The 20 Worst Photos Of The 20 Most Attractive Female Athletes In Sports

There are many female athletes who are as renowned for their good looks, as much as their talent on the court. Even if the female athlete is incredibly talented, that's not going to stop people from gawking at them. Especially when the outfit they wear "to work" can sometimes lead to some revealing moments. It is an unfortunate reality, especially now in the age of internet and social media. Both of these tools can be used to build a brand and rocket female athletes to the top of the world. These tools also mean that any embarrassing photograph can live forever online and be shared millions of times.

The twenty women on our list today are all respected for their talent. But you don't need to have seen them pick up a racket, perform a suplex or enter the Octagon to get an appreciation for them. But if you're hoping to gawk at these women, you've come to the wrong list. What you're going to get instead, however, is going to be vastly more entertaining.

Everyone has what they could be considered one of their worst moments and photos, but you probably don't have to share that photo with the world. These stars don't have that luxury and as you'll quickly see, these photos are going to be hard to forget!

20 Maria Sharapova Goes Low For A Shot 

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When Maria Sharapova is on her game, there aren't many people in the world of tennis who are more fearful to face off against. And when Sharapova steps in front of the camera for a planned photo shoot, there aren't many women in sports that people also tend to flock more towards.

But absolutely nothing looks good in the above photo of Sharapova caught trying to crouch down low for a shot. Being able to drop that low may be more appropriate for the club! She may have also thought matching white shorts underneath her outfit was smart, but it doesn't make the moment any less revealing. Sharapova is beautiful, but she is also no stranger to being embarrassed.

19 Ronda Rousey's Smile Leaves People Terrified

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Ronda Rousey had plenty of moments in the Octagon that she would surely want her fans to remember. But part of the downfall of wearing a black mouthpiece, is that when you are caught smiling, you are left with what is perhaps not the most appealing end result. While we don't think anyone would say it to Rousey's face, the internet definitely had fun making various memes and jokes at Rousey's expense after this photo went viral.

Though if Rousey had it her way, she'd probably much rather you look at this photo and not the one of her taking a kick upside the head from Holly Holm that started her downward spiral!

18 Sasha Banks Has A Really Bad Hair Day

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Sasha Banks is one of the most exciting wrestlers in the WWE. On top of impressing people in the ring, she is sure to capture your attention with her gorgeous good looks. But let's hope your attraction to her isn't based too heavily on how great her hair looks! We aren't too sure what is going on with the above photo, but it was clearly an awkward moment for Sasha that she surely wishes wasn't captured.

Thankfully Banks hasn't had any hair-related mishaps in the ring, but if this photo is any indication, perhaps that's a fear she may have going forward! Everything from the angle of her face to the perceived bald section of her head makes this an image worth forgetting.

17 Simona Halep Draws Attention

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Now we wouldn't blame you if the name Simona Halep didn't immediately jump out to you when thinking of the best and hottest athletes in the world. But this talented Romanian tennis star is continuing to make a name for herself in the industry.

Though as you can perhaps tell from the photo, there are certain elements of her playing career that may be of more interest than others. Not making the photo look any better for Halep is the fact that her tongue was out. But hey, maybe she is trying to channel her inner Michael Jordan? In any case, she has the luxury of being able to "distract" many people away from her embarrassing facial expressions.

16 Michelle Jenneke Caught Throwing Back Food

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Michelle Jenneke may not be one of the most accomplished athletes in the world. But if you follow track and field, and more notably the more attractive track and field stars, you're probably aware of this Australian athlete. A video surfaced of her in warmups that quickly made her an online sensation and a fan favourite.

If you're aren't aware of who she is, we're sure you aren't leaving this entry with less appreciation for her! Though we don't know if Jenneke would have been the biggest fan of one of her friends uploading this photo online of her mowing away on some food. We wouldn't be surprised if Jenneke didn't even know the photo was taken until she was told later!

15 Nikki And Brie Get Too Tight And Sweaty

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There is nothing like having the support of your loving sister. This is something that hopefully Nikki and Brie can both attest to. But part of them being in the WWE together, meant that they were also put out into the ring in matching outfits. And while sometimes that worked in their favour, you can't honestly look at our next entry and feel like that was the case with these silver and red spandex outfits.

Made all the more awkward by the perhaps too tight and sweaty nature of them. We're sure when the twins look back on their past ring attires, that these ones aren't going to jump out as some of their favourites.

14 Anna Kournikova Takes A Hard Tumble

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When Anna Kournikova is on the court and on her feet, she often looks quite graceful. But one of the ramifications of being a tennis player is that there is always that chance that you are going to find yourself taking a tumble. And when you do, that moment is probably going to get captured on camera by people in attendance.

It's possible that the clay court that Kournikova was playing on had a factor, but either way, it definitely looks like she'll be leaving that match wearing some of the court on her back end. Maybe she was using the clay as a creative cover up for an accident? In that case this photo could have been much worse.

13 Paige Committing a Party Foul With A Cold One

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There is no question that there are plenty of stars in the WWE who are known for their partying ways. And if you started listing them off, it probably wouldn't get long before Paige comes across your mind. But if Paige is a fan of partying, perhaps you'll think it's an even bigger party foul that she is having the drink in this photo drip all over her chest! C'mon Paige, you're better than that.

The photo also takes on a cringey and awkward element for Paige when you consider she was craving a cold one so badly, she literally couldn't wait to get out of her ring gear. Sounds like she's willing to combine a sore body from a night in the ring with a hangover.

12 Genie Looks Less Attractive Mid-Match

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Part of being a successful tennis player is being able to get signed to various endorsement deals. And while Genie Bouchard has struggled as of late, her success on the court has still allowed her to be signed by the Nike brand. But as amazing as Nike workout clothes can look, Bouchard is definitely not looking her best for our next entry. It's hard to blame her though when you consider the photo was taken of her in the middle of a heated match. We're sure a photo of her not using her muscles on the court would be just as embarrassing. That being said, we are sure she was looking a lot better later in the night after she had showered the day off!

11 McKayla Maroney Caught Mid-Yawn With Glasses On

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When you typically see McKayla Maroney performing, there is no doubt that her glasses are going to be far away. Which may make the above candid photo of her all the more shocking to see. Not making the moment any more alluring for Maroney is the fact that she appears to have been caught literally in the middle of a yawn!

But when you consider how hard she had to prepare for her performances, you can perhaps understand why she may find herself a bit sleepy. Now that Maroney has stated that she has finished with her athletic career, perhaps she will find herself getting to engage in a life of a bit more anonymity.

10 Carmella Shows The Impact Of Nikki Bella

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There should be no question that WWE superstars put their body through hell in order to leave you entertained. Carmella is well aware of the ramifications that can come from entering into the ring. During a feud with Nikki Bella in December 2016, Carmella was on the receiving end of a beatdown after Nikki raced to the ring.

While the attack looked vicious on camera, Carmella later took to social media to show off the true ramifications of Nikki. Unfortunately for Carmella, the story doesn't have a happy ending as she was later defeated by Nikki Bella during a No Disqualification match at TLC 2016.

9 Caroline Wozniacki Mocks Serena

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Caroline Wozniacki is one of the most accomplished stars in the history of female tennis. Which naturally also means that she has developed a relationship with some of the other biggest names in the industry. This includes Serena Williams. But when Wozniacki was set to face off against Maria Sharapova, she elected to pay "tribute" to her friend by stuffing her top and bottom with towels. In the process giving off the impression of a "curvier" player.

While the move was done as a playful jab, Wozniacki still received plenty of backlash online for her impression. One person who was thankfully on her side was Serena herself, who when asked, responded "I know Caro and I would call her my friend. And I don't think she (meant) anything racist by it".

8 Rare Candid Photo Of Becky Lynch At Royal Rumble

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Becky Lynch definitely knows how to wear her emotions on her sleeve. It's part of what has made her one of the most popular women in the entire company. But when Becky took on Charlotte in a thrilling title match back at the Royal Rumble 2016, she was sadly unsuccessful in her bid.

The night moved on, but while the WWE cameras were no longer on her, a candid photo of a fan caught a devastated looking Becky at ringside while Charlotte logically would have been celebrating. Sweaty, in tears and knowing she gave it all she had and still came up short. Tough night!

7 Serena Williams On The Court

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This past little portion of Serena Williams life has been focused on family. She's gotten married. She's given birth. And now she's going to get ready to start dominating the world of female tennis again. There's a good chance they'll never be a female player as amazing as Serena. But that's okay because the bar she has set and is going to continue to raise is truly tremendous.

That doesn't mean Serena hasn't had some awkward moments on the court though. Whether bending all the way over showing off her undergarments, or showing just how intense her face gets when she gets in the zone!

6 Lana Shows The Aftermath Of Cake Smash

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Rusev and Lana were looking tremendous together as they stood in the ring back in August and talked about their recent wedding. But things took a turn for the worse (as they often do with WWE weddings) when Roman Reigns decided he wanted to crash the party.

While Reigns and Rusev ended up getting into a tussle, perhaps the big loser of the night was Lana who ended up with her face covered in the cake after being bumped by her lover. At least she was willing to pose for this hilarious (and embarrassing) photo backstage of the aftermath. We're sure the cake at their actual wedding tasted a lot better!

5 A Stunned Nikki Bella Is Not A Great Look

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When you are an accomplished WWE superstar, there are several things that come with the job. Such as making sure you are comfortable appearing at various red carpet events. You better believe that Nikki Bella needs to be familiar with this process. Along with being famous in her own right, she is also engaged to John Cena.

And while the animated film that stars Cena, Ferdinand, didn't explode at the box office, Cena's film career is very much something that fans should be keeping their eye on. If Nikki does find herself on the red carpet, let's hope she isn't caught with an awkward and shocked look on her face like this time!

4 Danica Patrick Goes Buff For GoDaddy

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Some of Danica Patrick's hottest moments in her career have come with advertisements that she has done for GoDaddy. But back in 2014, they took an approach with their commercial that perhaps you weren't the biggest fan of. Because while Patrick is gorgeous, we don't know if she looks better when she is buffed up to the extreme. Even if the muscle suit that she was wearing was for dramatic effect!

The company was successful in getting people to continue talking about them, but you probably prefer when they get people's attention by leaving very little to the imagination. Not stretching your imagination with a buff Patrick!

3 Bayley Gets Crushed By Injury

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You can imagine that it must be tough for any athlete to deal with suffering an injury. Especially when it comes very early on in your career. For WWE star Bayley, that's just what happened. Unfortunately for Bayley, this photo was snapped on WWE television where she was only bandaged up, but also caught crying and looking a little dishevelled.

Bayley has slowly faded from the main event conversation, which is sad considering how much hype surrounded her in NXT. Bad booking coupled with untimely injuries caused the Hugger to experience some time on the back burner. There are actually rumours circulating that WWE have given up on her.

2 Raisman Pops Her Eyes While Doing Parallel Bars

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When you look at Olympic athletes in American history, your mind might immediately go to Michael Phelps. But if you were thinking about the women, perhaps Aly Raisman would be one of the first names that would come to your mind.

It definitely helped that she was the most decorated American gymnast at the 2012 games. She's no Phelps, but hell, she's still pretty damn impressive! But as amazing as Raisman looks when dominating the competition, there are still some hilarious candid photos that have been taken of her in the midst of 'battle'. Let's hope the routine that is pictured above ended in smiles for Raisman or she may find it a lot harder to laugh off her funny face!

1 Alex Morgan Shows Emotion While Being Stretchered Off

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There is no denying that anytime an athlete goes out and performs in their respective sport, there's a chance that they may suffer a career-ending (or altering) injury. So perhaps you'll cut Alex Morgan some slack for showing some emotion as she got stretchered off.

Thankfully for Morgan, it ended up being an MCL strain that only sidelined her for a few weeks, but judging from the tears streaming down her face, she definitely thought it was going to be more serious. Anytime an athlete doesn't know how severe an injury is, they can start to fear if they will ever play again. We're sure Morgan much prefers it when she is crying out of happiness on the pitch!

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