE. That's because Bella is doing her best to dance up a storm on the reality show Dancing With The Stars. Though it's not like she isn't getting her workout in!

And when you consider she is getting married to John Cena in the future, perhaps she is trying to get some dance training in.  Bella isn't the only former WWE star to try their hand on the show (Stacy Keibler also competed) and we are sure she probably won't also be the last. Given the reality show needs people that are athletically gifted, we suppose we aren't too surprised to see them try and recruit athletes.

5 Yelena Isinbayeva

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There are many people who think Yelena Isinbayeva is the greatest pole vaulter of all-time. This includes Ashley Newman who is also on our list and in a past interview mentioned that one of her biggest inspirations was the accomplishments and records set by Yelena. But Yelena's career came to a controversial end after she was banned from the 2016 Rio Olympics as part of the allegations against Russia and athlete doping.

Though it is worth noting that Yelena has never posted positive for a drug test. With several accomplishments including two Olympic Gold Medals, there is plenty to be amazed at by Yelena, even with the unfortunate end to her career.

4 Aly Raisman

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One of the most popular events to watch during the summer Olympics is the gymnastics competitions. If you agree with that statement, then you are probably well aware of who Aly Raisman is. One of the most respected and accomplished American gymnasts of all-time, it's easy to see why Raisman has managed to create a phenomenal career for herself outside of the gym. She has even been asked by other male athletes on dates multiple times. This includes stripping off the leotard and putting on a swimsuit for Sports Illustrated, as well as baring it all for an ESPN Body Issue. It's clear that Raisman is confident in her body and we hope her positivity and dedication will help inspire others.

3 Hope Solo

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Hope Solo isn't the only person on our list who is a member of the Women's United States soccer team. And considering she was the goalie during the 2015 Fifa World Cup's final game, which was reportedly the most-watched soccer game in United States history, there is a pretty good chance you know her name.

Solo has also given fans a chance to get a good look at her body when she stripped it all off for a "Body Issue" of ESPN. Unfortunately for Solo, she's also shown the world her birthday suit without her permission after her phone was hacked and photos were leaked. An act that she said went beyond the bounds of human decency.

2 Bayley

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Bayley had aspirations to make it into the WWE from a very young age. According to WWE.com, Bayley was inspired by several wrestlers but most notably Eddie Guerrero and Lita. While Bayley's career has had some tough moments, including suffering a broken hand at one point and a separated shoulder that sidelined her for part of 2017.

It's all good news for fans of Bayley though as she recently made her return to the ring in September and while she hasn't come out on top yet, it's clear the WWE Universe is excited to have her back in the fold. If she can stay healthy, you can expect a huge 2018 for her.

1 Kacy Catanzaro

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Fans of American Ninja Warrior are well aware of the name Kacy Catanzaro. She was one of the most popular female ninjas in the sport and is responsible for helping to inspire hundreds of women to go out and test their own physical limits. But Kacy's time running up the warped wall has come to an end.

She announced earlier this year that she would be retiring, but she had great news. Instead, she's taking her talents to the WWE. While it might be a while before we see Kacy laying the smackdown, she definitely has the tenacity to make it in the sport. Either way, we're sure she'll keep her fans updated on her progress!

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